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Glenn Ordway signs off for the final time at WEEI

Feb 15, 2013|

For his final Last Call, Big O talks about working with the entire Big Show staff and then Michael, Andy, and Ben share their thoughts on Glenn. Ordway takes the time to thank some of the people who work behind-the-scenes at WEEI and all the people who have listened to the show over the years.

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Want to say this Michael -- Com when this old big show trio was broken up by it was not the happy as a person in the world and an account through couple names at the end. When you work with the -- that guy and they were OK but I wasn't really thrilled and when they threw your name at me it was somebody that. I knew well I trusted as a friend and somebody that I had worked with before and show and I certainly was excited to do it and for the last two years I've had a blast doing the show with you and as I said -- on Wednesday. We've created a bond a relationship that will last -- forever I wish you the best of -- going forward. And you've been a joy to work with every single they have thoroughly enjoyed it really I really appreciate you. Immigrants as wanna say that. Like a lot of people here in New England like a lot of fans in New England. Who have in in enjoyed. Some of the media personalities in this town. I'm the same way I mean. I've had an opportunity to work -- at the globe with with Bob Ryan's first person I -- a lot in the globe's Bob Bryan Jack in the moment Dan Shaughnessy will McDonough. -- a guy here working with dale true professional classy. Smoot. And the opportunity to to work with you was amazing I really found myself as a fan and every situation because. You you wanna sit back and if -- -- about Ryan if they tell you what you have a deadline when you not think about that you think about public Reebok Brian -- a listen that they don't wanna listen to. To grant award way and so is truly been an honor and a blessing. Not to work with you have learned a lot from you have watched you yet watch you when you didn't even know I was paid paying attention taught me a lot. And even even away from the radio that's great conversation with the phone I mean we we can talk about anything week in which was about it a few late nights together early on you know the great thing about you on the air and everybody has said in his true. You're the ultimate point guard the ultimate quarterback you know what everybody's strengths that is. And you can bring the best out of everybody and what the conversation no matter how serious topic is. With the whiner line at the end of the day you always knew you gonna have a laugh but even some things that people were afraid to laugh about it just made the conversation more accessible. And it really broaden the conversation. Because it brought a lot of perspectives into it but this is one thing I. I have no idea. What this is what this new show was gonna become in what is gonna evolve into but I can promise you. Can promise you that. I will. Protect. In advance. Your legacy your legacy is not only that slot your legacy is this station. And we do the best they can keep going on agreement. With mr. Installs he's your friend and equipment. America to break character but you probably up from a young -- and all the BS about you coming -- -- -- you're the most prepared -- I've ever been around and your hard worker and he went on your feet and I wish you well and a we'll see them -- Now we'll say this the success of the -- line is due mainly to an emotional -- he is a master. And not only being able to take in all of those sort calls but to be able to. Actually edit them and make them make sense. In a little ten or fifteen minutes segment and and -- I will always cherish what you've done. What has become kind of a benchmark. For me in my program. Bingo I've known you for one year two months intend is not and I'm counting or anything like prisons every single -- me about -- by the way you put orbits -- -- I've worked with Madison don't hire now Matty it is way. But you're the reason I got into radio I used to go home after class play man when my buddies and listen to the big show and that's when I got the idea that I wanted to do radio and it was all for you and it was a dream come true. To come -- and producers show and I'm eternally thankful for everything you've done for me and I'll see you again soon. Norris and some of them are nervous about it are going to be the last guy to talk a lot of -- record will never be broken law says something about you never you've always been a a wonderful friend and I want to set the record straight. There was a time when used to this all of a soft as you were late on a regular basis and you tell the truth went over the last eight years with the exception of one night. One night. I don't know whether you're visiting her car wash your car filthy at the time traffic you -- straighten out Iraq and I'm really proud and really on the that you are and a wonderful extreme talent there's nobody that is where Kuwait. The Mikey Adams Mario Michael and Syria provide everybody -- and I say the same to Indy oval that I said do you the other day last year. Which you've been able to do to help Michael -- out I'll never forget. It's been an unbelievable -- from now on the -- John grandy too writing a a nice the script for me here but we'd be here to globally fifty. I could hire Jack Edwards put it probably would be really mean. I went -- one out. So I figured I would just to get a higher Shaughnessy in the bigger than management -- -- They were completely. -- just to put off the -- because that's how I I always. It's been an unbelievable ride have been here since 1986. The Boston Celtics I love doing that job it was as much fun as I take anybody. Who grew up in this town was abroad wanted to be a broadcaster. You couldn't ask for more I got the opportunity to work with the Bruins for two years. And work around Red Sox broadcast as well but the last eighteen years. And being able to put together not only dish. But the part of the start of something very very significant in this market across the country. I spent -- Ferrell joined -- for me there was no heavy lifting. It was a blast I came to work everyday and I absolutely loved what I was doing which I could have done it for more hours and I do apologize for those vacations I took but. Did wanna spend some time with my family. I will say this that I have the utmost respect for a lot of people at this radio station I know many of them now or taking a beating out there. Everybody's time comes and goes in the areas -- period in which you can excel at something. And it doesn't mean that you're done you're washed up where you were over means that the marketplace. Is changing -- and you have to change of the marketplace. And that's exactly what's going on here to John and Jerry. That show was. Your radio goal for the longest period of time and hopefully we'll continue to do -- -- ultimate respectable to those guys you're wonderful broadcasters. I think Gail for everything he did as I said the other day from -- day one. Without -- I'm not sure we could have done a lot of the stuff. And Lou have been guys that we've got to work with more recently and we can see what great guys and then -- great talent they are. I also want to thank you won't be -- Always been a guy that. I take -- Well he's the type again I want to give you one quick funny story to kind of break it up wee bit of a dinner with the Terry Francona one night Michael and I animal role. We have the food out and we have the wind going and Tito was on a roll and Tito was telling -- -- and I just. We could have written from the prologue to what we -- written tersely it was a prologue it wants half the stuff are written a book I learned that night. We could have written three books which Terry Francona got to put Francona. And so when the most off color jokes at the time that was cool are unbelievable. What. And players were calling him at that time that night while we were there but the best was when we asked I forget who asked the question about. Managing Michael Jordan he starts telling his Jordan stories in the Jordan stories Phnom. And won't be like who we love you because there's nobody better in the business of getting us on the air and getting us off here decided. It was gonna interrupt -- went to was own Michael Jordan's story because Jordan at one time jumped over his equipment and almost killed himself. The old Chicago stadium trying to save a ball from going up and we wanted to manager Robert wanted to corner and the bunkers and the Michael Jordan stories stopped. And I love him dearly and I love these guys the producers. The engineer and -- -- wanna thank all of them as well and of course every single one of the co host many of it and you heard here today. You guys made the show. I could not done it by myself I keep reading that if it were just me and that showed trust me you wouldn't sit me sit here today saying all these nice things you're saying about. And I wouldn't does help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do not believe that this is Jason -- decision. -- Jason wolf. Was the one who came and told me the other night on Tuesday night that they were moving on and I was done and Jason -- did that. Because he got. He understood me. He knew how I would react and he knew everything was gonna be okay. I've not heard from a lot of other management people and to me that's extremely disappointing. Lot of -- awards have been one of displace. Lot of money has been made for a lot of people. We have had an unbelievable ride with great success. For that I am slightly disappointed but once again I understand. It is a business and we're all going to move -- The other thing I wanna say -- I want to thank all of the people out there who have a -- and text. You would not believe you heard one of the owners here today one of the coaches. I've heard from a lot of coaches how to manage as a lot of owners in this town. And this is what makes Boston so great. These guys yet again. These are guys that probably would never want me to tell you what they said to be on the phone because I beat the crap out of them at times over the last eighteen years. Together they understand the emotional attachment that we sports fans -- What are Boston sports teams and I'm telling you. Guys out there that's what makes this the greatest sports town in America -- opportunity before us on this latest contract to do what national -- I turned it down. Because I love this down and I probably will end up staying in the stone because I need it. It's that juice that you get every day with the emotional attachment to these teams been one of the greatest writes in Boston sports history we've all been part of and finally to you up there I think every one of you. I hope you understood. The last few days I think many of you did some of you obviously thought it was crude rude. Arrogant. Well maybe I was but it was part of what we were doing here as Michelle I didn't mean it to hurt anybody out there. And the one thing I will never forget was when my family was in trouble. You were all there for me. For that I will never ever forget you guys. So thanks everybody Michael good luck to you know move -- forward. You -- all catch me around the corner someplace so I'll keep the Dutch. Thanks to burger I do have my Twitter account available at some free time they've been -- about me now for the last year about how I can't wait. -- -- -- I got free time. I'm going to be twit my -- -- our Glenn. Thanks for the right everybody. It's been unbelievable. Aussie around the block. -- -- --

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