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Bruins head to Newtown CT to support Sandy Hook victims

Feb 19, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the great gesture by the Bruins to visit victims from the Sandy Hook shooting.

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It's the best time ever we want to bring them to a place and knowing that the world is a good place and a happy place and a son plays like this. And until the end so it's it's really the -- beginning today in the smiles and laughter is really the best part of us. That is vice principal Natalie Hammond. Sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut -- -- -- three point seven. WEEI. This is a very. Can be a very negative medium rightly talks sports talk radio Lotta yelling back and forth. There's nothing but positive about what the some of the Boston Bruins -- as an organization what they did yesterday Steven Harris. Has a story in The Herald today paid six. I love the lead here there were far more Bruins who wanted to make the trip here yesterday. And the worst seats on a plane Jacob's gotta get bigger planes. Only he's a bigger pricey yes I thought it would be all positive story Joey look at negative logos right bigger plane. Seven Bruins and a coach Claude Julien made it 35 minute flight from Logan a watery Oxford airport yesterday afternoon aboard the Jeremy Jacobs Jack. Spent a couple of hours in a level little town in the Connecticut hills it was a way for one a pro sports team. To let its support for the still suffering residents of new town were twenty children and six staff members at -- elementary were murdered on December 14. And he had this was the players made the trip interference Doug Hamilton Daniel hi Adam equate Chris sport which Beverly palace Sagan. Sign autographs posed for photos and things that the me play floor rocky like elementary saw -- A tally Sega and -- emailed that show up in a plea for rock would be. I Jiri is made that point is that that is what I -- walk right in the room years mate answer the question -- came in here now. Again it's guys challenged and artist go wanna go up the gloves. Get a little bit. Wait artists always don't do that this this team gets it this is why a the fans of Boston fans the brewers absolutely. Loved this team. Negated at 2 AM. -- from Winnipeg awesome rare day off we've seen the schedule we know what it's like the rest of the year. You know 34 games a week is that long a stretch after the end of the year what do they do they spend of one of the few off days ago and have asked again at 2 AM they jump on a private jet and they go down there to new -- That's that's steps get it. Okay that that's understanding. What's important in life that's understanding your role. That's been a professional that's. This isn't something that you don't even think twice about doing we we really want to -- support. For this community and that's where you do is by coming over here and here and tell them. Mothers and other targets of of the parents look at that page six going to Harold and some families are actually there that lost children. You know and that's what it's all outright just going down there important smiles on people's faces a test announcement throughout -- this community -- through. And even the parents. To go there to see these players. You know it's still. Still tough right I mean you citizen how much my kids never not going to be tough I want my kid would have loved to have been here you know witnessing all this. And it's it's never gonna -- for those people unfortunately but. You do whatever it is you can do the little things you can do it and to appear at the Bruins organization that's why you love this -- You know I think we don't know event like this you know knowing what it's all about -- this after his weekend. You know -- -- Dave first Mollison. Obviously remembering what happened but you know. Celebrated. You know the -- -- -- -- you know lots of you'll love the sport. As you said giving it to -- damn funny it's just. It's a credit to those players it's a credit to the organization and yeah I'm sure Stephen Harris is right. That there were a lot of guys who want it ago but there was only so much. Availability can make that trip and the impact they made as a team and they are. They're the hottest ticket in town right now and they show up there at palace aide Doug Hamilton to the young stars. -- the Bruins throughout this ridiculous 92 and two start. And they take time out of their off day in the final three day stretch they're gonna have between now on April of time off before they play again on Thursday. And they show up there and it just. It's a great story I think it -- got more -- now surprises it's not. Written about Warren's great right at -- in The Herald but there wasn't much in -- little bit surprised there was more notoriety they want it that way. Isaac credit to the organization in the way they. The way they go about doing things that they recognize they can make an impact by just showing up and playing. Floor hockey. Is it as a basketball fan growing up the baseball fan of your. You're here heroes from that -- and don't play after something like this. Wait does begin to help and it just it's having -- having a finger all on the pulse of on what's going on in knowing what's right what's good and the Bruins did that and if it's part of what. If it's part of again why they are so popular -- part of why they're so beloved it's their attitude on the ice blue collar team on the ice when they play. It's where they hold themselves -- yes I don't know what it is of the -- play here from the guys have covered multiple sports right opens the baseball players will but. You hear from the different guys have been on beats hockey players the best they just sort of get it no question whether it's showing up at this event whether it's the pictures that the Bruins weeded out. With the guys all -- their their new town jerseys. And you ferrets Sagan Quaid as a group as an organization. Are they just Garrett and some great great credit on goes out the Bruins and a great job by them as an organization. 6177797937. The phone number can text that's on the AT&T -- -- -- 37937. He said off the year. A new respect for little Wayne played or his stuff I've become a big Lil Wayne fan -- that true. Why not -- we need more -- Wayne we need to find out we come back up top the next hour while the son Luke is a big Lil Wayne fan keep it here.

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