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Tuesday, February 19th Whiner Line

Feb 19, 2013|

Is it possible to have a whiner line, then not have a whiner line, then have a whiner line again?

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-- excuse views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying these -- -- proceed with caution -- we -- discretion advised us to. Suddenly Morris yeah and now those -- weren't here -- line. That's going to us next up France and the cable access show and now it's about time somebody Mac that head up battery of and that equity and I think that they don't get about 95 miles an hour that brought him people's space. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How great New York is in house suck -- Boston athletes on the line you're -- I am so sick and tired but your crap we've put up -- I try to put up that two years I'm not going anymore. You aren't sure to be one thing if you brought something to the table every day stopped writing scripts that you read every single day to every other radio station I can not embarrassed what. You should be embarrassed get a clue and now got a morning -- talked it was so adept at five hours of what don't call Erica when Obama I wanna hear about that WEEI. -- you're -- -- -- -- -- But Stearns it called for shows like twelve hours from the national show and said the same thing and I didn't think I'd done -- Yes -- predicted that yelling at him right after might have caused it was until after the armed man. And so it's you know it's funny you know -- -- to what you guys argument. Bobby about Pedro and Gerald Williams is terrible Lilja Pedro came out not I'm not intentional. Right sure you believe every patient with Iran does it not just intentional -- -- -- back she's being competitors. Had the best being competitive only because you exchange. And I bet you try to knock them out. The last. Read that quote no idea it was a regular milk for the -- today it was yeah. Long term pitching coaches or managers yeah I think somebody gave the -- is. What you think about Pedro tonight Pedro. Isn't as good -- Of course you. Who are you going to -- to that front that's they don't want kids are food players would continue to. Give him as if you haven't done. Other side has brought you by AT&T. W yeah I live is available in your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T the official. Wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most support G coverage and New England Mike you know -- yet. Dentist but you've got to be probably recall correctly ten times faster about ten times that rough night yet we take somewhere between now and what we had. Still -- When we get mr. -- you both these -- while. Everyone goes out like -- anyway and -- the way. And unforgivable -- duet with Michael Jackson's original -- go. In bad. What happened 35. It was suicide -- for the cup -- because they had a couple of dozen abandoned. Lot of them go lower deck of the Colvin -- -- we know double and cried and act. And that should equal block and tell us that. Added. That the it's also speak for management and the big noticing among them that -- agree with mr. Leno that's out of my integrity for the bigger well. On Friday. What would say is that -- -- good people -- I don't why don't like of the BO. And all of a sudden that would get golf added that because. I would be able wildlife and not communism but no I think didn't hit about not having gland problem. And that message. -- wean yourself to wean yourself off. There and what happened to flip flopped on. Well -- know Atlanta you are expecting something different. I'm Erik -- you guys -- -- about my I would have said you know why why am I. And I can be very sensitive -- -- about it. Very angry back and our debate back and I I expect that bad -- effectively is spectrum. Why and I bet yeah I think I got yeah he uses that I can get -- And I was I was a little -- post that I always of that report teases well I think what cents a share. And. Does any way that we can vote obvious that -- DA island and replaced them with Kevin -- that I didn't got a body like an old Dutch woman. Maybe -- up twenty speculate on an attack -- as a match up. And that it was funny but Dutch woman. But he sent back an old Dutch woman yes I've picked it could probably I don't know if you don't like to see Dutch woman naked wouldn't you. It's no. Horses that's exactly what's your perfect. Think that's gonna happen -- ground offensive had been mad mad that they. Isn't there have been okay -- -- thought I was -- little bit different -- -- a -- -- pregnant. I have written about -- broke I broke -- private -- -- I think things in this command lines. And that. I'll -- this I want this. -- I don't focus group and yesterday we added new guys didn't show up well apple appetite for the -- combat death. Anyway that I hate everything but he doesn't walk around all day -- payback is a good. And this message when it was that it is that they don't know. Monitoring them. I pretty good I don't know. But I -- the good about the practical this thing. Prado -- it -- without. Michael put back instead of bad hail Mary mother of god. Should have made it could capacity. But you know. What is out -- standing there without all that and that's -- they're not out here is stepping up. Could deport. Old school. The. A good it is not -- he did not know. I'd execute. What's going officially tell me. Because -- what is he doing on the times or take about. The kid him about the -- -- -- bonding with the nephew come he -- -- almost every daily that can't get through that I'm with your niece and nephew. She should. Is that true why can't return replaced -- -- and it is it's. But that's -- hard adequate but come. -- Coach McCarthy appears that you say whatever you want. About -- definitely she graduated. Today Jane McCarthy and -- EST yeah along with -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Second it's like -- Tripoli ballclub that moved on ESP -- -- -- -- little fun. Some props to get her. A lovely largely. Talking about it. Presence on the air all of her professionalism. Respect that she's gorgeous. She's. Sure. -- -- that outfit that did it -- anybody locally was the work where it's -- it's the guys from the other side of the country I'd definitely. -- -- -- Let me charge. -- its argument I'm making this happen. My -- we. We have a lot of fun out really was in answer to my book of zone. -- -- I won't -- quite a shock. -- out of -- And that message. Salt that's okay thank you sir yes like it's like rough they've Grimes who is tall cotton and -- -- all right did you vote yes after it. Were a bit like -- You'll submit it here in my opinion based on Rondo. Anderson. If I. If I were hardly a race I'm not think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll that is clever and detectives says McCartney has nice. You. -- -- budget and let the Freeman isn't it true. -- it. Or just. I don't know I haven't been known as much as the next guy but couldn't -- talk. It's a pretty impressive resume. Its triple -- what was that like. And that message and that -- assault captured and likes. I know they're not related but it's possible you know that December a liberal that's. Good afternoon gentlemen. It's a couple of quick suggestions of an MP a new program. Number one would be ebony and ivory. And he -- and you're already. Coach always says that the reticent personality. Puck and the message. College though it. You guys and it for the midday so I got an idea princess rocket out. The sport. Probably and they'll be here. So how -- Smith is there a favorite. -- -- -- -- And men -- sports event it's sports events. -- as the dumbest fasting remembering and feeling them out a sports event and events worsening mental Greg Dickerson and changes into the sports -- Beating go to the -- that -- Yeah. That I mean. -- -- Street. Is having an -- way. It's. Do you. Obviously. It's Sox looked -- and that that I. For -- transition. -- -- bill right it's something else. -- justice. I'm disappointed him. Because he's insane for fifteen years ones. As it is. So that about it. Look at. News that was my -- college. Basketball in his native. I don't know duke and not been picked dump. They'll go get minimum drove throughout because -- -- into the bridge group -- -- our guard down there aren't they do in the development. Belichick look around me. Well I'm glad that -- -- And that message. That Hank Hill. This that's elegance of the program approved uses Charles Payne and propane is accessories at the. Where's your -- firepower by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most -- coverage in New England.

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