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Will the Patriots franchise Wes Welker

Feb 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss whether the Patriots will franchise tag Wes Welker and talk about what they think they should do.

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Love him to be around as well he's a great guy anyway. Let us at all on its. Two sons like trains and action. That is Robert Kraft talking about the patriots -- Wes Welker. Want him back in the fold not live to 93 point seven WEEI your phones until 2 o'clock Collie and -- and six point seven. 77979837. He can text us. On the AT&T -- live 37937. Today is the first day of a two week window. Reviews the franchise tag forty transition -- in this the National Football League at patriots use the franchise tag. On Wes Welker a year ago which means that up the franchise -- -- the franchise tag number ten point three. Not for Wes Welker if the patriots -- the franchise tag on Wes Welker it would cost them eleven point 418 million dollars according to. The folks a pro football focus dot com because a 120%. -- what may have lacked in the budget teams and that that area where they have the -- guys up guys falcons use the tag Brent Grimes. I use it again this year at the -- twelve million dollars the chief -- -- ball. Than I expected attacked him again if they did in that same dollar amount that Walker's -- -- eleven point 41 day. On top of that yet -- -- extra money to attack him again rob boards for about this weekend and the Boston Herald and as saying that sources close to him and bronze. To put it on the stuff. To the patriots a surprise guest right. Are not -- use the franchise tag on Wes Welker and I guess leave it up to potentially Aqib Talib or Sebastian Vollmer. I gotta tell you the more I thought about this this weekend the worsening this is the patriots and I and I understand at some level. Financial -- he's in the franchise tag but of the three guys -- -- Ballmer Talib Welker he's the asset that if you tag him. You can end up moving up for something else some he would want and it -- -- too long term deal if you just let go out there and let him walk away. You do a lot more harm than good for the patriots -- like it or not you're getting towards the end of Brady's window. So you get to the end of the takeaways best weapon in Wes Welker. Doesn't make any sense if the patriots heading into this offseason -- just we've seen as a team transition its offense. Now for for quite some time I think that really post yesterday this last year 22 tight ends. One of them got hurt bowl full -- not -- right. The suffered a little ticked ballot come in the mix. You're like crystals if he's a third score being a tight and the third guy I don't think I'm a huge factor for this I don't think he is that the keys. That second tenants that would gronkowski and Hernandez be more roll sloppy be easier for -- settlement. Bring this guy back nevertheless and I understand Wes -- what he brings in his consistency and guys always alternate field can't say that a vote. -- guys they just mentioned. You know but at some point you know you do a deterrent to these -- they aren't. We wanna spend eleven and a half million dollars in the sky and we wanna give me three year guarantee over twenty million dollars for Wes Welker all we look at our team now. And say you know -- still questionable -- Lloyd Wright you pick up that option or not. And we've got to tenants that brought cabal begin -- and is that kind of run the slot -- bit. Maybe -- -- we can bring Beckett cheaper dollars let him do some things that we gold find another wide receiver on the outside. Because you get the middle covered. So if if if anything you walk away from from walkers always Brady's understand rest of the data score points. Issued to try to find a way to attack teams maybe don't feel that what they've done the last couple years to easy to defend because the system clog the middle of feel we get. Too many guys short well you -- guys -- field let's extend this a little bit. They're not easier friend right Leo from the points that put up the yards to put up this year in the first down the Wes Welker that they certainly were easy to defend. And you say as long as you have Brady under center. Well you've Brady interaction different wide receivers Writely a -- committee -- -- a little while had a very had a good solid year. Don't knock him Chad Johnson came I didn't get Dolly's Keenan didn't get rookies a command really it's been since you drafted givens. And you drafted branch we in any wide receivers committee or made any impact so you're asking them to do something with. Your synagogue majority half. Well as a -- McCants they help you all guys you match they're gonna pick Welker spot. All of wanting a common they don't stand a field Welker does and tonight your -- that slot position which is pretty important to break nice slice it. -- respect Hernandez who could stay healthy this year or settlement was a track record and not staying healthy or god but god forbid Danny Amendola. What order to get those phone calls today he's got a commitment and he he added the list to guys he hasn't quite understand the offense. I think you are minimizing. Your you are. When you talk about losing welcome the team rebound yes they'd still be good offensively. But at this point in his career. You want take away Brady's best weapon. In the past in the got on the biggest third downs he goes to and on top of that was there are days healthy -- Mean you know I'm not wanna do that saying he's there should be well he's. Draft aren't they were you saying. But -- you know the as the loyal patriots and they go look at investing their money in certain areas what do we need -- we have weapons they still feel -- weapons offensively. The other Panetta said ballot -- Hernandez Lloyd. And maybe they are now that -- gonna just drop Wes Welker not sign another wide receiver and shortcoming to the system is not an easy thing to do. But I I think that they would look at and say -- our franchise tag. Or do we wanna. We don't want you -- go long term with the key to leave if we do think that's going to be an issue before one year the franchise tag number now these numbers are output. Did more estimation than anything -- is that the salary cap isn't there we don't necessarily know what these numbers will get the numbers -- gonna hear us quote here we talk about this is the idea getting analysts at almost the same salary cap as last year 121. Million dollars and based on that speculation. That's of the well based on a look at about nine point six for Sebastian -- and about ten point six -- to leap. In a deciding which when he wanna go I mean you agree that it can use it. Right some some pointed to transition tag of one of these guys to be able to match -- it was -- -- the both of those guys Ballmer argue article long term given its history of of back issues. To -- Buick the long term given his history of off the field issues and maybe some concerns last year. I think Tommy -- was was a first report to maybe there are some signs he wasn't able to put in the extra work. I think it's gonna come down to one of these two guys -- we look at Ballmer Ballmer and so older neat too big tackles. -- enormous guys you wanna kind of bill that offensive line around. They also say Dante Scarnecchia -- he's go with the offensive line but at some point I still think you need those staples on the outside that from day one to get a franchise tag -- -- and -- with the market is the other two guys are still that didn't do. When you look at. -- that lead question that's the one guy where they ever need quarterback and they had a heart pumping quarterbacks and trade for guys like. Duane Starks they -- occasional pan out there's been a -- did their work. It is not here. I think it'll be brought up but at the Tommy current Comcast supports the one that gets me is you're looking at if you wanna franchise -- to keep to leave. He's probably not thrilled by is this is last idols like one of his last chance to see the next year or two maybe three. To get that big long term deal and my guess is he would be throw the franchise -- on popping him not working that hard. -- productivity federal being franchise about the deal with that whole part of it it's also almost 9% your salary your best team in Aqib Talib. When we say it's like 10% of the salary almost and it's about that if you invest -- Wes Welker for the 114. I can get 10% or the -- close to might post the numbers you possibly can have a football player. With the lead does that justify you know how was he that good yes we pay -- almost 9% yourself that's up from one year yes. Because as this is and I'll be back yes I think he was a -- Based not -- Revis is not shut down but I liked what they were able to do what he came to this team. No change -- defense -- maybe a trust factor that he had one guy the connection leave out there. And handle somebody one -- one and be physical and allowed them to do other things. So as far as need. I mean I still think defense defense defense Aqib Talib is part of that. So I would try to do everything I possibly can bring this guy back. I would not let Welker walk and if he wants a long term deal I was still -- in the trade him because there is some value out there whether you're Denver or Dallas. There's some value on that market and is less question mark -- stick -- or one year deal that would be on a key to leave in terms of the impact I. It comes down to Welker for me it comes down to -- -- Heidi let back I walk away we also says that they were gonna up. The offer the initial off of the game -- last year was what two years sixteen guaranteed. If they were killed and sixteen or two and eighteen is being guaranteed so. You know eight last year he won it twenty guarantee. Right you want three year deal up he signed two year sixteen guaranteed given a nine app that is given last year actually get points you know whatever it. Point five and have guarantee. Well you know you get more on the -- two years ago last year. We will bring it back on that. You know we all know free agency went to get out there everybody goes crazy right everything he gets paid more than they should nets get up. Unless I go back to all of wants it for get a break in jeopardy your phone calls me that they've got a great track record -- dolphins lineman that's what -- -- or walk away. I can sort of see that he's had back issues you know I think he's the one god he can bring back channel -- long term deal actually and wanna be expensive. Because it's a pretty good market for offensive lineman this year -- said the back. That's the one guy may be can lock -- long term if you walked away. Given his history and given a market regular replace him. Leave a welcoming a much harder replace sunny -- the heart it's got to replace. 61777979837. Match your phone a -- Texas on the eight TT tech -- 37. 937 weeks -- lined up the two week window is open of the patriots to use the franchise tag. We attacked him for the pats jump in your calls next.

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