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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/19/13

Feb 19, 2013|

We discuss four topics we wouldn't normally touch on during the course of our four hours. Today featuring Pete Sheppard. Topics include the worst call in sports history, whether or not Fredo knew he was about to die, your most famous twitter follower and more.

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. -- this is how it works for new topics that we haven't debated yet or fresh takes. We don't know what's coming we'll throw it out there -- young Benjamin in young and you have forest. Number one Benjamin -- got for. All right last night Colorado Avalanche benefited off one of the worst no calls in sports. History when -- Sheen was ten feet off sides and proceeded to score -- goal. What is off well. What is the worst call or no call you've ever seen. First -- -- he was twenty feet are -- globally it was like a receiver it was like a receiver waiting for pass from the quarterback in just standing there and the ball is under thrown you've just got to come back to -- It was so far ahead of every but I can't believe they missed it if if if that we can't make that as the worst one. How about this -- go the full Mikey Adams. Resolve Rondo -- -- vs Miami. He has a huge game is forty plus point game he's dominating. In a drive to the basket any gift. Hit upside the head by doing well. I mean it was agreed just -- them -- from an official. No call. No cargo as one of the worst. It is a book by its it is controversial yeah yeah I just think yeah it's awful. And what is so obvious to use that one of the dodger game last year what's his -- what was two and a half feet off the back of record and what you call Todd Helton. Are held in -- sport was too good to have feed off the bag I've never seen anything like it in my life. And what to call them the runner out but the I don't know Corsica the perfect game all. Armando Galarraga Jim Joyce had gotten over its controversial type and talk -- master of the obvious the offside call last night and what happened with the elbow it's not the homers here casino people in other cities it's news. Quarterback. Going forward goal. There's problems that's controversial one is a country that's not master of the obvious you know there. About the hold off on taxes and Jose offerman and phantom tag. -- one that was obvious. ALC yeah recommended that that was that she got him to shoot -- -- and Libya on I think it was on consecutive. And it -- made mistakes and they came -- the interview room afterwards -- -- -- He referred to Knoblauch is now Bobby not sixteen. Barbie look -- him -- stood. You know it was a real start to ease up. Friday morning at 4:30 AM LAPD responded to woman calling to complain that Terrell Owens was banging on the woman's store for three hours. What is the most humiliating thing you've done for away. All man you know lots of muffler but my government say this -- Know what it meant W. Tired. Made. These CD and they went those mixed tapes that you did not -- -- you're not welcome McCarty Antoine I. -- -- so I went I had Al Green on their head all the heavy hitter on Al Green and still in love with you. I had friends. Curtis Mayfield. And mix it -- it you. All had a ball in the -- not only that had little. Description. Of -- -- That. -- is true that we and I love you never going to say you're sorry. The girl -- -- Day. You know. Some. And friends or worse just. Dies. And you. We've all been there if you're in there -- you're lucky pretty -- after you've never been you've never had had to offer. Susan sixty owners to bear most of them at some point Porter. Done as -- technical. Your. Outlook over ourselves alone and I was over point five stuff. -- -- To tweeters over 99 ideas for masters at this this girl nightclub that weren't -- that waitress girl. Brought her and her. Should merit which -- -- that it was like 230. -- Operatives a couple times well but Campbell. On the island to be my parents. This is talk about topics Google -- well -- nice time. I dropped off at home. Egos at the receipt so our export and now -- -- and it's about the -- -- Went to see exports from public streets over from her -- secure enough to fix this I just know. I love you happen. What just happened to -- An -- for a five minute drive each way for our hearts souls out which other. It's clicking it well and which the cars. And our thought throughout your -- unstable person. Texas Gossip Girl was mean guys have gotten you've gotten tattoos places where I didn't know you get tattoos. Shaved her name into your chest here. The first Marines. No and public wanted to this techsters you know or name that you can't you know that who are -- I recognize that number. I'll walk for miles while I have been -- walk about what you guys -- silent actor -- -- bin bids thirty. For -- -- any time as does the crazy economic danced and it's. It's there's like a lane Elaine -- embarrassment I just do it's what you expect fifty years it's sports. I may be dirty but I don't think I've ever done anything completely humiliating. We're not you can talk about not that I can estimate Darryl Clark tonight I don't know if you have an you have what does move what was department. All right indymac co producer has been getting since being followed by -- cutting you'll. Then NE CN weather girl on Twitter the beautiful museum. Of. -- irony that night when he's -- that's how this morning it feels a little bit cooler it feels more like off. Well we're entering a transition period September will be a transition month which means the cooler air matches try to -- and here's in the next couple of weeks. -- Sally Albright from Harry met Sally Meg Ryan and the question is who is your favorite celebrity follower. While Andy's got one. Don't sing my favorite follower because I really enjoy your work and the secret -- it's into the neighbors think Sara Underwood. And are underway at night shift today the alleged victim's attorney says more people have come forward claiming to have been molested by chuck divvied up. Julie nice a nice job. Very talented is the first time we've heard from -- and -- since she was charged with the attempted murder of her son. Your profession. Are just very very professional. Very professional -- nice. Are your girl with a group we're here he -- appreciated -- we have a conversation about a month ago but are gonna grow with. The lovely talented one of the great cougars of our day and -- in that she is always stunning and beautiful Emmental where what what nature was Adrian -- ball. Aid embargo. Follows me on FaceBook semi had a nice message and I think she follows me on Twitter right now she also has a book out called love -- back fires of Hollywood that's like number one. I had -- -- her up but she was one of the bodies are available on the don't yell at you are seeing Campbell run to I think. I'm really sorry about that to him. Little -- officer normally I've got right around speed. Everybody's -- like maniacs I don't know off. We see a driver's license please. How to help. I caved in last nice girls like you hear. The girls have a nice trip drive carefully enough but it is AK and come back and see if -- kids are like that. I gotta go back to this this is. The second question is -- a lot of response. Throughout our fuel for this guy here who say. He said he asked the girl to prom she said yes he got the talks. They columns yet another date on the issue was just joking right now. That's ridiculous. That's office that's -- that crush you for twenty years. Already YouTube bigger bar -- comic Fantasy Island and look at that seat she has on this incredible. I'd jump -- kind of -- she's tied to a tree. -- some guys -- torturer Fantasy Island and Albert or mr. Roxy are back in the day to spotting I mean. Ridiculous that was apparent the idea there was work to even -- -- -- saw some recent photos of virtues. Aren't out just all right -- which installs on artery issues and then looks -- regular -- never get -- ever out of your -- area. -- is my boy -- O'Connor known him since racecar had been friends of the professional boxer he's great at what he does he -- a lot about soccer so perfect for me. Again any Ben and followed you have. 44440. We are getting used to 1000 you have to get to 1000. By march 1 got on this don't we do have about on this -- in 2000 and march for today is the -- February 90. What I am -- 2000 -- and tortured which a Twitter handle shouted out. I'm -- -- WB EI. BK IC HW media exhibit. A source close it. -- -- And I think that's why most my -- follow me. -- -- -- to extend our long debate from lunch. We wanna know. Did break don't know when he went out on the fishing boat that that was the last moment ignited -- masters justice. You know -- and I love you. But don't -- it takes sides with anyone against the family again. And on -- Ever. It's opportunities this is ignored the Robin tell them. At the scene of the policy now I have had everybody gives me pull them. Okay. Great for us. Other -- don't sort. He didn't know accorsi I don't didn't know we didn't don't know there's all right anyway -- -- it. Though he did not know this -- you know the book that it no animal. While I think you know we about why would you think you know. To strike you as the brightest just the way he carried himself on the way out. But he supplements I think he was just back to Anderson Prado after they. Reconciled Michael at the mother's weight when he hugged him and Condit when completed before that the government gave each other in the argument isn't it. -- that you thought his life resist she's just -- you know go fishing and ambulances leave you would any way -- -- it. Arrived. On campus talk compound. Are gone anywhere. Yet there's nowhere -- is no way yeah I'm gonna run from Michael -- our program are running to the neighbors. And all of if you get away. You wait long. Capital we did not know absolutely not no. -- -- -- phone calls coming up about 44 topics and about the Celtics. Red Sox pitchers back united.

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