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Shirtless man jumps into cactus

Feb 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to the audio of a man jumping into a cactus and screaming in pain.

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Butler and ID 3:7 got till 2 o'clock holly in bones throughout sixth -- seventh. 77979837. To get text us on the eighteenth -- -- -- at 37937. Not a lot of fans of John a Braintree. The AT&T -- line of response do -- trade Brady for Capra neck. To walk just being away from. The cold and down sunny Florida have a nice and shot at a knotts was in the mood to element to the eighty -- went soft in Fort Myers from exit UN is it. On guiding go soft is -- this guy's name. But FaceBook dot com slash -- and Maloney this this. He's an Australian -- the Jackson as the Australian. He's wearing boxing gloves watched the entire video there not presidents' -- premier worked O'Neill worked in a combined with -- off. Premier hole and eliciting a line a great way to spend the next a couple minutes FaceBook dot com. Slash -- and -- there is a guy who with boxing gloves on. Jumps in to -- G-8. Cactus plant is attacked I plan on networks. But gets on top big car and jumps into a plan and you always wonder what would sound like -- good guy and boxing gloves. Jumped into a cactus plant -- car well. This is what it sounds. -- -- -- Song don't like all good. Late afternoon. The thing about the enjoy wow hey we are sorry girl like this. And it's -- that you'll -- at FaceBook dot com she just the meteoric going to be on the audio guys. -- all it would GO it's that you. Guys -- Assembly Friday night at about planes were. I'll talk to claw -- I'll. Tell. You. Streaming out it is yes back on -- -- their ball and I'll talk to clot or gesturing. In Randall yes. Audio -- -- next month -- what's up on. -- plot a cement that it doesn't. -- and -- I -- RPI. And equipment. And Michael Jordan -- -- -- -- And there -- I don't know you'll get. -- 810 points or could it be ten points off the bench. Right now. Now now. -- -- -- -- OK I -- yeah. I think he's a bit old I think he's he's -- over what should bloody right greatest of all time at some point you gotta hang up the shoes. All of our it. And -- -- Look bad bad man. I -- quote. Exactly he's -- goods at this age of 5050 years old Claudia -- You can. You can put on -- OK if you exclude a public applauding and Randolph as a good call right there. That's a good way to get laugh -- that the good call Jordan off the bench need to blitz today I agree if you played all forty minutes. Part of me that would ICU your Lafayette skip Bayless apparently Bayless today. And Stephen -- Smith were debating and skip took the side of -- he was almost baiting Jordan a comeback. The key screaming at the team gets three cause that's -- funny face of what a -- watching here he's screaming and -- Steve state. I need Jordan to come back Jordan's got to come back and prove himself he's like trying to bait him he needs to do it. We screen that close that was really Cameron. I told I told what he's a good color. I believe it was his voice threat that the president say -- at their four. It's that's what gives it a president's they caller and a regular symbolic calls -- kind of slow on on Monday so pretty much going to -- Management of the moment there I speak. -- planning Connecticut and where college social. Not this clinic and at all can today. It's gonna guys what's up glad they the call actually -- habitat and it won't do -- yes. Certainly I actually question a bit me in the Castro. And then they'll look -- important that -- in September that there. The graduate. Well I don't regret predictability of Obama go to work and for a and what are going to be partly horses. Of course and he'll. Williams -- September 2011. -- -- -- this September ordinary you know and so. Did anything to do have a Ezra democratic house. Recruited. And that this is at all console and I would go to Tibet predict. That is always an issue like that. -- and his -- -- so many guys that votes on the big -- if you guys but for the most part he wants to what you guys down -- difficult it is. Rhetoric just it is -- so that's -- them. Then the chief government that you coached until the second at the island and help you out. Well it's. Around the bridge -- crooked street -- or -- or Tibet. Brutal jobs -- source of this sort that sort defense. We think it currency -- I want obviously it is that difficult to list. You know just put infantry gains in order so -- group police -- -- question -- being a reporter that. It was so nice would have married him that well god that's -- presents. Recently a nice guy is it indeed defensively yet it -- got to be better and we all agree. Andy asked why that's so tough wall and we spent a lot of time on this last year why it was so tough. They spent all these draft picks on guys never panned out and invest in this currency in. Guys who were on the team anymore or just can't play or hurt mean -- I Dowling. Is about as close to a Boston you can get -- knock on the boss he's hurt but he spent a they see a late first round pick on him I know it's a second round and it was one -- the first picks in the second round. And he's done nothing for your team -- you look good in training camp for couple early gains but. That's been -- wonder why is it's hard to build a defense when he draft guys in the second and third rounds -- guys don't pan out. You chase your tail and an opposition where they had to rely on Aqib Talib the command for another draft pick by the way. How it's solidify the defense last year. This in the gonna win a division next year in the going to be in a post season any sale wise it's hard to win went to get there I did was when a couple of games. Killed two years ago they won a couple of games and get this probably just lost the faced better competition. But I still think it comes down -- I -- think a zone defense and all of us a look at the points is offered to put up but even a Super Bowl years. Yield to win three games all four -- -- team is always that one game. You know it's rely so heavily in Europe -- is always one game we got to go out there and win you know when he is 1717. At thirteen. Just is. And I don't think that this team has shown the last couple years that they can win those types of games. You know they need the offense that's a mix and -- so I think we're at the dramatic -- sure up this defense. And not allowed teams to be able to -- through them you rely on turnovers because you played bad teams he racked up five turnovers in week fourteen against some score -- Bit of -- kaposi's praise god and Joseph Flacco can better protect and a football when you don't get turnovers. Now he can't stop team. So I still think it was done a -- -- -- size one reason why do what I could keep the lead before we get you updated top of the hour here Texas says Mott. I was -- to work today you expletive. Not what do we do our work here today to -- pretty tired of people working I was saying you might be at the office at a lot a lot the day off we all the work and today. Not criticizing anybody work I need a credit to -- there. Wicket to meet thirty minutes to get to -- their ups and tremendous traffic today no irony is none whatsoever and can be it was Austin not criticizing any -- -- good for you. You work and that it will work instead of the year to a point where -- 2 o'clock. With -- -- phones at 61777979378. TT tech. What are you working or not 379837. Update and everything we got patriots we got Celtics we got Red Sox and Bruins all the final hour -- --

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