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WEEI.com's Rob Bradford with his thoughts on Red Sox Spring Training so far

Feb 19, 2013|

WEEI.com's Rob Bradford had an incredibly tough act to follow joining Dennis and Callahan right after Pedro Martinez, but he was up to the task. Get Bradford's thoughts on all he's seen in Fort Myers so far including Jackie Bradley, Jr.'s potential.

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We are well into the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan everybody is blown up Jerry in my Twitter account. About Pedro Martinez -- -- by the way they're also thanking the people at Nelson for sticking on over. The 9 o'clock -- yes -- -- the conversation. I'd say Davis at the risk of hyperbole. And how many years we been doing this -- -- them. Thirteen 1414. Years that may have been the best interview we did no no credit to us. Of of any year of any person at any time including when I was -- say in the second best would be when he was planned because he's always great well you've hit it just forget. How good how interesting articulate so thoughtful he is in his second language -- threat from WB dot com joins us here -- broadcast site where I have to disagree the mark ointment you guys that. A legitimate objective -- Jackie Bradley as an excuse earnest but he's. There -- even keel a lot of the dagger of -- about three years you become acting U verse. If you go to go to Rica Malaysia -- fine but he's he's got a great baseball mentality you know. Highs and lows in the a lot of emotion of the rookie development programs they tell me this -- and when we get back to -- group -- and asks you this spears and he's written -- you know I know I heard this pretty well we'll go nose out of illness and tomorrow. Jackie Bradley beat your left into left field. I think he -- nothing aboard that does anything out of me well here's -- he's 2312. National titles. He's been in the mine is for a couple of years he's OBP. Is off the charts. Why can't he be the left handed hitting left it well folks -- are not enough no no not gonna get. -- right by my apologies 101000 times. But you look at Jose -- we have this conversation with voting places last year right why can't he lets look -- well it -- -- -- -- -- -- are welcome -- to -- -- -- -- Jackie Bradley -- with my throat but Jose Iglesias is a great analogy for what you're talking about. -- guy you can play defense. As good as anybody. You put about Hilfiger outlet for 370 BP you know there's no way Bradley did but that's but this is the problem is it closing basis need to see more pitches Jackie Bradley junior -- -- pitches at a higher level if he does great. Now I'm I'm I'm kinda on board review I've cut so -- in between you and Alex on this because I do think that they have an advance these guys. Fast is fast in some cases it's some teams. Well and you with a bullet. Can be your argument Alex's is. What do you gain when it this year anyway. So as well -- -- or my man well a lot of Jeremy has opened a big they are throwing -- got -- -- -- really is a different job out there three years ago you know sort of Britain -- -- -- the work out last year he's not bad he -- in you know he's got much better in the field that well in traffic even now reduced Arco is he's he's actually practiced -- first base. This spring that he has in the outfield we know that they want him to play there. But to actually spend more time there have been outfield to your point of matter and helped -- -- you would think that he still work out there a lot of these broad. At first don't know he's -- -- on the outfield that's why it's a little bizarre to me that -- spending all this time at first base if Jacoby -- would go down off his victory you know become the standard Jackie -- come up -- victory -- Satterfield -- but if you're talking about August and September -- And Jackie Bradley juniors -- -- well at least get his at bats and CB higher level absolutely maybe Bradley -- -- the conversation. But -- -- -- to me you -- got up and down this team there are spots where you have to be concerned with. But if Al's very goes down I think that's might be the biggest difference maker other than -- off the road to victory -- -- Saturn. And given up on this I thought they -- hope never Guerrero Arthur I want to get hit that's the the -- They did it still has a baker watch him today rob this kid does that suit me like -- read about. At least five. Like -- 8345. Will be in the mind you know as someone who said they thought that with Fedora with a radar gun out there that's that was you that was book for the Atlanta I thought they could and we'll Jackie Bradley started in Portland. This year -- the start and start to believe the Portland I believe he started plug sockets though but it will make but the last year. Don't know law last year he kind of went through it is the chain of Salem -- single day right Portland double and that's why you look at the middle Brooks is a good example would be sad here at this time last year mr. dole will middle Brooks is gonna see the Major League if he does -- be in September. Next thing you know before the all star break up so you just don't know how these guys. But it terror will Hardaway another example -- year before. So he cares nothing he does what Jerry wants him if he's better than -- -- Islam baker and then you know god the great even possible McMahon is a big surprise you'll out of circle back to the beginning that we -- with Pedro Martinez that we talked in this of the -- and it's almost getting redundant at this point about how -- transport in his team's personality now. Well they may win but -- certainly be electable which right in the -- in the -- there. Isn't the greatest asset they have all of this that got just that that I'll never stops happening -- -- on -- this new world you know and that's all Wellington but who cares really who like I think I mean I -- I would care we cared about ten minutes ago the greater view I think rubbed it. If you winning which is what they're gonna do at best because 85 yet. And you -- with Adrian Gonzales and Josh Beckett are proffered and you don't. In the hearts and minds you -- expectations. Were off poorly they have lowered expectations. But likable team on the field because. Why not they're not gonna wind though so basically you can say hey you know what it winning five games being nice in the clubhouse and have it took about that pops up like -- Valentine did that -- you -- -- taken off the field ringmaster picking -- the top and everybody welcomed the -- -- -- everybody but I'm going to be home I don't argue with Bradford but that is how I blockades here go back. The end of the season obviously the disaster when sixteen and by the manager how could they have built in 95 and a good one after the after last year ended. Well and another few Josh Hamilton's only guy I mean -- -- pictures for filtered into this could be it. How do you -- that what was it you know what you could do you can do what Toronto. Which is that's a good which you've got your farm system and say hey you know what. Here are some starts a marquee players we're gonna go forward we're gonna pay the price down the road. They could've done that and they have to look that they that the judge. Johnson Johnson -- Jose Reyes -- -- look at the other package -- no absolutely they -- -- with robo ball Johnson and Reyes. By what throttle gave up. They were gonna give up about the market to give up the -- the Bradley if we've gone through this time and time again right and you say well how did they get to a 95 win team this year. They could've done it that's good but having just done that failed miserably with Crawford and Gonzalez and get a prospects all the they want it directly with the camera get where they this team has no benefit of the doubt but the one benefited -- one. Part of it that they do have is that people know hey you know what don't do that that we've seen it's your right what John. We see what happens when you do that we're willing to wait to a certain degree now I think they've they've got off to -- terrible start the last couple years right. But this is the most important -- to sell tickets right we agree yeah I mean this is this is -- important because we can have all the ad campaigns promotional campaign aide joking about. It doesn't matter. Whether it's what's gonna matter is winning in April and if they don't do what they're going to be a problem terms -- are you gonna come last because most golf ball I -- Baltimore last adding I think both would you have an aberration that number two pitcher you're number two starter -- I think people 120. That you -- and basically add much at all of that of that team so. I think it was an aberration but. I think you have I'm gonna pick throttle at the top I think you have these other teams don't want together and then you go from there I answer this question earlier as a way to make a point two years ago in The Herald printed. Best team ever. Did that hurt or help this ballclub. I think it hurt them dramatically -- I think they look that it is a hell yeah we got -- -- got them so as we got Ortiz who got Pedroia Ellsbury MVP candidate. I think they thought they needed to show up and they'd be the best team ever -- -- at the the upside of that is a lot of people say this is the worst team ever or at least the worst team in the east and don't you think just like it in in in -- microcosm. Spurred the media on who who told you -- do very much into the cup ballplayer is that it might have that kind of positive effect on a group of guys. I think so I mean I think that. You have there's a very businesslike attitude here it is -- that doesn't mean anything I understand it but to your point. There wasn't a sense of entitlement I -- that when I was down here in 2011 there's no question there was this sense of entitlement and and you know what they were the best team ever opera until July year or early August of that year right but it caught up to have that entitlement caught up to them. And then last year was just you know this that was -- that short but. We have to go an awful what you said in 2011. There where we are now absolutely it's back today you know what we understand we have some approve final question. I was gonna pick Tampa myself but I just realized will Meyers being rushed to the major leagues at 22 well so it's no chance he could succeed I -- will will put a little side bear. Bet on if you can be better derby hazel baker. I likable electoral -- A final question from Iraq is -- possible that the -- Toronto Blue Jays everybody's favorite here just added pieces and added pieces might. Potentially suffer from the Los Angeles Laker system where you bring in a bunch of great people divergent pieces of the puzzle. And they just don't fit together -- -- John Gibbons could be fired after it you're not lots of an artist and Dwight Howard -- and a bit. Is that possible. I just we solid red -- as well think about it Josh Johnson's been hurt. Mark -- can't bring his dog. To Toronto Toronto and all these guys go from a no tax state -- into outrageously high tech these all these little. Irritating things that just gonna create tension. There's nothing here -- -- about the Soviet throttle I love it dearly but is it -- Yeah absolutely I think this division is gonna come down to what -- nation produces the most I think that I think all these -- gonna -- including Baltimore. But what do and then hoping and picked up. Well I don't think -- I don't I think I think they have they have some younger pitchers. There -- like Matt Moore we sat here last year Matt Moore was going to be the best pitcher -- Cy Young candidate didn't work out that you think Josh Johnson mark don't know. But I think I think -- acquisitions it's under the radar is RA -- I think -- dignity if he goes if -- if -- ERA goes up around is still three and a half the 230 -- like you take that every single day of the -- that you're number five starter is Ricky Romero the opening day starter -- -- -- -- to get him away from John -- will be fine and you have to hit -- competitively every wasn't a better place rob -- ordered Pedro like Joseph Kerrigan -- And it. I don't think when I get them to go back to note that the election though -- I don't know if this was on the he asked if he was wearing the same uniforms. Yes yes and he -- -- Larkin got with a and he reiterated that. He said he -- at three out of every year. But he lasted since spring training which is. -- -- back to the news George Scott with a -- got a good just that's what's bridge critics are all about that I the -- could ever got a replica of rob Bradford WEEI dot com and Callahan broadcasting live from red -- -- training.

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