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Jackie Bradley, Jr. on possibly replacing Jacoby Ellsbury: “Ready for the Opportunity”

Feb 19, 2013|

The Red Sox prospect joins Dennis and Callahan on set in Fort Myers to talk about his game. Bradley knows he needs to improve in multiple areas but will be ready when the chance to play for the big club arrives.

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The -- joining -- -- the broadcasts that are what everybody boat who everybody believes is the Red Sox center field of future Jackie Bradley junior joins us -- -- candidacy of John and Jerry from Boston. -- -- -- -- Good job doing what site that -- it looked more like a running back. Then a that a center -- do you ever play running back and I spoke. Now now and I your baseball guy clear clear through right yeah and -- at a high school no football. So -- organized go right what has walked into the baseball coach talk you out of football. No ma'am my high school team. Anyway and basketball and track -- Nevada hello hello is there -- the traveling right a ball. So. You're you're 23 and April. And you feel like you could step right in that it's they said. You know we need a left handed hitting left fielder you know. Could you do that job beginning now right now to be big league ready to do my best. Ready for the opportunity whenever they itself. The new numbers got to go -- number 74 that's not a good sign to -- -- ticket alone numbered in -- now okay well what number you want. If I had a number no picket ninety. Nineteen that's Fred Lynn that was Josh -- that that's still available to go to that that is an excellent choice Fred Lynn. Yeah -- remember yeah differently and never met him and I. Don't believe. It's left handed hitting infield makes an appeal that you know he was in 1975 rookie of the year -- VP and just. And just magic center field sixty sets sound familiar yeah. Could you do that -- I went into Milan before in the and I seen -- A 67 games in a ball Lester at Salem where you bed at 359 and 61 more 428 games a lot of baseball game cut to hold a -- -- seat. How tired out there it used to it but a different thing that I'm working hard this offseason. And theoretically it's open season -- -- expect. And fully prepared for -- -- what. Where you're going to be. Know that -- of the game I think you know not a game that I played. A couple of college -- -- later than any gains. So -- by count or -- out I felt like I was physically. I'm ready for it but mentally you know knowing that. You know you have to put a lot of gains but -- -- you actually are doing it anybody's pain and I told you it is targeted. Used everything and it just -- travel. And I kind of had a pool what it is these what did you do in the offseason specifically to take care of that and put yourself in a better spot went 128 games rolls around this year. I've put on a little more weight. -- have more weight you know carry around graduate lift up and you know just training lifting. Good enough my strain and -- aids arms everything. You have a good old BP at every level. That you had always been a patient guy at the -- -- always taking your walks -- do you look at that asylum. There will carry over translate into the big leagues. Yahoo!. Always rather be quality event everything at Thomas that in there -- -- work the pitcher -- -- -- easy on them at any point. Nominee Gainesville where there was taken a page or you know sometimes they might think I am taking a pitch and in counseling in so. You know I think that it's help me out a lot. As I keep elevating my game. Being able to work counts and -- pitchers what do you have to do better. Let a ball travel. I. I wanna steal more bases. Get better breeds this pretty much everything I wanna be able to. You know it it will more strength to the opposite field. Not just put it out there because little wall because of the wall you mean all the time all the time. Time. Did you personal activity at the plate come naturally it's it's something you always bought into. Or is that part of being the Red Sox -- -- organization which is a real or foundation what they want their leaders to -- I kind of had that done before actually. The draft by Red Sox I was always they would you know work counts. You know hit two strikes. And that's just something -- just -- used in kind of developed in you know made even better as I got here with the professionals and. And when you were drafted do they come to you and tell you this is the kind of approach we'd like to take even know we know -- to take -- approach what -- we -- that we underscore that we want you to continue that here with the -- thought that they make that clear to you. Well first off they were they can't let you kind of get used to everything. But. As a whole they do come and let you know that notices we wanna get that. Vietnam you know how on base percentage being able to work countless. Make it pitchers were so that's something they do still still to a saying. You know we wanted to try to take. Can you play center left right yeah that'll. -- you prefer center. I prefer whatever give them a feeling that you gonna catch you -- I can't can't I get it yet to pitch yet. Got to knuckleball I do not have a knuckleball what was your best pitch fastball. A fast. I don't know. Now I don't know like ninety yeah -- -- -- ninety -- -- in college now you can win the national title that he was and that was after you left wife. You want to the national -- fifth and then they want again after -- -- no they got that championship game alone. And in -- you won two national titles in how many years we have -- for -- -- within three years. You're the man. I -- I hit third for first and third. You're the third place senator who won two national titles. Where does mostly come down on the play in the in the minors but look at it all in the eyeball compared to winning national titles at South Carolina -- farm. You know. Is this just prime minister to get to the destination if you wanna what do you think tap on the shoulder and say Jackie -- -- a great camp -- you're going back to minus. Do you let the disappointing. Now that's the bio mom along with the way something put in the work in a long ways away -- three years old Bryce Harper. If you're a couple of years older than Mike throw like you a long ways away. Well I mean because I'm I'm not there yet you never know what happened based don't you feel are based on what they're telling. Based on what I feel and and I'm not there yet so -- meaning that the filming until I get there than. I'm not rated but you'll think you could do the job if if if god forbid Ellsbury went down in the first week of the season as it. -- your turn you'll think you'd be equipped to about here lately very very well will be equipped. Be fully prepared. And I'm ready for opportunity whenever produces and what's the difference between Portland and Salem -- give it two or three things seem different when you went from Seattle Portland to colder. Yes well yeah I'm but when I went up there with the summer so it will be a warmer. The fences there. Lower GAAP and -- Salem. When he foot fences and taken all armor on the way -- You know. Like -- the temperature plays a big difference. You know other than that. Not too much on pitchers are more confident right morally just this stuff more. It's -- talent in both levels what's the absolute best part of your day. Absolute best part of my game. Mental part. And it -- you know think ahead. You logic. And in and out just let small things in the way and just taken everything and are you an even -- kind of guy not to I'm not -- -- there ever get upset. Course policy to -- a -- -- -- -- that I've never been attempted before more in any game. In any game at any level at any level just keep your mile shipped with some -- -- a bad -- Swear that's the key right you can -- typical -- you can't swear. Yes that is the that he doubted do you expect to be Red Sox the Red Sox center fielder for like ten years twelve years that you're in your mind right now. Now I'm remind them that sort of down ninth. You bet they're forget did you come up and meet and hang out and take BP. Not actually I've loved being there but I've never got that -- play on the field. What would you do other than outside the country be Ricky can -- Couple arm award that went out there -- couple games. In. Your shirt says Bradley union you have to make a special request for junior. Come because not everybody's a junior it's the -- Ken Griffey didn't have on there right. -- As before because my -- probably come up here. -- -- press box and say well I'm Jackie Bradley to you know give me -- Jersey you know -- tell me when I was younger. You know you had better -- juniors -- that might wanna deal for you is in trouble. Swisher who was your favorite player now which -- I have their right -- you Jackie Robinson. They toward Carter. For. But the defense the personality that is. Everything everything -- leadership everything it's funny Tuesday if the mental part of your game is strongest part of your game was it is high school coach who said -- and Peter images of the best makeup. He's ever seen this what does that mean that'll make it. I'm gonna take it being the goods the beds. And I'm a bit make adjustments on a long way and get better able. I'm tired -- what has the you know talent. And things like that which you -- do you know he worked hard. Dustin Pedroia is opening places to group mentoring places than in doing that for you. All the well maybe you -- -- not even knowing but I'm just listening to you know watching them. Now picking up certain things that are. You know without him even knowing that there helped me there government our -- and for dinner and for -- not yet but they know you got that the -- yeah. It's an example of something you observe if something Ellsbury came use an -- Jackie in the situation that that -- Observed he said it's that way Jackie Bradley Hughes mental. Is there they're their routine they going to cages and stuff like. You know they have a particular thing network and on and you know that's the only thing their focus in on -- if it -- anything else. I can't get -- on actual. -- right at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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