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Chris Mannix on D&C: Kevin Garnett to the Clippers “has legs”

Feb 18, 2013|

Chris Mannix, SI.com, says the trade rumor sending Kevin Garnett to the Clippers in exchange for Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan has weight. Chris also doesn’t expect the Rajon Rondo-Dwight Howard trade talks to develop into anything more than just rumors.

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Dennis Kelly broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida we turn our attention away from baseball for a few minutes to basketball joining us on the AT&T hotline. Corporate boards to traffic is bad -- good morning Chris Dario. Jerry are having a very heated debate he's trying to pretend an -- and -- -- about the showtime aspect of last night's NBA all star game and was trying to tell -- no they don't play any defense but it sets it apart from the rest of the year when they do this opportunity for these guys show their remarkable athletic show -- Eagle driven out on the panel and I think they liked it Jerry of course is just just. His senses were garbage because this garbage god nobody plays she spent it wasn't real basketball because of the -- drugs -- what do you think Chris. I don't like the all star weekend and of itself and not stop going. The last couple of years because it just a waste of time from reporting standpoint and I'd get on for the fans who watched that. That total exhibition aspect of it and they do it to -- around it duplicates BP's monster high scoring games but. I think it our all star weekend and of itself it's totally revamped mean I'll start Saturday night it's beyond stupid I mean the dunk contest the skills competition. I mean these things are losing interest are losing fanned by the thousands seems like. Every single year and you know I think the game itself it's fine but my bigger issues with this Saturday night. And the fight and the celebrity game at four B list celebrities yeah I just think something yet we've got maybe that Adams silver's. -- first move as commissioner to -- adult thing because something has changed. But he added do you rekindle the actual -- and go. Really think David Stern is stepping down next unity secrecy. And it's gonna go Michael Bloomberg is gonna change the rules -- the NS -- think that I think the game needs me I'm -- Not figure eight is I think I think started an apology Leno Conan O'Brien that the situation where -- that given over Q. You know dad -- that a few mud players like I you know I kind of want it back -- kind of wanted to be yet in some sort of advisory role and all the that we back with a commissioner within a year. Afterward that I I think that you know it's been set up so that you know David -- by the way. To get back -- the hired hand picked successor he doesn't allow. Somewhat outside the NBA to commit that would immediately. Remove it from the equation I like it situation where -- -- doesn't leave. Altogether the lucky Doherty said. That he plans on not being involved in some kind of role whether it's European expansion. Or or something else so I can think David Stern's league is way back in after years so. -- Chris do you anticipate a little activity before Thursday a modicum of activity or a lot before the trading deadline Thursday. I'd lean toward the side of -- guys only because they've beaten you salary cap rules have scared a lot of general managers off from making. A significant deal amid media pat multiple years of salary. Big salaries. On their payroll that the new type of NBA now we haven't seen this before because we haven't had the type of punitive luxury tax penalties that are going to kick in the starting next season -- a lot of GM stopped talking to in the last few days who are actively talking to other teams. Have always tout their comment about they want this guy at -- guys out there with well his salary pretty big -- I don't know I mean can -- my owner. It's taking on that much money. In the long term so I think is gonna be the usual flurry of a conversation and some deals might be. Close to being finalized but I think this time. Maybe more than any other year in recent memory they'll be less deals completed doubled in the past. Can we talk specifically about two deals Chris and I know I know they're hard to and get your hands around because they're so complicated but. The two rulers over the weekend one Garnett to the clippers for the Andre Jordan Eric Bledsoe a great trade for the Celtics in my opinion of Garnett -- agreed it would the other one. Is Rondo for Dwight Howard bizarre to say at least let. Either of these going to happen to either makes sense from all sides in your opinion Chris. Robert Garnett to the clippers deal is something that's like -- note that talked about it. Represented as and so broke the scenes and on some level I believe at disgusted. And I it -- I agree with you it does make sense. Or both sides after the clippers and nobody don't anger out there in favor that you know you get a player by the stretch the floor offensively he can play defense at a high level still. I think you compliment Blake Griffin especially offensively in far better ways that the -- Jordan ever could and the kind of win now. Type of mode as they know they have try to keep Chris Paul in the -- is good they are. In the jacket see that team because I don't have a half court option low post. Getting out in the first round to the very top Western Conference and that kind of unacceptable. For many members of the clip organization if -- Boston's. We look you've played really well right now it's amazing how well -- double play without Rajon Rondo in the lineup. You probably championship -- to -- in the title winning group right now and I think you can deal Garnett. Part two starters who can be on your team for the next 567 years that would give you have to make you know Gary Jordan as someone ought to should've drafted. In 2008 out yet they draft JR didn't. What they're -- like -- -- flip all the way the second round the need to step -- abuse starter right away eagle overpaid but you know with an at this point. Eric Bledsoe had some serious star quality that is. Is stuck it is on the rise because he's had such a great first half of the season average but in point the game. Career highs in shooting percentage and three point shooting percentage ain't got that that Blair that swagger and he he got -- -- stepping in. For this team. And play right away and into the domino effect that you guys because you get I've let so. Certainly you can turn around and try to -- Rajon Rondo and you can get you know two starters for a start -- multiple first round draft pick to Rondo. All the and you might be back in business you can be re building on the fly. And not have that you know two or three years in between that you have to you really operatives are really bad feet so I. I will let that. Why not cue ball flies in the -- trade Rondo for -- yeah. I don't I don't think they like about though because right now Rondo and I'm not sure that the lakers. -- an -- opposite anyway are convinced right now that you know that that's the best move for them I think it like brother to make giving up obvious -- But I still think they want Dwight Howard. As part of their team long term the wild -- this is that Kobe Bryant loves Rajon Rondo what is it would -- to play with the Kobe and Rondo. Are cut from the same cloth in the way it -- Coby. Are not you know Dwight go beyond it totally different pages Kobe and -- -- you guys play to win everything -- might play with the same intensity every single night. You don't see Rondo laughing and joking with opposing it but scenes. After the games like you know because we doing -- Adidas I think they'd be great teammate. I don't think that deal has any chance of happening right now but Garnett deal like that stop and I think that we talked about a lot. Over the next four days. That's probably gonna happen in your country thought about that no trade clause that Garnett had the only way I can see him waving an act that -- Is it -- find a taker for Paul -- as well. Before that deadline if they trade -- first. Are they trade -- in concert even whip Kevin Garnett. In a deal for the clippers that -- scenario what is he gonna say well you blow this -- up this in the scene the night I signed up for played for. I accepted the yelled to block -- clippers were my body shot he built there and rabbit hole and now the right nearby so I think that the one. Scenario where I could -- KG -- that clause. They have Bledsoe star power aside in any way you can qualify this what -- the drop off beef from Rajon Rondo to Bledsoe. In terms of basketball skill set. Diet it'd be pretty big crap back because -- does not known quantity and Rondo in my opinion is the top ten player in the NBA and I -- last year. At number four in my MVP ballots so he's. He -- yet to be there what you want about iPod bought the floor I was deep fences is not part time he's still only especially in the playoffs read that the monster monster moment. Whereas let so I mean look at this point he's the fourth guard. The clippers rotation behind Billups is behind that goes on behind Jamal Crawford out there in LA but at the same token if you give Eric Bledsoe. A starting role there are a lot of people in this league -- he has at least. All star potential BC so -- those dynamic qualities were attacked the basket -- that. If he's aggressive and we have a lot of those. Those those traits that GM the coach stuff that I thought you'd think that he can. If given you know 35 minutes per game speaking give you 1516 points that ignited that so I don't think he's going to be able to duplicate. What Rondo could do to get access to higher opinion of Rondo but do I think he can be a starting point guard asleep for ten years absolutely. Chris -- it should be an interesting week between now and -- what time of the day is the -- to 4 o'clock. At least 3 o'clock in the afternoon on on Thursday -- Williams and chatter right up until that moment. Excellent are as bad as we appreciate the time to talk to down the road.

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