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Monday, February 18th Whiner Line

Feb 18, 2013|

We've got a Big O hangover, and man do we have a headache because of it!

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My view -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ETT. -- -- and we -- this discretion advised us to. -- Morris yeah and now losing Laura you're alive. You're gonna have to bear with me here because you know me like I cry -- Cinderella and I can't believe what's going on in there and now. This that the what's going on in that clubhouse in and like Joseph Torre is saying at the podium John and his rivals that plane ride from Seattle's. Because everybody knows there's going to be a lot of changes here and people are absolutely saying goodbye to each other hand in some very very tough place to be right now it's. WEEI. -- near lie in Joseph Torre is at the podium. And and he said I told the players I was so proud of what they did they -- and hold. Sometimes you get complacent sometimes you forget how hard it is we didn't forget dial 6177793535. Us. Many said something that everybody we have in the room we all looked at each other's sense that there is no question about the ability of these people they're very impressive. He said you think it's going to last forever and. This is around you -- friends. Wider lie that he said. This is this is in the best twelve years of my life. When you miss this for anybody know I was OK actually until I went into the clubhouse and the coaches are sitting in Torre's office and they are watching this. And the tears that you hear my voice. Are coming down the faces of the coaches in that coaches front and now courses in them. So in life unfortunately all good things come to an end don't you -- EIC whiner line. Like much of a friend. Just early on moved at all writing to regrets about the war in life you know -- and like very much. -- She. Georgia she can't just quiet is that. She. -- -- didn't -- Which which radio or play by play person -- -- most likely that. Our -- yes. -- Often report for giant. Is apparently. -- -- -- Anybody that's emotional content current -- former -- the most the most behind and now. Ellis Jack cry if dale entitled to -- standards it's probably true that women are more ten has more -- pride in men know as a gender what you think. Sexist yet. I want them saying you jump up and down excited. Happy President's Day. Michael yeah William Howard Taft was known in high school is the big -- It was like Porter counties of fat load and onions and sent a notice from my book to book presents. It is -- and look every president's -- -- district is trivial item Clinton I. Well. That's there and I know the president's. -- -- -- Are you by eighteen TW EEI a lot is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most Ford G coverage in New England just like ten times faster because of the content types faster Michael asked he. Just like your next -- out at a big lump her. Any guess. It's up. Well apart the bigger vote -- vote no on the -- go to prevent a cult like always in the morning order form. Looked at it and. And that message. You guys in this new guy this faceless new guide you guys. So that it is -- on. -- was probably have a one -- and have a big book but the but more importantly it would normally not -- -- there is why aren't. Until I was in the -- that -- now. And that message is a lot of yeah surprise that one. The questions but it still here. -- the left and about the -- don't leave it was extinct in the wild I thought I call while I don't want to. But didn't know why I'm. And correct that you -- you know bowl. And then shot a yeah true that -- times he missed it can hurt a lot of -- and that's really the fuel source of this anger hurt -- stand. I don't ever heard that before never not once. I had to let them have. We already know it felt about it it's you know -- -- -- -- -- -- bad bad but it there. And that message there. The -- bit ahead. The head and Kevin Spacey but you couldn't -- -- but it let it run the ball. We'll -- in particular over the pillow. -- have come out so Michael how it will be good about Pennington couldn't have gotten killed and complete -- it bad it is. And that's men to speak shepherd. They shot her days of our allow people need to bring us show we love the. So on Friday -- are all too well what we. But kept saying all these elements aren't that we are not about an act -- wander Kirk. What prompted -- promoted the idea here as. On the board at a what do that I didn't come without it why didn't wanna become belt. And why am I addicted to pornography. That he -- right well you like planes are you guys are not really cause your playing the role of the for spots on diction by -- -- occasion myself. And -- in order for him use it for my own services of course you know. Pornography. I wanted to make it sound so porno is so bad romantic Baghdad that is just a film. Industry -- -- watching the film had its best Mikey is -- -- yes it is I mean look at how many you know what's that apple on the train it was apparent on the ground they would be with. -- Split 44 questions one it is. Who in their right -- whistled for and that's crazy. Feel bad for those guys they they're getting screwed it never mind going to monitored here at five bucks a whack double deuce on. Terrible. Terrible had a good base always. It trouble rob Bradford. And not let the process. That's an. Awful awful book a like that. If that's fine it's great. I enjoy it -- font. I can't help it people around. -- Having not been able to come back kind of -- -- what kind of tell what kind of oh yeah. I probably. Would have. Kept it up and take half -- couple -- can I. -- And for -- -- he's gonna take him as vacation this week but we're gonna hear from them forever and it -- absolutely it's going to support them. Anyone know Danica Patrick could drive. That does anyone know. If you can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Turn left like she's. At she's doing to make you -- watching you watch -- are you racing fan like golf at all podium at this you know anybody's. Nadal at your best friends are racing and no -- no no. One's swear six point five. -- realize it's only that we. But do we really didn't go with something that would mark but with his own self -- on them. -- that what -- folk group. And when that happened yes that happened there is talk he is giving away. Cottonwood does it differently content that -- That the Planned Parenthood show it's hot sauce it was out of guys whack. He's he's out of his mind but. Yeah I think it's a lot of problems -- Ain't that -- yet many it yet and you'll remember I got a call you out on my friend but we upgrade. What you said that's okay you have to put up question there are only the last question. I don't back definitely said I thought they handled the interview -- said earlier you -- yourself as being kind of detection yes I think I was you know that that was the word predicts what does a working email and word Dick Clark's -- that works. I don't know if he'll Greinke. Yeah you -- I'm Pavel in the -- -- Francona. Think back in the morning and what does that advocates. Beckett is back and -- act and yeah you've got them. Thank god it did that's what they've -- -- -- -- okay because but -- look at I wonder why because I had com. It's the payment. And cannot balance this fame and thank all of OK I can do anything with me okay thank god. Because you have. My co -- and they have to have about the pain and the Red Sox. And they may be -- cheese doesn't have a -- hear from -- last week. Mean she just got him this go by like nothing happen it's gonna pretend. You're gonna lose literally tear which Clinton and that's why I think this ebitda should not come up or something you -- Kennedy's shoes away there is counting. Not the biggest album probably leaving is -- but wireline and well -- it'll look like. I don't know about you but I can't envision a cartoon version of pop. And I am a cartoon. I am with -- actually I didn't have any cartoon that's what I am. It's good. Nobody I do believe they know. W we got ready to go walk -- new -- -- I might -- that you. Say what I'm closing the -- open the way to go and I would say what the client. Don't want that I had -- but. Seriously I would despondent when I thought and that's why did. Out last week I I don't doubt I'm going to be didn't hurt it but Matt McGill the embassy. All -- -- biggest -- -- that would be the point about helped -- feeling. Went in baseball I'll pick up at this don't know -- -- -- -- probably. In my week high dot com I think purple. I'm good now so I. That -- good drive off into the future. And not break up but made it something seriously -- -- picked -- you know. What are again. When he said that I can't really -- the and I'm sensitive remark about the tsunami just -- that runs on Twitter -- -- yeah I was on Twitter. Gilbert -- Not really -- -- -- and he's he's pretty funny almost -- that is true yeah it's really long rambling jokes that. Make no sense but it malaria anyone at him -- The voice got divorced people used to think he's a guy from way back up in the sixth in which. Bait bag now yeah I got -- yeah. -- I'm being. -- -- back at that. I. -- Yeah. I had had it. Don't have. And the message. That same call -- -- is out for them. -- -- Immigration and how we're going to. Make it good don't like I and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what are our power by AT&T thank you know me. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most -- coverage in New England.

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