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Decision time is coming for the Patriots and Wes Welker

Feb 18, 2013|

Michael Holley and Kirk Minihane discuss what the game plan is for the Patriots concerning off-season free agents, and what is to become of Wesley Welker.

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I am. And -- got a -- show. Where the big show. Michael -- Here with Kirkland hands when they make sure. That I am calling -- that's let's. -- -- -- -- you try to be nice to you promised us he was in conversation with you called he called you bro and it's it's god you brought me. Some familiarity. Was trying to be nice view and let's get this suddenly had a real problems get the satellite first because I mean there's an elephant in the room and let me just say. I'm excited now to be new cohost the show going forward. Next 510 years but my. -- What on that one here and get the job. The it's not as awkward -- I hate been one Tony you're filling it. Your your premium you mean -- mean you're feeling it I'm not. Part of that I'm sure I'm sure -- understand what you mean yeah there's a transition right -- get a transition into the future right two that night for a yeah I kept that we're -- of -- -- another sure. You'll be here tomorrow. It's soul crushing. I'm upset I'm nauseous I had been the six cents. Since Franklin also dried out as part of their decode your broached this don't do that since solidly on Saturday but -- -- -- but before. -- -- -- Ha well I would blow I ever thought it announced days -- and we're gonna present day. -- -- Wow just called you out. But no no just not for me sauce it's America right I didn't like it wanted to -- Mean a lot of other people were gonna eat tomatoes Austrian on and take this personal. -- and hand is -- -- he's afraid of -- that's true. That's -- you challenged him a long time ago to a basketball game he didn't stand up to it he he he was hoping you forget about it so don't take this crap from -- handed golf man. -- take this. -- number two. English second shows -- got a lot of people called the series finale that's not here but what are you gonna do. That's. Right give your version of exhaust. So -- -- -- it is getting paid -- gives us reports of serious stuff man. -- Michael OK fine. Arts and I to a lot of people this news I was kind of waiting for the press conference in the cake but OK I thought well. Non -- -- planes onward anyway it's a big plays a huge anyway you ask you don't start of what does that mean there are lots of things talk about -- on -- presence nobody's in the building. Nobody's here parking lot as wide open commute not a problem. But you're here -- to talk to you about this that I really don't know I feel about it. And -- get to take a look at today's the big day. For the New England Patriots and other teams in the National Football League is a two week window. You can decide to put that transition there's that word again transition tag on someone you know or franchise -- The patriots have three -- One candidate is keep -- keep totally. The other candidate is Sebastian Vollmer and then finally. Less well. Which which a franchise -- -- Are if -- the patriots you -- the franchise tag on Wes Welker or. Would you go the way I want ago this work out I wouldn't wanna franchise is too expensive it's going to be over eleven million dollars. For Welker I would just come to a deal with respect because you've been able to do it twice before what deal -- want them. What's the number -- -- number given three years give a three year deal thirty million dollars Amish guarantee. That -- out -- gave up centers -- -- -- 151517. Million dollars guaranteed. And you think that's not enough for Wes Welker he's gonna want this is at this. I go with his history look at the history of the deals he's had the patriots. In -- to deal. I would consider that a teen friendly deal. So. Guess -- Wes Welker is and I saw rob we're just take the test and passed in the Boston Herald saying when he got to play hard ball in the got -- not show up for work. That's just. That's just not that the Welker MO and I don't conflict and it's not going to be MO two and 2013 so. Believe I can come to a deal with -- one look at this way to get a ranked of people their most important to keep on this team welcomed the first guy. Matter I try to keep them I think yes to be here next year. I don't see other -- works and Wes Welker and we said the level you've seen the last couple years you take about you put somebody else and find him score electing to become -- point third best offense in the league or something. What you need Wes Welker I'm not sure you apps of the need the other guys what you the money you have to pay me to -- his can be paid at that number. No faith in him there I'm with you know I don't Vollmer. I feel at the world -- and if you weren't here I put the -- -- but some off by the way to keep all plastic let's take it a step further with -- Ballmer -- argue with you there on -- In the New England Patriots you spent seventeenth pick in the first round a couple of years ago on Neitzel older who became your left tackle. I can see -- -- never was able to handle that position wasn't able to handle the blind side and you put him on the right side you have Ballmer -- left tackle. But there's no way for the patriots. First round pick and left tackle you franchising right tackle right. Does that make any sense so I think unless he comes to a deal with the patriots I think he's -- -- -- he could very welcome to deal with the patriots and it Welker is the one -- -- again you look at it. Dick Welker out putting him. You'd some entitlement individually -- -- some guy at the street welcome plays every year. Plays -- huge 115120. Catchers historically good numbers you're gonna mess with that. And Tom Brady's. -- twilight of last two or three years of his career you're gonna give that up. You're gonna mess with what -- beat originally here's the only proper yeah the problem is last year I think the patriots group. The patriots franchise Wes Welker last year and hold on to what they should have done. Is signed him to a contract Pastor -- because now you're in a position if Welker goes away from his MO I don't think you say does that forget. You guys -- give me the money I deserve I see some of these receivers not there. They're not they're not healthy they don't have the yards after catch numbers that I have. That they are not consistently. Great as I've been. Forget this -- want more money. If you do that if he does that they're screwed because. They can't afford to give eleven million dollars or Wes Welker I just don't think it's good cap business. Whereas last year if you come to this deal. If you come to a a contract agreement with -- Welker you're not in the situation where you're thinking what what we can't afford to lose Wes Welker. But we can't take this chance -- got a slap a franchise tag on him. And now you have now you put yourself in in a pretty tight gaps to bet it does a really devastate it devastate -- -- could -- welcome them money. Financially. If they science of the -- it really ties him up that much. As of right now I think they have about sixty million dollars in -- What I can take it make you change that they're going -- NFL economics and after accounting correct you know you go to guy and say now how about we change to -- under contract. And then you create some room right now sixteen million dollars in given eleven of the sixteen. -- Wes Welker you have to do some you have to do some the math here yet to switch some things around via but it just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. The real question is Welker in the play ball with the kind of deal to -- him as a unit turned down. What's going to be almost twelve million dollars to get fifteen million guaranteed over three years down. You might but he might not I did it seem like it's a really tricky placenta tough situation -- -- all I know is that the to me if you're gonna be a -- you're gonna trying to keep the -- here. Next couple years you have to do with Wes Welker on your roster one way or another you have to keep this guy we've seen the office without him we've seen it with him. It is a stark difference to -- theory to without Wes Welker. All the theories have heard. It all sounds good on paper but it is never materialized. On the field so you can go with gronkowski didn't go -- -- and says. And those are your primary receivers and anybody else. Is just along for the ride and that's good in theory but you haven't seen these guys on the field together for awhile. Right you don't know what's gonna happen with no Murkowski is recovery or Hernandez. Has had some injuries injuries but -- -- cup we exited the field ya right then. -- -- I don't know I have no idea what Julian settlement is maybe Julian Edelman is just one of those guys that you use. In in specific situations in those situations have nothing do with the slot maybe he's overtime maybe just a special team Mark Kirk. Yes and in -- what do you bring -- to bring in some freeagent. Who's absolutely gonna walk in and fit into this offense and give you numbers close if not not equal Welker nobody in history to lead is equal in the position. But is gonna be 70% of Welker 80% of Welker. 7% of Welker is still you know eighty catches. It's easy to duplicate. Event again you're than assuming that Hernandez and gronkowski in Andelman -- -- Why do believe that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now which are offenses is maybe a draft pick and get that the second draft picks. At deposition. Or maybe a draft pick. And Brandon Lloyd. As your as your traditional receivers draft pick Brandon Lloyd in -- along with drunken Hernandez. Yeah in May be some guy free agents -- to lower you know got. That's a big difference you're trying to win the suitable you're trying to give Tom Brady's best players you can't win the Super Bowl doing a disservice that I feel. Now the -- subtle piece of this is. If you if you look at life without. Like without Wes -- A -- hiring the patriots made was bringing back Brian Cabell Brian Dave Ball. Was great receivers coach here for many years and he wanted to call the plays. Want to be the quarterbacks coach well just regain mcdaniels was the quarterbacks coach the patriots. Didn't think that was a -- form. He was a little upset he went off to New York with Eric Mangini so that was in that 2000. But when Brian -- Ball was here. You had great performances. Better than expect great -- -- -- and go too far. Called -- going to. Better than expected performances from David patent. Better than expected performances from Deion Branch. From David Givens. And to a degree toward -- So here's a guy who knows and I think that we can coach receivers. I think he can help them when it comes to the draft. The coaches aren't in there setting the draft board but they do get a chance to look at players. Bill Belichick -- to their opinions about. Audio like it's got you beat it into our system Heidi and articulate his ability to separate I think Brian Dave Ball. As an ability to do that if you look at the patriots. Since the branch and -- days when it comes from the draft. It's pretty it's pretty prophetic with receivers terms of dealt developing received the habit yet not counting tight ends actually I just to watch wide receivers not done now they failed completely. You know right nobody's hit. Not since not since those days and I'll think about it -- has not been drafted 500 and here and here's the other problem with them the other problem with the patriots. In every other position. They've looked at. They drafted tackle in the first round draft that are running back in the first from a practice taking a first round quarter per round. They have never drafted he receiver in round one. They've moved up for Chad Jackson but that was still in the second round yeah so maybe that's the position. They're gonna have to look at little more critically and maybe. Gonna have to go on to the first round get that receiver would come back in ninety seconds -- tell you why Wes Welker is a system guy. And there's no problem with that. You feel like teams that could strongly -- panic -- You know obviously mainly -- daisy -- children. He goes to some good things on the way. Here's one of the art obviously -- Wes Welker are talking with the media at the end of the season. You can reach us today Michael -- here with Turkmen and on the verge of 6177797. 937 you can also Texas -- Texas on the AT&T text line rethink possible 3793. Seven we're talking about Wes Welker and as the big day or big two weeks for the patriots but today they're eligible to do some things. A slap that tag on right now they want to. But -- her a lot about Wes Welker and what kind of guys he just the slot receiver is he assistant guy. Sure it's a system gone. That's not a problem. When a guy is in your system. In you won a lot of games with them in people called assistant got so what you're serving your purposes only reason. It should be concerned about somebody being a system player I think Greg Jennings for example just I don't think he's a system got Wesley Boca. And you're thinking about Greg Jennings in people's torrent. He's only good in one system what are you should worry because you haven't played you before Oprah's been here I think with Tom Brady when people. Some people still call on the system quarterback -- He's he serves your purposes your system is built for him. It's not a problem that's no reason to move on from Wes Welker they need -- they need him on this. Well I'd say this Wes Welker caught I think sixty passes with Joey Eric in this quarterback in Miami so I mean he can play. Yeah I mean he's here to boots immaturity of the same quarterback. The same system you have the mark to -- skill players seem opposite wind -- coaching staff. You really matter I mean he's gonna be here west -- comes back here next year. We can argue should you sign and long term GG GG franchise and she's this -- that comes back mixture play sixteen games he's -- a 115 passes. That's all we're debating is produced. They're very concerned about a match that you had a drop in and the Super Bowl or verbal lost two giants and you wonder if you would agree we agree okay. We are. Wreaking Havoc -- agreed on area. -- do you think that factors into. Anything for the patriots for the fans think people look at him and say he's not the same guy that he was. Early yes I think Brady's career I doubt is that we are now you do you -- you talk about EC -- tax -- of people calling. That we can argue there was a dropper on the Super Bowl mean it was a killer dropped against Baltimore I mean they're gonna win that game I think to be caught that ball converted that first now. During going and -- of the victims -- close to that point that we got that sense. Two sets -- drops -- he has -- again obviously coming here. Okay get a 118 catches last fifteen drugs yellow drops last year 156. Touchdowns and 14100 yards. It's pretty good. It's a bad year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's just amazing to me I think I think the patriots have taken advantage of knowing him then they know what he is. They know what he's about they know how he's wired so another guy woods today. As Borges pointed out you know borders once and would be. No one of these defiant receivers with a -- agent I'm not taken in OK gonna pay me or I'm going somewhere else. Another guy might be like that especially with the production best Welker is I think the patriots know what they can get them to sign. And he at a reasonable. At a reasonable leveling and it was not a reasonable contract what's -- -- it kind of you know he's said it passed some they have -- in the golfing gods words and yet he watched the play here. -- blame them I mean there's no better situation there's no better quarterback and it should go to Denver. Lot of places -- -- -- of the great writes -- there are other places Baltimore it sure seems like this is the place he wants to be. That's why I mean we can argue this he's going to be back in techsters. There's an -- -- piece I'd be stunned if Wes Welker. Playing for different franchise pictures on yeah I think he's going to be here to you guys working today President's Day. You guys then give us a call 617 service and -- 7937. Let's talk to Tom Toms and New York with a top. Dobbs populist talk to Dan Dan and -- was a ban. -- I thought it. I'm so anyway I think the way that you might look at that you know if they consider him a -- -- as opposed to a talent I'd be different period. So much we actually on the team that if you're. It probably -- applicable as opposed to talent. And I think evidence that they think that orbit system Ike because of their little experiment beginning of last year when they try to help but pretty much element -- -- position. One thing that that it can not go underrated is the fact that he never injury you do bring some -- -- at 8%. He's probably going to be in Africa you don't know -- -- -- that one quick of one big injury we -- you know the with the playoff game. But outside of that he pretty much injury free. -- -- Am I think that's I mean that's the story that's really the issue -- Welker compared anybody's got to replace. It's Kirk if it's so obvious. Why hasn't it happened. It's so obvious as it ought to value position the slot receiver that's that's the debate the patriots have I would guess internally but -- means the callers who have. Since it and the rate of sixteen games sixteen games 14151616. That's what indeed being you know destroyed. Isn't a city games he gets he gets hit like crazy all the time. He keeps saying how long can a guy this size it could be like this how long can you return punts how can. A place. Like fifteen or sixteen games that your -- get his head knocked off three times he still going to play. I don't know what else an employee can do for their employer more than welcome -- except for understanding those couple of -- safer that are much better service you can do. -- -- I can't see either I can't see either at I think. With the patriots though. Because of the cap situation. Not an up Baltimore not New York re not an act cash strapped. -- like they can't afford it players but met eleven million dollars -- on the slot receiver commit eleven million dollars million dollars plus. It -- slot receiver. I guess some tough decisions to make really topped his decisions to make and they are not finished. They were there were close to go to the Super Bowl but apps and they have some positions that they can fill in here. There's an obvious holes on the team on both sides of the ball. So if you if you commit that money to Welker. Where -- you going in free agency looking -- where can you afford to go free -- Yeah and Texas are saying you Hernandez in the slot means you could certainly do that I -- but again what happens and misses four games. Three games five games in Welker is in Indianapolis catching 120 passes. Sought to build build this August with a bill. Hey I don't guy was going on behind it just a quick comment I'll talk about it on the -- welcome. Look like it's. But simple I think it makes a lot of sense that -- thought from after the after Randy Moss broke every record in the -- seven. He got three years 27 million -- -- about 327 million. All ready bought at a million touched on -- broke every record I'd be well should be given anymore I have to I have to have a pretty good yet salt. Three to 27 immediately. On the west welcome to my book. I think it started to get our bill here's the only problem mechanic guarantee money -- you deal with three years point seven million spare. But if you're Wes Welker and -- three years 27 -- 32. -- where am -- going to be when I'm 35. No -- that contract might be irrelevant for the patriots and -- -- all the -- and catch over a hundred balls a year and I still have to beg for a contract. -- 32 would still be at 35 and I kind of market beyond not going to be on the team at 35 -- trying to get. Million guarantee you still pointed the year before guys like Jackson are some guys you've been more productive and getting way more than. In civil. Disguised on this I've done this why my settling for 60% of that because I like to be here. You know you taking advantage of the fact that I'm comfortable here but yeah I've I've done more than these guys have so should take us. And then he did you look at it. Even in the case of Ochocinco. Couple years lose Ochocinco really gotten bad -- Six million dollar box six million dollars for exactly fifteen catches. So it's an interesting situation for the patriots. We'll see if they make any news today's very quickly on these things I think we'll all be stunned if they decide to. But the franchise tag on Sebastian Vollmer. Are somewhat surprised that the -- mildly surprising if they were to tag. The key to leave but Wes Welker is a story what are they -- him taking your phone calls on it will be back.

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