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Mustard and Sheppard on the Latest and Craziest Celtics Trade Rumors

Feb 16, 2013|

As the NBA trade deadline approaches, the rumors are flying around the league and some of the biggest include the Celtics and some of their star players including KG and Rondo. The guys discuss these rumors, which ones they feel are realistic and what they feel like Danny Ainge is thinking regarding the direction of this team.

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When Rondo went down it's obviously devastating blow and I think that that hurts me in -- -- been a terrific playoff player for. But I was anxious is that these because stock from the beginning of the year wanted to see you can try to do some things different we're gonna try. And they're running a similar offense and run those off the court we're gonna do different things. And we still haven't seen much of that because from the place opening minutes but it. The other team was really jealous and really played well and and who -- who. Obviously when he plays that are produced a better rebounding team and have an extra body in there to get Kevin rest. That was a big blow in that we immediately -- to figure out how we can replace Jerry in. And then in the end it went down that was even that was crushing because you know -- everyday in practice. Is one of our best players. In whatever look -- watched practice from my office and looked down there and he just live in the paint. Just blows by guys in mixed finish shots and make passes and and he's been really good all year long and he just hasn't had. A lot of opportunities not people out there that are. There's that is those players and. Well first it was Rondo that I was sellinger that is Barbosa. Finally was ordered away. It was a -- any -- Talking up for the last time on WEEI. It to Glen -- way about the celtics' situation is they go in. To the all star break in between periods last night how desperate was Iverson's warts entertainment actually watch this a pretty -- -- -- we will it's the celebrity and it. It out of -- was an urge all the last kick but Justin Bieber met through a -- I was not in. Most impressive in believe or not you're going to be surprised you know I'm a Democrat but Arnie Duncan was the education secretary. Very good player play professional kick just like the person why do -- -- -- mean anything -- -- exactly like the public and not have a lot of social -- after a Democrat I don't actually like the education secretary is just really know what he's talking about -- education but he can play the game. The dollar telemedicine fraud and yeah exactly exactly that's already quarterback abroad reported a second worst period of blog a year off it Gardner got complacent for a fourth time this year. Couldn't believe -- I was about you last night. And I know there's some other things going on -- get to know exactly -- who's on a solo piece going to be blown a gasket because he is Phelan. Exactly whatever Bruins fans feeling going into this third period their dominating. I mean they just making the just making that the sabres won around of their own men. As could just be a matter of time before they just blow this roof apart what happens. They just come up completely -- Ten to three in the third period as the first time this year even when buffalo beat them back and the 31 step before the bullets were complacent that game that they just had some. Other bailout too many odd man -- American left Tuukka Rask out to out to dry it was a different type of a lottery I can I can handle that lockout this is the first time you know especially after what they did against the Rangers earlier this week. That they got complacent and take a complacent now maybe. Because it would dominate so much especially that second parent outshot seventeen to six Miller stands on its head again Miller just. And the sabres fan blowing more than the rough you have I mean I mean if you really thought that the -- a bit ahead 71 dale and I mentioned to encourage you felt like. They were had several one and then that third period happened and for the first time lawyers I set I felt they got a little too complacent and you can't do that in professional sports it doesn't matter. What team you're playing what their record is or where it is or what your record is against them you know you're gonna gonna get beat they deserve to lose that game last night's unfortunate. But you know what they're resilient they'll bounce back on the play Winnipeg tomorrow night where they have won only twenty years. Well at Everett went up there. But I -- that Casey had noticed -- played -- a couple of bread basket that yet via back and you know it's funny because my first reaction was playing. Play only Eastern Conference -- oh that's right they went to Phoenix the other -- Winnipeg the yet it's like college football you know like and a border state can be in the big east next in our -- -- who cares but anyway let's get this some -- NBA we're gonna open up the phone lines -- a couple seconds if you wanna. Pay hot orange to the round mound of sound mr. -- way we would certainly a welcome now but meanwhile. -- to -- sports outlets Yahoo! Sports. In NC BS sports which one you wanna begin with Pete while it may be and they -- to me. Are connected and the reason is because you can talk about white power company there's no way Dwight Howard comes here without KG leaving because they'll kill each other they are not friends at all so -- makes. If you got if this if this Laker deal to talk about sending -- power here. Four -- -- which by the way. Project says -- -- -- -- PG -- public says it's not gonna happen you know you don't know that you -- you don't you don't know -- take that would -- it's all let me know I can't happen without the other and the -- is obviously the clippers are -- -- Bledsoe and the Andre Jordan. To the to the Celtics sport for KG. Emma Roberts who also someone else is going to be up and thrown in thrown in there it's not the dispute -- -- -- knowing I would I would -- -- record is now I have to be. Somebody. Somebody else besides Robert that would happen a little lakers when it's it's it's interesting. I'm not a big fan of Dwight Howard I understand if you make both of these deals. If this if this all came to fruition. And I would have mixed emotions about it but. I would I would understand their thinking you get two young guys and -- he's 2300 Jordan's 24. Both are pretty good game jumpers and against the lakers by the way. I understand how much are entirely agree with -- but I understand the comfort. To -- attitude deals -- CBS a sports reporting. Hey at least the discussion about Dwight Howard one year left on his deal was the last year of his contract younger freeagent. After the Laker season is over for a genre Rondo would that is a straight up deal least as far as we know. Meanwhile another deal and LA -- the clippers discussing. Guard Eric Bledsoe Saturday Andre Jordan for KG. Fascinating discussion. I agree -- I wish I could disagree with you about Dwight Howard. Is Dwight Howard have a single defender anywhere. In the NBA at this point to me he is in the last couple years he is just completely to tears pars as a person. As a player -- -- one dimensional you can do one thing well he can rebound -- put a little defense after that. I mean no offense a game at all he's so limited in the paint he's so one dimensional so predictable. Erratic -- -- -- -- that's the problem is that you're free throws and and which is -- budgets and nobody at sixteen points of the night. But he's got so much protect the thing is if it is did ever come to fruition and I'm still very skeptical about it but. Is it possible an organization like this opportunity to dock and they all changed a charity changes his wake is I don't see him pull that crap. With Doc Rivers if it ever came I don't I don't think we're in the day when tolerated they were tolerated and the other thing is a -- it if he's here. Your left he's a free agent after -- season do you can you could do was sign and trade. You know leave the Celtics opened with with some options here to do that August. Over skeptical boy what it's up in court discussing what he is up. He's been pretty candid about one place he hasn't wanted to go historically is Boston. Well whether it's the KG relationship whether it's you know a cold weather city wants to stay and you know in some sort of a sun belt. Warm weather climate city who knows. I I just you know I every time I've seen this guy play live several times and -- always disappoint because I always I have take my it's on sale can watch this guy what to scan the paint. He claims every year he's gonna become more multi dimensional is gonna try to use a left hand he's gonna try to make some moves he's gonna. Pull back a little pull back jump shot media rate can do any governor and is in in it yes he say an immense presence in the paint you give him credit for rebounding given credit for. For defense but each is gonna be a little bit more potent on the offensive side as far as I'm concerned. You can and you see the flashes you see how -- -- at times his career he has been brilliant and he has been a force but not not an offer he averaged sixteen points a game twelve boards and about 35 minutes a game. -- -- may be on this team the way it's currently constituted -- maybe you know they need more rebounding and anything else or I don't and I don't I think yeah I mean obviously I think he could help but at what cost I mean without KG year. And the way this team the chemistry is right now I'm not one of those people that thinks his team as people though -- -- better. Without Rondo I I think it's ridiculous I understand the way they're playing a different style basketball and that's. That might be a good thing for this team the big question is if they keep fraud when it comes back will he be able. Two it is that to change to to blend in the team and that of this the people line. I think yet the maturity to do what -- Mac does Bob Bryan fixed no way he'll never do. Are well you know I respect both of them and I respect your opinion but I would like to. Proposed that. The Celtic team without Rajon Rondo is not a ridiculous concept I really believe and I agree with Bob -- I disagree -- going to -- the talk about it. I have been involved enough organized basketball at the college level didn't play beyond that -- played enough had been involved in that game for a long time. And there is always one player that can either be the glue like we talked about in the land yup at a radio station. Who can be instrumental to team's success by sheer force. Personality beyond just the talent transcends the tangible talent -- -- intangibles that I I never dismiss intangibles. Rajon Rondo amends -- talent he just he has grit determination. But they -- I would not play with a there's a guy down in Miami -- wanna play with a neither. I really believe the Rajon Rondo he's not -- he's not toxic a month ago that market he has too much talent. But I think this team is better off with John Rondo off the roster. Really believe I don't know how you Q and how you come to that conclusion I can you can understand and like I said. I think. -- for the last couple weeks circled march 1 on a calendar that's gonna come off the five game road trip and that they play Golden State at home that night -- much better idea. Of what this Celtics team is all about and still seven games it's still a small sample and they saw what happened of immune there was other ugly of this basketball games ever -- you like. The -- Charlotte was a much better. And yes they beat a couple of Khatami beat the clippers without Paul on the line -- yes they beat Miami that time they also played during that stretch. Three the worst teams in the MBA and I understand I I think they're fun to watch I love what -- door I get it. But I. He can't tell me that they're going to be a better team without Rondo. That whipped him now does he have to GI I think Jackie and said a couple of to a -- -- and Maloney. If listener he seems to be a little bit humbled by what's going not so maybe maybe -- -- -- kind of a blessing in disguise what their particular team with nine new players. -- when he comes back action if he's still here he realizes he's gonna have to change his attitude a little bit for this particular group of players to succeed what. What evidence -- -- maturity to do we know what again this guy's been in the league for how many years now six and here is a new. How long do you have to wait for someone in which are right no we came out early was a young kid when he came out after what sophomore year like two yards and college. -- -- what one year when you -- -- 2526. He's been out for all star team tomorrow for Obama but but but didn't we say the same thing blow a little bit about Paul Pierce. No -- Paul Pierce mature. Really mature we saw him in a member throne is it about no I mean he's try to beat it to grow up to after 45 years as well I mean -- it's. It's to it's we don't I don't have a crystal ball or I don't know here's the difference did you ever believe that. Paul Pierce had a contentious relationship with his teammates. Of the way Rondo is that -- now I don't doubt it and that he demonstrated maturity on the floor DD reacts. In a irresponsible way at times we remember Indiana very well. But until the problem is the way he you know bumping the official that out almost excuse that. It's the fact that he really does not -- well. Emotionally with -- team well. Certainly -- what you can't say what -- may -- this group of guys this year and now he's still there and and doctors admitted days -- they maybe they relied too much on him with this particular group at nine placed right last year. It was the best player and one of the best players in the NBA if not the best in the playoffs I mean he was phenomenal they don't even come close -- getting it going as far as they do without him he was aptly spectacular even. Even a year before and even the 2008 season I mean you can tell it back that he was distrust during the drenched him in. But this is a whole different set of players right and I you know he was terrific in the west -- he -- -- down games in the playoffs -- in the problem commented on the. Team -- is he able. Through the course like a regular seasons really doesn't matter is going to give the players in the east that's almost academic. Is he able to sustain one seat once KG once Paul have retired that's going to be sooner or later and he handled the burden. Of being built ball the best player and believe Iran team. Well that's that that's the -- question that's where you you know. Does not maturity I don't know I don't know I I would like to think he does and Jackie thinks he does. Bob Bryant does not depends what camp you fall in a -- efforts are needed to change his game a little bit. And I think it -- now now we're talking and the leadership captain type qualities but it is not. You know that I understand wanting to make a deal to move my understand that but I think we still have to wait and see is my problem with this deal if if you believe that this could happen Rondo for hours straight up. Key players if they both have laws obviously of the will be over the Becker. But you know I don't like -- is offense you have to surround him with a lot of offensive talent maybe they just need to rebound maybe they just need to plug -- all forget what -- you talk about -- -- right there's so that that the deal I got to talk about would you rather have Howard here with -- NC state to -- -- Eric Bledsoe was the -- -- -- guard in the league in my opinion one of Andy I'm very Jordan who's pretty good young you know the -- would you be better off with Howard this year Jordan and and Bledsoe and not. KG obviously -- was not here. I mean what this is an ideal -- -- rather have those three guys with -- -- with the possibility that how it may not be year. Beyond the second half of the season. Nobody signed trade -- what do they do they I mean obviously leaves a lot of options open for the -- and Danny's talked about in he certainly knows because he was here a generation ago -- red -- bond. Wait too long the Big Three it took a long time to rebuild. He understands you have to retool what do you do great question interest in trades on the table well. Outside when I'm gonna start off our number two with a brilliant sex out of 508. Up -- Shepperd just turn on the radio. No Larry Johnson. He really does work our way -- Flat -- out. Well question Larry and the other night that it says we brought this up is -- maybe some to register did it it's that guys KG has a no trade clause he set up numerous occasions at a law itself that he's bleeds green -- he's not going anywhere just drop this. Store BS story it also never -- doc and his teammates now. My young -- from 978 I understand that. Never say never in this -- and if not if we have learned from past history. You have to at least grant me the fact that after. The -- last Dodgers do what they did over the summer. How can anybody ever in sports ever again say never bought anything that's all you have to do I'll just say to a trade. And that's that's that's -- you have to -- so believe me KG does have a connection to Southern California as the house in Malibu these -- Chauncey Billups. There it and you might be sincere now -- he wants to bleed green retires the Celtics and I understand respect that. We've seen this before -- a million times things can change very quickly. Plus fans we'd the color of their team's uniform. Much more than the players they're you know that that yeah there's certain loyalty -- -- Paul Pierce's loyal to the organization as a lifelong Celtic KG wanted championship here. He's not a lifelong Celtic who is best front of the -- on Rondo Rajon Rondo is not to be back for what halfway through next season probably if you eat if you. Look at the situation in Chicago so you know I mean. Take advantage of your opportunity -- to talk about it earlier beat. What place does -- a better opportunity to win with -- down his better opportunity to go off into the sunset with a championship and is now. I know he kind of did the beep beep -- Trot Nixon a retreat the other day about saying this is going to be his last all star game. But it does you know if you -- -- you can understand of a player like him if you three retarded Tutsis I understand that see that's that's to me is the other part of this. Rondo into wood into greater also soldier no one's really no one's really talked about soldier and how much she's going to be missed that is why the second half -- season. And I said this -- the last couple weeks I really war about pierce and Garnett because you can talk about with -- without Rondo facts are facts now without -- that means KG. And Paula gonna have to played brilliantly for the most part. Every single night or they're going to lose and that is a tremendous amount of pressure on guys. You saw the other night a KG had an opportunity stood up the game against the bulls back -- didn't know it always plug in offers it was he was probably the lone bright part of that in that game by. -- desperately want to sit out he said now. And the past you're seeing -- rest is veteran players on the stretched. Opera so a gamer to hear there sometimes to route that can't that can't happen this year that that concerns me a lot well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And without a very good up and coming rookie Salinger who you know really help out as far as. It's going to be difficult that's why I I caution everybody who got maybe they can put off by I hope they do. Know why I hope they do but I think what you have to rely on as you said to aging veterans like that to play really really well. For big chunks for them to win at that it's an awful lot to ask for this team. You know what and in spite of at all because the east is so weak I'm not convinced the nets in the knicks are going to be major players. The post season now that that's the whole thing I've talked about this too I mean. The the only team that really should not scared because they match doubled they don't play him tough is Mike and everybody else after Miami. So -- too big a play -- series if they remain and it's quite reasonably healthy now they can't afford anymore. Any more losses but I I don't I don't think anybody would fear and the play a starter right now you would fear the note that he is the only team I would fear everybody else. Purity of the team detonate some major event in any other early two games a loss column from the four spot possibly getting. On corporate as I said out in -- I'm I'm I'm stick stick into my march 1. You know I may change my attitude after march 1 up the Golden State game. After that long five game road trip first game back you know it's always tough about what's torture Annika back on the play that first night. -- much more. A much more better idea -- what this team was all about after that here's what's on the table are a couple of interesting stories coming from the. Internet if CBS sports saying Dwight Howard Rajon Rondo that's a possibility. Changing cup -- discussing that deals -- and lakers. So the lakers making a deal is we hear the numbers -- it is back it is headed elsewhere while it's like the Yankees and Red Sox -- -- a deal it is if you think about how many -- put pictures jets yeah -- Laker -- -- a coaching tree otherwise yeah -- back to yeah well up the other way back. But you think about that over the years I almost that I just did it just dawned on me two seconds ago pay -- watching. On the Celtics and lakers to -- since 1960 yes. A -- trade that they've ever made. Not no I -- I cannot of one. -- -- -- there aren't sure how is probably some minor deals -- elected not only Chamberlain for Russell wrote about all that it is. A problem was not brother for Dwight Howard major major deal what consequences with that have for the future the FDAB well KG. Who earlier this week's -- participate in his last all star game. It is another tray with the clippers this divert Bledsoe would be -- George that's. We're talking about and in and I want people who listens to factor this in as well that is and where does what to -- about products they say all this happens to Sus suspect you would say all this does happen. Are you comfortable with Howard Bledsoe and Jordan on this team as opposed to Rondo and KG not being here and are you confident. Or would you want the Celtics to keep power after this season or would you be willing to do was sign and trade try to bury the team and some other way. That's the other that's the other party after factoring is well I I think it's. It's -- which gray area it's a great lie Thai -- a greater rate topic and I don't know there's a right or wrong answer I know people have strong. Opinions about a by the way which is great people passion about a part again and I was my basketball my MBA crystal ball a stellar all worked out by what you know what it's a great Topper. I will say this no one understands this better and I'm not sucking numbers and I've never met Danny Ainge. But -- understands this don't think he works in gray areas is just as good as anybody does a lot in concert with doc I think the ownership understands this. Other balancing -- they're trying to figure out what's best for the team now. But of course the gray area comes in what is best for the team in the future he made it stupendous -- great deal in 07. He's got to have to do what again he's gonna have to do re blue because I don't think. It is as tough as they played here a couple weeks ago was -- played him last year I think the -- are different stratosphere right now just the way they play I mean I -- it's the regular season but they've. LeBron is on another planet right now I I just don't you think won all those at all those demons have been exercised. I just don't think they're gonna have as much trouble with Celtics is they have -- I'm Pakistan that series joins us certain matchups you know liberals buffalo in some Bob Miller has their minority -- had -- assert that there's certain match -- and no matter how talented or are on -- -- -- team -- -- -- match -- well. A bad bad way back commitment Seattle is always beat the Yankees would yell really -- tell me about it day about it is that the year that you're the you've been -- all the way out there are ways that are the first criminally -- -- with Toronto they -- during the -- -- but not -- -- way before -- -- you know I thought Il lays out -- doctor -- I -- -- -- tournament at the end of his career. And they had the yankees' -- -- America the worst -- the world they beat the Yankees. Every time I played him see him or more times than not. The Sosa's matchup for whatever reason whatever its rivalry heart whatever Celtics play Miami tops out that -- lose that series -- that -- six. Agassi don't six the rest of the team the next Brooklyn everybody else in that I would fear any of them and a seven game series Lotta -- this team. Where soft ball -- and they are now now and obviously they've -- snake bitten in the injury department with three guys going down this is a a reclamation project right now and I think the -- understands that some level. That's why these rumors are in the works were checking it out with you at 617. 779790s. That's I must've just before get to Rafa does the -- Laker deal. Rhetorical quickly big kitchen just text me and it -- right. The draft pick that the sellers got where it to Hitler -- I believe came from the lakers. I believe people lakers all of that mass spectrum back into a relatively -- -- -- -- data via the accurate they changed the -- you couldn't do that try to do that after that -- are ahead -- fox and again good call -- from -- -- next -- erupted in Johnson -- -- in. Good morning guys zero O Wilson apparently little or belief in my estimation with a guy for a guy you know the fifty something -- You'll also got to talk about the Rondo trade -- remember will block any extra fuel weren't so. Those guys that are -- I love those fifty guys -- can do that at I don't. But anyway it's one -- that was -- Randall's quote I would immediately got up there about a quarter of a second that you may feel. I mean you look at Turkish team right now when you look at it in that situation ricochet and -- that I can whether Rondo is it federal networks. This -- there's no other community shooting percentage is up because he's got touched the ball more. They seemed to play better when they handle the ball all he distributed amongst themselves and they don't -- it's great and I think one that was a great boycott. They seem to play better with that but according. How would understand you're likely to go back pretty filed with the Celtics aren't hurt -- the Charlie got to be treated watched all of west won't. We -- college -- what a terrible he would. When -- -- helped me a world championship be credible they got. -- rod DJ and Americans with Seattle you know bat great. Yeah we. Are. Salt and white. But what did you think they'll route -- see this but missed his trade if it happens it's not two dimensional has to be a thirteen involve what a clipper deal. Because regardless of what you think of power what you think of Rondo. You not bring it Howard here in my opinion with KG still on the train with team with Kate they hate each other I just. I couldn't I suppose nothing's impossible I would be shocked and eat but I would be shocked if Ron effort if KG and Howard are playing. On the same team I'm just be shocked if that happened that's why -- the -- deal makes sense. See the common denominator key I think -- to get a guy that has the potential to rebound late this guy complete defense like this guy in the what you what you think -- -- -- report that light up with a kitchen well what you guys here that are. Steps like this are going to be here for the next re interview looked into -- these guys get up at. Three terrorists and such but two -- more yet but the thing about this -- it does work. Now you can shop because -- -- that they look at the potential with the if he'd get does the dirty work to KG automatically it's gonna have to -- -- of the port or stuff like that that's. We've got a -- -- more about the chemistry -- those two on the same team that's you have to be concerned about that. Our concern but let's think that I mean luckily it sweet nice human being that. -- human being and yes a very compassionate guy. You guys I still think that -- with as much as -- -- his game at a picnic out back kind of personality. It's gonna be a topic -- a market store here let me -- explain this. Good he's he's completed its title and apparently and everybody critique his game I think you can't play -- -- people aren't up until that up on the -- it's around. So who's that. They're very short memories a lot of them I think there are -- -- friends out -- -- get her on our members don't want though I look at it this way a Ray Allen is in Miami for a lot less money because he wouldn't play in the same backcourt we've Rondo Jeff green is completely different player now that Rondo was down I think I don't want if you ever played organized ball. I don't care how good players there are intangibles involved you have to get along without here on out on emotional personal level no question -- and on the -- I don't doubt. She doesn't work out back to tasteful in what I think it works out regularly right now and it automatically works I. Their content that it would at all it works well because she cut short but what that. And procedures made a great point I mean. -- don't you kissed a bunch of people we know that he's not like that you and I -- this game but he's not there's -- partly guy with people and I'm sure he thought that. But who wears what superstar apple when you didn't of course has got -- that as a warm as the warmest I got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Down there somewhere in the greater Foxboro area there's no one more competitive on the field but would you want a better teammate as your team leader Tom Brady. Knowledge and properties to record -- and most of those guys are out there you know in this. Look it's that's why I'm saying I would look liberal we will look in the future and see if Rondo. Can change again in my direct I -- right and that's that's all it and if he can't. Then I'm all for you know you gotta do something because with this particular team and the way it's headed. He has to be able to change what he does is still better team with him than without him but. He has to be willing to change up his game a little bit I don't you have to be a lot just a little bit because you can't deny the fact the way to move the ball and everything else I love -- playing. But I just I refuse to believe a guy as talented as Rondo can't. -- act a little bit and and still be a facilitator without being a jerk about it Norplant yeah I don't I say -- idea car. Parked you know what science and six and 777. I like that for literally I love it and now we shouldn't go mr. hanky the Christmas throughout classic at the six -- -- on 79. 7937. Larry's helping Glenn Wallace stuff out of the building you'll be back next week beat Jeffords Philly yeah will be back after -- -- -- --

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