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Pedro Martinez explains why he left Boston and talks about his relationship with Curt Schilling

Feb 19, 2013|

Pedro tells John and Gerry that he doesn’t consider himself a teacher but he does have things he can share to help this team get better. He reveals how his contract negotiations unfolded after the 2004 World Series when he left Boston to join the New York Mets.

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Pedro Martinez got the Egyptian -- back on the field while he's in new reform and uniform is up 45. Can he pitch because I mean I don't blow out a -- here and talk and watch them coach. And mentor young princes but -- it is -- miss watching -- of this doing his thing there was a certain style and an act if that can use that word that they troopers at -- very few people did. -- -- that you share a lot of emotions with Red Sox fans -- it was painful to watch that lack of chemistry and that inability for the team put together. And that an ability for -- to a guy it's like he's exactly exactly find anything like that update -- on as -- from -- from the -- -- -- the broadcast night. Let's let's talk to the man. Sunlight is white but now it's been an even mind that it was gonna -- -- -- momentarily 6177797937. -- -- Asked him. You know is he the best pitcher ever I I think he's the greatest threats that picture ever yes and you know people some people vote for -- -- this I'd say it would be a landslide if you were to put a -- out there. And no one -- available for Cy Young anyway but it would be. Clemens and Pedro would be -- -- Clement asked and I don't think it would even be close partially because Pedro we think was clean and we know Roger was dirty correct. Yes you big big votes for that. You know. Like he's pretty good shape or can he pitch. Everybody else and ethnically -- question. Yes McKinney's -- be pretty tired of answered. He's got a plug plug in the camera people. Mean everything looks like a close up Pedro but right Leo are you doing with -- yeah. Obviously with the -- that thought report evident now with you. It's good enough at the UN EW -- -- -- And your form. We surprised they didn't get number one. Inaudible which would be angry they did. And really -- a -- it would yeah bill. I'm sure it's going up -- the -- right field. At some point. I hope so I hope so you know sometime later he played he fired it. I hope he goes -- -- and Adam -- special instructor or a Phillies special instructor arguing Red Sox forever like Kevin Youkilis is -- I I believe I believe so. That it on the -- Of a phone and I thank them both -- oh yeah you can live up there all winter. I'm the only way to. I mean -- jobs a little bit for all the years you came down to a couple of days later it was all -- your father's birthday was the excuse was that without legitimate review but the sun. Knowledge that is my father's birthday it is it is what is that date coming coming out now yet yet it was a single from a while the -- that they'll begin camp yet we thought maybe made that a guy like man he's grandmother died every year. If I. -- -- the ground and exactly and only an attempt to -- you can only have picked up the process. That that had you feel this itch that make you wanna get back on the field who contacted who did you contact the front office the propped on -- you out of that whole thing start. If it looks -- it will something that was talking about that it -- and develop. Him anyway getting -- -- -- got the job and and and I I told many anytime -- needed my help willful and welcome and -- legally and continue to talk and I and I figured he needed some help and the you know. Up that they can -- job and him being the -- happening. On the field and off the field. I figured I could they could use Meehan and you know use my experience to kind of help -- things -- wrong. And and how do you define what -- -- he wants from you -- -- in those first couple of meetings when you decided yet you guys are gonna get together and you gonna do something for the team. What was his description of what he was seeking for -- specifically Pedro. For that they FA LA until flexible. Until that's going around that time now I have I have plenty of time to rest we were my family wouldn't. It also gives. The -- tougher -- efficient way to put in the it is seen me. The -- -- in the Dominican Republic where the production of you good prospect. How diminished a little bit. And -- my influence in the Dominican Republican and the prospects not only in the Dominican Molder. I'm pretty sure a lot of those kids saw me play probably admire -- and in the -- I can help them -- Oh probably won't be around me and I and I think the rest of I don't think about it is that because I can help -- model. Do you think you can help fix Daniel Bard. Yes I I think I believe -- you never held me not just mean they'll all thought that I think it it's important. But I I think I can improve a little bit and then have you ever had a problem like that in your life just in mental block -- you couldn't throw strikes up I mean. I'd I don't remember one remember seeing you go through that the did you ever go to -- thing like that. It's did. I want the rules a little problem where I guess I've just been. Didn't feel confident and I actually. But hopefully -- if you want to send me somewhere else. And and for -- it's you quitting I think not this phone. I don't feel like come performing the revelers stood in Montreal in Montreal and then I remember sitting down and the Coho -- in and events. After a game. And Tommy harper. Came off and they don't mean me and said you know -- the gaming so. And -- just sit by him. You know. You know I always needed to listen to -- good. For the game. The game we saw over the DOD and continue to play. I know we mean by that. I know you're not having the best time right now. You know go all the way. If you need to. -- -- And I thought about it I think that I was probably told. -- a bit. And well. If it -- you go away. And a faithful everybody goes through new phone from time and and you have one book is that what you said the Bard out here the other day. No no we were talking about mechanics -- and I felt something in the thumb on goal and I'm pretty sure everybody thought seen the way he's going. And and three in the way things are going for him that mechanically I thought -- little -- -- and -- stuff communal from the and then. We thought of this policy and hopefully it will continue. Major would be your overall teaching philosophy -- you want to make the players and I understand is probably a case by case basis you know who brought might need one thing from you Bard might need another. But generally speaking. What is -- that you know that you can tell them in a general term that can help them be better. I hope I can tell him everything I know. -- I'm on the run but I'm not old Ramon going to be able to floppy and have been denied it and the way it is and and and and -- no. And if I can something positive to two what they're trying to do I -- yesterday. The media life. I'm a culmination of everything. I took a little bit from very much everybody -- and you -- To build my own experience in and I hope they they do that the same way I I don't have a specific. Philosophy propelled. The -- the only thing I can tell them that this film people yeah. Don't be evil because got a chance baseball it's it's all the noise faithful -- -- this thing. You never finished learning. And baseball have a way out in every single thing which in the you can think off. Will be mentally you know to be officially could be physical he can -- you -- you -- think about ending it and and there's no way out and -- -- the most interesting thing that you that won the support for find out what made him worth the hit it find it. But you wolf -- if you try you'll find. The great ones they often thought of -- not great teachers 'cause it just they're so good that comes naturally to Michael Jordan Ted Williams was an example. People forget men weren't always known that this superstar you're reliever you were. He went from LA to Montreal before you end up and hit your stride so you you're not exactly a a guide to home and always came easy is that make you a better teacher. I Ali on not that the -- -- -- -- I'm getting my feet -- them. Relate to those people what I know but I never -- -- -- myself what -- Wilson threw like one either. Rules. The idea that the highway. And in effect cities the -- nor how to blow that thing for from the fumbled on the it's not going to be is not going to be. You just keep working keep working keep working. And I. I told the sort elect him better than you right yeah -- better looking mythical -- and and and then and and also you know. Physical looking who have been looking but. Is the Steelers. And I think -- so much for letting me know certainly you know that it was going to be hard there was going to be for -- Because I had to really earned it and and I don't believe I just did about myself -- -- -- hold -- to -- more open -- and I took a little -- of everybody. Including an old flag in my I picked up a little bit from out of from but I -- they allow me -- legal fees in Poland on the side. Run the -- for mobile guy that I felt I sold the deal -- Ryan Marshall gave him by my real photo everybody -- Something in me. Actually want to give me some life all the coaches in the minority. My coach in the double. Who played a great role mortem -- did. North. If -- my mental approach and believe in myself and Hugo that he would mean not quickly because how -- label off. Nobody -- when I first. What did you learn from Curt Schilling. -- Curt -- and learn to prepare yourself. Actually. Like previous -- game when you -- Nolan you can't really. But what I used to do. We killed memorize everything that everything was that I wanted to against that we either. You'd just get ready with a -- you write it down on this and that and you know are writing songs -- sometimes. More effective than your own mind. I think got -- able to the world together and and and analyze enough where I could remember sequences and and heaters and tendencies. That but not everybody this payment and third wheel from one very disciplined for us going that. Because coming out from amounted to -- -- -- tomorrow on a mobile guy into myself when that. You know. It's you're here you're the best that we ever saw the reflection of form. Everyone agrees that -- Greg -- is not even close the best Red Sox pitcher ever but it was only seven years. An amazing seven -- 117 wins. But do you regret leaving and how was chilling part of that we you did you have trouble coexisting which -- No not at all that allegedly. Why did I leave because I made a mistake before the negotiation. And that knowledge on the experience. Suggests there anybody that even if you dying of staying in the city this woman -- -- open. Because. When I when I did say my my best in the fifth thing in Boston. I I think the able or or who -- they knew that I wanted to stay involved and they offer me whatever. The smallest amount would be and all of the mistake is vital but my mouth full birdies they'll mall way that I normally would not. Until they will probably think that in consideration and I actually. Bit of writing right after I had read the man. He'll call me the next day and said hey we were willing to view although but I had already put me bill. Ready committed to. Food for the -- that they're atop the Mets or match the Mets. Now they were little below the Mets have felt what I have from the -- so we -- that I wouldn't go from -- -- this roof above. Both of the a lot of guys like we've just dogma Fred Lynn and he says to this day he just stayed in Boston. Could be a hall of -- that's where he was comfortable that's where it is best years. Obviously you're all fairway anyway but had -- stayed in Boston if they get you would of one another ring or maybe more maybe two. -- supposed to win whatever we're supposed to win. But. I don't believe -- maybe it would be -- and I believe you make it happen. And when you make it happen things happening probably involve them in you know federal so that me. But I can do well in this release -- happy and pleased with the -- But what I I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't say they want from -- four. Order one all in all seven. And not taking anything away from mills threatened to burst. -- just felt won this event because when they get one. I think because. Shoot they've got a ring and and make it probably -- to see me read them. So you are happy and I was really out -- always been -- been involved. You you weren't you didn't have a problem with Schilling or anyone else in the column on the on the issue became really good friends. And I remember one time I IE I somehow. -- Derek and and and and Bronson. All on the my way tonight today you guys need to -- -- prepared to hold on. We'll a mall that was going to be pitching. -- you need to be ready I think you need to run because they used to do a lot of work inside and stuff like that but never ran that I got them on in the fair. And they were below and then -- it was kind of because. And but fairly QQ you never wrong. Com. It up on the line every Friday. Oh well whatever whatever happened in the between the that -- of this type of shield the right field in the in Minnesota. All of them the perfect place to reach deal to us to actually run for the first time and a third. Yeah FO wait we got him -- we were involved all wheel of running. We made it women now it will for a while running the simple way you would keep him on the if you -- who would -- -- And I remember human being full forward -- they had been known Fiat can handle it I I can't round of like cute guys because there's helium and bill and that's been around forever he's -- declined dale got in the -- big you can can blame him -- about running you know. They've got you guys are bowl renowned for not -- when he was at the end forty years old thirties and forties that someone offered him. HT execution -- it'll help he didn't do. Did you and your chances to do that as a bit. And you like it. Because how awful but it will mass of something else -- in you. And I I guys -- know and I have anything to development in the AAA team about time in everything in every category and I will never polo. And I. IEA elephant that the good but I never did. You you said you love Boston and you made a mistake by letting them know how much you love Boston and then you get to New York you you've never struck me Pedro the regret. Kind of guy but was there ever -- moment in New York you -- While maybe I may get hit the wrong thing here. No no no no I've looked back. I've respect -- a woman. The -- -- one. And in Europe in the -- -- And Yankee fan them when -- You hopeful. That. Main -- I got. Me in an. You. You -- the all star game that you'll -- you took a bunch of things from a number of different pitchers and and and that made me think about that all star performance from you struck. Well five out of six you've had a lot of great moments in great runs where you were just in the zone. With that might that particular whatever it was half hour forty minutes the best you ever commanded the best velocity ever had the most confident you ever felt on the mound. You know. That's seventeen strikeouts and you know we hello group. -- -- -- -- thing that I think north impressive given that the players that they and given me. The -- -- and that way we probably night before from Seattle when I thought who have we'll. An amazing feat. They all fight game. -- -- -- When you feel responsible. To perform for you people for you -- your hands where we see the it goes to show you what you're capable of doing. And I think they'll flagging -- more of commitment that I had with the fans than a 100% in Boston. In our own CD in Boston and Fenway Park. As if what drove me to adrenaline. Rush that I and again IE. I could not let down on my mind mentally I -- -- if -- before aware that I needed to put -- a show. Four for the Boston fans who have I knew little going to be loud and knew that there were going to be affecting. This -- spoil kids in Boston. Who -- something special for them and and Nomar and I didn't did not disappoint. Some people like Gupta jacked up and I think done like all started overthrowing just gotten out of the though -- -- -- -- -- -- dry -- if no I did not. I did not what hurt me was. That I told you Karen -- need to go on between. -- -- You're not big -- rest completely. And then even up this that I could -- on you for going and complete long toss him to go back into the bullpen if I -- the mafia. My bus. The tables from the above I'm not really about throwing. And then examined even Williams. Really hot it would mean yeah you know. And they they wanted to -- me on on the -- command even though still very I would never. -- on the unity in the bullpen. I I used to -- available then but I know what to do. There again simply -- get its feet and then and and watched me do what I would you teach these young pitchers how to throw inside and occasionally. -- I would take and if they want if they want a good lesson that they can just look at me. They can just look at me and analyze you for who then and -- -- -- I'm here. I'm not big yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I believe they have to. Area in order for them to get there. What do you think was your greatest asset. With a mental or physical but the thing that you had -- for you more than anything else -- long fingers. And I believe it's for severance. I think it goes through this. Desire to go out there and and and stability and to prove it prove wrong everybody else -- in this. No one out through performance -- is the Madden of my fingers knowledge of who have the there will but I had to go in and who what I what I did. And an awful. Respect for what you do. I believe -- you -- you know it's funny of them buff and everybody remembers the beta though the Joker. Around the the belt outright but I had the same time how -- they've remembered that that dog face that I had a good yeah and they -- fifth. -- on the food that was my day both negate to perform all of the -- special like below you called it right. Today special PD on the mile. We believe there the way whatever they have whatever little lizards literally there is ruby gonna be good big picture. I need to see it to believe it but that he has the tools better tools that they don't want to miss. That and many other than you have seen. And a for profit. I believe -- we have all the fools who can become whatever you want to do. If you if they -- -- I pray to god that he if they felt the end and and I and I pray oh awful hard. That he. Continues what photography. Are you going to be a Major League pitching coach manager and general manager. What are you going to be in five years. I don't know but I how we learn of what they can. I don't see myself of -- monitored because I want moments it's two games in both play else in the field already did it for eighteen years. I -- I doubt that both he myself for -- to go to slow. Even -- -- can probably spend a lot of time between him and talking baseball. I just don't see myself. -- if you go to Berlin Allen 62 yeah you know being the. But a question for me it's often -- the great ones are never satisfied even with their successes the most recent example I can think of is is Nick Saban the football coach just won the national championship after having just won the national championship. He says he's gonna enjoy this for 48 hours and then go back to work to start to win another one were you one of those guys that were you ever satisfied with the performance and said. Got it done. Or re always looking for the next start in the next wind and the next shot of adrenaline that wind brought. You know what principles that we thought everything I -- wolf over achieving. And I normally would do this I had to be -- -- not one. You've got it. We will we just who is thought a lot of it. -- -- Every time you roll you you you for the -- left -- -- -- my game thing and my numbers I never looked at numbers there are moments that I -- -- myself yet. And I just roll. -- Roland keep putting stuff behind because -- -- already paid now you need to look forward to what they're gonna pay you and what you're gonna do against the next thing. If you this isn't -- Useful to to look at the numbers you putting all right if they're good you settle. And all of a sudden you feel itself bubbly and in those numbers. Poll look how well -- cited in the cup home and then you're dead in the water that's actually helpful mentally. -- July August you'll need to be so wrong. Or or and in better shape than you alive physically but mentally you have to climb all you have to stumbled in September. Sent them there and both these September impulse -- but you have to put the game the way these this this. 56 out of one. 2345. Bone now -- right -- and forget about what happened here. This is -- here and that's that failure to approach everything. -- great great to catch up with -- great to see you back at a Red Sox uniform I know -- have a blast on here and it was a pleasure talkative -- well thank you very much thanks for the time great pleasure being Pedro Martinez doesn't Callahan nest he stayed on an extra eleven minutes to look into the telecast will take about -- -- Join us on the offense side not at three point seven Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live Red Sox spring training. In Fort Myers, Florida.

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