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John and Lenny Connect with WEEI.com’s Alex Speier to Discuss Alfredo Aceves and his Bizzare Behavior

Feb 17, 2013|

John, Lenny and Alex attempt to figure out the reasons behind Alfredo Aceves’ bad behavior. After this act of insubordination, the guys evaluate if there is a trade market out there for the troubled reliever after this latest incident.

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John Ryder alongside Lenny -- -- and happy to be joined as always by the great Alex -- of WPI dot com -- -- -- -- -- -- always part of working down there at Fort Myers is an article on trade Victorino jewel and her hand. Vickers -- full circle amongst other things. On WEEI dot com today but. Whatever is talking about Alex at first off -- you doing. I'm just dandy totally gone back there. It's just fine well the the the discussion anyway and most of it and everything just going swimmingly seemingly down there in Fort Myers up until today. Alfredo is Savvis -- those lob pitches in the during the live batting practice session. Site posted an article appear about it what did you say. Well it was a it was singularly bizarre behavior and candidly I would actually on an adjacent field. But I get -- sort of pitching on in this one batting practice session to larger awful lot geared Jonny Gomes worked almost. -- -- return back to try to keep tabs on it needs to -- -- -- a being -- statement it was as if it was a pitcher wanted to change all with the umpire from an umpire that you're dissatisfied with Bob. Except that this -- what you're doing what -- -- batting practice session where they're put to basically keep building arm strength. You know throwing it not quite full games beat by LQ isn't this your opportunity to really ramp up towards these activities. And our interest to treated trip purposefully. It's important for pitchers as most of it hitters need to get their timing down in the -- was really. And a lot of it up there -- a lot of people there didn't want to chapter another subject record fifteen pitches or so. Until it which prompted you know which -- -- -- -- the triple -- pitching coach to -- -- like that they're going to. Still -- you know there -- John Farrell asks. Are you are you OK are you healthy -- that you don't -- lots more apparent than what you have a pitching coach. I've talked to a after which point seven victories started. You know started to kind of follow the activities like batting practice sessions. Towards its its intent but it was you know it was kind of bizarre and puzzling behavior. From a -- it after he had to have a conversation with. John -- in and one yet at the pitching coach. And felt so -- it's been addressed. But really it's it's it's a continuation of a pattern of bizarre. Alfredo centric behavior that it's unfortunately been characteristic of begun dating in two digging into the latter part of last season. Alex and set this up for -- so assault days the first guy had allegedly unit did swing and hit right. Right there right okay so I mean it could attract but then belt but they're also up -- right so if they throw fifteen now you've this pitches. -- you didn't get to swing I mean. I mean he could swing it was just you know it but there's no point to it would rank batting practice speed. So don't election does source swinging the reflection as part they're tightening was messed up they get like one lighting them spell don't not. You know doubted or else into the spectators. That it's I think we're just so bizarre enough of them could relate you know it is clearly had no idea how to treat -- It's not puzzling. Undertaking. It's sounds to me you know that sounds like that sounds like a a father teaching his young kid did hit just throwing these -- pitches in their. I also looked dead to like this Alex in let's see if you share the opinion that this is committed stuff to get an services had that. We know he's wanted to have a defied a role it was a close last year but more so I think he wants to be a starter. Is this more of a statement a bizarre statement on the upset -- my role right now I think I deserve to be the starting rotation type of move. I don't know I you know there you can fit. Who -- -- today ended up being the data of armchair psychology and not just for writer like me not just because the helper -- you guys. Talk about your they've already looked at archer cult members of the Red Sox you know I would I was sitting their talking with members of you know members of the the organization we're like what you think you're trying to do I've -- -- I've never felt so it's you know it's it's. A continuation of some erratic behavior and unfortunately. You know you could get in surmised that because he'd been told that basically. You could be -- seven starter but he -- -- got the option the government could be relegated to the role of multi innings. Middle reliever likely let's you know it it could be something different -- -- you know it could just beat. That he didn't like vitriol today. It's difficult now. Even if kind of a guy who's. No poses no program for reasons that are unknown he's been. You know he's been swinging the bat in the cage. You go figure. Alex that this is this is so stupid and his pot right does he not realize he's got. A track record for a buffoon -- here I mean. Or does he care he trying to get himself rated so we can go to a team and be of -- fits that are I don't know. But this embarrasses. Maybe not him apparently not him it had a screw up the bad is. Farrell you know trying to -- you know smooth the -- down there and we all know that they're trying to put everything else and in on the back burner. And this pops up by in the first week. -- can be happy with days. We get to talk about you get to write about it. But this guy -- chances it to get this another incident that even and it may even taken north. Right and I think that's a very valid question because of the interesting things about about a contract status. As someone who is still who is arbitration eligible. -- -- Who you know he doesn't have a -- country that's the nature of the beast when you have one of the one year deal. In so you know they basically. That means that it doesn't minimize the cost is it the Red Sox which used it essentially part ways with him. It's -- you know they're -- Obama for roughly 16 of his salary I forget perfect it would a soccer ball that -- it's something like point seven million. Something like effort this year but you know than they have got themselves that the loss of talent. Plus the loss of 450 K or whatever it would be. With would prevent them from from part in the -- but make no mistake. What optical service can be a tremendous pitcher mean he was remarkable in 2011. He was obviously as good -- -- they had for training in 2012. Which. You know I think kind of set things behind the eight ball when he didn't get an opportunity. To start for them but then he kind of you know welcomed the opportunity closed. But it went that was taken from them it was you know there were fireworks between him and Bobby -- tremendously talented pitcher which is why the Red Sox. Are really trying to get -- work. And you know it's. They they may well continue to try that effort by. I know clearly the Yankees great outlook with him disputed some personality conflicts and and what does have to wonder whether threats such look at the same place. Yeah you would end Alex the one player I think we know how character conscious this team is heading into this season. If they are to that point. Heading in why even bring him back and I think he probably just address to write dear ordered tied by the talent and the flexibility but. If they did have to move him I wouldn't expect them probably to get too much in return because of this situation. Boarded the you know who I know this is tough to its habit. Fringe -- her player to be named later something of that -- Yeah I mean maybe I I I couldn't tell you there have been instances in which teams have had to move players quote unquote. -- they were able to get summer terms look at 2005 for instance when you may remember that Jay Payton was kind of an extra fourth outfielder for the Red Sox. He basically got into a dispute very intentionally with -- about it in the dugout -- all the players. So the Red Sox. Designated him for assignment almost immediately and and ended up treating him for Chad Bradford was a pretty good reliever to. And of course you know a -- distant relative by. Of I -- esteemed colleague rob Bradford. Right submarine and just like rob yeah. Yes yes it's exactly it's an item Alex you can get our current for a guy who basically as. Who you have to part ways where. Especially a guy like that because. You know they're you think that based on the talent there will be multiple interest but -- It's a different sort of instant because you know this is an act of really support me. Recycle and Alex beer was down at Fort Myers check amount on Doleac WEEI dot com. Alex a couple of other. Outside of -- Savvis do Bryant's conditioning wine and how is lacking in board looks O four. In waves in them for. Sure you brought well it's like you have a history of coming into in spring training and less than in the best shape that the case for him. In 2011 put him behind the eight ball in developed. Straining his forearm early in camp but never really ability -- arm -- properly to the point where you live -- In condition to get going on the these men that suffered a couple minor injuries that made him ultimately a great disappointment for the Red -- someone. We could've been a difference maker there wasn't. So you know this year it come and of my. You know this is just the eyeball test so it's there's nothing solid about it I would say that is slightly better shape it was in 2011. Worse shape that he wasn't 2012 there is probably some disappointment. A month stretch our official. About the fact that he didn't have a ready to try to kick ass take names. But you know -- as the insurance complain about. Spring training has really long this year in so that kind of wartime -- guy comes and slightly out of shape to work his way into shape. So I'm not sure that it -- to being concerned for the regular season at this point. But it is merely a matter of a compartment you know you're hoped it. A 25 year old who had was coming -- such a great building blocks he's -- would have seen that sort of in the -- wanted to go for it. In terms of -- I I think it is I saw it live batting practice session yesterday in the thing that stood out to me was in Butler -- -- What we're really -- -- global. Political about it the target art would hit or part would be -- make him. You know it was kind of being. All over the strikes -- without it opens up a consistent. -- -- so I think that. I think the Dallas promises but it is very early -- idea you know work harder the state where. And anything that -- -- doesn't -- be treated is newsworthy you pretty big guy that fact but it's a reality that is job. John Lackey also just looks like. I mean -- itself. It is remarkable you know he's satisfied all the baggage -- -- -- to go to eleven when he was pitching with. With nearly facsimile of an elbow rather -- a legitimate. You know growth or real reality. He is it. Throws the ball so easily command it's so easily doesn't have to you know another drop and drive -- to -- the kind of you know all we're gonna have to work in the weight on the mound to. You know -- able to nail the target time after time he really looks like as opposed to where he was laboring without paddle boat 20102000. Elevenths. It's pretty effortless orbit get to his spot and -- certainly not bode well but again it's very early guys -- come back and Tommy -- to go through peaks and valleys. In terms of arm strength and. Alex that they are breaking camp with twelve pitches is that is Ferrell said that yet to or cement that determination. Yeah back bench Harrington said that the other clear preference is for twelve pitchers not thirteen which is almost seem subtle that you get to a major doing with a lot of injuries. I I think that twelve -- their opposition especially when you look at the composition of their bullpen because I mean they are low that they could hypothetically have. You know in theory they certainly have a mutually held a reliever and if so how they get there will be of interest and industry. Lastly yes lastly Alex. It say they jettison -- service or they move him what will be the back of but the contingency plan for that. You know multi inning middle relief roller spot starter role. Well Franklin Morales would clearly be in that spot starter Roy you'd like to have two of those guys were basically. We're basically ready source opposes. You know baker hypothetically -- are quite important for a little bit it was very obviously in -- in a longer. -- last year. But make no mistake -- seven is is the best candidate that they have for that role of the of the contingencies are well. The senate and morale the it would be ideal numbers six and seven starters for the Red Sox and for -- and it is also where where it one more thing about seven. Which is that as -- -- -- -- it's not like he killer -- yeah he started drilling it he's so we should. My question is just the the like that there are kind of history. We are passive in an opinion constructive he made the exit treated -- if someone else doing it. That we -- treated that is the kind of you know it kind of comical distraction so you know they're they're there should be some measure proportion. -- -- assignment that because -- -- -- you -- Yet he you know what -- it's funny Alex you said that as I said that earlier let's come that'll habits like you choke slam John Farrell here I mean it's still bizarre behavior and also Alex I hope you enjoyed that movie and appreciate what it would just seek. I actually -- is part of my push to see every Oscar nominated movie or as many as possible. I just checked off my eight of nine best picture nominee the complete news. Our. I'll tell you -- us silver linings is surrogate. I thought silver lining -- that sitting you know actually went on direct a movie I was actually surprised in retrospect -- flight wasn't nominated for best picture I think without actually. I'm a pretty brilliant people that. Yeah I -- only Denzel Washington. That -- and Denzel yeah yeah. It's really it's really intelligent and and -- other things that are -- great white knuckle scenes that are you know just and the superb. Both psychological and actions tension. Well as someone who is seen now Ole miss out on the stage and it's it's fairly invigorating. House -- I've actually thought that they did a wonderful job adapting. The that's -- photography. Kind of gave it they'd be epic scale that you know that should correspond to. -- -- revolutionary times in and I thought that both sides Hugh Jackman and then -- were great. No idea like -- Russell Crowe asked for the role but he was. It did justice -- play which I've seen as well. Yeah Alex I'll tell you what a Renaissance man and -- not only the them. Your perspective on rights expert trading but on Oscar nominated films always enjoyed. I will let another Oscar applied all right searching for sugar man which in the documentary tactical yes -- mind glowingly off. Yes. And it's too bad it didn't it's gotten some play in everytime I read about Alex it's too bad people -- notices that movie it's a great great story justice or eats out it's true now -- Great great staff if we should see that. -- play. -- -- yeah if people don't realize that you sit in the press Boxee and I we don't always thought based was probably 10% 20% right. Yeah this you know we have Renaissance man John I'm glad you brought that up tonight you are you definitely are all right Alex appreciated as always different. Are at stake here.

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