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Dale and Kirk on the Bizarre and Tragic Story of Oscar Pistorius

Feb 17, 2013|

Dale and Kirk chat about the well-known sprinter Oscar Pistorius who gained fame at the last Olympics for competing despite being a double-leg amputee below the knee. Apparently, Pistorius has been arrested for shooting his model girlfriend in their South African home. It's truly an amazing and tragic tale. Some people are blaming the horrible event on possible "roid rage". It is just extremely strange and will continue to unfold in the weeks to come.

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Direct from the showtime -- like battery. We're just here to play your personal iPod that's a kid let's go back to 1973. That -- -- lax on a on a stick to what 77797937. I can go on demand and -- this right 'cause I'm I'm dead serious I would be interest that it was actually really got out maggots on there yet -- -- them monster Eagles I am -- with -- -- love those sort of rock documentaries there. It was I think the Eagles had a voice and he produced production of -- so there's you know. The Eagles -- a glazed over it's it's definitely worth watching. Two parts about three hours until. Now I'm gonna I'm gonna find it on -- -- 6177797937. A stealth move just talking during the break. The women don't laugh now I'm I'm gonna get halfway serious for a moment we were talking during the break about this Oscar for stories case. And dot -- stories -- put the aren't there at the possible Oscar historians it is via Perry apparel Olympian. Who has -- now. Charged with murder. In the shooting death of his girlfriend. A model. By the name of -- -- camp. And if you go on the newspapers down there I'm looking at a newspaper called the city press. And these two reporters this reporter from the city press is apparently talked to the investigators. And has more of the deep -- has been out there before. Mean the story wise. -- historians mistook error his girlfriend for an intruder in the house -- And apparently shot and killed there. Top or tee shot through the bathroom door which is kind of hard to explain. And not only that but according to the details that have been coming out today. Others like cricket bat involved. With blood on it and the back of her head is smashed. Gonna be kind of hard to describe smashing her head with a cricket bat if you mistook her for a yeah. For an intruder in the house yeah and he called the Stanley called this father at 3:20 in the morning asked them to come over. When the family arrived. He was carrying Steen camps body down the stairs. He then told his family about the you know I mistook for an intruder. Which is the story that his sister told police. By means some of the details that are coming out now. It does not look very good. That is yet I have a feeling it's only going to get worse when more more stores which I've a feeling you mean. Not reported by the south African press. You know I've been reading a lot they've. Pretty protective disguise a national hero means is big figures or is in the country is actually I absolutely understand -- sell. At the time when you watch Olympics I can get it's an overwhelming story. You know real dark and this is going to be a couple of eye opening weeks respect here when we continue to follow -- -- he is supposedly on suicide watch which is probably good thing. Because as as this sort of overwhelms him here you'd you'd think there's the pretty good possibility he may decide this isn't worth it anymore going to be hard for him to do now. He supposedly is due in court tomorrow for a bail hearing in. I would say the chances of him getting Baylor fairly slim based on the tales that are out there right now. But it's. Evidently they've taken blood from him and are analyzing the blood and what they're looking for among other things are steroids. He supposedly has a history of rule -- range. And now you would think that I I believe drug testing in the paralympics. Course he competed in the real -- as well but even when he was just a -- Olympian as opposed to a real Olympian there's drug testing. In that as well as there yes and let's just her famously you know tough for this stuff do so. Course he's been you know away from Olympic competition for six months now troop. But supposedly that's one of the things that they era. They're checking on now is the possibility that there steroids in his system and that he was. Involved in some Lloyd rage incident that -- that the life of his girl who would your first heard the story just didn't pass the smell test. That model and his girlfriend. Came in house and he thought choose intruder char three just didn't seem like add up. Well and especially because and if you look at the newspaper article I was looking at when police arrived they said it was obvious that they had both been sleeping in the bed. Yeah they were in the benefits right middle of the night there in bad. I I guess the erratically could say she got up to use the bathroom and he mistook her for an intruder and shot -- I guess that would be his story here about. About how would that work. I mean now yeah I mean I mean obviously that that's not what happened here. Well yes it's terrible move twenties you know it was sort of middle of -- story here you walk up in the morning and it caught on Twitter it's just. It's crazy I mean this is a guy who like I said it might very universally admired right -- you're into the story that happened in. My limited knowledge of this in South Africa is viewed as you know the name an athlete here you know he's about as big as it gets. The only the only controversy. Surrounding the story -- prior to this was whether or not he had a competitive advantage. Because of the so called blades that -- was running on whether. It was fair to run in the Olympics -- of these devices because. There was some argument made that that the technology gave him a competitive advantage. It it was a an invalid argument it wasn't like he went out there and was the Olympic champion or something. Why what is an authority kind of gone -- enough to get to that point where I could live this way I mean you know I -- but I trying to marathons and stuff. I'd rather have my legs in and splendid hat if you've got to a faster I think that's okay can live with that tree. But when when he began competing it was not be sure there was no competitive advantage that was the only controversy surrounding him at all. Whether it was fair to allow him to compete and ultimately I think the vast majority -- of course it's they're alarmed compete right and you're not. You know I don't think saying you know -- steroids right. A lot people murdered all gotten you know what I'm saying that's one of the things that police are looking picture taken blood tests. And supposedly according to this newspaper account I'm reading. They are checking him his blood for steroids because. There have been reports in the past police have been called his house in the -- that's the thing domestic violence cases. And there have been allegations of Lloyd rage in the past for him. And that's one of the things they're looking at here was this some -- rage you know taken to the 85 degree year. Yeah yeah I don't know you know it's a it's terrible storm it's just it's -- summit court. He looked you know usually these guys going according to do these things and they were pretty cold. In this guy it was a mess. Now wants saint makes him and I'm sure did it mean the evidence is almost overwhelming will be -- I'm sure kill their -- he looks completely. Wrecked in this suicide watch that you set -- Assuming worth doing because if it seems like he's a guy may do it. Texture says dale just golfed real Olympics really. Was trying to point out the difference between the paralympics. And the Olympics. If I've offended you by. Inexcusable using the term real Olympics as opposed to paralympics I apologize for. Anybody I've offended. -- When I was trying to point out it's that there are paralympics. Which he had competed in the -- them and they are are the Olympics the Olympic Games. That was the difference I was trying to.

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