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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, sits in with Dennis and Callahan to look back over the weekend in Fort Myers

Feb 18, 2013|

John and Gerry ask Alex about the peculiar behavior of Alfredo Aceves during batting practice on Sunday. They try to get to the root of the issues that surround the mercurial reliever during his career in Boston.

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As we are want to do every day broadcasting live Red Sox spring training here in fort Meyer -- we visit with them. Somebody from WEEI dot com rob Bradford will be joining -- I believe tomorrow and going forward after that up Alex -- back here is here the rocket like good morning -- -- great happy president's happy president's -- you know I'm just about celebrate like crazy -- -- back. Somebody tossed a couple into the trampled waters of camp tranquility yesterday that would be Alfredo -- Davis did you witness what happened yesterday and what you make. In a manner of speaking I did first let's give a preface he had already tossed pebbles as qualified as at least -- is still a problem at times. He's had a couple of -- Instances of an usual behaviors that have led to kind of that's the -- showed type of thing where. He's been hitting for instance it in the cage and stuff at times and other people are trying to get a little bit of work and -- You know pretty harmless behavior all things considered. Yesterday. It was a scheduled live batting practice session in I was standing on an adjacent field and I try to keep tabs on the pitchers in all areas so -- kept turning back in -- The ball just kind of floating him towards home plate. In thinking does he not like the -- as he wanted to change it out you know. It taught it to be a part of giving new ball -- that thought it was that soft in so in that you'd kind of hero whack you know of a foul ball because -- hitters timing was almost numb. So clearly so he wrote this is what he did for about fifteen when he pitches he was just lobbing the ball in and that guy's swing. Guys were swinging because that's the point of the fact that -- tried to get their timing down in this practiced all his pitches out though that that's very very useful but -- them and up in Japan playing against Vicente Padilla right but otherwise it's it was a pointless exercise for the -- And it was an unusual thing but it's important that's exaggerated its not like this was you know a criminal act but at the same time. It was an area in which he wasn't treating the training process seriously for either him or himself in that clearly ruffled some feathers which is why. It was important for John -- in one year -- address that with him immediately what's he trying to prove. No one really short because there's there is some unknown in terms of some of the personality quirks there. There's been no indication for instance that he's requested a trade or anything like that even though. His role entering years somewhat uncertain he's John Carroll said he's going to be the multi inning reliever who's capable kind of you know of -- kind of now he didn't say take one for the team because we've seen that in 2011 that was an incredibly valuable role right. But his role as a little bit on unclear whether or not he was trying to prove something or -- -- up on the wrong side that is unclear but he said that he got out of it. As for him he was told to stretch out the offseason and be ready to maybe start. -- -- he likes I'm sure likes closing. So he shows up and says while ago like 78 starters. They got two closers come back and purgatory hear him back in no man's land. Could just be that -- Realization dawned on him and he was very frustrated and instead of doing what a normal guy would do saying listen skip I got a -- I'm not happy here. He said I'll do what I do I'm I'm I'm kind of bounced and kind of eccentric guy. I'll show it a different way and just started you know. What was the -- term. I'll start running the -- not as intended. Right well it's it's funny because we're all going to be reduced to all playing armchair psychologist and speculating since he didn't -- since he didn't offer any clarification about what he was trying to accomplish. In answer to your question. He was told during the off season precisely what position what role he was going to be in that if there wasn't going to be. Any mystery surrounding camp yet it was get stretched out if there injuries to the starting staff you are protection for the staff. But barring that you're that kind of multi innings reliever in a role similar to what you did in 2011 work he was so valuable mean arguably. The most valuable reliever the American League but short could there be days in which you look at you kind of look out at the landscape and become frustrated general. Speculative of course. But to go to try to do well to -- and to a team for him to a team that doesn't have -- guys that he drilled in the head. -- do yes and they haven't found one yet that might think it may be China yeah. In Australia right well after he plays for team Mexico on the W South Asia. You know Fred at that time coming back now it would be interesting because his trade value right now is not high at all I'm not I read rob Bradford. I'm making a million to leave Saturday Arsenal actually two point 65. One point two with what he made last year. Ops is point 65 is what he's making this year in the fact that he does come with some potential clubhouse baggage. Doesn't mean you know that's -- that can be a difficult thing to accommodated the start of the season. So different Kaiser is he's your league deal in the beginning of spring training at the end isn't more likely -- at the end. I would say so because any teams are usually the teams are usually motivated to move them for a very limited return. In being by that point you've had attrition and you know who's going to be useful to you and in terms of Major League roster is not the venue like. Well he's better than this guy right oh yeah that's why you rarely see them at the start of spring training more often you'll see them in the last week or so -- it was Davis. Indeed becomes multi inning guy in the middle and all things go well with the Bard rehabilitation. Are we to assume it's going to be -- in the seventh Palin the eight and Hanrahan in the night. No because there're there're some arms that are pretty extraordinary back there when I think about in -- -- and coach you are right they're both really good so I think that -- you know as as John Farrell I think -- on with you guys he's going to be brought along slowly they're going to think back to kind of the pattern that he followed in 2009 when he started out and pretty low leverage situations. And increasingly built as -- -- responsibility. And he is -- out -- -- is probably the best arm that they have back there are so it's difficult to move him away from the position of responsibility. Is that what he did last year. Napoli the goal from kicker Graham was on his knees to standing up he is indeed -- they'll let walker stool under him I think he's standing up taking ground right you start arms are around -- team that's well it's ridiculous that is great news is -- I mean from a -- important right we shouldn't without a fact I started wondering about everybody's going to be able to walk -- at that at Keeneland Jets at the -- incident this is sad story. Mean he might have a good year you might be but he knows already that he needs that unofficial perhaps degenerative hip and right and get better and he's gonna need to new -- sometime before he's fifty. So he just found that so let's wait on him wearing on him and you know he might. Have a problem this year but a lot of baseball playing in his mind and so like -- as you said. It's both it's OK I with you know document with him about that very backed the idea that. You know a bit this offseason was challenging in in so many ways because you know you're thinking from the situation of the contract but at the same -- also wondering. About your future quality of life in. He you know for him he feels like he's a pretty good place because there's at least some promise some hope offered by. The treatment regimen that is done where there's the suggestion from the doctor in New York it. He could you know -- that there could be improvement and regression. In for right now he's still as scary underwritten point five games -- think for a I think that's a pretty good partner be surprised that he was a seven game week guy I do think they're going to measures that playing time a little bit. Probably no more than six games we is our friend from WEEI dot com check out Alex your good luck to you Internet thanks -- it's about our fourteenth Easter -- at.

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