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Lisa Scherber calls to express what the Big O has meant to her and the Jimmy Fund

Feb 15, 2013|

Lisa is most often associated with WEEI and the Jimmy Fund Telethon, having worked so closely with the station through the years she has developed relationships with the people here and calls to offer her thoughts and well-wishes for Glenn Ordway.

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Back here on the planet Mikey show on a Friday nights that kind of a special Friday night. And that Boston radio has has lost a legend and Hedo again let me reiterate the Glen -- has not passed away thank god -- just -- Moving on to a new horizon. He's been so good at what he does for somebody years and a one person that I know knows this as well as anybody. Is Lisa server from the Jimmy Fund. And Lisa you know and I know big Glen got so much. Out of doing the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Every single year and work reviewing all the kids and everybody down there at Fenway Park. He mentioned yesterday that's one thing he's gonna miss very much Lisa how are you. I Mikey I'm god how EL ID AQ. I actually never called in re establish our -- you know if I needed it for tonight yes where have led to your release that. Well I get an honor to have known him for so many years. And I think what Glenn has done for so many charities and I know actually are articulate. Has been like changing. For so many people I think like eating our staff and yet they're so many people out there that care. He has the ability -- where would you -- your scientists. Bring in his or her at her and get their pockets and hear their stories and and truly open -- car. Well each teacher put his heart so to that -- Israel Dooley said that -- so good at these things you know I said this yesterday. It's one thing to always have something to say. You know it's it it's another thing to always have the right thing to say great and he was so really really good at that. Exactly I think -- heart is as it pulled in now I ate he'd just that true. A true who raped her and and I think -- Rondo wasn't Beijing and I think ski do you leave on top which has been great lately. And I know our our I this year but it Guinea -- clinic. -- -- -- -- You would act and that are here. That's a stretch at the immediate let complete cure rate because he was. I went and you list. -- and I. I remember seeing for the first time lock -- at the camp out and I Arctic they are a little bit environment that we're gonna all in that in Atlanta. Perfect and no one of the best parties ever because T. That brought into play and hit twinkle in that I -- and the kids a lot can really believe cute -- So you bailed me out because now we are and has little. Backed out of that last minute so I called gland and he really became that we can't so that's the current guy he had so I get wanted to Colin. And and let him know that we -- door camp and hopefully I'll. Hopefully he's here in this as he makes his way home from the building here tonight I'm sure he he'll probably have it at least catch wind of it one way -- the other Lisa and again all the you do is so amazing and I he was so. Glad to be a big part of it and you know that's it as you said the kind of guys he is and I want to ask you to I got -- I told him to bring a whole gigantic. Box full of baseball cards for the kids at that at that at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. So if you don't mind of reports on holes like get a contact number from yet. But I want a Big Dig my way down -- next couple weeks and and drop off a whole bunch of baseball cards for kids are all right thanks Lisa I -- Michael.

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