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Mustard and Sheppard Preview the Upcoming Season for the Red Sox

Feb 16, 2013|

Spring Training got going this week which prompts Craig and Pete to talk some Red Sox and how they can move on from the debacle that was the last two seasons.

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Final -- monsters in jeopardy enjoyed were via my words to K it's it is analyzed -- the irony is that I did the first time ever that flashes of your show. Well recognized in -- 95 yeah yeah of course he has evolved. Well. We have certainly admirable our personal trials and tribulations that each other but certainly at the radio station you're still one behind in the art department. What are twice I hope that the state -- a habit of stations where you know basically automation equipment command you know -- after that in my career. Note that format about the changes yet supposed. That that's happened twice. Over the years but. Again this is a certain notes the third received errors you risk lots of reward. And ward away as you know experience both. It is well as anybody we've been kissing the a proverbial people running over the past several days we've done it. He's -- to be -- For. Symmetry of these events or where or where -- for Bigelow the first mention that way that would be that would be interest in England could have his bully pulpit. In the second perfect absolutely love you won a trip. You had suggested those who have not checked it out go to WE I come -- non. The what do they call the -- the idea of networking web -- a year and it's pointed right at. The -- way -- there's leg you know that took an apple like this is -- is -- on -- on caddies -- physical shape and all this is -- had for years -- the back of his -- is that. -- stand behind you. For years now where I have this EPO in Oakland was standing should. Not used to stand to Cuba about -- -- It's what argued that -- apathy and ever and it's about right from the get echo in my pocket don't tell those who was told times I don't know why yields removal I don't know. But his headphones were so loud and uptown new. I've distorted by ever grabbed his headphones -- and normal sane person you would pop programs right. It's -- log name but he army occupied -- -- -- I don't -- -- -- and maybe it will after years ago now it and he had the rule out if that headphones. It would blows your -- means just -- much for those. We. If you catch these. But we are most celebrated the great career of one or of course discussing all things. Boston sports the latest news coming out of both of CBS sports Yahoo!. Clippers and it's -- talk about it deal that might have Kevin Garnett and -- off ought to -- it was the other -- team they aren't the only team. Meanwhile the lakers -- latter might be involved betrayed Rajon Rondo. For Dwight Howard that being from CBS sports those two things on the table like -- -- way Celtics obviously -- proposal thing. We got a fifteen minutes ago was coming in at 1 o'clock. A writer and dale. You know you know wow -- I think the mustard and ship it through three hours four hours I elect very intrigued by that that match right -- outstanding and interesting scenario that is coming your way at 1 o'clock then of course it's Paul leading up. Do you part of the sequel the -- -- man. A couple of it is this awesome -- to this day coming in and now wait commitment that you produced at first show I did have the privilege of doing. And you can be coming back for a non core I will not do this after not where you -- like -- -- in -- -- -- -- exactly all that's why you thought maybe you you volunteered for producing. Maybe there. -- So we will be fascinated to see you but -- policy as ours in his on court presentation coming up. At 4 o'clock meanwhile let's get back on 6177797837. And -- that Sports Radio. Or equally sick it's gonna call it. -- -- get it -- to point radio or when you talk about article I've got to see. Church like what way you talk about perhaps. The greatest sports -- Radio while almost all of our air that you know you don't give it a step while you work what why police are out. Apology. You know it and it. Well Paula if I set a package sit here I tell you what I I I -- others of my way if you're the night I I think I am gonna I'm dead serious about write a book about this place and and that if you knew some of the behind the scenes stuff that I can't discuss right now maybe ten years there will five -- on the road and -- on the and that's just a year where people lose some of the inside stories of what really goes out of broadcasting. Guys would not be leave it. You wouldn't believe it if I told you pick I was making it up you pick up it would be like -- the dodger Red Sox straight not yet happened but I'll tell it someday -- all come out believe me. If you like -- -- competence at our level up by artillery. You know I'd break my spirit my crowbar IPO. Acute you'll be a big -- -- -- -- Ali. To be fresh and refreshing. Not -- not a habit so the big show -- a ground ball in the open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm the guy outside game a little. Eddie and I was or -- -- you don't. And that's a good times. And I'm in and out the balcony we. You know launched. Are you out that was and bird street Boomer Esiason was there anybody get me and have a ticket I told Freddie or what you'd say that -- -- -- -- That was last and that -- Beers. Album that -- -- matter. Galileo -- their Boomer Esiason was there and we were -- showing -- and I remember he had the it was before the Saturday before the game we did the party up there we had the homer came in with a box of suitable -- to map somewhere patent somewhere rams or the staff was happy dog and I -- I want I put the right with the support -- patriots had in my bag just in case they won had somehow account out and I remember he threw to a somebody down low and -- -- over the -- war and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Happen Austin Eisenberg orders all black you know we had a black that that -- to go Rollins was W we got in upstate today's extra -- they were back together for nine days I came home with brain damaged brain damage. No interest -- we got we got on the day of the parade I think I think you're going to get rid of the best one though was it Houston after they won the Super Bowl there. -- Glenn gets you know full cavity search with Jesse Jackson of all people gets won't decide. This is the -- brother play rather forget that another story that people don't know that probably would talk to -- missed the players Iowa's big so that we were coming home early. That on that Tuesday I think after Arthur and what was supposed to host -- -- -- -- -- the show because -- Got four -- searched all the side Jesse Jackson did as well I remember we know this until afterwards were on the plane. And we know glad and so. Freddy's wife crickets this week touched. It outwit the players now moving backwards right it's closed -- down she stands up. Let's not let. And that is the -- and -- and outcomes always miss you have to sit out you know otherwise it's going to be. You know reasons it is -- -- you try to stop the place look like yeah. It turns out he was you know execute and catch a flight to for a five hours later but that was it. That was a standardized and back here to die and laugh from as as going out well -- Outside. You know to -- annual tradition for me though is a listener. Listening to all your Super Bowl -- which was the annual complain about the hotel room. You guys always battling to see who had the worst hotel where we stated Jackson ruled that time this that the pitchers start they got to listen here to the Jacksonville we stayed in the basically a crack house in it what -- assessment of the media there Q. It was such an on prepared Serbia's cardinal Roger Goodell there weren't any there but we -- but disappointing part of our state we stayed at a crack house. When we got home is like six -- let them -- through the station's right and you know and let's that was not what time. It was a story about the hotel that we state -- -- committed the double homicide. It's. That's like that's where wished. I don't believe it could cause the first few hours where they're from brokers and their -- you know because the Rangers have a whore house at a crack house there was absolutely. He walked from the bedroom to the bathroom I'm not kidding you and your feet were black and a defeat black the -- took -- shower -- wanted to record an evening Wear but on you went to the ceiling out the open door it was it was insane I'll never forget. Shouted right -- change right there shell -- -- it -- hysterical about it out there was a thoroughly appreciate the call -- expect like simulated sex and settlements settlements and seven -- every year though Larry I would always -- a higher regard shepherd and hardware gonna be complaining at any giving up now waiting on their -- -- are not the only time we ever really complaint was that but rabbi. I think but the best part of the better ones too was when we went to Saint Louis for the World Series and Jerry and Jerry and John commuter. Stated east Saint Louis which isn't the greatest of all areas is very tough neighborhood area just neighborhood makes Harlem like Disney World known talking about that and it said check your first in this -- check your weapons at the front desk. You know Margaret is Gerry threw a fit because he had to check his -- but it and -- -- -- -- as well as -- I can't let myself had dinner Steak N Shake that night they can shake there. Let's get back to the -- is how do we top that although it's only from Bridgewater is next that Sports Radio. I return itself to -- that Richard they all whether it's or whatever reduce chemistry that you do it okay. And it honestly it was the worst patients since. And ordered checks were the topic of the day and Bjorn go ahead. That this chemistry. Sometimes is dot org all that together and it was a political well I think the regular Larry they just. Extra -- Austin could be. And a bottle away appreciate Larry Gary Condit and you know and in Glen. And I will say this Glenn. I I wasn't sure when. When -- Randy left the flash Boris what is totally different personality different approach. I didn't know how he's gonna be replaced. And I wasn't sure that you know you were the right I didn't I just in Oakland understood something he saw something and use that no one else would you like we were doing on the weekends. You know like some of the stuff they were dead you know at -- and I think I thank -- for an end up working out really well liked it and -- certainly excited a lot of people's expectations than in valid threat -- record. But you know what it didn't -- this I know he knew it was gonna work and that and. -- radio station. -- -- -- -- -- you're not two years. It seems like the Red Sox. They're becoming listening to the -- -- but it will harm or in Orlando station is turning into like. He too hot core radio station for real real fan not not a the pay out what -- spoke all all of it everything like I'm really pissed off the radio station is up. Because required extracurricular that to the pay out just like the ball the Red Sox are right now. It wasn't like they awoke are still required and I can't let what -- -- all at all on the war and everything to know what we -- orbit it. -- I don't cut it or not this -- it's a great. And when that epic battles but it was all. Import product with actual because -- only -- -- the station called station yeah. And -- know right now this was crucial if I want you beat your -- yeah I. Article you know double switch to -- -- Let -- able to go RB yeah the other way I want to roll up -- -- -- all that under 260. Are able. Well I once every one -- think. It's once every one right now zero million to 1000170. What they get it all I mean I would -- Didn't -- 8% of them are bad we expect that the equipment so tired at the -- this crap -- it. Don't start this whole ball game is it it didn't reach our target. And electrical and go on their children we -- -- and thought well. -- -- -- that Italy would portable like dot. Child you know I get away -- -- right here. Well I mean it's -- reportedly gathered a lot of people through what you do Tony there really deal but he noted here's the thing though is that we don't know because of -- at a balk calls and wacky and -- Demps -- If they do if they can save you know state pulled appeal conveys the Baltimore Orioles did last year is what does bullpen. You're John -- say it on replay during the week if they can shorten the game. We get to the bullpen I think they'll be okay the question is. As at the starting staff as a whole past again that's a -- 180 from last year the capable of it possibly. But I don't know I can't say for sure won't know for a couple months. That would that would -- or look back early ninety's -- I saw that. Guy that shortstop he would -- cost. Like an ankle or are you instantly beat it in school at shortstop but that's probably why the hell it got it to that step nine my latest book. Play that 90%. -- I'm with you I'm with you. Know 500 -- Picture in the in the National League east on and. All our Devin all right Tony here's a problem your -- talking. About this Red Sox team as if you expected to contend you've been spoiled. Your standards are high. They're not approaching it that way over there. Let that be turned up the Utah and 171 they're all table in that. -- -- -- all in all under dog and I'm not buying it it'll never. Are they know they know the blue color Bridget whatever other colloquial term you want to use that's what it is that we all know that here is going to be the year they would. -- -- up on that. You let -- on the payroll that. Right correct because we. Spoke to the ball on. -- and I -- -- I. I don't want it now it targets that would make it out and the upper. That I like our. -- duck it any direct. Quality all he'll eventually gonna wrap up quotes saying you know -- on the door but it happened. I can't say that about -- a lot of change at a futures. It's -- it's like. Out looking yourself Tony the one thing I'd -- out over a reiterate again is that you know if Lester turns it around which I think is a good chance he will. And bought colts and Lackey can you know it's still all a big -- a lot of ifs I know. But there is a chance they're still a chance to this team could hang around the 8590 when mark I've already said I expect 500 at best. At best 81 and eighty once or anything after that we'll exceed my expectations but I'm saying. After what we saw what we've seen we saw last year from the days and the Orioles aren't just. I'm not so quick to dismiss any team right now in in February that's all saying well you got a lot of balance in the east right now any of those five teams can go over 500. Eminently capable. Are the second while -- people forget even last year people. Think of that last year as just a complete disaster in August they were still only three or four games available secondly there are no proceeded that you received fall into the -- former overdraft they had the right of tactically they weren't where they had six teams to jump over the -- all playing or rather was never gonna happen all right solely -- -- that little ten game we kept saying all everybody. If they can at that ten game winning streak is covered up -- okay. But I thought you did bring up Baltimore and Oakland -- that's going to be the rallying cry over yawkey way. If Baltimore can go from last close the first. Why can't all the why can't an old you can do the same thing about it at the -- off first by the Oakland that as I think Baltimore is not going to be anywhere near their work this year is there were last year for a lot of red the Baltimore one. An uncanny amount of one run games some ridiculous maybe only one run game lost in the playoffs a -- -- To the Yankees -- -- -- -- the last game was the only one run game the date of the ninth inning that they lead or somewhat whatever it was some ridiculous number. And an outstanding bullpen. What to what Billy Beane did last year to me without Oakland a's team. Is nothing short of miracle because if you think the money ball team in 2002 runs without a lot of stars -- -- that we know about at the time. This Oakland -- team one point last year was pitch in five rookie starters and competing to hit more home runs in the second half that anybody else in baseball last year to audible. Just you know. Don't remember Redick was mostly the -- so are a lot of our -- ex Red Sox a couple of Red Sox players on the Coco Crisp I mean. That was a damn shame that they had a phrase there was hard it's too bad had a face. Verlander in that final game of the playoffs because ice I'm a firm believer that -- one -- that we won the World Series there was a you talked about known names in miracle team to believe being put together last year that was. That made the 2002 team look that you've got to go to 27 yankees but it's not unreasonable and I usually don't assign a lot of credibility to our managers and how many. Added wins you -- added value that people talk about but last year we saw what happens and you don't have very good you can lose a lot of game just because of the manager. Other other circumstances well but Q you almost say automatically they're gonna win ten to fifteen more games just is Bobby V is not there. Well and you you would think. Sixty united such a horrible number you that you were there it's estimated to it's it's all about the starting pitcher because. All the free agency side are exactly the guys I thought would be here maybe a putts which -- might be years the only one that's not hear that. The rest of them Doug can you argue it's what you can argue that the overpaid him -- mission assignment find out in the camel that was going to be here early and the VO high prices just. And it's unfortunate it was such a bad free agent crop this year with the amount of money that they actually had a span. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is what it is next year's probably going to be the year. And if lesser Dempster Buchholz and Lackey can surprised a lot of people hoping they'll be in contention. They want -- -- hit it nearly as well as they have over the past -- still scares the crap out of me about Ortiz as to worry about shortstop or about the entire populism and general. But what -- question marks on the steam but it's still correct way to some undergo what it is all about the started pitching it's all well. It's not our Jamaican my own land might have left the building put -- ghost lives are. 62 set at 79793. Cents. We are concerned about generating revenues make no mistake about it I'm embarrassed and apologetic for. But the revenue goes into the ball club that goes into the payroll goes in the and after signing bonuses that goes into the machinery of the of the club that doesn't go out in the private banking house. That is Larry Lucchino after saying no comment a couple of times to a Fuzzy curly haired reporter. In the plus the big it is yet. Who asked a couple of questions some I thought some fairly harmless innocuous questions but Larry -- -- -- not to answer -- on this exact queries. And that was one of the answers he gave obviously some people concerned that the Red Sox. And certainly the block. That Terry Francona wrote Dan Shaughnessy. Indicate that maybe the Red Sox -- more concerned with energy and value than baseball that. You agree with happy. I think there's some truth to return to some truth to rip and I think queen's start here at the stories about. You know. Bloggers passing lineups are giving lined -- -- to the owners and they bring down the cue cards to Terry. Back after a -- Why would you mix up them up like that I mean that I can actually see when that stuck talking about haven't focus groups would -- groups they had and they want they would Sox were going the right way. Which -- fun of people like that all the time you hear people the pictures on won three Super Bowls by three points. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we laugh at people like that so I'm doing the same thing that they would -- winning 32 were nice but they needed more sizzle the needs. More handsome guy -- and it's funny because just pulled back the money was a scene in money ball. Where they actually -- all gathered together and they they bring that stuff up well it's a good looking guy his -- to look at this one girl but as of two doesn't have confidence in himself and that stuff goes on. It does go -- and -- and it shouldn't matter. But it's some people it does that I and -- Partly doesn't wanna believe any of it but a big part of me does it help that sizzle and needed you know handsome athletes or whatever. And I do think they get caught up the -- I mean just the letter and I still haven't I keep the Larry Levy matter though I ever right here. When he sent that out the middle last -- -- course so what do you you carry with you I can't whenever I get depressed and look at it I feel better. You know because we can go see the drivers yeah this up half a mile and and he was asked about he's like -- season ticket holders of you know just you know loved it loved -- seven it got out of what season ticket holders you you spoke to. I know the 500 million people a thousand people called -- radio station all laughed at it. You know it's it's something and it's it's like you trying to distract would really going on over there which was an abysmal season and I said that the time. From Joan I'm like this organization this group ownership group -- up for the first time what it's like. What things really really go south and they haven't had experienced that yet that's when you find out what people's true colors are when your at their worst not that your best. I'll say what I love Larry and I enjoy by relationship with them on and off the year talk about Larry -- believe it or not. We bond over certain things. But I'll tell you what he has no right to criticize Dan Shaughnessy for his book after reading that PO RT wrote that each Lee wrote that as one of the war as an English teacher. Who reads professional a lot of unpublished authors and regular basis of talk about my kids cheerful Cody were on balls that's. I would give that big fat app that's -- the worst written PR releases I've ever read it might have been shut up. It that's that kind of superficial stuff this I mean gosh darn you know Neil Diamond crap when an illusion when the Yankees score seven runs in the top the eight. Your play and you know -- -- Caroline. Stop you wanna play that -- do when they're winning at least one or winning a game I mean that's I can't tell you how ignorant it sounds -- stupid by most people. You know some of the structural cats roasting in the slaughter all that's -- -- when when a team at times it happened at the Yankees scored several runs one -- -- top but he did and and they're down by that down you know the place we Carolina Bobby and when teams get killed -- -- note that kind of stuff makes no sense -- and I do think they did lose a little bit of perspective over there. With a true. Other the true fan base and they do cater to a lot of big -- -- each and -- the big cats I understand that. But they are not the ones that are gonna keep coming back to come back to come back. Literacy this year this game two I promise you won't be yourself this year like you -- mark that down I still will not be sellout not that we know that's that's holster to joke anywhere we are we all know that. I also question the genius who decided on its sweet Carol. It as a rallying its lot with the eight that it is Bill Murray once said -- -- two kinds of people the world people who like Neil Diamond. And people who you don't shot in Weymouth you're next that is where -- radio WB EI. -- What were they keep you -- a -- A big time out there ago that I need to normal music -- yeah I'm I tried to get world. -- -- -- Recently -- that also briefly first -- because. -- You know it's not meet our wanted to -- spirits relaxed now you limit the Super Bowl rematch -- Between the -- and the captain was on Monday night. Oh yes yes yes -- -- OK so glad given away a couple of tickets are -- election worker Mike I'll call and see what I can delinquent or one of these things what would you do to these tickets. -- among all the Rick the -- but it saves and a lot these tickets -- that ID experts wrote about that yet. Rick goes to a serious. He -- on -- yeah. Think let's let you know -- -- -- world without. Went that's not an opulent -- -- -- -- so maybe you need any. A -- they they got ready got to shower them. Oh my god and -- hope we get on this. Can make it. And I dead and it will is now I'm -- -- -- there any ticket you know reading a lot of guys at ten burglaries this remember guys. I'm like middleman particulates are trying to whack job being my big mouth now I would -- portable outlook were horrible the Watson. -- -- -- It is -- such a thing is a -- divorce. Every dot I wanted to just just I -- a good. Point. He says well we gotta get you know I don't like no problem in in between commercial breaks each in -- shall we think that people would want to know. And I don't and probably doesn't realize that black. That was one of the -- that you know our. It and they go patriots game and to order to demonstrate what you don't tailgate yup statement. Incredible. You know it just made me happy or -- current. And were awesome you know I got to haven't really got to commit to -- you know I remember I appreciated it's a civil. Right change what. You don't seventeen good vehicle so the rate in our little bit and it's why don't. Download not helpful every training -- -- I can't say that against only that's only two really good. All that they know that they've expressed an additional did well tonight -- Wednesday -- a fortune Gingrich talked about as I remember there was also one of those games were some -- was -- in a game and sometimes the traffic it can be real bad if fox was Renault usually spread and and other times it can be just atrocious and that was one of those might not to mention Bledsoe sucked in that game. The Packers want to squeeze that is -- by -- by a couple of touchdowns and fortunately Favre was was pretty good that night but the dry remember getting home that night. Was flammable trying to sit next to the back him as is would this of 1990. Six or seven whatever was slowed ninety 97 and it was just I remember getting home at 4 o'clock in the morning. But it's an -- and I think 97 I think this Saturday night against Pittsburgh some Fella named key then Henry got in the way. That's the grass. Dave maggots that didn't quite work out that night -- -- -- can't you're next that's where -- radio -- I opposed it basically I have to play I want that -- cheerful coded wrong letter that my. Seriously. He don't know your -- Princeton grad he couldn't risk that. -- Right now wouldn't let -- the Cornell of that nonsense. I -- I think the world spinning off its back because I pride myself agreeing with Tony from Britain Italy. He's talking to everybody. Larry Lucchino is trying to make the Red Sox got to be the Kansas City Royals. And it's not -- -- People are -- hope that. I diagnosed I think deep hopefully he understands I only images he's trying to projected image of positively I understand that's likely asked John Ferrell as a team to compete instructors say no that's -- any managers gonna say that many market by. I I don't I agree Mike and so white I do think there's still a tad delusional that you think they've learned their lesson. But I'm not entirely convinced that they have. Yeah yeah I think Pete. You know Clinton and John Henry Tom Werner and Larry -- comment on -- yeah well. And they crossed the Commerce Department also anyone's sentence also forcefully to intelligence can you give specifics. I mean why don't give me some specifics. When I don't focus at all. I don't think there's a lot of horse we've been at all there's a lot of stuff that's in that book now some of it that's that it's not in the book a lot of that is that Glenn and I and others have known about for a long time just couldn't really talk about it because. -- you know you try to you know respect -- privacy I don't think people understand. The BS at that man had to go through on a daily basis and it is amazing to me how we had so much success here with all the crappy had to deal with what I can I ask you this was. -- was I can remember there was a similar reaction to Torre's book revert to EG when it came out. Admire it wasn't the bombshell wasn't all the -- scandal. -- About what kind of A-Rod. That's -- that's gotten I think Larry Johnson has to each other -- supposed to rag on tonight's raw that probably that's going to argue kids that it can't sit there say the Red Sox have been better than the Yankees on that right now I don't documents in the starters about the music is like to I got left as they run the collect. -- Wait guys just marketing account of the battle is joined once again at the big ballpark April 1. There's a marked. A big boy I'll watch the South Bronx up and the Red Sox -- -- -- up and opening day at our border have been the World Series into your game until game -- well apparently Sports Illustrated thinks all was pretty much the same in the AL east yankees' first again I can't believe that projection. -- -- I think I will say and that this is always -- in the blue gate you know that. You know -- for years this will be the one your glands go on the boards -- yeah. Isn't. I want to get on paper the boot it up they got. They got to restart pitchers plus more back from last year. But they got the got Greinke pitched in the end in the in the -- -- American League east now I know he's done a pretty good team last year and this is going to be a whole lot of pressure Lucio always exciting -- to play. No you did is that it is they've got a right after the top of your -- you -- shore on the field. I mean it's always different. And and and by the way as far as Ryan Dempster welcome to the American League east. More than about -- national leaguers I have a lot of time out expected these guys figured him to win 1213 games at number four guy. And as you Arabia around for as -- -- -- only five illegally will get 200 innings around 200 innings of not more. And I don't expect much more out of debt to -- I didn't do well. By Mike you know -- though as much as you are critical of a certain number 38 in a Red Sox uniform he was one of the few that was able to make that transition from the national -- -- the American League east and that's one of the reasons why it's -- final thing. -- -- it was a great idea gbagbo we didn't. Yeah. Yeah because he was able to do that and no question and I Michael 617779. And Beckett to a degree two degree two degree -- on the odd years dodged not as consistently showing kids that.

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