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Dale and Kirk -- No More Excuses, The Sox Have Their Man in John Farrell

Feb 17, 2013|

Dale and Kirk continue on Sports Sunday and discuss Red Sox Spring Training getting underway this passed week. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the Red Sox have run out of excuses and it's time to turn things around. They have their man in John Farrell leading the charge which certainly means less drama for one thing.

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Art and final hour of our little portion of sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold -- minute hand here Pete -- already in the building. Is already ranting and raving and that means it's going to be a really good show when he steps in here at twelve noon today the only group that's. -- even found a sporting event done on television that was worse than me doing automobile lights racing on the new meadows river. Which he was telling us about so I mean their I've there're a lot of bad sports out there but that was the dumbest thing I've ever -- In sport that is the that is the dumbest oh gosh. -- I imagine this some candidates and but I always -- immediately or I guess that's sitting on the roof of this -- in the freezing cold in the on the new meadows are watching cars -- in -- circle. And Munich and again 6177797937. As telephone number Chris on the truck phony Chris I don't. Thank god so great that it would take my culture what's up. While the Red Sox fans -- in the baseball -- what -- my biggest concern going into this season is going to be whether or not John Farrell for exactly. Be able to reset the clubhouse culture. I think you're looking at lax your whole body down I think I mean. They didn't want a place for him from day one. So I mean I kind of molecular out of an anomaly with you would like baseball professional wrestling eventually just tuned into the Red Sox that he is somebody would have a reaction to animal walk in the dugout something. I think you'll -- by mid season. Whether or not with the body language that these guys gonna come back strong I still think that a lot of questions with the player. But I think that goes for the rest of the division I think the team that probably at the few question mark covenant. Tampa -- What what it -- the Red Sox I don't think they win the division but they can be the fifth best team in the American League and still get -- but my hope what. Well Chris I'll say this I have the most confidence in your biggest concern. Of all the offseason question marks for the Red Sox I probably have the most confidence about barrels abilities. To seize this clubhouse -- then -- the next game and straighten that part out you know the fifteen minute meeting with his team the other -- was the first step towards that. And and basically laying down the law and here -- the rules and this is what you can do when this is what you can't do so I I don't think that parts going to be okay. I I hold solid and -- it and I only played inside baseball. But the level of high school but I can tell you one thing there is nothing worse than playing for a guy that you cannot wait Faulk will get along with it stops with him. I'm hoping I think that's the biggest question mark added that the team that could maybe -- 85 games. And I think with. Either way it would be a huge improvement and you beat the mex and -- be in the -- that. But I really think let's hear it definitely can not only it would without I mean the biggest Neville wanted to play forum. I would do just what the disaster by midseason I think -- you can write that ship that -- -- 85 they can get. They can beat the best team and get in the play out like that that's a win win situation for the ballclub this year. LLC you know we'll see what happens on the quicker guy that they really like two years ago they did really play a guy great point like last year and they have a guy now they like. And now everything's fine you know it's what February 17 and everything is usually fine on February 17. So you have as a middle of may when something happens when he's up and inevitably something's going apple CEO -- handles. -- -- And and maybe this is overstating things because I don't think that there's any fear that he's gonna punch somebody in the face or something but but John barrels a physically imposing man. And and you know I I had seen him back when he was the pitching coach this team. I've seen him go into a clubhouse and basically said the pitcher's future rear ends out on the field it's time to stretch and I've seen guys jump. Grabbed their gloves and and -- illegal running out of the room I've seen it with my own eyes. It -- it. There is a certain respect factor built in part of it is for many of these guys its prior knowledge. A lot of these guys know them already they liked him they respected him. I -- I don't know of a single guy. I can't think of a single guy who had an issue with. John -- when he was here never heard one you know and in that that's good but again I go back to these are guys in the history of you know. I was the attitudes atlas -- I got some British some of those guys that are British some of them which is good to me Ferrell. -- come in turn around and right now you have to give the benefit of the doubt. But something is going to happen at some point here this season. Ali fastening the CO Ferrell handles it and players. Well and and let's -- Alfredo with -- is the example. If if a -- does one of those things that he did to Bobby Valentine. Does John Ferrell have the clout in the authority. To say. I just suspended that guy for two weeks I told him get the hell out of my clubhouse for two weeks ago. Could he do that if if which is what I was hoping Bobby Valentine would ornament tree of the authority of authority to do -- Yes and he didn't I'm guessing that you know Farrell apparel dollars. But I'm guessing that. Things are different now organization were broken -- somebody and it's again I guess I don't think that there's a better relationship between the manager in the general manager than there was last year. Yeah when this relationship yeah or any other figure -- -- Is an improvement I I mean I. I can't picture. Players on this team and doing some of the things that we've seen here but you made a great point a moment going is set I couldn't picture them doing Terry Francona what they did. But I can't match I -- but also to be fair I can't imagine. Adrian Gonzales or whoever is gone texting John -- thing you know we want to get John -- to make this -- that's on a scenario recognition. Now I can't picture a I'm a meeting at a hotel in New York. Between the players and the ownership without the manager present to complain about the manager I can't even envision that the NN if nothing else I think the ownership here. Understands that it was a mistake. To -- and how to out of the players in the first place a mistake that they probably learn from and if that would happen again my guess -- states -- now we're not doing. We're done here I mean listen this is the ninth that whatever 500 pitching coach last couple years the third manager in three years. You know second general manager and couple years it is now on the players here you know you've got the guy you want. You get the coaching staff you want everybody likes these guys it's now one -- is no excuses. We gave you the guy you wanted so go on. And right now it's probably easy to to picture everything going along harmoniously sure the first time you lose seven mineral. You know the first time in -- the -- Hanrahan blows a Saber Andrew Bailey blows a save or. You know. Somebody goes -- for four and and strikes out with a bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Do you continued handled that in its all those things are gonna happen. Some pointer and right it goes back to -- thing now you're reading that you know lackeys in new guy he's a better attitude he's happier you know he likes his team -- team it's always liked him. That's great in Florida in February when it's 82 degrees out. In the fans are a couple thousand miles away whatever. In the middle of may when life lackeys foreign six with a five ERA gives up eight runs into when -- gets booed out of the park. In his fifty media people around and ask -- tough questions is still going to be a good guy. Legitimate question from the texture from the 50 -- -- so damn good why did Toronto sucked last year when they had a better roster the Red Sox especially pitching wise. But people in Toronto we're saying the exact same thing their asking the exact same question. If John Ferrell is such a great manager of men if -- is good his as -- carper saying he could be. Why wasn't that last year. Sorry guys who spent as we speak out all mascot clobber his tweeting and try and figured out. Farrell speaking to a seven is after strange a live BP session it's a small number that's. As as we wait for what test -- live BP session here's got a couple -- before. A -- destroying live BP like actual. BP's slow barely winding up Carol asks -- okay. Damn this thing majority said his post referring live BP instead of tossing soft balls to Gomes they'd be wilders Sox staff watches. So we were just asking about how Ferrell would handle an issue with -- Alfredo Savvis. And it may be. For those of you they had the first Sunday of spring training for the over under you might win. Now this may be miscommunication or something -- it's -- it's CR a couple of guys between this is an unusual thing to be happening. I -- a little confused by what they say here because because he says lover says Savvis throwing BP like actual BP in other words. You know he's just not winding up he's throwing it like like you -- batting practice right and that apparently. Barrel went to -- asked him if he was okay then won the Everest the pitching coach talks to him. And then it's -- like all all you want this to be live BP and any starts. Just missed being fair to secure the miscommunication panel that its its first rodeo you think you know what's going on but in. Not -- categorize that is a you know a big issue but not some strangers start off look at the different dale tried to again make some. Mike -- RD tweets dampens things -- supposed to be throwing live BP instead tossing up soft balls to Gomes as they'd be Willard Sox staff watched. And then there's -- ya -- picture. Which got weeded out and sent picture Robert L clobbered tweeted up a picture of barrel. Talking to a -- beside the batting cage so at that point from its eight -- -- from and it. Now let's let's just have a talk care what a shock that the first miscommunication if you. Would be is with Alfredo with seven I was just saying it's like he's been here so far. And there's been no issues at all now and all of a sudden. And this may not be an issue without your your right this may not be any thing that matters but all of a sudden the first question mark. It's Alfredo with Savvis doing what. Confuses war -- the said the team that's that's the best power. While I jays up in Maine KJ I don't. And younger are yours what's up at eight. -- -- Like I should appear boy that they -- tell complete the certificate. And exciting to watch and the great sport. It was well I mean if if you if you like auto racing he probably was exciting. And this was before the NASCAR boom by the way. But I -- but I can just tell you that if you were sitting on the roof of that and doing play by play it was a miserable experience. I can understand admitted that -- It's a broadcaster for -- awake and watching -- -- Liverpool. Are well known a. -- did they still do auto racing on the new -- river. I don't compared I didn't -- -- -- on the -- -- brought by a couple sexually. A little lights. -- Yeah I mean is so it's -- you can back up her my friend Kirk here that's -- really did exist. And that's one of the whole thing was that time. That -- took -- drive cars hit two stroke. Don't look at -- so now. You have been ordered out -- welcome what church and our current we locker. I'm the opposite field drive. -- -- -- -- witness list and can tell. I'm. Being in May affect and coming back to Maine tomorrow on a maneuvering my daughter up to see your grandmother for a couple of days but I yeah. But I don't miss doing automobile ice racing on the new minister of. I got -- a security. Are you most right sort of up from the guys all. Oh got a simple cup at ups of the I don't know total awful. Forced to change the name of I don't think that's gonna happen. 6177797937. With telephone number. Text line is available to the 37937. I can go back on Twitter here at the belfry USF is -- the battery on John Ferrell here that's one guy detectable the physically intimidated by -- I don't think he's he's won the island of Michael Klein. No but I don't think Ferrell would backlog I don't -- by Joseph Morgan Jim -- do that might actually be a fairly decent -- if if those two go after each other.

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