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Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports, on Wes Welker

Feb 19, 2013|

Cole joins Mut and Merloni to give his opinion on who the Patriots may franchise if Welker doesn't receive the tag. You may be surprised what his answer is.

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What steinbauer Butler and 93 point seven WEEI thirteen days until March 4. The NFL offseason really picks up that the day final day have a chance to. This franchise tag inclusive not exclusive tradition tag brawl the next the only a thirteen days decide what you wanna do. NFL free agency opens eight days after that march 12 so we're getting to that point where. Got to the com bind. Every right in the mix of the NFL offseason and be at the draft after that animals through this patriots team is. Heading into a thing opens by -- another chance to contend for Super Bowl on an AFC championship. 6177797983. -- the phone number you can text us on the AT&T text line 37937. Or three players. That at least. Yeah it's a common sense wise the patriots who -- a franchise tag on Wes Welker Aqib Talib Sebastian Vollmer. Looks less and less like a place that tag on Wes Welker. And looks warm like a lot of people would tell you can Aqib Talib -- guy. One year don't worry about it long term deal. He helped improve your defense and Ballmer -- palace ball on the side a little bit here rightly gal case got back injury. You can find a right tackle but pretty interesting question for other patriots and joining us on the ATP hotline. From Yahoo! Sports dot com always into what the NFL Jason Cole joins us say Jason -- Boston area. I am doing fantastic. I won't know how much -- this is trying to. I just because of the 84 degrees Jason had much of the combat your job first thing Sunday morning -- But I remain. I doubt they'll regroup and particularly close to accurate. Well it'll be interesting year for the patriots Jason I'm sure across the league franchise tag questions being debated in different cities who's gonna use one player. In a way lets you like -- come down to three well Wes Welker cue to leave it Sebastian Vollmer. In your opinion is there a guy you would definitely tag. All of those three if you were the patriots. Well what I would you -- that would be world. That people were apparently -- look what -- -- yup definitely ago. No chance at the other guys. Now Baltimore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're fairly reasonable price if you wanna get back. Have been achieved I would not vote for a couple dollars for the people in your attitude toward there. Of I wanna -- I would wanna keep them but I think he's one of those easily get separated -- dollars. On the open market. Because those respective agents who worry about the there one and explore. Have and go far apart you know typical point here pretty much last year. About history is open. And the and then -- the sad thing and he's actually putting bright kid. You know you just. It took them that -- issues that are just that are tough to do what about all involved in the trailer. But about his brother's mother and brother actually Arafat also. And brother to a you know break up their act together. With the involvement -- the track. Magician would -- if you don't rhetoric about the franchise -- -- -- -- reports out that they won't do with Wes Welker did just brought the transition attack in just. Give yourself an opportunity to match on any of these guys. You can but I think. A value I guess that's one way to do -- just give yourself an opportunity to match but I don't think that thought it was effective way of and they haven't -- you don't wanna pay the money news go. With the college well. And adjustable. Would be to to see if that if the numbers coming up in the a couple of approach you franchise does offer for. I've never seen with a trip this type of particular offer. Shooting is -- with Talib and understand what defense and so he did and it was not Devoe Revis but. Mean look at the corners out their free agents this team is really struggled trying to find in fill that hole with a beat the draft or free agency and it. And I know year old painful one year but I would still wanna get another look at they don't get to lead the got to replace him -- who will be out there. Well initial -- -- look I agree with you put the market does not break. And toll -- somebody gets toward crazy with a could that you would go over -- of particular help Flickr right out there -- -- You know -- or not quite worked out franchise packed I just can't say that if I'm guaranteeing ten billion dollars to the guys who had behavioral issues in the past. Does -- how the leaders. Of the out of self control of news you talking and -- -- -- -- -- the Tampa is that look he's great to be around. 95%. Of the but when that switch and has had -- and lose control. Is very difficult average standard and -- gets really out of control. And I think anytime that -- -- on any kind of but guaranteed situation where you thought that the pressure. To keep himself on the control what you -- -- all pretty much all of last year. I'm not willing to be the guy is gonna experiment without giving him rhetoric. You know serious guaranteed money we're talking about ten billion dollar. Adjacent to follow the -- keep talking about his issues off the field and behavioral and his family. There was a report after the season here that there were times we had a chance did. You know do more work some of the patriot way you know extra time spent working in the in the government workout room and he just he chose not to do it has the work ethic of Aqib Talib. It's something other NFL exact talk about. Baltimore campus that he didn't always put you know grind it out. The other purple word probably if you play well published and that -- would -- different. Well I don't know firsthand about what people openly in order -- Talking about. You know the trust reporters out there. You know -- back it up. That again doesn't concern me much. Giving guarantees money to a guy who. Have all these Shelby. A short period of that he -- -- wonderful to have. -- -- To me is that spelled danger and that stole. You know an investment. One against a fumble there at the -- of money I want to put it if somebody that I know return. Now baby again I come back Welker. Maybe double preparing a little bit on page a political foot -- I know what Welker is gonna return. I know that if I put eleven million dollars in the Wes Welker. I'm gonna get a little. -- being copied perfect results but they're going to be fairly good result. Person achieved. Where I think. They've yet get him back afloat low price. Target what they do all that long term and how sick -- -- a contract one year ten million dollars. There's pretty much -- -- You're false walker Romney does it free agency we all know the Caribbean that extra year and more money in the pages to be comfortable with. Do that in turn your -- any of the about the big guys in your opinion has got like doing -- Mike Wallace Greg Jennings to that it can't -- -- But it -- -- like -- -- he would fit exactly with the chargers to a party a couple of quickly. I don't say about that for a couple of years now the biggest problem they don't have an over the top for a they don't have anybody he stretches the field for the people would gronkowski hopefully. He's not to travel -- Who -- -- city before so if I'm not gonna put the money into Welker are probably put -- the guys who like say. He's he's going to be what much cultural what Randy Moss was formed and guys that change the political. And really. You know put fruit -- maybe that might -- Maybe that's -- you know they give voters are more likely that Wallace. But both also another it. He doesn't know behavioral issues to put your picture of the. We're talking to Jayson Cole NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports joins us here on the program to Wes Welker. Market chasing give me a couple teams up topping your head that would -- it's free agency here in thirteen days if he's not tag will be calling west to join their office. Well also will be called it. Lucille -- forward -- would be would be in the -- about -- people would be did you. Traffic to. That was pretty good with what they've got. Between the trio doesn't lose receiver they're really looked -- more effort trying to. To put some but he felt muddled field. I would think. You have with a purpose we would work and so we want. Duplicate that it might that might look at pick up Buffy took a little. -- No proved they -- their way over the capital situation they're already overpaid. While wide receiver and that they're gonna have to Perry. Does Barack Obama supporters are built for the built in the world and. In terms of the the other free agency you look at when he sees some of these these big name free agents and you see some of the names out there is there -- got it jumps out as boy if he lands somewhere he can be. A franchise changer does that guy existence this free agent market this off season. Perfectly that. Helping Jake Long and would be put together an -- for juniors so. Probably. Wide receiver -- of the big graduate. If you help -- -- it was healthy all last year. But I think if you have built in Miami. He helped that means an awful lot. -- -- Competitor target championship quality but competitor much more competitive because -- -- public is ready to go with the quarter. Welcome John McCain quite a bit because also it. It especially if you're out of decently it. You this sort of secondary rubbing it which is what you know what walker those weapons possession to receive it. He could use somebody outside outside the tackle. The wealth of contention in a -- if Walton does have a straight which you didn't want a picture of him too distracted by the money. They have Walsh is what he was two years ago. You're talking about one of the top two deep threats from the game has been important that those guys could simply out rugged defense. Avaya and so it goes to Africa has changed between very bird. Jason like tuck your but the safety hard hitting safety suffers a cal is so we like Pollard that one games that's what the patriots need us and talk about agreed in your mind. Is east is -- that kind of dire you mauled the Devin according to free safety Specter. -- -- -- If you have a monopoly in the wake of penalized for me get hard by the -- -- what was defiantly lecture room. Going to be the tackler and I love that he. The minute he retires you can just saw the clock -- when he gets elected the -- Friday it will not give it. He is one of the truly great safeties in the history of the game along side. You know plotted a lot like real liberals wanna put -- But he doesn't tackle but he doesn't -- -- but he all but. I think he bears quarterback that's because. Particularly the and so what we're sort of different kind of fear that you talked about. Although it is you're capable. I guess you would call -- fortunate cocky you know dirt program -- or social. Kind of person. But he's not football hall and at reduced to little ballpark. Contributed about work. I get my last question Jason guy like Mike mobile showed up at the come by and completely change people's opinion of him. You've been on the NFL beat for a long time when you see the coverage Telecom by a 24 hours NFL network. What do what do you think of the way the league and end the NFL in the media. Treats this event with players showing up and running and jumping and getting questions asked by executives. Well -- that make money during a terrific actual ones but -- -- count but turned. If you -- me. What wrote about as we go on who's who's going to be. This year's multiple -- He's he's pointed out fully destroy it. In terms of ball in the -- All the height weight -- these are difficult -- -- from you while you watch it that the government we. -- column as he -- on saw. He's before -- -- -- from BYU. Who has played basically. One year of football as well Ghana Africa. You can be fascinated. -- people would you go out who's just political are dependent. Who just destroyed the Volcker. A couple. Ago. And is going to be and other people talk about a topic that cute when the world might well look forward 2002. But it. So. All of a mobile world attention but the actually it would choose that. Person who -- okay how does a general manager approached the others built -- -- how there's obviously what how would what they'll pull it worked out it. You know it's always OK take could be broke. Our back and watch the tape. Out of the guy actually played football. At look from numbers -- how do we actually play it would involve a field. Not how that can run again there -- work such powerful because there -- -- -- Org and look for whatever whatever these exercise. Does -- -- Football because. Doubt the most important -- How can I love this sport -- -- -- any sport -- -- Alou. Are certainly greater expertise about baseball it's a different kind of market but it's more the better part of a split. But if you don't love the pain and everything else would go to part of football. Pick -- -- -- Jason has always great stunt -- off all the on Twitter Jason Cole Yahoo! thanks and enjoy the -- on this week. I. -- Jason -- Yahoo! Sports on the NFL be great information he joins us on the eighteenth the hot line AT&T forgy. LTE with speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. We talked about it Jason Cole talked about it you guys have lined up talking about welcome the franchise tag. Ninety seconds.

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