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Celtics play-by-play announcer Sean Grande on Celtics’ potential moves

Feb 16, 2013|

Dale and Ryder talk with Sean Grande about the potential moves the Celtics could look for before the upcoming trade deadline. Rondo for Howard? Garnett to the Clippers? The boys discuss all the rumors. They also address the ever-present “Are the Celtics better without Rondo” topic.

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It is NBA all star weekend the break in the schedule that lets assault kind of take a deep breath and reassess helping us do that right now is the superb play by play voice of the Boston Celtics on Sports Radio WEEI -- Randy hey -- I think in the pivot to his commute that -- oh we're down that well on the original last. For -- guy or their. You UN meet pals like the whole war veteran. And at that. And it will will be like that that last Japanese soldier they find on an island in the South Pacific somewhere. Let's talk a little bit about the rumor central because at that time a year with a trade deadline on Thursday. Do -- of any of these. Prospective. Trade rumors out there excite you at all. Activated the opposite but that is because that means group have a lot of conversations like this now yet -- -- thought I would just what is going to be quite a couple of days. These stories break even. An outdoor breaking up kind of funny because it was there is a conversation between Celtics and clippers framework of the elected few weeks ago -- The referred to. Sure what would happen if you guys -- Michael now there's three or four days with nothing going on the author. Of but he got a solar colleges. Number rumored that the going. Talking about. These things make. I know there are people in the corporate -- He'll get Garnett -- he's. That more people. Kevin Garnett Chris Paul. Lake where he group or -- you have a real shot. Here again Oklahoma City. About art and Antonio. Then. Outrageously good this year yet because last year we take. For. Let out there publicly they have they know it got it this year and Kevin Garnett but the hospital makes it. Do you think that's. A right to the Howard Rondo. Rumors do you think there's been is there any legitimacy to that rumor. I can think not. You know I think the first legitimate fears that they would mr. Billy -- -- up. If you call me you're -- cup jacket on and you call me. Say I'd like you were I'd like you view. Facility Steve Blake for Rondo pierce Garnett. I think you know that's ridiculous technically we've discussed. -- but you know -- -- sell -- -- the stuff that straight that would that blah blah blah. And that's sort of the weight goes now it and it Twitter page. Is this morsel of information. That the or more information. And let let actuality. And there ever has been a deal that that I thicket of all of the intellectual discussion. -- it's pretty good things there yet you guys do. They respect especially now available at Rondo. Is off the rear or the that's it. When he went out. That the group out off the court and that the malcontent -- there's no reader out of the way our little -- It got everybody -- on the console them you feel it well -- that work here is that there but people -- If you work without government help at that point I don't a lot of people their stomach just goes at that idea. Dwight Howard's come a long outlawed -- side's ability to dominate. That comes along once every 1020 year and there's opportunity get -- how he got stopped but they are right now we -- explore. He wouldn't sign here though -- Well the Celtics with it may mean he is the point of any city that -- what they had been. The public -- -- make -- elected without expensive that we don't think Kevin Garnett yours ago without commitment view. They sort of relevant for -- Without one. You know whatever because back everybody always fall back on -- on -- is people come off the -- -- point our that this problem here at this problem -- it rather than the tigers -- -- but you know what he'll -- will be great for him. Nobody ever so let's get a player that be great for stock. Report and let everybody else were they at a map they've -- -- everywhere else socket -- At the all star game today when when they were talking to Kevin Garnett about it. And and they pointed out that that Kevin has a no trade clause and that you know he actually has -- in the steely -- why are we talking about this. I I I think he is the classic don't ask the question if you don't wanna hear the answer kind of guy. I don't think he's little of approve any trade. I think that they got -- I've never really been around. Athlete who is. Comfortable in his election. You know comment on his own man he did you know that the move from the boat people think that he didn't wanna go to Boston home on that happened that breaks your opinion. It or adult normally Minnesota -- that he is. -- -- Habit in oil and eat it scratches himself and the idea of looking over the you know. A lot of people look over the Kirk in the Padilla that the neighbor's yard. Now like that. At all like don't I don't think under almost any circumstances. -- -- awful lot view. Keeping him. At approximately. LA. All the LA OLA there player that he felt he built the different while he was. I'm brings out those old and twelve years ago though there are circumstances there. He -- -- -- -- You know great the first piece. There from behind me the credit garbled closer you know. Rick Bartow -- -- on the way out it I don't think. If it would take something really extraordinary -- the way it. Did we see the definition of that China led Denver game. He barks at time but he was barking quite a bit in that game -- the trade rumors surrounding Denver now with the let's just say -- -- -- if somehow he does and a cord of the clippers would you think that would open up the floodgates for -- most remove. I do well I I would say that there appears weather -- Paul Pierce deal for a long. When you'd. -- or any deal all your people you. You know what got a great contract expire next year and there's four million dollar buy out there religion. Flexibility that would be great act that would seem to acquire which I usually respond well why is that great it felt. Why are they different from there but he went wide that they'll. Expiring contract here with a while I eat any job in fall on sentiment out but but still got -- it would they. -- -- -- -- -- Or you know when there is -- all of the country to -- that the deal it. Look everything if you war with the help accelerate in this traditional -- on everything on the people. I think people think any is. For -- retreat they then dealing you know. There. Make these crazy deals. And that that -- -- -- -- he would. If if they are you'll be made a better by the figures that all -- them all here he is there. Note definitively that the team. He just couldn't do it for the heck of that city. He's not line when he said he -- Like these all your cool we like there. Are -- era in all. Or. The played our career won't play. I remember a number of years ago I was doing Bruins games and ray Bork got hurt. -- -- for a little while -- you know -- a few games during the time that he was -- they played really well and I remember taking I call on the talk show when a -- single. What are you gonna do when ray Bork healthy and I said you're gonna put him right back in the lineup. How we get to the point where suddenly for some folks the Celtics are a better basketball team without Rajon Rondo then went. Well they want help. When you've had been playing well before it makes an. It's Parker -- -- definitively -- -- -- -- that are obviously they're now we have -- guys playing better and what happened with Freeport. Reports -- 32 minutes tonight you rely so heavily on reports and full year ago all the but it but he acted too. Four out of the middle Rondo had which dominating the ball he was at a -- what helped killing. And everybody had to do -- it was there if -- orbit element. I think the comparison of Brooke -- duplicate that more. Obvious report back to playing away you know in front of you want him back in the lineup but maybe. With -- not exactly playing. The way he would have a lot of that is not a shock. What happened and the vehicle the divisions in the career Rondo. Maybe is -- in the now this could be the best thing that could possibly happen because -- gone down a path. Playing the week plays when it -- in the early and it felt that dominate the ball away. -- people thanks oh who art. Rondo but the reality is I just don't I don't treat him accurately first round adequate remedy at the wedding night. When he is one of the best players in the world -- what he Andy and I walked Paul Pierce is now I've completely change the way you -- It started taking his partner -- killed a Rondo had an epidemic -- you'd rather that that. Exactly -- they. The potential for that. -- there comes back. -- Rondo. You know it's ever going to be saying now Russia while they wanna get rid of -- they're desperate to get rid of Rondo but really look at if there's anything to this rumor at the two. Different rumors that there have been treated trades for Rondo involve Chris Paul and delight our. Now -- tiger about eat you make that two -- the more dominant players in the league so that makes cents. Gone out yeah exactly. Exactly treated for power Chris Paul. And you look at all the other ways for example of Oprah don't want to be at that level there's many -- night. He has earned these don't let you know the -- -- writing about -- rat -- -- out there -- reporters like. In the draft that -- the market altered Brandon Roy and Rhonda I've -- eight. We watch what they were trapped unit of the those special player but he never -- is -- And the difference right now. With separate Rondo goes -- -- of the week. Is the number of teams he played at that level. Maybe two and mean that -- a separate from those are all in the -- -- very vocal last year in the court street Rondell. -- the difference between those two guys right now and was Rondo people see him play is that on the big -- you get the average built up street. Who doesn't it or not. Maybe he -- who -- me Wednesday night at 841. At Charlotte you know every minute of Ali to date but a casual stuff. Had a much greater appreciation for Rondell hardcore. Because -- the only game where you know he has played his -- that for you need to sort that sort of I kind of started that because I start looking at the trends. And what -- been brought to the triple doubles if nothing else. He has recorded. Seven be somewhat percent of its crippled well. In the act -- televised game. Went only 42% of -- back. You see in -- places that is the biggest thing that caught people asked before about -- playoffs last year or casual. What kind of playoff to -- -- -- he was immediately in the play he was made me get -- He was probably the best player and -- you know but the putter in the series and all the the Celtics the -- but the first round. You play wanna get chipped it -- -- -- and been dominate either one of those. So the difference between you know Rondo as I see him. And you sell the league of Heatley is in the EU could -- -- at 6570. Here. John no one knows exactly ever what to make of Kevin Garnett it's comments but what did you make out of his comments about this was his last -- target. You can make almost anything out of any Kevin Garnett comment and he has not he never -- -- -- -- -- -- anything -- -- on the -- -- he never satisfied -- yet. No. You know you know we got to play harder we -- it we gotta give our best get under 10%. Of the bull Durham. New -- these days that cracked they've never. He's always tried to you. -- interesting thing goes for it they creative things and I think he was trying to. Clearly communicate if he had no expectations going -- the all star game again -- in the last year -- not -- last year as -- good. You get the point where we once you get to be 35. Last year and you don't -- off their game they can all probably done. -- -- -- the team surprise that he didn't get one or not thinking there going to be all star game and -- in the future. Finally before we let you go in your years of experience. Have you ever seen a team snake bitten by the injury bug like this one with re guy's done for the season with -- injuries. Calling it he started the event is certainly the event BI -- every week. He'll start -- video dropping and I you know it's funny yet people Minnesota right now they've lost you know Ricky Rubio and love and Andre Kirilenko and lost but he but he current law but there are tired either -- is this game would have. At all levels of work but we got and one of the team that lost. Three rotation players so you can't. At the thing about it literally happened within and you know at 1108. To reporters that United Nations. And I think that is. -- -- -- Album -- but he made it while we're suddenly went on likable underachieving team the underdog team. I think economic plan out anyway and fun to root for. Now more than -- on YouTube realized that -- the also break and Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett got played every game. As you can possibly. It. And that's not a good thing again. Doctors -- John we always appreciate time enjoy the rest of -- all star break will be listening next week our thanks John John -- is the voice of the Boston Celtics here on Sports Radio. And for the techsters. Several of them. Why would I ask Sean -- need to speak for Cedric Maxwell. But those techsters who's at one to ask Randy about Maxwell on the National Anthem. Why would I asked on -- to answer for Cedric Maxwell -- that makes them you know and Max is discussed on the year before why would I -- -- Answer for centric. Just because they were the other. Yeah I don't quite grasp how that makes sense and it's just just may help.

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