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Glenn Ordway's impact carries over to Planet Mikey

Feb 15, 2013|

Mikey gives some thoughts about the guy who got him started here, the Big O. We'll all miss the Big O and mostly everyone here owe him for getting us our start.

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Well I guess. I wanna thank -- for leave and they were the most difficult act to follow the history of radio. -- Unbelievable. Afternoon of a memories today. And interestingly the memories and almost you probably feel the same way you go eighteen years. In in a drive time slot on radio station like this you know we were talking about millions of people. -- merger over the years so these are shared memories of the big show. -- not just mean did they go in India and all the folks who worked on the show but after the listeners as well because. Let's face this was an epic program. An historic program. In the world of Sports Radio. And in the world to WEEI and in Boston and New England. As a matter of fact so while a sad day out tie up have been fired fifteen times as a toll along time ago world radio. It doesn't matter how many times you get fired -- how many times you get hired he gets fired fifteen times and hired sixty -- stone business. And a big -- is still reduces although I've never her having hernia official word on any futures for him. He hasn't died. About a piece of the radio station certainly has today and we go on from here restart restart. Tonight and you know I welcome all of you people out there or -- fans and their millions of to take part in tonight's program from me which -- -- be an easy program do but I -- your help we get through it. At six point 77797937. As a they mentioned during the Rachel a lot of material that was shipped into the wider lightning is Andy was just overwhelmed overwhelmed. With content. From people calling in to say yeah -- go by the -- go -- and to the big show arrested as it has been for so many years and he is inundated. So -- will be here all night long I'm sure editing and putting on the yeah. WEEI dot com website some of your contributions. To today's -- or -- show. You know it's it's hard to imagine really because -- EE BQE we -- ready AME fifty for so long. And just word about that from from the radio perspective. AM has long been I remember I remember when AM first started to become kind of vote. Today via. Medium that was going -- would FM stereo -- a long long time ago and you know this there's obviously you lose a M legal under bridge. And I you know heard pad to place just gave him the signal. So for the ratings. To be -- has tremendously. Down and it is they were. Under those circumstances Sony years you know with people were out there searching out. And finding. The guy who were in any way they -- and listening under under extreme duress. Signal wise. Because of what was on the air because of the current ten in the fun and I think we're -- we're Graham was a pioneer was. And taking the talk show format into the world of sports and make it fun for everybody. It's been a really long and winding road here and a -- what I've been listening. I can -- now to the the big show for it in its entirety its entire duration. And that we're gonna visit very much. Pressure on you feel the same -- But we will go on from here and Michael Holley who we all love will do what he can do to continue there and it's going to be very tough for Michael so why ask you. To be loyal to take him. Make it easier on him to work to take over the of these other big shoes their gigantic shoes that's in a figurative sense. And I think Richard Gordon does he even half feet. Don't ever seen him he hasn't. But I don't think they're big shoe size but when you talk about his mammoth presence in the world of radio this marketplace. They're gigantic the -- Bob -- issues. Without any question. -- -- we're gonna open up the phones to all of you tonight to talk about this that or that or this or whatever you want. On the program and I packed and you I reckon you wall to help me out would despite being my cohost tonight -- -- -- -- writer -- Yet that I offer guests I mean he told me last say -- -- is that are we doing. It is -- wine tasting party. We are talking about. One conference I don't know where writers but. Who missed no Lenny is just me and you at 617779. Seven. 937. And to the world goes on the world of sports the world radio the world WEEI. Will continue. Despite what does -- momentous day -- it I think a tremendous show we're gonna give credit to. India the -- -- both those guys who work and that showed today had to be difficult but amazing. Amount of people affected by the bingo in his career here. And you're here and of all over everywhere they're on TV either on the radio. They're writing in newspapers. Yeah you really can't go. To -- sectors without hearing or finding. Somebody who was affected by the big show either as -- you know. Advance of their careers. I mean there was a time when really -- you work nothing. If you if you hadn't been on the big show in this market from a sports perspective and that that goes for. Former athletes -- writers. Radio TV people. It's currently reminds me of vote when Rickey Henderson became Nolan Ryan's. 5000 strikeout so when asked him why that's kind of cool. In abuses -- that weird for you to be his 5000 strike on Rickey Henderson said. If he'd struck you out -- nobody well it's kind of like that with -- -- because everybody that's anybody. Has come through that program. In one form or another and if not his has certainly been ridiculed by that show at -- at or laughed about by that show. So a truly a moment of history IQ over haven't a couple of drinks are -- Six point 77797937. Planet Mikey overboard till nine tonight the patio we have at 9 o'clock tonight we have. We're going to be joining some NBA thing what are they doing at 9 o'clock you know what's going on nine. -- did you start out. It there's this introduction to the all star OK so we got -- -- tied to the NBA we don't know what it is but that. -- party like it's 1999. To say to Glenn you know I reservists. Is wedding and we talked about how Brooke I was is -- I was at his fiftieth birthday party that he had his house on his dogs and friends and -- run around. And heights and and Raddatz the world house. Or just that our elected here was the -- even those two guys got together start laugh a minute that's all you could hear from miles around and talk about two. Absolutely booming voices and they were just involved in a lot of funny stories and laugh really hard. A big go and I of course we go back many whiny -- awards nights and a lot of big shows back in the old days there was a time when the -- encouraged me to call. The accompanied it was selling. Pants in implants for your pants a major but look bigger. For better or something an idea he encouraged me his back in the nineties. To call as -- ads and order up some -- we did that and in this station you know the dictum there's saying no more no more prank calls could be used suit. This is an -- an unlimited amount of memories for you for me for everybody. When it comes to the yeah. The unbelievable. Big show which shot as its as you have heard as we've -- it has come to an end today. I -- thank the Eagles released -- -- me -- well six point 77797937. Now let me ask you question. It is -- anything you want talk about from a sports perspective we can do that. We don't care which talk about tennis is one of those craziness like studied molesters school. Talk about whatever you feel like talking about will go right to the polls right now we're at 1 o'clock mark in Chelsea you're on the planet Mikey show hallmark. I don't think I sort of -- -- -- That they go one out with such plots. Should you -- be devastated. -- probably erred in my voice sets like that happened to me yet but I hear that you're in saw a row. History in that it and like Heidi I just so much more pick. It bought pure pure realism -- it and you are shocked. You're sure -- Europe Rick Harrell. A problem I noted that the that the the McDonald's like you'll. Yes Upton of of it every so because he's not he's clearly not done it's not like seat. Although would've somewhere Asia might compare it to. You know Willie Mays leave in the giants and go to the Mets. You know he a lot of people -- never should molested giants. I for one reason or another he ended up about on the new York -- it's not really like that because the big O is not done he's he's still every bit. To a degree I gotta say this. I think -- some of his ratings dominance might have been affected by -- and I hate it hate to do this but it's true in my mind. The failure of the Red Sox the last three years to be you know worthy of of their fan base. Don't we had a lot of success. The big show and and and with our affiliation with a Red Sox and everybody -- of the same ride Red Sox were were of the big big thing the top story the flavor of the year. Every single year for awhile there. They went downhill a little bit and I think the that not hurt the effort the radio station but you know in particular the bigoted as you said true professional market thanks for the call. And every every step of the way. The bigger I was always the thing about him -- -- suppressed ringleader -- If you if you are like in this radio station to -- or his show in particular to a circus. It was the ringmaster. Okay. He was the guy bring -- and push it a -- keep things movement and to do so in in such a fashion for such a long times a remarkable. And trust me when -- tell Davis. No one will ever surpass. A record of dominance in Boston radio for eighteen years as he did it'll never happen. It will never happen again. Not in the days of cookie cutter programming. And you know unimaginative. I mean look at this is a genre that was clearly defined by. The big go especially here -- Boston let's go to CT he's in Rhode Island Pelosi today. And that -- -- -- great on -- why do. Name my new partner. And I didn't know it I not want to let it -- out every day that -- out acquired. And then I love your. Thank you hit it. I don't know what to think it would like looks like that. -- pack of active club yes I hope your -- is he taller than 54. -- -- -- You know it listen the thing about it about this this does is good is going to be an empty space on the shelf. For a while you know not yet not you know literally but figuratively. And Michael -- noses and and Glen loves Michael may have been a great relationship. -- only what Michael's a really really good guy and that you know there's very few people. Who could work and and and just blend right in the the way Michael did with the big go when that it when that last transition happened but you know. He actually that our -- choked up but yet there he was starting to he got through it though and -- were all proud of that as he got through better than them most people who -- running room watching. I'm currently the only girl that -- -- actually were I had your girl about my yeah. You're not the only girl would CT you're probably one of the nicest ones I'll work and thanks for the girl. I know about it and -- praise you're hearing how you can -- look at I've been radio. -- so well god -- I can't dispute before they even had radio you don't when Marconi was still there. And so you have we have seen a lot of these changes coming on -- this is the big one though for for those of us here and thanks for the call CT.

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