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There's a First Time for Everything - It's Dale Arnold and John Ryder

Feb 16, 2013|

This is the first time Dale and Ryder have worked together and they get things going discussing the Celts trade rumors and why they don't think the 2 huge trades involving Rondo for Howard and KG to the Clippers will not happen. Josh Smith from the Hawks however is a possiblity. They also get into the B's and their horrible 3rd period last night as well as their awful power play.

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Well let's call roll Shelley Dale Arnold here. Kirk and -- -- -- hand. Hello -- and I am. All right -- not hear it. But that's. First volleys worked five days already this week and tasteful -- and -- Andy's working demoralized tomorrow morning will be in here. So I don't know maybe he thought seven days a week was a little much and I don't blame -- course it doesn't based writer -- no it certainly Don -- were seven days a week for like. A year and a half percent at least if not for five I had tweeted about earlier today that this was going to be my first opportunity to work with with at John the writer. In all the time we've been here and Geithner got -- back -- is how you ever worked with John -- -- never goes home miles incredible what's gonna work with the dale it's good to see it. Nice to CU -- now that the big -- and -- here's the part I'm baffled with. As tight as I start the show today. Try to figure out what confuses me more the Bruins against the Buffalo Sabres were trading Rajon Rondo for Dwight Howard. Well I I don't think that the Rondo Dwight Howard trade ends up happening. I think it's a great rumor out there and I think that did they probably had conversations about it but I don't think it ends up happening. Trying to figure out why. Why it wouldn't happen I don't know why why if you're -- you'd do. Well let's give it Dwight Howard's gonna sign here to stay well that's just detonated. It's tough to get a dominant big man and he's been hurt and there's injuries they are the other problem is back to why yeah well. If the changes event. When when he's right he -- how long ones as he's been a dominant big man in the yen. Well last season he was pretty dominant past -- -- -- job he is from from time to time it looks like the best player in the NB when he wants to me when he wants to play but it's really. It's really streaky and it's. It's hard to figure out when it's gonna happen when it isn't. I don't feel -- the dominant. Big man in the NBA. And now by the -- -- lakers I don't think the lakers -- easy -- and I can understand why the lakers shopping him because obviously friction between himself and Kobe Bryant. And Kobe's gonna win that battle every time and I could understand Kobe Bryant wanting -- on Rondo they are but what are you gonna do appear next year Rondo would Nash that doesn't work. I I just don't I think that it. The Garnett rumors are little more true to me in the that the -- out quite -- not. He what is clearly as he could today when they talked and the all star game. They they pointed out that you know he hasn't a -- yes they plant it racist to some of the what are we talking -- wrote that said two people just think article he doesn't any didn't even originally dale. He had a tough time leaving Minnesota is a guided does not like change and what's also interesting here is people just think this is like some caveat. Well it's a no trade clause. It doesn't have to go anywhere and the other thing is they say and I've heard -- -- -- well it's got a house in Malibu of course -- the clippers or the lakers. Awful not I mean in -- made it pretty clear now -- some guys say things especially in athletics. Sometimes people say things that you just know or flat out lies or Gibbs or whatever. Although of course we're not shopping so and so when an -- -- and there are certain things you can -- eking its. Get the sense that Kevin Garnett as much about. A lot you global -- kinda guy I know he seems to me to be the classic. Don't ask the question if you don't wanna hear the answer kinda Guyton and from day one he has said. I bleed green. I will live and die Celtic and he keeps telling everybody who asks him no I don't I don't. Well if somehow he is dealt -- does go to the clippers an exception trade to the clippers if that does indeed happen and I think that would open the floodgates for appears to be moved and other moves as well. Well now there are other rumors out there there's the one you talked about the Garnett to the clippers rumor. And then there's that one in net and then there's the one now that supposedly includes Atlanta. And Josh -- coming this direction. In exchange for rot from Brandon bass and epic old Jeff Green. And and Jeff Green now that makes more sense to. That's the best of the lot as -- that's the one and -- -- he's a free agent after the season but he's best buds with the Rondo and I could actually see him signing here with the Celtics. The Dwight Howard. He's not sign and you know. Changes his mind every other day while an -- it if if the idea is well you know if if if Danny can talked on the -- can -- dome nick and talk -- -- he's not state now which is why I say why Pella viewed his Celtics. Which -- trade Rajon Rondo. For a few months of Dwight Howard. And who knows how much of that few months he's going to be able to play -- always hurt your shoulders a problem back quite -- to do it and what you get out of them. -- doesn't make any sense. It -- you really think that he'll be sticking around and realized her. That's tough to pull a move like that I can understand it in trash -- why he would do that and by the way if you think that's a possibility. You have to trade Rondo for. Going to be a free agent at the end of the season right if you think there's the possibility you can talk Dwight Howard -- the signing a long term contract with the Celtics. -- at the end of the season. The judge Schmidt move makes more sense -- -- you know Howard I could see amend the up in Dallas. Potentially. I'm not sure about Atlanta worries from. But there's only so many spots although it's really tough to a guy like that that that -- again change is -- who can't -- tough to gauge where and a so there's all of that stuff go and the regional least things are happening the reason overall rumor right now as the Thursday trade and the that and I love -- that I looked trade room I just don't I love an -- and I always said. Of the trade deadlines the NFL the word yes nobody orchestrated. On the NHL is the best. Just look at the numbers the sheer numbers of players who change uniforms at the trade deadline the NHL gets at the -- yet more moves than any other league. Yeah in the NHL by four NBA is probably second. Baseball probably third. Some that there are some years where baseball is ahead of the NBA but yeah I I actually put it may be baseball. Ahead of the NBA. NBA is more difficult because of the salaries having -- had an -- that's that's the point. That's why we like we we all love. And it and it's the classic glasses all grass is always greener thing you know -- the player I don't have his better than the playwright -- And and all of this especially the Rajon Rondo for Dwight Howard stuff. Is fueled by the fact that the Celtics records and John walked Rondell went down as pretty good. And that started the whole what was Celtics are obviously better on without Rondo which by the way they're not know. But again you're the lakers. You don't Rajon Rondo can't play. Till next -- So I can see where you'd be willing to trade Dwight Howard because he's back and too much for you anyway in the lakers are going anywhere. This year is that what it is if you like features and work cooked anyway so let's get a guy who can help us for next hearing redness pain in the ass now. I think everyone on the lakers believes that with the one exception Kobe Bryant. -- super probably deep down inside even even Kobe -- so driven thanks well what's the best chance we get into the playoffs here. As an eight seed. I still they've begun have a tough time -- in the playoffs. ID to probably right then maybe that's why they'd be willing now Mitch Kupchak says it's not until it. -- always means and ways they said there are there things general managers consider it as they can't say. Danny Ainge if asked would probably say while you know while export anything that can help the team and will never lie. I truly believe. He'll he'll -- things very careful right he'll he'll dance around it I don't think he'd look in the face and say I would never rate Rashaun Ron. I don't -- percent and he's back. Been just the opposite during the course of his tenure and talked about courts you know you'd -- explore anything that would help it you know -- the two. The two teams in this town -- I wonder if you agree or maybe two individuals more than anything that you can never rule anything out. When it comes to player movement -- team building. -- Danny Ainge and Bill Belichick. To me especially Danny -- what is actually. Belichick would do pretty much anything. Except there's this core group that. He's never gonna touch him and we -- know who they are right there's a group. I can honestly say there isn't a single player on the Celtics that Danny would not deal with the right trade real and I now blame him and that includes I I don't -- -- guard I don't -- Rondo. -- -- -- Yeah I I would agree with that any should explore an end and we know that he's accurate trade peers are managers for the sake of dealing -- I think there was a better chance deal of -- potentially being dealt. If he was if you lose well certainly if he was healthy but the way things were going anyway this season. A yet techsters says Colby and Powell would love Ron I think it would. I'm I'm I I do think that Rondo is exactly the sort of thing that the lakers would love to -- not gonna help this year we know that they're probably beyond help this -- But going forward it probably love that that deal all apps -- Kobe would love it. A pass first point guard Kobe Bryant of that OK with that -- I don't wanna shoot that's fine as we've mentioned the other thing that baffles me is is the Bruins against the Buffalo Sabres speakers. Two periods and I -- -- and I said this on the telecast last night. It was about as ones cited as a 21 game could possibly be should have been five -- wasn't for Ryan Miller -- 51 this missed opportunities I mean today. Dominated. And Gordy was kind of wasn't joking when he said it he said you -- guess is in the locker room right now Lindy rapist peeling the paint off the wall. And you saw buffalo -- a completely different team and unfortunately you saw the Bruins cannot completely different team. They are eight to end to this year they've lost two games in regulation all year. Both to the volatile -- both with third period. Implosion. And I can't figure it out there a better team than that and yet the Buffalo Sabres on two occasions have dominated them in the third period when. -- characteristic -- bill because they routinely have gotten off to the slow starts and they have big flurries and I was just the exact opposite last night. Can't figure it out that team Miami and they are clearly a better team in buffalo. I mean. You heard them blowing the team off the ice through two periods. Cheering when the announcer said there's a minute left to play in the period it was. Ugly in buffalo -- -- Lindy Ruff to his job is in jeopardy right interestingly enough the Bruins and headed from Winnipeg where you're facing a team in the exact same Cindy yeah right run. Went -- lost again last night their third straight home loss. They've got the Bruins coming in tomorrow. You've got the blue birds out in Winnipeg you've got via the cat callers -- out. Calling for the the head of the coach in the general manager for the second straight game the Bruins will going to wait and opposing team's arena. With a team that is absolutely desperate if they wanna save their coaches don't -- it didn't want. Yeah well. The had missed opportunities aberrant scheme last night and yet you're right it was kind of an -- game was over -- strange if they aren't clearly better team and they played horribly. In the in the third period. Buffalo looked like -- clearly superior team and -- him the Bruins were horrible. And I can't figure it out. Not hurt some people ask about Anton who'd opened line. And and I'll tell you what I thought was gonna happen this week who'd opened played Sunday in buffalo played great they went 321 who'd opened played great. And you know you can't play -- Rask every single. I said on Sunday night that they come back with Rask on Tuesday against the Rangers they did and I thought they come back with Rask on Friday. In buffalo. What happened was Rask played against the Rangers. And really for the first time this year it look for him aren't. You only gave up three goals I understand that two of the three were horrible I mean really bad goals for any goaltender and especially for him. So I think at that point going into Friday's game in buffalo Claude Julian that will pay took had a really bad game. Couple nights ago against the Rangers and beauty. He has played great against the ball but -- -- fly out anyway. So what would open back he played great against them Sunday will bring him back in will bring took a back in Winnipeg on Sunday and I think. I think he might have changed his plan a little bit based on how to -- -- played on Tuesday. Income would open threes and lost the game. He's not on. He was the -- you know was he by Ian Miller steal the game like course Ryan Miller is one of the best goaltenders on the planet and probably. You know every guy and that team should donate a portion of his paycheck to Ryan Miller the way he kept a minute last night but who -- -- -- Which Agassi last night a study schedule order. I -- mob more and more disappointment in Tyler state as as the games progress. Here's an interesting tidbit for and this blew my mind when Gordy told me this last night we're sitting in the green room watching the game. And -- -- who's got the best plus minus on the Boston Bruins right now. And I would have guessed nineteen guys before and it Tyler say. He's got the best plus minus on the team right now. He is playing on what is. In fact the Bruins checking. Right now so he's out there against the best lines the other team has offer and the plus minus would tell yet because I'm not want any power play goals anyway. That you know he's playing pretty well in those circumstances. But I think he's given a lot less than I expected at this point in the season. I don't know why on cloud called them out the other day. That power play too good to me as same old story with that power play. Does not last -- but what is that I know Doug Hamilton that was nice to see but. That overall what you think the eight mile an hour slap shot or whatever it is. He has no clue where it's going none zero. It's just wind it up and let it -- and sometimes it hits the net and sometimes it doesn't. A lot of times it hits the glass not your -- on Lucci to okay. You're supposed to go to the front of the net net set some screens create some traffic look for some rebounds and a 108 mile an hour slap shot -- gone by your ear hole. A problem. Fired up laureate in gold there right NB how many rebounds are there for you to get when he's not let them. So char is -- I know this is gonna -- CP and what he's one of the problems on the power play and it was uninteresting to me that when they scored the power play goal last night. There was only one defenseman on the ice and it was -- He was the only defenseman on the ice they have four forwards and defensemen out there Hamilton. And I'm not trying to say that he Zdeno Chara yet -- he's not. But he has a knack for getting shot in a -- better touch him he gets it to the net. Hi yes and have a shot anywhere close to -- as but he gets it there any lets people loose the chance for a rebound yes yes. So I think part of the problem is Chara and I think maybe the Bruins are coming to that conclusion. -- -- --

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