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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, on Dwight Howard Possibly Suiting Up in Boston

Feb 17, 2013|

John and Lenny ask Paul about the many rumors that have Celtics ties during All-Star weekend including an unlikely scenario that would bring Dwight Howard to Boston. Paul also believes the only way Kevin Garnett will waive his no trade clause is if the Celtics choose to rebuild without Paul Pierce.

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It away raises up the demand is Ross. -- -- Flag -- -- -- get into the air. I give Kevin collateral tons of credit for having to be subjected to do play by play for the dunk contest is doing it anyway that's that's tough tour. It's John Ryder alongside. Let me make real and happy to always be joined by. The best in the business Paul Flannery of SB nation dot com who's down in Houston as a -- Paul. It's all about me I've watched that you know what I know you that you were. -- -- You know you're down they're being paid to to view these things checked these things and I actually watched and I'm my own time saw -- But I I of course did not. Well the only thing I guess I gathered out of that notes was LeBron James wearing leather sweat -- -- appear that. That's what it is that the new thing you know at first it's the glasses without lenses and now we're gonna moving on the -- sweat pants. Let us -- -- -- you know Kobe get a knows where to have injected at leather jacket. I was quite quickly. -- -- feel -- it's the blue 1985 beginners who would. And now and who knows well as it is -- or impressive jumping over Kia over a stooped over man. -- it you know poor Mark Eaton right now. I mean yeah I heard about marquis -- or seven foot or at least let let him sit on the little tiny and oh yeah. Yeah I thought they were to you that I like the parcel receding quite often in games like in -- would like deflated and yes. -- -- -- -- And the other one was certainly haven't soaking over a painting that he actually painted himself with helping people realize that the time would -- cool. But for the most part that was. -- it was and -- I. I joked saying go what's next Gerald Green go to back football Rik Smits. Write something like that that would add some interest it. But I would like well does that is what lay and that someday I mean it seems again more -- -- -- -- kids like it -- -- but I mean it's it'll lost some its luster yet not yet the same size anymore. What you're about that -- simply lost its bluster and you know I think they arteries and he'll start -- in -- not gonna go away. It is to have hours of programming in the middle winter. You know for better or worse people watching comedy the economic -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's where we're you know in the forces today. So yeah I got here that first -- went -- and I don't know -- like mad dash you can't get away from. That's right yeah. But I think I tweeted that you have that report on that -- and the dunk contest for what it is. God never going to be -- Jordan and Dominique you know in the eighties in Chicago it will work. You know it's it would have been. Together I don't think there's any chance. LeBron James Blake Griffin those that whoever roll it like to see battle it out I -- cut this -- -- -- any chance of that happening one either dressed me plenty of money and people wanna hear that but money. Then getting money to do this. Or I don't you all the ages of the teams -- -- that if they were fearing injuries the other thing probably -- say. No bras that dunk contest -- Jeremy Evans abroad as wanna lose to Jeremy Evans know about. And you can't you can't pay the stats John because you know they make and zillions and then they say well I'll get -- -- for 25 grand is something that really looks well real they'll do it for few million. I would be a couple of million they would -- -- -- I let you are not yet you know nobody really -- to 25 period. In a boat at the alleged that money but it still -- money. -- it's another mangalore -- All right I wanna get -- to more serious business here with the Paula terms of these trade rumors of the are serious or not any legitimacy to the Raj on Rondo Dwight Howard -- I mean wouldn't legitimacy as strong as it is I've -- critic probably talked about it I don't think it can happen at that point. Mainly because you log -- with a torn ACL and I think that would have been a couple of the bridge. No matter how you slice it that -- would have been difficult. You know I think -- is the one thing I'm cajun band years that the Celtics are talk. They're talking to a lot of people and you know because this every year every year its citizens saying that is any job is to assess the value of the players. And see if there's something can be worked out that that benefits team in the long run. It's still really hard to -- you straight and I'm actually going to be able to do it. Not because the salaries mainly correct. We kind of salary and also because you know -- don't think you can get to your talks you your name and your players. You know it. People vehicles -- it and wanted to you know the -- don't want trees here and so but you know -- -- Well ecstatically. You know Danny change right mistress that -- reasons only you do -- Rondo for Howard. A tech gifts and just run away come from in this. I would like you know and I outlet they -- because I would be I am concerned about about his injury when Howard's injury yeah. I'm concerned about the fact I'm concerned about the shoulder. He didn't properly -- is -- -- -- Howard from two years ago and yet you're in a heartbeat and you deal with the personalities that you can. Because Hughes was the best center in the league and took Orlando to the vehicle. Where would you be concerned that besides the injuries and before this is a guy that played a full season just about every season. Would you be concerned about the fact that this guy cut costly changes his mind to be tough. He's gonna be a free agent -- maybe -- a sign and trade after after this season. Those would probably further concerns. Yeah I think those are concerned but you know. Yeah a lot of -- -- top five players in the league right now Dwight Howard -- -- when he that you give a livelihood of those -- consecutive -- shift away. You know I I'd look at footage of of power it on the bench -- during timeouts and death. Coby you know he has CoBiz here and now men out although he can't really tell that and his mind just doesn't seem to be -- I mean. Did you wanna go to LA and anyone say you know be more glamorous in a more glamorous city and and I know there -- a mess you know from top to bottom the owner is Diane have cancer and you know the rest of the team is -- on its own. It it seemed like -- miss fit now when he when he thought that's neat. Does he really no way he wants to be armed what is it with -- I mean great body great talent. The Harry took Orlando took trials I mean there was a better player around. And and now now now of this I just don't get this guy. Well I think following what it actually go to Brooklyn. And I think LA. You don't want to -- problem is that you listen to what Shaq can't -- which -- which -- dumb move on and so -- -- -- exactly what buttons to push with and Inco and LA is exactly the -- moves influences Superman thing and all these. All the things that Shaq -- that that life is -- -- on Shaq and he doesn't want to do that so I think he was reluctant to go to LA I think was reluctant to play with -- That was always going to be difficult because you know go did not give enough to spot -- -- number one guy and I think -- still want that. So. You know I think he was reluctant to go there and then he made a huge mistake by coming back you quickly and it cost. We're talking without Paul Flannery of SB nation dot com Paul Kevin Garnett keeps saying he's now willing to waive his no trade clause. But the rumors continue to be out their potential deal to the clippers. Do you think he's going anywhere. No mainly because of that no trade clause within you know I think in the back -- Kevin mind. There is an area where if any trade everybody's interest Paul. That I think he would leave and nobody knew what is stuck in rebuilding situation any delegates he doesn't wanna -- all year by itself. The put him back when he was six years ago and move a lot so. So you know if any says supplement. Look here's the deal we're gonna mix to retrieve some industry as you know you'd LA. Richard Paul somewhere. You know really restart the whole thing been jacket he might be convinced -- but I don't think he wants to look if you want to go out I think he likes it here. I think he doesn't like change and -- loved playing for -- it's all those things are. Our real calculation as much so I think that would be very tough for its current. Yeah it's he seems like he's yet he says I want it. You know I bleed green and and now that hokey stuff but that may be believes that. But as wet -- teams going I mean it out -- ninth as this a mirage or is this harbinger of just -- -- -- came out Rondo dare I say. Well you know I think it's a lot of things I don't I don't think it's it's ever going to be really black and white I think they were due to start playing better and they have been. I would like to he would he would be like if they're playing this hard. Little while ago. You -- they didn't do it for the first however many games and the people are blamed on the you know I guess they -- that they wanted it literally prove it. Valencia and go out what state they had the benefit of a really nice home schedules they got -- at the end of the portrait -- in them back to back and they didn't -- what they -- away from what they've done they've been looked -- more fun team to watch over the last night -- -- whatever stand in the way it plays and great selfish. Team defense the whole bit it and it's up to the policy with you on the road trip. Before we start and you know they are better without Rondo was suffice -- say that in a playoff series. And -- phenomenon and it'll be and that's when you really. But you held back to we hear -- -- yeah sort of character Paula back to Kevin Garnett. What did you make about the comments about this being his last all star game. How old you know Kevin talks about ways yes. Look at it and it -- in circles sometimes in. You know I think you like this sort of dropped -- all throughout the playoffs last year to assist in any impact. And you know I think it's I think Kevin this situation where he really has taken that you know a year by year there on the thing. And you know I America I'd I'd -- not to read it I mean what he has to say in that -- because -- I've heard before from him you know legal -- cryptic comment contained and allusions and everything else so. They worked very well be his last all star game you know cooking good enough skilled player at that level again next year I don't think you don't you know he's retire I'm William. Well like going back to run from mandate and you made a good point and wrote about this this week right area went. I mean -- Toronto went down that -- -- -- -- next day -- people seeing good day I mean I could media attention but you know they're better off without a night and now those people are just intensified and that they have big growing like weeds and save -- look at what they've done. What the answer -- won't come like you said till April if they go out in the first round of she's gonna be without Rondo. Opening of the first to say now this wouldn't happen if and that's the only answer we will have to wait till April rarely. -- do we spend the second half of all last year giving Rondo grabbed -- and everybody around him better yes that YE patients -- and -- -- exactly and the entire playoffs are now Corey was in that series that Miami was. It's really the best -- -- the world on the here everybody. On at that point cardinal Leo you know I mean we go round and round round -- -- all the time I've -- about and that's why I like writing about it cover them by. You know people don't wait Q -- -- you. And you know it's it's all of its own fault he is used yet to find back to the salon and what god has felt pretty good. Yet they don't. That did. You say April but don't you think -- we will find out a little bit more about this team before even the playoffs and certainly would in the playoffs when. Things slowed and in teams can scout a little bit more but even before then I would think Paul because. All these minutes Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce -- about mid authorities have going to be nervous schedule a march there's a lot of road games. I guess even if they do struggle you know they'll be that camp they'll say well maybe they're not going to be an Oklahoma City on the road even if they had. -- Short and -- actually deported because what I think they've been doing during stretches in the plane all about the resentments might. And that's not that's not what they -- and -- that and incompetent and he's playing great and throw on the -- now. At the -- we all know -- love it. You know and it's completely it's gonna take control. Look you've impressed with obviously pistons -- and had to know what the -- give what they give. But in in this run post Rondo Paul we've been impressed with most other guys that we look at that maybe a little differently before around century. Well let me you know -- Kerry needed to play better yet and I think that student -- You know to be scared everybody involved I don't think -- submitted. He's he's been he's been open about not and he -- but you know he's back with apologies -- rather play in office and so he's done what he was supposed to do that could pretend you know Jeff Greene played great. But again Jeff -- flickering stretches before it went bad. People are so let's get a toy games -- -- to do with seven very those two guys have been have been really good you know -- people. Courtney -- of the recent game a bit of course was playing better. You know starting December January he would he would start to really find his niche as far as what he's doing this team. But he's been he played a little bit better Q you know the Barbosa who really -- it really -- he says. One thing that I was hit four disregards the greens skill levels and you can do different things with your defense and offense now you've only got story and that's that's and he's our got to replace. Paul. What do you think here at least patch working this team. And Philly a couple of roster spots which direction in the time -- do you think they go to today. They go to the -- I know it's tough to sign guys from over in Europe what -- in the meantime -- this West Coast trip if anything. Get a -- to somebody in there. I -- do as soon as literally thing I think in the United Kingdom regarding another page and I don't know where you find those guys -- big especially -- you can get a guard. He kindergarten ideally there a couple of a couple of veteran guy Shelvin Matt who who played a little bit one department. But can you part of confused I think Jeremy Pargo is available but I'm. You're dead to de Janeiro is with the hawks -- -- -- freeagent. -- you're gonna go that -- -- this you know whatever. But no I think I think you can get -- guard does the -- and artisan -- artist in the you know they got really lucky with scenes last year. And it's it's difficult and marketed -- -- elegant -- pretty clear this is that they need to find another another another human being taken. Lastly from me out of the big names out -- on the trading block Josh Schmidt who's been rumors of course the Celtics and the other teams. Admiral -- consider Bledsoe a big name but -- talented player but you know all the names that are circulating out there which is the most likely to be moved. -- -- -- That -- -- there's no real benefits of the -- Let it go until -- So I think he's probably the biggest names that -- former -- -- tough situation. And Al Jefferson Paul Millsap has been of their contract and young big guys need on the play I think. One of those guys to know that you are targeted in the -- people. I cover them from college paper and it's like -- you know I'm gonna do it. And so that's you know why that is on the years you know after people said it's going to be you'd have to say it -- be up and you know them. And so -- blood so to me is the biggest trade piece there is in terms of the young assets he did go -- somebody -- -- -- -- really good -- contract he's really young. So he's fit into big prize right now in terms of what it was gonna try to yet. Without -- It's always interest in talking to you Paula and I'll always great radio on SB nation also check in on you on Twitter that he plans really appreciated. All right Tyson Paul Paul Flannery he's down -- covered. The all star game in Houston for SB nation always good to go to when it comes to rumors where the Celtics or anything involved in the NBA.

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