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It's Mustard and Johnson - WITH PETE SHEPPARD! - Craig and Pete Say Goodbye to the Legendary Glenn Ordway

Feb 16, 2013|

Pete is in for LJ today and he and Craig get things going talking about their friend and co-worker Glenn Ordway. These guys go way back with the Big-O and it's great to hear them reminisce.

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Well one of these days mustard in Johnson teacher and preacher will give back together again our trials separation will extend for. Yet another week. Two weeks ago Larry work repeat shepherd last week mother nature prevented my journey from nearby -- us over to brighten. -- shepherded that soul thing and today. Yet another mix and match Chinese menu and shepherd and a follow you -- now. I'll have a little chicken finger. And so -- before Maine and he did a great job you were calling me out yesterday last week that was -- again for the communication business that we are Craig there's such a lack of communication. As most of you know and you know -- -- wondered what it really is so the message never got back was just we were Matt and I were just generally concerned about -- -- saw what was all came from a sincere her compassion. That each shepherd is known for and you know I was listening UP. And apparently last week the only way you manage to get into the studio was you can't that a nearby hotel like the day before yeah. I -- -- I call Jason I said look if you want and I figured he was gonna do anyway and -- and it reservations for all the staff which he did or somebody -- shots did whatever but I'd sit on a -- myself from the -- trouble which -- -- checked and at the courtyard Marriott down the street over -- over the bridge in -- are very nice. Let me at 10:30 in the morning as opposed to the normal 3 o'clock check in time. Well to sum up their twelfth for watched watch that what the -- for my. From the window. I tried to do this -- years ago I tried to go from Long Island to Connecticut in the middle of the blizzard on boy and I made it to about Norwalk Connecticut and -- just about that I decided that discretion the better. Part of valor as they say you did a great job and speaking where of forces of nature -- we would be remiss. If we did not start off the show because of the last time we actually worked together you may not remember this was about ten years ago. And in those days before you took over the fill in duties on the big show and -- where it was taking his plethora. No vacations. -- to handle those duties and we worked together. For a week I remember over Fenway Park a couple of shows -- 20022000. Yeah -- yacht somewhere in that era. And of course the last three days absolutely stunning and amazing. And -- three of the best days of radio I have spurred. As maybe the greatest broadcaster certainly in this area. Bid farewell at least for now. Yeah no question and obviously glimmers dear friend of -- -- spoken. No -- on the air and off -- over the last three days and you know I know how much displacement to him might go home what's. You know what he did for this entire community what in what he did for Sports Radio what he's done for so many people like myself and bringing me on board back in 1999. And I remember Mike and I remember the rougher started -- year I was doing flash is for you when Larry on the weekends. -- back -- back way back in 1995. While -- you guys started. Back in the day when I was over at metro would select where sauces now and occasionally here so. -- -- He he is he's an icon and I'm a month ago when a cargo for his -- because it's been gone over the last three days and everybody knows about it. He will always be a dear friend I wish him nothing but the best is no doubt in my mind you'll land on its feet. And -- kickass rivers -- she's a very very talented guy. And he knows his stuff and you know no I was I I don't care what focus group is out there I don't give a damn. -- know what some people in this business may or may not think of on and to me it's it's it's it's a gigantic. Loss. It's a gigantic loss for the station it's a gigantic loss for the sports a talk show community in general will never be the. Same again and quite appropriately. I listened to the last half are aware of where is the perfect place the best tribute. To listen to Glen ward weight in a parking lot -- that's -- was I was about to go to Roche Brothers and little shopping -- -- and I said you know what this is exactly the apropos wins it was glanced laptop last arms how many people. Millions of listeners over the years -- spent time in a parking lot. Listening to the wire line in not getting out of that car until the water line in last call is over sometimes it was 6 o'clock sometimes -- know 68 deed seven 645 up. That's 630. Is that looked at the clock at 630 finally ended and I spent really that was the perfect place -- -- the last half hour gluttony in a park. Absolutely and how many times Greg you've been and obviously for years and years I was with him during the one line but. I have you here we've had people on the air. Get -- actions while listen to the show laughing hysterically I've heard the story many time bills from the gracious list is up -- calling him. About their own wireline stories of almost crack in the car up haven't pullover. Because there were laughing so hard to something or something during the show that happened that was so hysterically. Funny signed relished that that that just couldn't take it that a couple over and led the last word last night. Mr. Lenny Clarke what hilarious sendoff yes lot analysts serious and often on the arriving to try to paraphrase it. If you heard it last night at 630 Tom line it's perfect yet its online action action missile -- an action missed the last fifty mineral -- -- Because that I was out about my my way to once Americans but an actual -- rough there. Are black the I licences to. All three days triple past fifteen minutes but I did you know I -- I called in my little message and spoke to one last night after the show so. He will be missed big time and I always kid my a two children Bryson and -- I said the war for mister ward where it is they wanted to know what happened we were talking about it my wife and I were talking about. I'm glad they said well what's the big deal about Glen -- when I say kids. Just look at this house look at your mother look in the mirror and it really if you think about it award for -- -- way. You wouldn't be alive right now glad hired me way back in August of 1990. I was doing New York radio work while I would not come up here and he's got their story about how -- started them in the business. Seriously if you look at I -- what life is random it's fragmented it's it's you know everything's delicately balanced but it land did not hire me. I wouldn't have met my wife appeared. Who was the -- some reworked to WEEI. In my kids -- wouldn't have been warned it would be they are today I mean you think about it. I absolutely tremendous impacted again you know I I got to EI and in some capacity 95 and then while and I were doing weekend show. For 9798. And then in jokes on went to go to Minnesota Timberwolves. Our television screen I in -- yes or security W yes yes and no it's not just like when asked was why it -- Yeah we don't. It was great a couple -- to get your area are still relevant those stories and and you know what I still remember when -- -- and you know call me up there's so little to do on the weekends it's on -- you said trust -- east it is going to be a gazillion. People applying for the job you're going to be the guy let's go to launch tomorrow this was on after Russia was on the report Monday -- once. And a rest the dresses and of course that -- assume the other opportunities for -- with television appearances and everything -- because Oakland right in not to take away from the talent that you -- on hand and you have. Two very distinct skill sets to say the least but. Tells you how great -- was he could work with Sean it was very script -- that was playing a character clever. I know -- for many many years burgers and such of such a bright mashal -- you're -- and the massacre ever required -- yet if any comes in then you come and replacing him. Totally on the old dogs all motion. All hang in the -- -- convictions in -- was able to do it. It was able workable the you guys able to inform you exactly the right. And I always I was admire -- for the way -- epic have learned a lot from as far as hosting the show and being you know obviously filling in for all of the years in the big show and other shows now and and he may be a much better broadcast -- trying to get harness the get the best out of people. They'll play to their strengths and just try to get the best out of them win because you know sometimes you work so kosice you don't work but it never work with him. And you don't know what you don't know what to expect him as a filling up process that goes along with -- by. The way -- did it and was able to. Handle all the different personalities and get the best out of them guarantee some election on the data was a brilliant writer great baseball mind great hockey mind as well. But you can you can tell he was a little comfortable -- first. Maybe the first show but after that I mean Glenn did a great job not just semi I mean -- the list is endless what he did. To get the the most out of people and it's showed -- obviously showed the ratings. Well and think about this as we said at the top of this broadcast both of us have done fairly extensive fill -- work on the big show over the years. Not an easy thing to do not easy to be in this chair. And try do. Work with three other people all the -- try to give everyone involved everyone has a different personality everybody has a different contribution level different intensity. It is really hard to deal. Now result is no question -- -- the people don't understand some times of the prep work macros -- is not just watching games and you don't show up at you know. Oakland which open ten minutes too but that doesn't mean he didn't do his homework got well in advance and he certainly did I know I know I do oil Detroit don't try to do and he can't know. Everything about everything. But you try to do your best you watch game tape games you you you read as much as you can. Today were against the Celtics you know big time because of big trade was one Nazis it's a huge story this morning about. It -- -- end of the one thing in this business that some of the media writers are not all of them but solemn some of the listeners. I I just wish that to be here sometimes and realize what happens some behind the scenes some of those some. It albums as the hard worker goes in behind the scenes and a lot of it has to do with the production crew that's here I mean Indian -- for for years were great Sudan. Is here now bank with a with eviction or ignored the old big show. Those guys have a lot to do with -- -- sedition I mean Glenn was the best he was the but I always -- called -- drug was excited -- we all. Had this incredible chemistry but Glenn was Glenn was Jerry -- Anyway you believe you are any great comedy and you were in astute observer of television and movies T. Any great comedy you have your comic characters who come and deliver the funny lines ally Kramer worker stanza. You need that one guy you need the straight guy the semi straight guy to keep it all began via the everything has didn't revolve around that one person. And he has any in your name wherever that character is in great comedy. You have to have that one person to keep at all going that was Glen ward -- I think of up great book written about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't see -- but. The great line. And they asked Carson Carson was interviewed is obviously Andy Garcia is still the greatest -- out -- with apps over. They asked them it was they were battling over gas and it'll -- producer didn't want the any of the guest on any of them that shows in the fighting him. In the whole thing in. And -- remark was. I was close about the man behind the desk it's about the man behind the desk and Glenn was the man behind the -- -- and total command. Total control and that's what made him special and he understood every aspect of the business. He understood sports in this the other thing that people forget not only was the consummate broadcaster. Is the consummate broadcaster. Glenn to put the analysis. Into sports torque rated. We were doing you know in your favorite pizza. -- give us a call and what do you like -- it would feel like and it showed regret not yeah or I don't show Greek vs Italian pizza boxers for all the got -- quite easily scratch Billups or title was -- funny Michelle -- scavenger -- you know up your favorite -- -- -- give us a call. Going came -- Get rid of that whole soul low -- talk show mentality. -- people up. We started actually talking about the teams in Boston. And we analyze the teams we got into the nuances it wasn't just trivia at all these ridiculous. Gimmicky show is just to get people call now -- understood. He did did I think -- and he was he was a master at it and I agree there is hosting shows -- David -- on the -- sequenced and the to -- they were wasted time I was in my teens and and twenties back then. In and I predict a decision that was a 27. Years old. But I I couldn't stand that's a place to get aggravated by it like beyond belief guess what it's sort of award -- and Hardaway was able to convince. Management different ownership back in those days it was worth spending the money. For two most instead of one if you're gonna get better. Quality radio that's to begin 95 which really we were in the prehistoric ages before -- back up by guy and he. The real sports talk radio began a fortunately I was let go by that point as a full timer Glenn took us into. The modern world. -- -- I remember in 95 when it was I was there the day it happens I got hired at metro which was an affiliation with a W -- yeah I don't -- remember Jason. And show on whatever being over the channels are building. -- I am I just I just walked in that day I was working to -- around central mass and I said you know what I can at the American and -- pretty compromise bill introduced in. I just walked -- -- happen to be I had no idea happened to the same day they were expanding and hiring. Always different people on the rest is history -- the -- started I was on Wednesday they started that Saturday with you when Larry. Paramount reporting. Over at the old. Wherever you are all that they -- aren't whenever they called us Sullivan shape for all god patriotic call that old building used to go over -- to get tape for our lots are all he had that was that in a myself back then myself from now and again all due to -- a myself from -- -- and others -- -- busted -- bought. You know we're we had to -- -- five dollar counts and and you do all these reports from different stations in that part of the job was to get stuff free -- the end usually equipment worked. Well -- you know and we don't wanna get too -- -- -- and there are certain scribes out there who are claiming that a lot of these tributes and eulogies there a -- on the overly sentimental side but. If you ever worked for gland you were very fortunate many people going on to bigger. And better things in all started to me way back in 1990. My career didn't exactly take off by Oakland lot a lot of different things as I said. And I think we all home. A very big thank you know there is no question about it there's no question about it some people haven't said -- been -- yet. -- no bad though I'm shocked I shouldn't be shocked at. I'm from what I've heard a much talked about it but. Am disappointed. Right there disappointing that as some people who which will await gigantic thank you to disguise a -- camera forgot what does not even a -- are assigned post. Okay let's -- -- your bottles ship -- of that would pick your typical ever come up I don't paper cups up there by the computers so well this isn't a business with which we are frozen and that we -- and that. Yeah and the appreciate -- for Europe and helping us signatures that anyway that is my tribute I'm paying homage all day long in my mind if you like you. Contribute to that 617779. 7937. -- line up and running 37937.

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