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Why Dale and Ryder aren’t going nuts about the NBA All-Star Weekend

Feb 16, 2013|

John and Dale talk about how this weekend's NBA All-Star game and Dunk Contest is no longer appointment viewing and that all four major All-Star games just aren't worth watching.

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Yeah about that. Parks offer today is just work five days relatively back tomorrow morning. Will be talking. Between nine and one tomorrow here on Sports Radio but I'm very happy to be working with John -- and yes. It is weird considering the hours that writer works that we've never had an opportunity to work I know reported that we've both been at the station for such a long time and I'm in the -- now for seven years first time or equated the -- from happening -- an -- and at one of those deals where usually am on my way out the door and an -- -- this way -- -- vice Versa. This is one of those times when -- both of -- are on our way in the Dora the exact same time and and happy to do that we've been talking Bruins and Celtics again not so much football at that time year. We probably aren't gonna get into some all star game break down now got -- handles our games I had All Star Games in every single sport. The only one that's even they -- Fermi is based -- And me -- when you were key it off and you didn't get to seat. Interleague play and and you really there you know you have the game of the week that was the only chance ever had -- the National -- grown up in New England. And so you know the all star game was like it was it was planned -- week around the all star game. That ended a number of years yeah I mean I mean when is the last time it was good maybe the early ninety's may be then. No -- eighties it was great for me as cal always looked forward to that. Seeing Andre Dawson a different players have and actually they never would see on a regular basis -- out. You can check out any team any given time now with a wayward if I gave you 300. As total points for the all star game to take the over the under. That's a good that's good slide under. Barely I mean 300 is a buy out or -- -- You know 151491. Of those deals. There is no defense there -- end. Just thought and a whole weekend thing that. Those have you worked for you Portland red cloth fans waiting to see -- two representatives in the -- league all star game. Pop and good luck to the celebrity. Game I. I mean you're gonna have to explain how some of them qualified as celebrities but it was there. Tonight's though all. Slam dunk which again has a date goods since the eighties and it only way that could be interest in the slam -- card contest deal would be if -- was -- -- Kevin Doran some of the superstars were in it but there's no way of that ever happening the only way that would happen. And fans are gonna like this is if they game more money game plenty of money to do it that's the only way to compete and and even. I mean. I just I'm not an all star game and by the way for those of you say this is meet kicking is the NBA around he ate all star game. And you talk about over under the NHL all star game is about a 1211 and the only good part of a -- the only good part. Was that the all star game disappear I feel bad for the folks in Columbus which is where it would ban. Those people who wanted to their city in the business would have brought to the town. -- NHL all star game is horrible hockey believe they can never seem to figure any of this out they try to get people who watch. In the NHL you have. That they've got back to the traditional right the east vs west for awhile there were two indicted team USA vs team -- -- or team North America rather vs -- Europe and and they've tried every single thing same thing with the the the Pro Bowl public the points total approval that that has to be the bottom of the list out of before the Pro Bowl for questions I I. I know that there has been talking Goodell has talked about the possibility of doing away with -- itself a favor and away. I mean it is the worst of before and they're all stupid. If you ranked them you'd say the Major League Baseball is the best of that lot. But the Pro Bowl game is is the single dumbest thing in the history of sports it was funny about it all more people are interested in who gets elected to these things and the games themselves. -- -- -- Who who sent to the all -- -- talk of for the probable there was much more talked about. Who made it who didn't -- there was about the -- yet I feel like that's the way about the way it is with all of on this much -- conversation about the snubs who doesn't get -- -- who gets -- than the actual game itself. I just I think that there's a whole lot of interest in all our games in general. Dan and I know that they -- cash house for the leagues that bring a lot of the corporate sponsors into the cities that's the only reason that the NHL. You know has a a big concern about the the all star game is is because of its corporate. Partnerships and bring people into the sit wine and dine them and all that stuff but there. I wonder if anyone could even. Off the top of their head know who won the slam dunk contest last year. It was Jeremy Evans of Utah -- gets any playing time committed. End of the bench guy. Ally's fallen pretty far from Dominique Wilkins Michael Jordan days. The appear. Shoot I was the ground I mean I mean that was the last time that it yet one Wendy Brown was pumping up these views -- and there's no new moves -- -- everything's been does a limit isn't there Dwight or powered with a cape I mean everything's been done already. Blake Griffin over the key right I mean there is sort of there is a limit to how far you can take it how many things you can view -- I just. How much interest there is for most folks in the east thanks. Big -- and bring to -- any I don't. That there -- so glad to talk to you enjoy a thank you thanks man. Is that the forest what is in the long. Wow you're the -- assets and thank you got a couple of questions you and I hope I get for you guys again. Yeah well -- like to have little problem might also return saying you neighbors. And I really enjoy you. As a broadcaster and TV guy juror neither tremendous voice on the radio thank you gonna -- and now my question is. Two white peonies in that battle. That we can't get here. -- I'm just I'm not a huge Dwight Freeney -- to begin with and and I. Part of this the issue is I guess you know these guys who played against the patriots and he certainly had his moments but I think they're somewhat limited against the patriots. It if he can't get to you with the spin move in and rush the quarterback. Then what's he gonna do for you have to be a limited does too I would think there'd be more interest in Charles Woodson read read and Dwight Freeney from the patriot. Well okay if that's you guys think and that leaves -- out. Components. -- are -- I thought leaking -- he was gonna give -- police 1612 vehicles. Because when he was against us that's sort of the that would be anywhere any place and he'd -- the -- put a puck in the net. And the companion is working out the same way. Well I think I think that it worked out very nicely up until the point where Aaron Rome and rushed him with that vicious cheap shot in the middle of the -- Don't forget that the Bruins don't win the Stanley Cup and I mean as an -- I was just gonna mention that a lot of people in the were so many. You first think of Tim Thomas but there were so many tremendous players -- may support one of yeah I mean just in the Montreal series alone and the overtime game winner in game seven. Nathan Horton was having a are spectacular playoff run up until the Aaron Rome -- a 90 really what I got no issues with Horton now. Sense that yet in the ensuing concussion and the limitations he tried to play last year. Took the second shot I think it was January 11 against the flyers. And that ended his season. He's actually been one of the pleasant the -- right -- me this is the -- six -- seven point somewhere around there. And and looks like Nathan Horton yet. You know a physical presence in front of the net. I I -- -- wishes without Orton is the -- -- -- on the cellphone AJ I don't. Details build on that but both you Gallagher drilled into. You guys are argued -- Saturday at a normally I don't think it's probably don't and I looked at the opera. If he. Well we can't sing for you if you want tail and paparazzi having the same deal. -- -- -- Is that -- the Mets on Lima that it doesn't. I didn't get out it's a summary I don't like if I I -- I would b.'s presence osment who properly -- -- it. The question when you talk about the -- I think that the have the best. Ought to any of the I think he didn't -- what you get is that all of and there are little you agree here this. And -- and even that and now look I was at Fenway Park in 99 run home run derby insignia with my brother in the tool set your watch and it and it was a blast. I -- admit that even that has kind of worn out all right as that. Well I'm just not say that that that met their worn and worn itself out there and that as you have said in -- I think that the federal law. Yeah out there that comes up but the other thing I want to go look at when the call it starts all start like what was. Boy that was a long time ago. Yeah and and I can't even picture doing it now. I mean you'd be afraid of guys get hurt although the way they played. Yeah well I think some -- the -- can -- and -- is that the future of of the college stars that are out there another at you and your career they get injured about. And also targeted by the I don't play it up they play in a call at all star game another play enough. The Senior Bowl with proper -- wondering -- -- bring that back reviving a habitable but who knows. Yeah I that's not ever gonna happen I don't think will happen again and you are right there used to be an interest in that you know back in the day. I just I think -- fortunately. The All Star Games just as a general rule of kind of outlived their usefulness and I think that and as I said Major League Baseball is the closest and you did have that the disaster in Milwaukee and ran out of pitching and all that stuff and but that was a one time thing that happened. I mean Tito's talked about deal -- when you're managing an all star game your only concern is making streak at everybody and right. And you know you don't run out of pitching you don't have that disaster happened. For the most part though. You're watching tell your guys are done. Where you watch until your -- gets as it -- something in -- I think the most ridiculous that got to do away would this determining home field the World Series with the all star winner. Do like that I I I now I I I never thought that it mattered. I never thought the guys played differently because of that. I mean he really think that the all star representative from the Pittsburgh Carol city right -- you know sit on my got to -- a sense of National League gets home fielder. They don't care and nowadays you don't really away Tito and and other managers and it doesn't even enter my mind as a managing the game. I don't even think about what this time it counts and -- home field was writing I don't think any of them even if you're on the you know the Yankees are a team that might be there is expected to be there I don't think -- thinking about it nowadays to these All Star Games. You know NBA guys usually show up but for for most of them. The stars don't contemplate. And in baseball -- start to bag out a little bit more while in in courts in the NFL it's it's almost all your data like the sixth quarterback before it's all said that now the beauty of it is is that you can say -- -- five time pro bowler. I'd be more interest that -- mobile that player actually participated. Right. Well that's what they like early in his -- and I'm Tom Brady played the pro. Point I that would be an interesting thing to look up we'll try to do that if we can during the break although. It's a short break and I'm right back your calls for Sports Radio W media.

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