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Red Sox Closer Joel Hanrahan joins John and Gerry down in Fort Myers

Feb 18, 2013|

The new Red Sox closer starts the day with Dennis and Callahan and talks about his first spring with the club. Hanrahan explains that he knew going into the offseason he was going to be traded and it was just a question of where he would land.

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Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan broadcasting from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers for beginning to warm up. There 37 degrees New Hampshire about forty right now. It's your broadcast a brand new bank brand new closer. The Boston. And good morning -- Assimilation and with the new teammates and names and bases and -- and we hang. Still go and it's committed an ongoing process that -- -- -- -- study give the team down the coaches will be a little harder motion down here but. The group to break off into a different squads will be at a figured out worthy where were you surprised or shocked to learn that you were dealt. No ought not not -- at all. And I come September -- there's probably going to be. You know 70% chance of 80% chance I get treated -- you know we're destroy Israel where is going to be in. You know at this time -- -- there was about three or four teams that think that are being rumored. You know so I was I was here and everything from every side. Is that Connecticut done in you know I'm doing my time here boss was. Was this one of the teams because it took us by surprise that we thought Bailey was a closer obviously got her last year but. Susan deal was made. Everyone's asking what what happens to Bailey now and we didn't know he would be okay when into the set up role but so far so good enough. Yeah I mean you know -- knows the situation -- When he went down I heard the rumors about come over here and a in those who you know always done them play -- pretty fun you know that chances to -- that's all about the driver in baseball and a you know Billy's been one of the it's. The most that have been here have been. -- telephone in round figures figured out -- to go to web supposed to be at a time and we've been playing catch together city's embraced it and and he's. Probably not happy that I don't say what closer. Is happy to be -- me you know well -- if your starter closer to make money and make all that you can use your stuff over. Or closing was two time most closed just like you. He can't be happy about it he can't be Salem news and -- life. I'm sure he wants to be closer. You know he's gonna get this chance again at some point and you know he's he's just gonna you know you can't go out there and and it is too as you can handle things in the I think he's -- on the right away. -- you know Roland you know. Publicly come -- and accurately Madden -- -- things on. You know he's he's the greats of foreign. I think he's going to be. Agree that it Denny's and pushed me for it can -- you know he could do it PP BP dislike while Paulson -- will wonder well he's. But. Eight ball -- looked like -- -- Books you know that's one thing I was on the team that it's. In particular pride and opened with a lot of great arms down there and you know others. But ten guys that are -- effort for the seventh spot that thinks. A lot of guys that are -- I think -- -- opens going to be you know than. Dogs -- for -- yes Joseph how far. Into your conversation with whoever called you to tell you about the trade from the Red Sox assume -- bench Arrington. That he -- and by the way you're going to -- close as you're aware Bailey's presence here you're an -- that had to be concerned -- you got traded. House and into the conversation did Ben -- by somebody else say don't worry about it. Your closer. -- actually. Didn't really talk to Ben couldn't -- -- playing you know as well treated it was on the on the 26 zero. You know I think he got the deal done today and go for Christmas so. -- yeah I think I think Ferrell is the one that told me that I be close and then. -- that this conversation that did. You know -- actually show up and shields in in the Boyd and talk and cased bullet -- has -- difficulties of the ghosts that are. And you know who's -- hard here and there right but. It was. He has good conversation if the roles were reversed and you found yourself in -- position could you handle it as well as he has done it would you make some waves -- The outwardly unhappiness is Jerry pointed out he's saying all the right things and act in the right way they'll do it that way. Yeah -- I would hope so I think that. I've been in runners in long enough. You know -- things. There's a lot of teams that we're talking about treated probably before that you know and establish closers in their as well so. He's gonna gonna go out there in. You know just. Try to get people out and -- -- you'll from the closing saving games is always pressure packed situation and obviously saved all of the big leagues but. What's the difference in Pittsburgh and Boston is the -- different level pressure different level of intensity for a closer. I mean I don't know of marketing -- -- and Boston and -- there. -- -- -- People always say -- you know Pittsburgh news small market team and you know always good Vito is you know he's never had that kind of pressure but -- You know boasting about two days 2000. Eleven. The Red Sox came in and impact of the -- TC is against them you know let's go like everything else is the way elected so. You know on the way to about the pressure I don't pressure myself with -- Our -- job as citizens you know about there and have fun with it and do my part to win games for the team. We often schedule that certain people are wired a certain way in and and it does feel different Fenway Park there's much more attention physically the crowd right on top of -- -- them apart those kinds of things and some guys committing thrive on -- others committed sort of sort of melt. But by definition. Don't closers enjoy that kind of thing I mean you guys disclosures have to be wired -- we'd be more aggressive and more. Resilient the things that Mike maker knees buckle. Yeah I mean we. The situation anything but the ninth inning and the fans are it was a -- credence. You know and -- that you were you used to have -- an -- Cisco in the you know in the ninth inning right there when the fans -- up in the bullpen in the on the field. The other custody is on you homophobic slurs and and everything here is that there awareness and so you know we've we've. We're all been there we've Albany's -- known -- the with a -- how would you describe your approach. Aggressive go right -- -- it's him -- but beyond that. More aggressive. You know on the go for the the poncho a lot of times but. You know I'm just. You know mess of my team and will be. You know Manitoba there. Hopefully I don't want to you know protect my guys very much and in -- that a good thing cared before and jobs and be aggressive in you know right after this tell us about the first time you met or played with your new teammate Shane Victorino. The -- right there in. We we've put ABC's this quote he was a terrible second base and a decent is it. For -- 2001 season was tough on floors we did. Shameless play and second and you know former not a full -- stuck. Jason Repko was short stuff and you're starting you know starting so you know those those two guys. Mazzola's movies where. But it did keep the extremely. Well as Major League knockoffs. This is just -- revenue. This is so fast and a raises its integrated team Dayton. You know -- of the Arab accent what they re out there. And he's been talked about that little corner there so. It would be fun do you view obviously they've tried real hard to change the personnel chemistry of this team issue with a last year and a big issue. Two years ago does it feel like a good club house to release it. Definitely it's good clubhouse. It's hard to -- -- certainly with. 6070 guys in there. You know it's pretty spread out in the locker room. You know from what I hear certain. And pictures drug along really well and you know they brought in a lot of good guys here in the you know I don't know what happened last year -- care have flash area it's. I think that the team is new in an -- coaching staffs. -- -- there note for me I assume by definition. What it is you do for a living in your role on the team as a closer you enjoyed the feeling of coming to the ballpark every day knowing that you're probably you might be in there. If the world and if the shoe were on the other foot and it and and you were starter. With those four days of between become a pain agreed to sit around relaxing chart the pitches or go -- -- Omnivision don't pitch. I don't think you'd be pain and probably. Probably get five and ultimately it probably be yelled at the umpires to them from -- He enjoyed my time yes there is. League level interaction with the players and team. No threat to gain the relationship and your team lose more right instead of you know being so focused in you know. Wondered if being in the game and like being on the on the bench you know sit there watching the guys -- can. You know being reckless actions but you know it's it's fund on equity of hits in the game -- don't about your mental approach as the game proceeds and get to the six the 78 what you start when you start sort of get net. Mentality go -- you need to go yeah I mean in a bit of guys that it hangs in the locker room for little bit. It's much stretching and it's warmed up a little bit and a mountain usually like the fifth inning and then. You know what I it's doable than it was in tennis there -- some guys so my past teammates give -- a hard time because you know I'd like to sit there and watch the game. And a little left all jokes at times is. Does that of getting locked in an elected I'm listening to you but I'm also watching the game and he has taken notes and and whatnot and a -- just similar team about the the seventh inning or so. You know -- a Red Bull and everything else that stretch in the if it looks like. You know chance they'll ask him -- for four do a little bit earlier. Is there to bugs that the last. Real good closer they had here. Jon Papelbon was determined to get free agency didn't matter what the -- that he wanted to be -- was one of his goals which is fine. Get the free agency he left your free agent and the year is at Sutton is the goal of yours mean you didn't come up to 25 years old. You're almost 32 win to become a free agent is that as a player you say. That's my time I'm gonna enjoy it -- the make the most of -- or do you say I wouldn't mind talk about its books anytime today you know June July whenever. Dry you know let's. Everybody love for blows it's a free agency on the -- of that I haven't done I have that a mightily freeagent that's kinda. Says you know my careers come around so. Those are some that don't look forward to look forward to get into October and that you know initiatives into playoffs and I'm wondering obviously bottom. You know I think free agency would be fun but you know -- definitely. Give the Red Sox first crack at it and you know if they came -- Myanmar and one talk about it I wouldn't I don't think we view this guy's this and say no -- which. This season so. If this situation a bit. Who's your favorite closer like who do. You Dennis Tankersley at least Smith a man who was a young guy to look up to. Closes US. You know and and have -- -- little bit from from playing with him in in the Dodgers he needs it -- -- through. John Smoltz but that's a good one. Cordero. It. We think before this just brings our emotional battle the -- to the club -- -- W a lot of different unofficial their review. Go and nobody else. -- -- yeah about -- right now. What I can't grow full beard. And they had goto bit this year to. For pictures via. A twelve to. Follow -- ticket to get at the Bentley. Oh in here and if you -- this today hello politics that to get back to that. Like all star breaker for the 44 that yeah. Today. Good luck welcome to Boston approached you in the north Joseph had a rabbit Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers floor.

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