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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, Joins Pete Sheppard to Talk About Red Sox Reliever Alfredo Aceves

Feb 17, 2013|

Petraglia calls in from Fort Myers to give his take on today’s events at spring training including the effort of Alfredo Aceves. The reliever didn’t comply with instruction during today’s drills and has created more friction in the clubhouse.

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They split up each year -- pork exports Ritter got to -- ticket book about six point 777 nights ignited 376. Also text -- 37937. You can tweet at -- ship creatures that eventually will will look at that -- which rallies -- -- -- -- fort wise you'll get. Work permit to know what's going on on the today if anything new report. Rather in this little. Stupid miscommunication. That happened early today few hours ago with the operator was -- isn't. Apparently was thrown you know meatballs initially batting practice to. John domes and pitching -- one of his had to go out there and on the start throwing for real than. He received afterwards speaking with that John Ferraro manager. And so I'm sure Tuesday -- communique. Hopefully nothing more than that but because it's it's Everest because. He's highly volatile times -- so last year and you know little not so it's you know does tend to raise and I brokers said. -- -- -- -- -- -- And again talk about the red -- itself but it abroad and also again by it might have a little topic that I wanted to today we have been -- difficult so far the female slash. Spouse last part of perspective of living with a sports maniac and and what you go through. And five -- says my girlfriend loves watching sports for me my wife just tolerates it. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. People are very upset. At the young lady just called earlier about hiding via -- and collected they have their very upset. -- -- back because brought it costs and other if you guys lined up it would give it to you once second right now -- got to check in. Dallas Fort Myers with WEEI dot com's might try ahead Mike. I did and are you doing here it's under fifty degrees and you guys are role cursing men on the Florida weatherman. -- un Florida like down repeated I woke up this morning good what was under freezing. Taught to straighter probably we will look I look up to -- effort -- us now. I'm sorry that -- regret not so are you laughing inside. I am I going on out -- don't you use a maniac. Anyway -- anything to this is -- that at all I'd like I said get to some minor -- communicate your down there you -- around it. And all the tweets that decade crossed a couple of hours ago a two and a half hours ago. You know words like befuddled and bewildered and what the hell's the -- opening. And it's just because it's him Michael attempts to raise like its attempt to raise an eyebrow or two. It's not minor he it's not -- When you're pitching coach go out. In the middle of action and richer lobby -- being like a picture throw the ball back to an umpire in between pictures. And you're supposed to be going through a -- batting practice that's not -- that. Bumping. Is view obviously El -- At the temperamental personality. And after a 71 factor -- the -- went out there to speak to. Ease and calm. British profession. And John -- spoke to him afterward for about five minutes conveying the fact that that as girl pulled out. A later. That was not the level we were looking for a. So this wasn't just like this was like one or two it's mr. Gomes and then you know kind of a mass of around this was like this we're not for a little bit and then the ever had to go up there -- seen what the hell you don't. Akron while -- that's unbelievable that is unbelievable. Well I mean it is what it is I mean up early you know tried to leave it as. Let's -- matter we drafted and we -- -- However when. This subsequent broke about a minute later -- press conference about. He did mention the fact that he loses. The intent was correct. Alfredo out as the starting picture here in camp and move them back into the bullpen. And I don't know if that honoring Alfredo. If that is something that. Went against what he understood would be your actual cup in the camp I have no idea I would in the locker room and I think your producer the audio of -- seven. Yup speaking to us because we spent about thirty minutes afterwards so just waiting and -- -- -- come out and I asked them. You know what the intent of that discussion with the pitching coach -- drunk -- why aren't. And he said. It'll pick between. Me and the manager and that there. But yeah I can understand that did he say anything about him in Albion a jerk -- meatballs to -- to start the batting practice question. What piece that was I got one that. Issue was broached. Pete he said I was getting my training work yet I'll below you have what you guys know that and a couple of oh yeah now it's one of those. Drama moment that we've come to expect from. Carol good solid -- still getting to know the personality of but however -- as he was not here with the team. After -- -- when most of -- that joined the Red Sox. 201012. I well those are precious few moments of drama we've actually had here. And not the way to Red -- like I can tell you that they are very happy with the club out of their very happy. -- -- aside from what happened today you know them. You know five to ten minutes -- -- -- -- seven. There's been very little drama and he you know very little news to report. A lot of updates on -- players conditions Mike Napoli -- and the arch but very little drummer and Matt. Will. Produce -- -- productive or heavily. -- I'm wondering and to get a chance to talk to Jonny Gomes someone rewards going through his mind as he's being fed these meatballs from a service like you know. European yell out to much what the hell you don't man c'mon in -- did did anybody speak to him. It is thought. It big I would not in that group because I was actually work talking to John -- journalist and yup so. That you did he conveyed -- -- -- he couldn't believe what was going on he didn't quite understand. What was going on and that was kind of interaction. On every -- a seven is north Dorsey Chris -- stage and thought it was in a part of the routine. I am. A bit out of a period -- like one. I mean artists that's an audition I was trying to get into the a column called up early exits were to gel and -- a making a big thing I've. So big that they make a big thing out of yet because I'm not down and I don't know I said. I'm assuming you know -- -- seven as an -- red flag with me every time his name is mentioned. Thomas I'm assuming that it could have like it can't possibly beat. -- -- if we can to spring training he's just raw meat balls up that'd be a jerk but apparently this will now. I just I frankly rolled my eyes and wonder why they brought. A picture back from. A situation last year that was that almost what did explode. And why you would bring a picture like pat -- will play elect got back into. Situation that is otherwise -- call very professional beyond me I get a hold you wanna tender and the wanna keep as -- you and if you can trade them by. I think it's the the risk reward him is very. Not -- He said he doesn't and you know yeah I think you're dead on and he just doesn't services doesn't seem to want to embrace. The fact that he ease of personal pitcher and he does could have some very good value for this baseball team I think a lot of people. Would love to have a service on their team minus the free can ridiculous baggage the attitude that he brings. Because he is personally one of those guys you can plug as a starter can be relievers started. No Red Sox for the Yankees it's just. I numbers I don't know -- what is it what is with this guy he was just he wants to be a starter and that's it it's his way or the highway it seems. You're an art but that's what I know why you are you're good at cycle analysis. I'm not. I don't have a doctor and my name. No I don't know what let's give -- the mother Priscilla says so you know you wouldn't expect over the December as the what is next as scheduled BP session -- I believe that would be and few days is -- Sunday Tuesday. And you will probably that will keep them in line or. Spring training games here -- at north eastern on Thursday. And while -- on that subject John Farrell did I -- he didn't announce the party pictures for those two games what he did indicate. That it would be a parade believers who are participating in those two games so expectancy fourteen pictures. -- -- On Thursday in northeastern in Boston College. Than they have been shortened work out there and I didn't in the spring training games begin for -- on Saturday I believe it -- -- -- I effort at I've heard robs taken out to take and so far Lackey and though right. And I moved very well I've known I've known you for a long time and and I trust your opinion about a lot of things as I know you don't. Not -- those guys BS at all but I trust your instincts and I trust your. How do you really feel by John Lackey in what is good how do you think it's gonna what he peace throughout the pan out -- this year. Hi and -- are you buying his act right now I'm into weight loss to set aside. You buying into. I wrote Friday in the trash bag -- -- I Dubai and I do think. Are you got to give them the chance. We're also pointed out on the -- like -- -- company other champs do go. But -- -- John Lackey. Very much more relaxed. I think he knows -- He has huge supporter in John -- I'm behind him that I don't think he felt. Wasn't clear before -- Remember when John Lackey was here in 2010. Network -- last year. And he got a normal little bit I think. Lackey feel it was -- coming back. And -- I am with walk on as pitching coach if they can get a lot done all -- corrected. He finally feel healthy -- finally -- -- strong I think he's going to be very good I think he's going to be a picture who if healthy and you know -- is 2830 start and goes 200 innings who -- win it twelve of fourteen -- And I told to answer the long answer your question Peter's yet I'm buying it. Okay and and I hope it's an -- you know pans out I really do. Me and I'll tell you one more thing and I'm -- I wanna see what it looked like you are on the PP today and compromise. You know somewhat trained guys who wasn't really letting go. And I think that's the one thing that got -- And one wanna really looked closely at it. How how much does he let go and when he starts well not only letting go fastball. Breaking ball that he they're really makes him in the lead racial or make him mentally spiritually richer. I can he command -- down and that's what they've been working on. Outwit him community check out here February. For those who brought last year as one of the you know one of the few nice surprises with his Red -- -- least the first step second half -- started to tally -- get tired. Mike how the hell can this guy show up -- shape again on our again and have you know this this minor soreness in his left shoulder why. I don't understand. After everything that drove these guys' heads how guys like him show up Od shape. Well I guess the urgency I guess it's cultural it's it's a lot of factors that combined. Aren't you not add up. And we can't get again can't get and by the head of -- too broad broad and cherry yesterday. Seeking to have on the -- -- the conditioning issue has been addressed -- broke with Felix. And we're gonna probably you know play they'd be conservative. All that being said he's still in line to get back on the mound. On -- -- all -- believe Wednesday. Prior to the two college games. If everything goes as planned if he showed good is shoulder comes back quickly and it's strong and it he can get our outlook is. -- bullpen but I don't think they have had to worry about Gillick who brought out but it -- for a nagging situation you. All aren't. -- in spring training ready in a prepared. And that's I think where we're. You know the Red Sox opposition to break. Regular speed limit which rallied WEEI dot com Mike in doubt for buyers might this final question just says so far notes only one week into camp and everything but anybody caught -- thus far whether be a pitcher position player. Someone that you know looks you know books accuse. These little bit ahead of schedule. Well the newcomer that caught my -- Stephen Drew and you know if -- ankle. -- steady and there's no reason that they could not. You can impress people police wearing it a lot more talkative than JD but it was cold even joking about that what that today I keep it. Flat out -- -- and I think people are going to be really really brought. What the -- Stephen Drew looks at the plate. I also think you're gonna be very impressed with abort compact. -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury. A couple of years ago you showing power in spring training. And -- that was the year that the you know it's 32 home runs this year. He looks and even better shape it and I think you know those that you two guys that are really really. Struck out for me -- -- David Ortiz and again they're gonna be slow ramp him up and they wanna make sure about Achilles. There's no pick up there's no. Term problems with him bouncing back but they have -- work out there and what will treat. You know how is three Africa along Mike -- course at -- say. All right Mike great stuff is always -- -- in their open gets released sixty before it from home. I'm already up wind or how old are your doctor if you saw the snow coming down today. It was does that just just an element of a horrible day for most part of masters. New. Hampshire -- and or special -- my -- itself as the hours. Where are right that club Mike dried down and and out of Fort Myers you know and if you try to downplay this is severstal by a really I honestly this -- caught off guard probably shouldn't get it to seven is I really -- just some minor miscommunication thing but. Now you're talking about. It's not. It's not it's it's -- it's and -- goodness hopefully John Ferrell has headed it off at the pass right here here and now. And if it happens again hopefully disguised in the suffer the consequences of -- the hell out of here because. Despite what you might think -- -- talent I think he's a talented guy when his head is focus that is not straight. But this is exactly the kind attitude they just don't need to try to get away from and so far this is the only drama. That's been that's been out there thus far. Though last year at this time or two with three stories out there this is the only one to sever is drawn meatball to duck and it does a supper when Jonny Gomes is like. What it 21 -- he was perplexed why -- obviously the Evers was perplexed by browse the political team a while watching was perplexed -- and just. I don't understand and why -- quite that would this guy he's not be around here much longer run across a thought that last year for several times. That he was gonna be around this year that kept around but maybe I don't know maybe -- the straw that breaks the camel's back convinced -- to be forced to make a deal here. I just see the guy needs an intense attitude adjustment. Execs -- seven. 77 night's democratic priests ever Mike cost I see guys like W right votes. It's exit 37937. Tweet that he -- three to six as well. Still wondering about that -- slash -- the perspective of living with a sports maniac fanatic. What is it like what do you have to go through. What are we had woman calls that you hide the remote in the cleaning bucket though. It would the -- -- -- book ought to stories right here -- Apatow for Sports Radio to --

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