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Merloni shares some Pedro Martinez stories from their playing days

Feb 19, 2013|

Merloni disagrees with Pedro that he only hit batters to defend his teammates and tells a great story to back his opinion up.

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-- -- Probably 90% of them. The retaliation but I think it. Regards. Not as if they really didn't. Know him about. Welcomed us yeah. No evidence not on purpose. Bulls got guys that there was some lip color four nights ago. Then the last day in various. No williams' home carrying -- CN no. So long there's I don't know there are song nowhere. In retaliation sold them so. So then there's some things that I wouldn't allow them to do. Well let -- we'll play around -- they understand that until they know they're in the game if something happened. If -- -- -- respect the players in this respect me now will probably take a chance. Opening game aware what you didn't expect it though you didn't think I would do it. And they how it. There you have -- major Martinez yesterday with the assembled media he was on DNC today get the whole interview on demand. At WE DI dot com it's not -- 937 so. Was on purpose but it was -- his teammates losing you did something. -- a lot of his teammates to get one. And a back or the SPD -- rookies to have this thing that you always you know what she drilled the guy he always says yeah just I just. Asked him to hold the ball for awhile you hold this in ninth at a rate is ripped. But that was. It's not necessarily true I mean there was a lot of times music guys who we knew wasn't back in a player was because maybe guy I was jumping on a pitch you -- cleared out. You know delegate our ideas and couple changeup to one major was Leno played Angel that was next time up the news Cleveland but as -- done -- forgets that. Rookie my rookie in 98. And does first -- with -- us. Were playing Minnesota menus actually dealing with late new year and -- a 1617 wins the area and a three. Faced the twins. And he's locked him. Also the twins are called timeout late in at bats you know they they stared and he's in his windup of the -- -- wanted to have. If it backstop and a call on the east lake timeouts screw up the timing just a school -- a little bit right to mess of them. Well Matt -- didn't want to. And PD ticked at first initial step back turned his right foot in his hands over head. What Matt Lawton call time out. But -- Latin but didn't realize he called timeout to set down step out of the box never looked up that amount stepped in the box -- hand at the deal par. And it was ready at any when he finally look back the eighty PDA and gone back to beginnings as wind. -- actually stayed with his right -- turn -- a -- his left -- was back off the rubber in his hands are still over the year over head yeah -- play ball. PD then lifted his leg in drill them right in the kneecap. Right in the kneecap it was just. You knew what was common he would -- -- he was gonna put up with it anymore -- them and kneecap benches cleared. -- and stand -- lectures just clearing guys away from Pedro that was when actually Jim Rice and Eddie Guardado kind of went attic. Yeah it wasn't always about how retaliation. You know it was about him sending the message if you like which you do at the plate he that you nobody in appreciate what the twins are doing. Unfortunately Matlock was the guy we had enough. The great thing that they -- a lot a few years later in Cleveland 04 great dude and I asked him about it. Is that what it will always think when you look when you looked up resentment I looked up. In Dodgers like everybody else he's been tobacco and I saw him his arms above his hand and these are you know was Wanda. I knew I was in -- I can't say the word that he told me. Attic and all the work -- he got the word any news -- -- right off the kneecap and trailed. Don't -- like -- that's the question out you got a chance to play with a guy consider one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Was that intensity there every single day because now we're talking about him dealing with this pitching staff we're talking about guys who's in need help across the board and start with. You can pick out that with a twenty starters and say. Pedro has something to each one of these guys won their 40 lead Dempster out of a lot of Dempster okay. Bard we talked about today. Is the intensity every day did you see that every day will be -- a game date type thing that. As a teammate the -- cell Pedro Martinez up close every single day pitched every single day he pitched in. And the intensity was there from the moment he walked in that door when he got the ball park that -- model ultimately we dealt with that or Jimy Williams -- that actually but. The minute that door open he came in and he pitched it was his day. But it wasn't like don't talk to me don't touch me don't rub on me now putting. You know these -- walk in and out there pitching day and you look at them and Alec what are you looking at the day I it's my data it's going to look at me. Even ticket that Bobby knew it was his day the other four. He was hysterical here's a -- the point where a lot of the guys had problems with that they wanted him to cut on his days when he wasn't pitching. And are waking one -- had had an issue with -- -- you'd -- relevant to much. You know we're wherein -- Minnesota and don't point Toronto is not that many people in PB on the bench scream and -- At the first baseman will scream and yell and at the third baseman you know joke around with them all called his name or whatever it was. And because it was a repeat we keep here he can hear him actually screwed around. Love pitches and locate his tone it down a little bit about their trying to work your low but he loved the play of the game he loved to have fumbled with his day. There wasn't anybody and it took a more serious the but at the same point you know he went out there. These guys -- takes it serious ballistics that amount it's. That he wants he's such a perfectionist that doesn't go his way -- -- that day is over now that's not that's not the way it has to be. He'll get a call you don't get a place to give up one -- two and -- first show some -- don't give up too. Show some you know give a three or four in the first I'd give me seven and don't give up three or four. That's what his mentality because from the outside look he was a guy that was good but at the end of his Red -- -- you heard the word diva. You mention about Pedro Martinez and they want things a certain way what LP teaches these guys -- you know the game it's Dixie cup is October 11 1999. When he threw six scoreless out of the pen in that game five against Cleveland you talk about the Red Sox and what what this team needs going forward as a -- need to pick and choose. The starters what that as a group. There's got to be a reminder that it's still about team it's an individual sport but it's about team and -- go back and look what Pedro did. Out of the pennant 99 game that was. Let's face it was a selfless act in that he said you know what our goal as long as I can't an eagle six innings it was all walked three struck out eight. And you win that game eagle on the ALCS there in 1999 and that was a guy pitching out of the bullpen who volunteered forward. That's up and I wanted to be able to teach these guys -- he can. But act in a particular stands out as -- Pedro. It's this pitching staff that it's about team and -- can help your team and that team of an individual game. Boy that's woman dollars remember from him being able to blow up -- give you six. At the -- Cleveland game. -- would either -- is that we're we're joking around right game five we come back in. Remember Joker with whose caddie and I mean Hatteberg -- money ball himself. And paid -- over -- from him we -- joke of the differences. You know we're talking about the game we win this game we -- combat we win this ball game -- Pedro left. And and we're talking about is that my first year and stick -- big -- as -- that again he wasn't -- it was -- make much money either. The differences. In playoff share from round one around to. If we lose this game right now they catch -- -- playoff chip about thirty grand. If we win this one Gaby we lose the ALCS. It's like. I think 7585900020. She's a lot of bodies at any soccer always gonna do built his house in Washington where -- from you want the bill little cabin and he's -- flies all the time is wasted -- we win this game in oh. And he comes in in that it was the fourth and it went away and again in -- 123 and he comes in all serious -- -- opens her. He stands -- step it cleans a spike looked down he says eighties in the house. -- hits me on the elbow music I'm gonna give up bar up out my barn. Have a chance. He was -- said they were called back and -- that was outstanding. It was straight at the great stores 61777979837. The impact of Pedro job as -- Hartford you lead to -- we start baseball view jolly got. Hey guys and -- -- great start. You know I I -- expand. When I heard Pedro can be part of the team. It's exciting weathered the PR move or not I mean I look at it as well sure I mean you have nothing to lose her in a guy like Pedro and have to work with this group by. I think it'll be interesting. The way. It will transform the -- is -- these guys they're sponges -- have -- a certain amount of ability to beacon went by. At least under and I think about. Schilling and Clemens right I really thought about when you compute it and then. Or -- -- that's great Democrat. You know common as the Indians pitcher right and it and it taught them how to how to harness the -- he had. And clearly chilling with a guy who wanted to learn and he wanted to be -- toward. I hope that that is the depth we have we have guys that you know look at Pedro and say okay -- that. On everything opposite guy antiquity had stopped her and if if they do even a little bit and I -- there can be -- side. I think if they are willing to be open you're right John there's too much and here's the other point by the way John thanks your call. They not -- this is not Joseph Kerrigan this is not if some guy who had an OK career offense -- guys that okay careers. This is Pedro freaking Martinez that is on Lester -- colts Lackey do brought -- at all okay. If they can't be open to. The greatest pitcher of his generation -- one of the greatest seasons of all time against guys who were -- optimum Macs during that timeframe. If you skip the open that that's you problem that's Pedro problem that's bets on the problem this and it is -- you problem if PD. -- was to walk up to anyone of these stars. And spend half -- talk to them whether it's mechanics. Whether it's mentality. And whoever that pitcher is a few walks away and says. -- -- -- That pitcher should be either released or traded the next day. The next day on the -- to be candy at home. In India useless the national. I don't think it would ever come to that the good but I realized what guys and -- -- I god. On being here so what's it tells that they don't know anyway it's the only it was you know ball pitcher in the nation Beagle. Which I don't think lap 617779737. The photo Rican Texas AT&T text line 37937. We continue with you call the impact of Pedro we come back -- that's of interest and stuff today. On DNC clean about his exit. From balls -- also pretty honest opinions from Pedro about leaving new -- in Boston and -- but the Mets talk about that next.

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