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Pod Man Rush: Bruins prospects and scouting with Kirk Luedeke

Feb 19, 2013|

One of the authorities when it comes to scouting and the NHL, Kirk Luedeke joins DJ Bean to discuss Brad Marchand's development into a top goal-scorer, the Bruins' organizational depth and what kind of player Dougie Hamilton will be in his prime. Among the prospects discussed are Malcolm Subban, Jared Knight and Zane Gothberg.

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Do. Oh million Russian. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. On W we. Congratulations and welcome to another edition of odd man rush you've got excited when this -- be more aware of the Jackson 5 books. Get down down down down down down I guess this week is one of the most knowledgeable hockey spokesman business following players there earlier on -- -- in the New England hockey journal. In the Red Line report no -- prospects like this I don't even people talk hockey with these welcome current dvd Kirk thanks for joining me. DJ thanks for having me on I think -- oh yes them some Beers and at least a Bobby your -- the next time I'm up but not Boston haven't -- And that's why we do it awesome -- right -- so. We'll talk about that the younger guys in the prospects and a bit but right now wanna talk what's on the guys that are currently on the roster -- HL Jeff Gordon had one of the best -- in Bruins history to doesn't six Phil -- fifth overall Yuri Alexander off kind of books there. In the second round -- in the sector around Brad Marchand the third know -- guy I want talk about. Is Marchand because when the Bruins draft today and he was coming up between nine goal season in the -- bit. I'll admit that I was maybe a little surprised to see the goal scorer that he's become strong to a player scrappy yes. I think we all expected that but. Was the book caught him that he was going to be this special and offensive player. It's a great question immunity to -- together back and look at it at Marchand body of work in did junior tonight is that bit. Every just about every year. That would make -- exceptional -- he was a prime playoff performer and I remember watching a couple of games when. He was up among the -- the year he was drafted they want they want the Quebec could league championship and ended up losing. In the memorial cup championship game and I wished I saw a couple games because the Bruins had doc Martins Karsums was on that Tina -- haven't. I think should checking Obama kept finding myself drawn a number seventeen flying around further for the wildcats -- a little little. Undersized guy can really skate he's kept scoring big goals not thought -- -- as -- -- Marshall and got stuck like through the first. Agreements like a lot of them up and now what is expected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's playoff totals I mean really what he's done in the pros you know closely mirrors his his accomplishments and I think the clutch player he's a guy who. Not find ways to score big goals so when the -- -- with the exception of -- spraying you don't want to call against Washington when really the whole team offensively had a pork. Iran and and and one operatives operate openly need to go back and look at what martial artist Don not just in Boston in 2011. Up but Providence in 2009 when he was a rookie the last time they made the playoffs. Excellent excellent player in the clutch in the playoffs so I think it's. There isn't really a surprise may be the regular season scoring is it you know raises eyebrows but but really he's just one of these guys that finds a way to -- -- get it done with the game's on the line. Right now the Bruins have two players in their roster that they drafted in the first round -- -- Doug Hamilton. Now that can stand out in one of two days -- -- a team that might be missing on first round picks more than they should -- Camelot -- to mind. Matt -- didn't stick. -- on the jury's still out on I still think that. He cannot contribute he's healthy and gets a long term chance now and obviously Joseph Colborn you don't know what he'll bring in Toronto. Or you can point to the fact that they get these guys in the second third round who end up becoming stars like -- on credit she -- -- How do you view it for the Bruins. Well I think he got. He -- you gotta go rural take care -- focused -- in open after a little bit meaning you talked about Matt -- for example. -- a bad pick I would tell you that year they were really Gabon Tuukka Rask stopped they were gonna get them in Colorado kind of surprised them. Grabbed the -- with the pick right before now as we all know. History worked out they didn't give up and it's getting -- a year later and you know Steelers country type deal with Toronto but. On -- -- yet he was the key was the the consolation prize but when you look at they they traded blacktop and -- correct key for Seidenberg and so depicted an -- being map barked out -- So on that DJ while while you say Lashoff wasn't successful I think you'll -- you have to do to due diligence and look at. Or an outlet that -- end up being and I think if you ask anyone. You know whether you would you know we can go back and get Seidenberg recchi and embarked housekeeper for the point second overall pick -- -- five. Yeah you know you do that now. As far as as the first round to mean -- that the drafted an exact inexact science. Obviously you know when you pick it up and it's a lot easier of -- land you know primetime players you know you look at the haven't taken an adult and animal waste was it was an unsuccessful Pickens and you know what are you can say that happens -- Obviously -- could do all over again you can take it Logan Couture there he was a guy that debt was in their wheel house and they they were looking at a -- -- correct yeah and that makes that they don't have makes the Hamilton although all all the more troubling but you know at the end of the day meaning you know what people kind of forget -- And it's easy to look back in hindsight you. And bank on the camel pick but. You know back Campbell -- just let the W -- score he was the toppling 93 point shots not gonna write home about but still he led the league and scored. When you take a kid. Eight overall you're expecting him to get better to develop proportionally Campbell did not deserve a lot of different reasons for that but. You know -- you -- sometimes teams just missed context and that's the way it goes in it's it's tough when you when you when you when you -- caught up on top -- but the same time. And the Bruins won a Stanley Cup despite that so. Not a kind of lucked out there on their dates they've been -- been fortunate because they started slow on the out the second third round like sat down and and when you look at that 2006 draft that's part of the seminal graphic for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most productive players in the second and third rounds up from my -- both guys both bronze both core players for the team. Today if you go when you look at the statistics of every player drafted in the second third round in 2006 state they're they're sitting at the top that the most points. And it obviously had the greatest impact for the -- That's future and then you'd take the potential factored in and you work and that's taken in and help Clinton and in the yard night. And you can say that was what you call one of those franchise altering grass and I also include two grass cannot draft class because he was acquired in Vancouver. That the joke I always -- when. When Gary Bettman. Announced the trade you know he said dot. The Bruins have have acquired Tuukka Rask for Andrew -- -- and I kept waiting for that and -- I. And it didn't come in I was like. I think really one straight up even -- not unbelievable huge -- for -- so when you consider that to collapse was acquired in Vancouver. Well you know at at -- draft. Just an amazing day for the Bruins Jeff Gordon obviously is the interim GM gets flux but you know surely does to mean let's let's that he was. He -- out ahead and that I mean not not not direct not not -- There's some gray area and and and yet the Bruins the scouts you know obviously Scott Bradley who was. The scouting director there at the time -- Kirkwood director of player personal huge impact. Not only on the -- to deal. But also on -- -- because you know it's got Bradley isn't it recovering from his knee surgery he had cancer at all about it was recovering at home. In his hometown bank Cooper if he's not -- recovering enforced and you know not not being allowed to travel. As is normally the case for amateur scouting directors they're all over the place but he had to stay home. So he watched -- -- you know multiple times early on any gain an appreciation for him. And not slow the gutsy pick to take him at fifty actually one of them at 37 by. There was a little disagreement there and not. He said one of the toughest things get a do sweat out -- 38 took 49 as he was convinced that there are gonna miss out on Milan about it things worked out. Right -- this year did now you mentioned the the two could deal. And how you knew at the time that it was a steel that's instinct to me because. I look at a guy -- late Malcolm -- -- they drafted in even a guy like to cut in his draft year. You'd mentioned what an inexact science the first round of the draft can be near the draft in general. It seems that that doesn't apply to anything better than goaltenders in the first round. What did you see from two good young enough that you thought that he be able to stick as they juggle goaltender. And do what he's -- from Sudan thus far because like I said it's pretty tough to project. Young goaltenders. That's absolutely right all -- took they had two distinct things. That are that -- -- and the edge over Malcolm C banner at the same page. Number I want. I was not playing junior hockey he was playing in Finnish elite -- cocky and keeps playing gets -- and he was playing in their pro league as a starter. Which is comparable HL -- at age nineteen when the Bruins acquired -- he had two years of age all comparable. Experience where he was performing near the top of that leaks about a number one. You know -- much respect he can do not consume them for the kind of year he's I think he's playing major junior big gulf of difference. Second element YST 2006. World junior championship. Canada won the took the wraps one need the best goaltender in the term. Justin pokey was interestingly enough the player Boston could have had because I hear that. The police owned both both pokey en route that's why they were willing to part with one and I and I and I understand and this is just rumor and hearsay but vanished candidates. -- jumpers -- junior offered -- in the choice between -- -- -- pokey was named the 2006. World junior MVP. Rask won top goaltender. Bruins had iceberg for Iraq obviously from the previous seasons so for them was a no brainer they took -- they obviously picked right. But he you know sue -- not playing pro in Sudan has not accomplished at the world economic consider blame Canada Stanley -- I think that's unfair. -- he ran into a very hot teen USA team. That the worst possible time you know they had that they had that extra day off that I think are virtually a short tournament. But you know it gets into the jury is still very much out on the -- concede that he's not proven at the pro level whereas Rask at the time. Not only had one year Infiniti pro but two and -- to me just looked in his body work he -- when he did the world juniors and he west. He was primed to comment and indeed eventually become a pop planet shall starter which worsening. Symbian will be a fifth. If memory serves correct Sudan will be won the next December I think he'll be -- able. To go to the HL DC and turning pro and how far off he thinks he is from the NHL. Right now he's our guy he's he is home. If he can go back to junior for what they call the over agencies and that's a decision the Bruins will have to make that he is also eligible. For full time NATO duty for the exact reason you pointed out he's a December 93. So he has already signed. So it's just a matter of you to the Bruins send him back to junior debate they put him in in in the in the in the pros and see how it does now. Did you play a profit of three complain in the east coast league I think we still have a seat in the play won't gonna have to see what things look like in terms of you know who's who is in line to back up Braddock next year whether they re sign him to open nor or we just brings that bird got pom. Mike Hutchinson I think is they're -- in his contract is up so they'll have to decide whether to reassign them are or let him go. And then in and you would have -- and I could certainly see. If I said Burton moved up -- -- ceased to -- in Providence maybe they'd bring in another veteran you've also got out of more -- than a mixed. So it's. For literally but I would say that I I would be surprised to see bounced back in junior -- action just because. I don't think he's got a whole lot left -- he's one of the top level guys did not leak. I think -- can -- better served by you know giving him in the pros and let them learn how to be a pro and it's not province -- about. You know start -- and an ice time in game action you can always stab them in the EC HL. And see how he does there and then maybe if you lights out about level you bring -- mop up you know today HL. You know next season but either Providence -- the first South Carolina I think are are likely destination tips about -- People are wondering Kirk coming into this season. Where the Bruins stood at goaltender just with two grass taking over the number one job for Tim Thomas and like I can get that that's natural. Despite. Too because obvious talent there is obviously gonna be the questions of can do for full season to do with the same level as Thomas. But when you take a step back some of the guys you're just naming. Is goaltender. Perhaps the the position at which the Bruins might have the strongest organizational depth the the guys you mentioned does seeing golf -- Also playing well right now it the college level. I think there is no question DJ that take goaltender I mean it's it's funny in in in in about a year they turned it from being one of the weakest positions -- all they had really we get promising at. Had wrapped -- the NHL. And he had options since it was kind of up and down and and we -- -- it can get Hutchinson -- -- he had are rendered so I mean -- horrendous October for Providence. Some of the worst stat from the league and he has quietly work to save percentage and you know up above 900 which analysts. You can give give him you know he's given his just due he had very strong months of November. And January. But the problem with Hutchinson as I've always seen it and and I mean he's a great guy he's a competitive dude he's got all the it's got all the physical attributes of other NHL goalie to the consistency issues. What I'd just say he had. That October great November mediocre December great January. Any kind of bounce around integrity and having trouble getting a lot of playing compass that bird has been so good. I expect consistency so that's kind of been an obstacle Hutchinson. As far as you know you don't you look at -- success they've had a -- opened. But if he if he goes off to the cage -- -- -- he's going to be he's going to be an -- on restricted free agent here in the summer. Ortiz signed with another team to -- where he'll have more of an opportunity but -- got -- -- -- chicken slot right hand because he spit -- a Swedish elite league player. As -- as I said caught Byrd got -- in the catbird seat as far as I'm concerned. Because -- and six from tech athletic department can take their time with them. He's just a freshman at North Dakota so he's got at least you know probably two more years there before they're going to be looking to sign him. And it you know as a result of that I mean he doesn't have really any kind of pressure on amateur to come in and in the NB a player right away and I think it's. As far as raw tools though and and raw potential and when you when you look at a guy and he in his Satan you know who could. -- could be in NHL's starter out of this group you know you look at a guy like prosper and you see the way he's developing -- change. At that seem to have promised. Never say die type attitude where it comes to stop the -- coming you'll do it sleeps he moves you know open himself around. To get every last inch of his equipment on the block he just doesn't quit and I think that's the kind of thing when you look at it operatives say. Yeah he's got some holes in his game right now I'm still working on -- technique but. This is someone -- -- one -- -- NHL start now whether it'll be for Boston or someone else you know who knows but. If nothing else to -- the team a viable trading -- for help elsewhere which is do what you wanna do and are building organizational depth. I was gonna say that I mean you'd mentioned how quickly they turn that around to think last year that we can be talking a vote a young guy with so much potential. That maybe a year 23 down the road. If the Bruins are looking to make some sort which -- splashed the deadline where they could say oh here's this promising young goaltender. That would that would be unheard of but now they've got multiple guys. Who can do that now switching gears to the Blue Line and trying to not use the word employees too much maybe you'll -- that if we save a lot but. Doug Hamilton's always been very good especially the offensive end. We know. Just from talking -- and being around him that he's a hard worker he doesn't let much phase them. And I think that that's one of the many reasons that char seem to have taken such a strong liking to him -- I think he might try to remind -- of himself and I respect but did you think that he be able to make the transition this easily at nineteen years old. Honestly I -- dead that that det -- Julian and Doug -- wade would be a little more -- -- and that -- -- him. It broke and then. With you know lower minutes still kind of a -- Tyler's second. Think it also I think that it's been a surprise it's been a pleasant surprise that bet that he. The earned the trust and confidence of the coach and I think that's a reflection of what you said earlier about the attitude. That is there like OKC's. You first saw as bloodlines are unbelievable in you can lose all parents are olympians stat won a bronze medal rolling all let's stop and not hockey bloodlines but they're athletic blood until he can do. He can do things -- that -- you know 99% of the population just can only dream of doing. So that's that's certainly helps when you consider his size and this is skating stride the attitude the willingness to comment and do whatever the coaches tell him. He doesn't have it all figured out he understands that up front. And he's willing to two to do what the team and what the coach -- -- directing him to do and then. He has the aggressiveness in this insisting this is the thing that I think. You know we talk about hockey essentially talk about instinct. You can coach a player you only so far. There's an element. But an X-Factor if you will where no matter how well you've coached somewhere how much you put him in for the white for a public usual video and talk through situations. You cannot ever coached or replicate this aggressiveness. This element of both players that that I can see viable and displaying as a rookie which is which is nice to see because that body would be a little more conservative and and play it safe but it's that. You know what I see an opening. It's a split second decision you can't explain it can't coach if he just sees it it's part of his vision and -- is it is just. Instinct to say I'm gonna jump up -- hear from the Blue Line I'm gonna beat that other player to the pockets. In that split second camera for about pop back over to might be part of or another. Guy who's open to down low Obama to maintain puck possession in the offensive -- it's a small thing. But if you look at that you didn't see it. It's part of what has made people so excited about Stuckey Hamilton and that is. Most guys would say and you know what I'm discussion stand up curator of the Blue Line I'm not gonna jump in there because I don't get there. Then. You know I could be could be play you know odd man rush the other way and I don't wanna put my team at risk while. The problem -- -- that split second did you hesitate but you pretty much guaranteed that other guys going to be each to the pocket that's exactly what's gonna happen. Guys just have to go. And the more that they gain experience did HL level the more they developer conference do that and see him making those decisions -- making the right decisions are not hurting his team. As much as you'd expect a rookie to that's what most exciting to me about Doug Hamilton. I know that that they're two different positions but everything you just talked about touches that you nailed it. Are you hit the nail on the head there with -- Why you Doug he's playing right now vs will Wear it -- of verses. Why navy's taken wasn't getting the minute that folks wanted him to get when he was a rookie of the close actually kind of got a bad -- there especially in the playoffs several and put the kid -- the power play more. And when before knocking Julian her. Make a get healthy scratch a point in his rookie year I think that people look at the player that Tyler Sagan was last year. And they think. Man if only Julian had let this kid play the season before. But I think to Julian credit. He was dealing with a player who wasn't as ready and who wasn't as engaged as a guy like Hamilton is right now would you agree with that. I would say that. When you look at our tour background and you look at Douglas and his background even look at Doug Jarvis is background. Eight and you say you know all what do they do what they excel at defense and I think. They recognize and Hamilton a guy who. Is astute enough to take care of his own hands so they can afford to accept a little more risk depending on who they have impaired with. And they put him in situations to excel. I think maybe even less that they you know say again you know limiting you know -- limited taken -- you know because there are of acts and work were opening up and Hamilton because of why. And it's more it makes recognition at Hamilton can help this team from the Blue Line and to provide a more immediate impact of any larger impact. Then taken could when he was a rookie because of the makeup of the forwards. In terms of their skill and the veteran. Abilities of the forward once say it was a rookie that's. You know it it it may look how well he may say yourself CIA you know that. That makes perfect sense but sometimes I just think it's. It's you know you just can't break it down quite the black and white to a more gray area and it's a matter of hey you know. If we needed -- Hamilton on. And they knew that probably to put him in more situations to generate -- he could have. But you also had to take the top potential. Negatives of you know the lack of situation awareness and and and not. Dedication to defense which. It was encouraging to see that he was back checking and hard -- as hard as he did. -- the other night vs Winnipeg situation that he can he wants to be in the lineup he wants to be successful he wants to play and play a lot for this team so. I think you know I think patience has paid off -- paying off. Are you noticing a Doug Hamilton that's more willing to use his body at this level that he was at the junior level I remember. I spoke to Marty Williamson the coach for the the Niagara ice dogs a few times a -- Doug END one thing that we always got to get back to is. That she didn't feel. -- he felt that Doug you have to get more physical than he was playing in VOA -- once he gets to the NHL level. Now what I would talk to Doug e-book that he would say. That didn't in junior hockey. Couldn't use his body as much as you want to because he was just such a bigger guy it's six foot five that if he was muscling guys around and in front of netter in the corners or wherever. He'd get called for attend he'd lined up in the box too much so we had to kind of scale that back. And he hasn't scaled that back really at all the NHL level of you did you see that as something that was lacking in his game in junior and do you see it now. I think he has never going to be a big physical open I -- intimidating hitter Kelly. That that having been said yeah I think TCU's showing more or distant. Getting hit taking it to make -- play he's always been effective at that Robin guys out along the border stapled to the wall. But you know -- -- Hamilton is not a -- got a Stephens. Tight. Bruising defense and he's never going to be that kind of player its fans were looking inside you know he's getting close -- Yeah that they're gonna say. Yeah yeah did I appreciated the and you know what to those folks that that that honestly believe that you know. Sometimes it's not available to DNA to to you Scott Stevens. And some of these. Perusing nasty physical types like Shea -- you know that just this week that'd be that'd be part of who they are. And it's open it's a part of something they've always been at every level you can't just turn it on like this which. And as great -- it would be -- if Hamilton was this. In your face nasty. You know big big intimidating hitter guy who goes -- to -- to hurt people. How great that would be given his package is offensive ability. You'd say headed out you know he would just be a match made haven't. I'm not ever gonna get there what what we are seeing it to probably as good as it's gonna get that is -- is -- you know we have not shying away from the body. He would take it hit. To make the play to make the pass even knowing it was getting blown up. He broke robot can retrieve the pocket knowing who's gonna get blown up and he will take his man of -- against the wall so that. His teammate can come take the popped out and that's -- you want a -- from a defenseman. But other stuff the big open items you know crushing guys -- make them think twice about putting their head down as they cut across the middle of the ice. I you know he may on occasion do something like that aperture not gonna see -- Milan Lucic each on the Blue Line. You know in terms of just you know trying to look for the big hit just taking guys out it's just not -- Hamilton's skin and it's not a bad thing. But just don't expect because you'll only be disappointed waiting for it to happen. Is this a lost season Richard nights like -- uptick in Troy ten and someone who love people I mean this is an original thought on my -- -- just with. How hard this kid goes the net you would think that Bruins fans would capsule would love this guy. At 26 goals for London UH oh last year the limited to just five games this season between DHL and -- HL with hamstring issues. What's his status and what's his future in your mind. Yeah well why not -- -- hate to say hit a lot season but the longer it goes. You know that the tougher it is it is going to be a -- With which would chaired first -- pop told yesterday. And he's upbeat he he has. Assistant hamstring is is coming along basically what happens played the first weekend of the season in Providence injured hamstring. It was basically on the shelf for about two months. -- went down to the rehab assignment in South Carolina came back to products in its first game back in reentry that such said that five games he did -- That breed products into and South Carolina so far against very frustrating form Bruins don't wanna it will create. You know chronic condition with him and he also you got to go back to last spring when he was. You suffered a high ankle sprain in the first round of -- playoffs that you couldn't help wonder that championship game of the memorial cup which you know is nice gloss that over time. Potential -- again. A couple of times tonight. He just wasn't he. He's closed on a percent a couple times its scoring chances he just couldn't quite get there because. You know he was laboring on a bad wheel and you wonder. You know Mike Knight had ended big game in regulation that the -- so many opportunities he had but he just didn't have enough time and space to complete so. He's been very frustrated I think your terms are usually comes about from -- high ankle sprain. -- I've got injured -- you're absolutely right that he's just a robot north south -- -- -- harder than that is anyone. But unfortunately didn't spread daughters his lower body is stronger skeletal strong. Lower -- cannot generate a lot of power has -- So that hamstring and that any cause you know critical critical elements of his. It is Gainesville where it is right now apparently he feels good. I he has not yet been cleared to -- He's got to get reevaluated he's hoping to hear that the -- will clear him to escape the doctors that are looking out of he's been talking about specialists in Boston. At the end and I think he is openly gay -- to test to resumed skating and as far as a timetable for his return to action don't Null. I can only imagine that the team will try to be cautious with him so as not to. You know further injured have been in develop chronic condition with a hamstring. Is that Iraqis did he tell you we didn't he says you know it's still -- able to speed pompey's learning from it needs wants to get back in there. But ultimately the team's gonna have to make the decision about a man. And do it's in his best interest and I think that if he can get back into action in the and and and play well and they can make a modest contribution. It would go a long way toward. Boosting his confidence in saying the conditions and the comment next year and and and then build off of -- that limited experiences he had as a rookie and and and not take it to the next step to take it to the next level but that's. Certainly frustrating for a man. I know a lot of fans like a lot of questions about a month Twitter. And if there's one -- people would do in the old that he injury prone title all meet -- Fortunately had some injuries but god. Now we'll see I think he deserves another year before we sealed slapping labels on. Chris Kelly enriched hardly obviously are going anywhere with their contract situation though. It would seem that that position might continue to be or involving door on that other -- depending on. If if Chris -- six there of Jordan -- stick there would you see night is a guy who figures to factor into that discussion now on the road. I think so I you know I I still think he's got top line potential -- come forward myself I just look at some of the bombs such freedoms or. He's you know about these he has this. Ability ML one of my favorite quotes it was from. Rob Murray before he left the organization. He said that nice to the -- indicated that he wants to score but also badly that if if that would allow the rules to put the pocket has evolved from barreled assault from the and that's. That's -- way he is. You know but. Can realistically I mean if you look at the third line Ryan Callahan type player -- certainly you know he brings that kind of in a potential for the mixed. Is saying is he's got to be healthy -- I mean the bottom line is he can't even compete for a spot those guys right now at least. You know he's -- he's -- -- you know he's not an economic lineup he's not playing games in Providence I know. -- talking to Butch Cassidy back before. He returned from his lack of unsuccessful. Attempt. You know to get back in the lineup on a consistent basis. Cassidy was that hey you know we recognize states that the -- at night. Not a lot of positive attributes that can help the team. However. There are a lot of guys that are playing really well right now product and so he's gonna have to work its way back in we don't know what that's gonna look like him. We're just kind of play it by -- but we believed he can't help this team. So unfortunately going now like you know in his first game like he did. Hi this is tough because it's harder and harder for him to get back candidate. And make an impression because other players he look at Craig got Cunningham for example -- each scored fourteen to call the other night and he's well on pace stepped. -- passes twenty goals last year in Providence and guilt certainly Ryan Spooner have gone out and a big year leading the team in scoring itself. It's its resolve. You know Nazi military is watching this and he just he just wants nothing more than to be on the ice so I think number one girlfriend in this country. Get back to Providence scored some goals. Played so hard -- on board about style kicked the puck to the net and do some things to help the team. Security first playoff berth since 2009 than the rest of Boston's -- Faldo place later when he proves that he can stay in the lineup stay healthy and contribute. Kirk thanks so much for joining me noble talked to down the road. Again thanks -- me on any time and I got -- it's going to be a brute strength and from the looks of it both big club band. And farm team are doing well and that's a strong sign of a strong organization when you're when your prime time guys again it's gonna give a good soft strong. Organizational depth to still in the polls when -- things go south. Absolutely see -- the fourth -- And thank you can't take care -- including Tijuana thank him for joining meal they -- it was -- talking next week.

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