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Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears says he knows the Clippers want to deal for Kevin Garnett

Feb 19, 2013|

Marc Spears joined D&C to dish about the latest NBA trade rumors. Working out in LA for Yahoo! Sports, Spears know the Clippers want to make a move for Kevin Garnett, and he's not entirely convinced Garnett will hold firm to his no trade clause.

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Joining us on the AT&T -- like you know from his days of -- in basketball reportage of the Boston Globe. Now -- Yahoo! sports' Marc spears joins Dennis Kelly and good morning mark thanks for getting up early on the West Coast Boris. -- -- -- -- We're doing very well we're doing very well let's get right to what everybody in Boston wants to know about the clippers Celtics conversation seems to work it seems to work for both teams and help both teams and I know it's it's completely dependent. On KG waiving his no trade clause. Does it make sense for UKG to the clippers the Andre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe to the Celtics. Well. I think equipment want it done more than -- than Boston. -- to me. This is going to meet everybody is the first time we were regarded by the clippers have a championship should yeah. I think they realize that there is no it isn't just a little something to get them over the local local city it was San Antonio. Then who better to do live in Kevin Garnett -- I don't know I was there was Kevin says no no circumstance and opinion. But I really believe it was Danny came up towards this -- -- -- we will like to do better for our future. -- -- -- I think -- probably change his mind I know either nor would be somewhere where they'd rather have something else right you know. Good as there is every bit over the weekend if it you know Denny and we are presented me with anything. So chrome. I know the clippers Phil are equipped with -- to be in a good friend and one of hornets coach was friends with Chris Paul. Robert -- government code he's the former teammate. I don't know somebody that you know he could talk to a victim because of the coaches that they think they can. You know create an atmosphere that Garnett would be excited about being. They just need the Celtics to really wanna do it they're limited to try to convince them. Make the move. Would what would the Celtics beat getting in the end trade Jordan and Eric Bledsoe beyond the guard any any center here -- misrepresenting your mind Marc spears rebuilding on the fly. Arm problem about rebuilding but I was there on the floor yeah. The other sort of bigger the better -- -- -- was given credit for he's really really really retooled offense for the game and it's gotten better and oppose the problem is everybody equipment like you've got a little. He community because maybe they'll warned such -- so -- they did led -- there. I think he could be worthy. You know NBA -- -- uses regular chairs. Are both so. This is very very talented very athletic. I don't know that acquiring him certainly need to run goes Goran. BA Chris Paul Weller are together. So our our fifth freeway -- Rondo. There spoil our -- but I know. Who worked so very important is careers who worry he won't start so. That's -- I think -- -- and look what he's still here in the end there will be a free agent so he did. He could go but I do think it's. From my mistake I think he's restricted. -- That maybe some protection there but you know I know you have heard this story about it starting -- you know we're very very very good. You know he would into Tora vacuum created bird Lauren -- right are you. So that to me is always in the back -- Moammar you know unfair. -- -- Kevin Garnett proper word Pope peers offered Merrill we certainly feel out different bin. Next a year from now you know there's still a lot of value there if you know you could just -- boomers. I think that the guy would return this. The most fortunate you have to -- Boston. Before we get to judge Smith -- do when you lay this out -- her from other people Adrian and then Jack McMullen and it sounds like a great deal for Boston. Because they have lived there a different place from the -- they're not gonna win this year. And anything you -- he's always talked about trading these guys before they they get to Walden have no value so. You get a you just said they quote NBA center a starting NBA point guard. For a guy who's 36 and I don't know how much longer is gonna play but they're not gonna win whether -- not gonna win it all so all Danny has to do now in your opinion mark is convinced. Kevin -- given the green light. One I know equipment for the student who I don't know I'd look I don't want to. I can't imagine why -- deny that they -- that we could come within the throw -- in order may recommend that some financial. The challenges there. Both. Footwear and it's good to -- put proper food for the clippers. Could probably get off limits after the funeral of me fair and the window Garnett obviously is about two years book. They've never been here. Right I think they're -- might be tournament started notion of fiscal fourth. I've saved money for all these years of these bare feet. In my book do certain forward you know broke -- open to doing some good. And -- that's not making that much money as three years and 36 I believe and he's already well into the first year. Do you do you see any other moves here and I mean obviously you've heard. The Rondo for Dwight Howard which initially sounds ridiculous that sounds like some big crazy drunken talk show caller. But after you took a look at it didn't make any sense at all Dwight Howard. My own words that I think they were talking -- before the injury. But they want to injury. We would have been good you know I kind of went away but it. It's good news from what I'm here in the lakers of -- filled in with a wife and give it. You know -- so look this summer keep in mind like the -- -- they could if you want to go somewhere else right I understand. Why they were rolled it does put a -- -- I don't know bit. If we decided to leave your fans are really going to be upset about it I mean they'll be upset that there there's never been a major creative there as well. Willingly left to -- -- He's certainly be the first but I think they feel like they can commit them like look we have a coaching change. We have all these injuries. You know. Your milieu over there no way they'll give broad -- You -- -- it could be yours you know so privilege was so. -- destroyed. Mean. I think -- right now mrs. B in the mayor. But he worked a man in Orlando and not happy. Spare -- he'd be deep pride doesn't like all the media attention. Is here now. The media scrutiny but he did have been an Orlando you know whether you like he's the classic example. Purdue. Have progressed aggressive was part of a -- Rose Garden of the pressures. I was like he had been knows who are different and hope but I think that you know that it is an Orlando and you know -- telemarketers -- it would indicate. In no way the scrutiny is desire is -- We're talking Marc spears for Yahoo! Sports analyst her attention before we -- let's go mark to Josh Smith. Final year of his contract -- authorities that he once they Max contract there are probably five or six teams interested in Josh Smith. Risking it being a rental -- having to bite the bullet and give him a Max contract do the Celtics have the appetite for this situation. I think there should. I think there should be true. To me. Even if it's if they're not trust their local law hello Kevin. Our future welfare was for sure. But if you can get this kid if you mind I don't know -- of a lot of people lowly Toronto very close right yeah. They were teammates at Oak Hill academy roommates. When judgment got married couple lead there Rondo would be the best man at one of the you know Grossman. Mirror ball flight they're they're maybe going out Carla. So. Some believe that -- I didn't hear more in the Bledsoe and the undervote whatever he could make give vocal about -- you know. Then you got a really great young team you -- would prolong our. I'm pretty confident that the job. We did on the same SeaWorld. They don't wanna stay. That's that's outside there are then -- the great together I don't. -- judge Smith is the bad guys in the Arctic well -- division -- always. Right Bologna and left and there's some stable imitating professional like Boston looks great crew. And so dark would be great Korea must think he would I think he would be a perennial all star. Do you think he is that the -- more but unless sportswriters. Know very listeners and -- so militia. The yeah. Yes or no will -- do something significant between now on Thursday afternoon. From a career. Tonight we like. But I think their -- to -- your body of yeah -- and if it's wrong we won't you will never mentioned it again. -- -- -- Almost say they're -- put this thing if you have a Florida. Bloomington and Auburn -- will be -- fun hey Marc -- Yahoo! Sports we appreciate the time thanks for the information we'll talk -- down the road. Whatever -- -- spears it does on the AT&T hotline good.

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