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Glenn Ordway's final Big Show (Hour 4): Big O says goodbye

Feb 15, 2013|

The original flashboy Sean Grande, now the voice of the Celtics, helps start the final hour of Glenn's last show. Big O participates in his final Whiner Line and wraps up the show in style with a goodbye to all the listeners.

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VC stump speech you know with holly and a big go on Sports Radio WEEI. Today on this Friday big show. No there's only one month actually could build the case before it left -- Ecuador -- Iran apparently does have a heart attack and I doubt his area of expertise could be discussed on the Airways. Joining -- today is we hold the Irish week -- -- -- -- you're not get enough that easy now we're gonna roast your rats. From a former. Today we got the -- himself already with one foot out the door and got his partner in crime -- good friend Michael Holley at his side. That they don't believe that Barack. They did everybody else that's the fact that their jobs. Plus we got our -- that's exactly twice -- hi John sauce CA on the sports -- is standing up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we closed the day off with only their whiner line. Give us a call it 6177793535. And -- board we know he's finally on his way. -- -- -- -- What is he. 50 are you vote for. Let's be friends. Come on Palin to go -- and started that I. All joining the mighty big go one more time for the ages Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Days per. Carl big show. I final hours here we make goes daddy showed you a little bit over a 6 o'clock because I've never been one who could actually. Leave a wife and propelled him that problem from that is so. Elementary schools -- we -- gold but later. 6 o'clock I Andy's gonna put the whole show up on now our website WB PI dot com we have it was an old they shall plus this. WTI. Dot com slash classic I get my -- out earlier today my two children. Is he's a big part of the start of the show. He was with me many times in those those meeting rooms where we were trying to figure out what would work and this is good this is crap this crap. And he was a a big part of that the the one thing I will say though is a check out his -- every once -- why don't I don't see it on his resident I don't. It's like your career started when she started doing play by play and that's like the -- life was like that there was nothing -- -- I did the big show the way young actor does porn you know I needed the money out -- you know he's kind of forget about it with him on them or. Thank although a lot of people called new attitude this stuff like that. Not you that you are you don't want to hold on I just want one I want just one question it's. Did you write this form I didn't write what. You write everything this -- I don't. -- -- You know what the beauty of people still think I'd do that because of this -- haven't done that like five years but yet it's. It's beautiful I love that -- -- people thought in the forgot about those open you don't look at -- great I appreciate that let's break it up built to like you forget how to weeded out the work. After what you just script they are really I just -- -- I wanna -- or home number. -- yeah. Hey hey you know he can beat one guy. -- I've heard nobody today and spent those incredible book -- met with people called him but nobody. As part of the culture of hate you created at the station -- -- Mexico. And hated that -- is that everybody is it that we were just a riot among residents. Of people skeptical lock up but that's random bit and immediately people like to make it up. We have a situation where we had direct stick was one of the producers. And -- left to take another job he went to work for Fred that was Smart. Good business move but anyway he it gives to which it's. So we said let's make it a bit on -- -- so we made an orbit we basically says listen we gonna get better against you saw you can't get a good guest. It was a good guest well at the time Dennis Rodman was doing bizarre things and we said. Get -- this -- what he was -- and that the address and I'll go get Dennis Rodman you get Dennis Rodman as a guest. A week from Friday by a week from Friday you keep his job it's not. Gonzo you're on your rash your -- so he didn't get robbed him. In in two weeks and that day at last Friday we just beat the crap out of money and fired. And said that tickets are outside he would you know go and -- porch with. I mean imagine today if the Internet were were worldwide. In those days -- the beating that we would have technique has been newspapers were killed a rule they are to fight or somebody like that -- -- -- it. And it's her. Michael -- the thing at the time we were finally reacted to being part of believed we were actually trying to make land. We all harsher more domineering character like not about -- little like ability to actually -- So I nice and Fuzzy and soft and cut. -- the right -- that that sort of you know that I'm an error but -- we didn't really I was looking which we didn't really -- golden opportunity. To do it. People people just bought -- to -- quote that he couldn't figure out -- -- really knock. Could beat air on Monday we built. Nobody bit though and nobody thought possibly get Robin on the show either so. Each day I'd these -- might -- were talking. -- -- I did he was the only time I ever broke the last forty character. And I created might stop in the middle went back to my you know the regular grade papers don't think one of the funny that was little walk we argued walked out. Like the likes of what's going on. And detonated the holidays the worst part about Internet would've been out there -- are just a bit -- but friends people wanna you know want to believe it. While it was it was WW -- people -- to what they wanted to believe it in its sixty growth. They didn't care they wanted to believe but I gotta tell you where I just so I took so much heat about that Rick the stick and I had people call me I can't tell you. How many calls I had to return just to tell the I'll never listed in the show again a bottle Clinton's getting here at a job. How audit techsters mr. monitors -- via your lines not to speak last boys last. It's -- I don't know about flash Milledge ran. -- -- That was like yellow. -- more like middle man. That shot. -- It's about. You know don't deal. Don't expect -- hard -- pay it back -- that flooding -- the stories. The reason I left what I wanted to do was. I I thought that the characteristic the characters that I had created I was getting -- old -- and eventually got to you know real -- -- I did. Did the character was to create a calendar. Culture to what if the show was basically died in their forties talking. It about that in back in 1995 to throw out there with a skateboard and whatever and -- -- -- -- -- -- might -- it was too -- to -- -- -- that. Character and you know that was that was the idea with no but it. We we couldn't we couldn't find a guy we try to complete if we couldn't find that guy -- it. It just didn't work but thank you because you were big part of it I have to be trying to John because not only did we work. Real hard in those days -- a lot of meetings a lot of hours. We partied pretty hard too and I think he might stolen pictures of ours certainly he's got memories and I can deal awful troubles on. I will be very kind to a two shot grant who has developed into great play by play guy and I knew you would. You do what you're always set which have been a good friend of mine and you were re great and in your contributions to put not to helping me put this all together and I I'll never forget. You had -- Bob Kraft on last hour and he a lot of weight they put all England. People forget that web page report here. For the first four -- station there was a lot of talent. And -- over but ninetieth in the place. But he wasn't you know we know what color are doing. You with a one you know better -- worse he took all the both for and you put together as a that there are a lot of people except -- the on the contributed. Over the years but you work in Europe the top of that list they expect a lot of people were involved but it is it. -- get a I got a much ago some of the people that also were there at some overseas and texting in details I got a mobile I. Deja. John grant. Com couple phone calls -- Scott down indicate by Scott. -- -- -- -- -- -- A wanna -- -- -- -- but tonight we will take a look happy life and career of black -- -- you're talking with felony earlier about the circle of life I mean what better -- from a booster seat to the big statement boosted from the big street. And I don't -- long. You don't give this away but now. Let me be a future real sport with broad global. Responded I'm not I don't wanna give that a -- but I don't know if you made the announcement yet. All we've looked at the eight segment you did about the downfall stadium pizza. -- it's not only thought provoking but you're -- is also great job. Thank -- and nobody is attack that issue before and I thought I should be the first. -- did a great job I'm an -- and you've you've been given one of the greatest on the one of the one of the greatest the ball very clever very creative some of the stuff. I still laugh it's a tremendous stuff. Well thank you you know you're very kind to say that. On this is honestly the look good time for all of us to get -- -- -- championships and you're not out. Are you literally all this is. A but it will still be around I mean I know we have the same borrower. Yeah. Oh. Obviously. I thank you all look forward to the 11 thanks. Glenn in all seriousness this. To honestly know what you made here it was really special I've been enough. Colin -- thanks for years now and first time I've actually never called into the show for real and you know thank you for this creative outlet for my little groups and a comedy bits and a really appreciate that in wherever like he connects. Well to hear from -- Come on actually got to appreciate it we'll have more -- -- -- thought about man and Walden. I -- Rogers and Barbara. We've ever Roger from Riviera. You wanted to today. I would be able to kick anyone's battle. If they mentioned here. I yesterday I'm actually bought. Own and not. What. What would happen. Why can't I had open heart surgery a couple of years ago and down yesterday. It gears. A small heart attack and start. You know what Clinton. It got serious. So I'll -- I really. I was I was committed to calling you today and just telling you. Every program that you. Treated me like a real person. You treat every. Thing you know. Like it better than anyone because you know so many famous people know real college guys. Can. I ask why call while he crumpled quality guys and everybody loved that. Can't -- in part. Out how to walk you treat every war. As if they are Albanian party for the armed people -- you. You will respect and I think -- equality that. -- people out of this world and I am so glad to -- because. Who taught me and what you talked to Bob -- the -- -- and I think it is. Wonderful wonderful quality. It at all right. Now. Pork out. Barbara you're not. It would be all right word everybody else. Did see. I'm I'm gonna do out of it and others no question Roger on normally do other things many many things I'd hoped but you take -- yourself. That's it's W take series. Page open at the beginning do you think he's gonna -- had a heart attack after -- now I only resign that he was joking that think we got a text. Yesterday. And -- me coming in fast and theories too hard keep up with a lot of but one of the text came yesterday and Roger from Revere. Is in the hospital now. Got to confirm it but I remember some matters -- mr. Guzman who's. In -- his kids or some audio restaurant. That's a little scary -- -- get well Roger play 6177797937. -- -- from a 37937. That's the excellent. Any other that we run around the place opened -- Once upon proposed went into effect or carry secure about. Think we were there from that date until this day everything. Why labs that wanted to get it is the reason what the biggest issue it is well as it gets all those here and read an account. That's so much -- -- with the overall growth of state but what do with the domination of the market place that it can enjoy all those years. Probably the greatest thing I'll say that's about management of the radio stations -- the right people and then let them do their jobs. People -- Featured job did it well typical level you know when that would support this country probably will never go to. There aren't many have a flat. -- -- -- So that was with air from the beginning to understand how hard it is to do what you do for a living at a political level that it didn't that I was proud to content -- God country and to -- to -- secure a lot of view in the very near future and I look forward when that happened apoplectic. -- -- -- page on WPI. We could. Real with a bunch of sand blowing. My blog where you go to god bless you to do you -- -- if -- -- but still a lot of the -- wouldn't remember me. And that's about it don't -- the remote. Or we could just relives some of the best and worst moments of the big show and we -- Anyway here's Dale Arnold ten minutes later they Firefox nor does there with a one of students will -- in the third period live -- -- they had waited until Friday night they have lost their -- that's I would San Jose doing a fire events -- -- -- -- -- -- Chuck got my back to volunteer militia let's go to -- out of San Diego California looks to be as well. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. It's -- you know me. And -- because the -- every two weeks on the it's not that it's very little before. Jerry god nobody got -- Brattleboro -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grain and also fret about your. The bigger helmet up. When you go in Hamilton's that you're looking person your fat guy but this book. Just Burton with the usual sort -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just called Eminem is not just a little window streaks and it wasn't room look nice and I tell you that I met Natalee is motherhood and maybe the greatest legend elderly woman of government Marc -- isn't. No seriously what do you sort of status usually no I don't have fetish I don't that I'm just explaining to you are here you go that's the -- from her mother is threatened her mother gorgeous that's old saying it. What's wrong with you and why would you say something like that right focuses on my leg pain don't look who's on the call Australia I can't believe it. The Broncos -- is becoming to doubt our body allowed hammer from Denver is on the phone line Latin America. And a permanent. I'm actually coming -- -- this -- I've suspended my campaign is what is. You know the crisis has taken place tonight we're not going to be sort of proud American masters would be -- -- it turned -- the branch of the Obama. It doesn't hurt me in Atlanta. G de L army. You won't you were complemented the Georgia. I have been able to became action and encouragement. All of this sounds a lot like jewels in some ways to solve this problem like jewels. -- if it's not. I imagine it's. I could understand you better with a southern accent did you call at least it was an accident. -- -- and -- car hello Jim. Something -- get some lingo we can't pay for lower income. I don't count went. Pretty like eight amendment to argue while congress was -- motel -- settlements. On that. One. The Green Zone post game. Listen to the big show on WTV -- And three identified -- plane and you could win they think Stevie courtesy of -- for -- definitely our coach Bill Belichick got next IP but he shepherd. That's what we'll have the I just have one thing that's I've been way to say this all year to see guys and Arizona. Greg Murphy earlier call earlier voice of Tito Francona on the wireline. Got at least three guys -- was one of them had no clue as he was on the phone line. UN Tito Pedroia was aghast and Pedroia just went along like he thought he was the body into local planners and this -- -- every day with a manager playing little card -- didn't write a scrimmage carpet so he's listening to him. Every day tone of his voice. And Murphy had going for about six minutes. -- had no -- Got Lou. Got she'll. Who wants to get somebody else -- He's got more that was. And down. -- one there might have been more as we kept on doing you don't want it. If ever we yeah we don't don't drive cars that we're here and would never -- It. But he figured out that was Greg Murphy stuff was was tremendous I feel more focused you're gonna get to the final. Casket out. -- -- Greg Greg and Apollo program. -- -- Let the press I gotta tell you that this has been a lot of fun to look into the afternoon. It it's the perfect -- you -- go out. It's been awesome did to listen to. I get technical and they iPad it looked and indeed to the big show in 99 it was there in the Red Sox playoff. It was actually did that day after that the phantom tag by chuck Knoblauch's. And I was so angry -- about the game and an end because we didn't get a lot from you know seeing it on TV in the games -- don't like 2 in the morning and I get in the car the next step -- and I had that just. Find people who who were angry and as frustrated that I wasn't and it was scanning that dial and I thought you guys. And and and it was just click the public group therapy and it'd make me really really feel good that there are other people out there that that felt like me. And I can say -- the last time that the big so it may -- feel good. It was it it's been great to -- years and it it really has been -- like group therapy in India and all of us the chance to act event in. And and to listen to other people banned in to did not -- frustrations in and celebrations that have been helped by others and you've got a great job and it's -- it's just been a lot of fun to be apart. Greg I really appreciate it thank you go to Don Johnson caught I Don. Hey Glenn I don't. And a bit of scandal that they're from back before you let Johnny most employers -- as a Howell. I did not set him up on fire trying to clear that one out of 4 to 6 o'clock here. He let himself on fire but I put the fire. You I got up one point 805 wild and out for about an hour YouTube LPQ a lot of little commute like that was. You know your your calendar obviously and on the show at all it's been oppressed but I think one of the things they're really impressed me the most was the week you. Conduct yourself in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 it. You know your job obviously entertainment talk about sports which you have instincts to know that to you so. That would have been disrespectful just given how trivial sports news in the wake of something like that what you get for all about a minute left I -- group therapy it. He really did help me and I think a lot of folks got to come to terms is that we cope with that tragedy just by. Providing form talk about it that -- about it. That really always impressed you know stuck with me in and I just want to thank you. I'll tell you want to thank you very much -- I will tell -- story about the 9/11 because it was. Just the most have a devastating thing that I've ever experienced in my life I remember my -- tell me about Pearl Harbor day. Thought I'd never ever ever in my life experience today like that net -- the whole 9/11 and it happens to wall of the spot. Com. -- a lot of emotions over the days after that and there was a lot of confusion. And I don't know if you remember this Michael bought. Sports Illustrated. Actually wrote a piece about how sports talk radio handled I remember it well and they quote remember they quoted me they called me blow heart and everything else which is the mobile arm again but he's got actually on the other quote -- -- -- -- exports three sports now but that's Ivan the damage to damaging -- at -- quote was that. I guess I get to meet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They accused me of going on the air and saying that we should do is go over there and his blow up old Arab world and turn it into -- An episode. Of set it on the radio but you know what he was in Sports Illustrated in the mail that I got. The threats that I was dealing with during that period of time it was frightening I had to hire lawyers. I had to eventually soon Sports Illustrated because I had to stop it it was our right you did so it was them Michael I I. I was afraid it was the -- and Sports Illustrated I was afraid it was going to destroy my career. Because you know the country was in this you know crazy period and I thought I had done a fairly responsible job in the coverage of all of that. And that was thrown out there and then it turns out. That recent Sports Illustrated as you probably know you know upbeat Sports Illustrated -- getting a look at from a and one -- And at a point in the correct the correction threat but they are really reluctant throw that throw -- corrections. Soul we have my team of lawyers had spent some time trying to put all of this evidence tapes and everything else together and finally about I want assay. Oh month and a half later something like that they finally put a correction and I'm telling you. That I can put this magazine in front -- you like -- eight hours. You can -- -- find my direct action and you couldn't find -- can't -- -- I remember. I remember where was when you were talking about it. Like a lot of people you remember all all sorts of things you remember where you where you're hearing things on radio -- to being -- In traffic many times 128 listening to whiner line war. If if I had to give -- that get in the car at a certain time I'd make shores well. I'll just take this trip around 535 little more diligent -- that. -- -- out a tick is mr. brown 535540s. -- -- the line -- line in if you went over you stay in the car and listen but I remember. Sitting in the car thinking they get this so wrong because I listened to sell pretty religiously. And never say anything about how did they ever explain. What was the problem somebody was a monitor here so what -- -- was a local person that was monitoring it that claimed that he. Well somebody trying to trying to make a name for themselves and so I got something juicy here this is what was set on Boston Sports Radio. And I get I department I mean it was very it was that person's still working in the New England media in there. The person -- conviction. Yes. And you pick them lawyer of this radio thing doesn't work when -- completed. -- total loss to vote. I -- you should get a look good right now that I assume you're not addressed separately that address about your day to day. Listen I I'm so happy that I'm get used this opportunity and I thanked the company for allowing me -- Allowing me to have three days here which it says goodbye not happy about. All of this stuff but I'm at least. Respectful of the fact that they've given these three days to be able to do is usually they don't do. And the reason they don't do. I'm not sure the gonna do -- but they the reason they don't do it is because they're fearful that somebody's gonna come back on the air and just you know -- -- out. Crap all over you know and then let's. I have great respect for for the people who his business and and even the people on the company shell I am I can do that -- that allowed me to say goodbye to everybody. And I'm telling all of these people it's not good -- I'm just going to the next captain what you come along where ever -- go and that's why. And giving you my you know my Twitter handle that Glenn. So I watch it come a long way but this one person I just want to say good -- to to look at. Steve -- for. You mean I can't come to the next level. Steve Steve Steve I gotta tell you I've got so much out of this relationship over the last few years with -- I really believe that it's time for us to. I really but I -- up all the memories Steve I got the memories and the memories will always be with. But don't you wanna know liking privately tell you -- -- it's literally how I could have been so right. About your beloved patriots come -- wouldn't back in the day. The key to an audience that's so football ever came to an end and I told it was an -- attack. I told you before that perhaps it couldn't you -- a trip plaque you shall order that we use clean that. I told you back in the day was although polls all 1001. To 2004. Steve you need therapy and -- needs therapy and I think I can help you want because we have this thing will weaken conference the two of you together. And instead of calling all the talk shows all over the city maybe you want to go to conference that to have you together and every time you're just feeling a little that. Little you can just pick up you little red phone it's -- Dakota aren't feeling low -- -- took off one of the -- nervous about the celebrity call attacked in the focus groups and sent it in negative thing. I don't I don't wanna you know let's talk about getting blamed for you. I'm blaming you know yes that's what they're talking about I read the focus groups every single one of them Steve from former perceived forwards Dave Allred. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We. You're enjoying your day. Hey everything's going -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. There was this. I'm gonna miss so many people I gotta tell -- they're so pretty people I don't have the time to go through the entire list of all the people. An anonymous -- -- now Selig you compare him to Dakota that's an insult to decode decode decode a couple days ago. Gave a very. Profile around coherent analysis. He was great -- that picture show in of the business on today but he great it was -- -- straight. -- from Fall River. Not able to deliver I think. He thinks he thinks he's like he thinks he's the smartest person in New England football except that. He's got eight plus. Let's football knowledge and we're not up to stay and he's projected level he's been predicting the patriots demise for twelve years I've seen the aussies in the I've seen that too much. Here's the problem for me go forward because I'll probably be listening to more. Sports talk radio for a few more hours on one hand it's pretty quickly here. And he'll pop up like everywhere like bad rash but if you have a bad rash you can kind of puts solve some medication goes away. Stay from for purchase never girls -- block. Block of I don't that's done. Like a restraining order up more. Watching God's what there. This is -- the final -- line it's coming up. They're glad it's Paula proper role of public respect of the other day that I'm most thankful confidently -- in my career at the first one. I was I got back up and I -- what the federal. Bobby you Republican secure fit I was so excited I'm not because I -- -- But that's the point number two when -- -- the first. But what you gonna have to respect leadership and during the big show -- a -- call it pretty happy on the -- and Teddy and I break about the backcourt the big twelve. We went calling to develop how -- -- -- But to the point anyway and I'm really glad I did. Affairs -- wanna thank you for all the opportunity. He's provided particularly yeah I definitely not gonna be different without you but I got to Qaeda operatives talk about Internet radio being the next big thing. For it -- that we've been doing it for a long time planned to do went up fifty years because it was the call will be rapidly you know outwardly show me the ropes. Glad thanks again best of luck when you needed a little arguably maybe it will preserve written personal -- left and it served me well. -- used to -- -- another way what problem with good luck it doesn't. Glad it's working from one spot -- -- campers and unceremoniously. Dumped another whopper of a -- my friend. You can pick up that real word. I think but it didn't execute on the way out I think all work. I everlasting. Curtail. Most inspiring or recent career pot popped in debt and corporate brought -- my -- as the Mets have a break. -- -- Glad that you don't have -- -- -- -- without the actual count of period that's the most fun I've ever had in my career. To stop by the -- network stable put to work to prepare for the launch. And the message. Music music music yeah. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying community proceed with caution. -- in -- discretion advised us to. Only Morris can. Now. -- your line. I have benefits NBC news. Haven't been through quite well and I had a difficult this -- -- they like bush wanted to collect the hard way and now. They didn't get go through fifty minutes at a time that frequently went to. -- -- it is horrible. The W. Yeah I why -- line. I -- giggling silly question I think it should be prepared that would give up here diet 779353500. That negative where I and it's now him and told -- they think people have put an intelligent people up here to the. Years later that -- from it gets worse and finally gets this year. Going out the same way Decatur fired. I'm like I. -- you big question the the Sam Adams -- special -- -- program that's him. Criticism -- Avid -- -- on this program around for a long time I was that you went to fiftieth birthday party to read your report just -- Note tonight can tell stores that winning. Dick and I were drinking before winning it rather loaded with Tommy Hanson. Your wife's bridesmaids in my speech that one that was probably. An hour and a half stick was -- and looked to me. Just -- cut there are saying we don't give access that turns to me at the top of -- Bernadie. -- -- -- rats us for dinner at every parent. Was trying to put up one of bridesmaids and it got ugly in the top sites entry to. Unbelievable -- the next thing you know I'm taking pictures and whatever. I took back in and Mikey is up on the stage -- lead singer should take note. Sick you're sick with the ban all get build me up water that was -- credit. It was -- based on this planet that's -- I was -- it was kind of an all those great events you know eighteen years I've known a long time -- -- Steve Steve and Michael show went nuts and letting you use to make that I was I. I was scared of my from my -- safety -- he said that he could use at work which Steven Michael was here at least this. -- outlet if I don't dump offs. It's classic moment it was it was as a friend -- -- -- stadium you know won't be different as a professional you the best government which you do. Really reeling especially coming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every it's. So a lot of attacks it right. I'm -- -- -- as -- -- last one -- it's brought to you by AT&T -- I live it's available on your iPhone your android device. Brought you by AT&T they have been wonderful loyal sponsors over the years and I thank them ten times faster and it's right AT&T the official wireless provider the Boston Bruins would -- almost four G coverage. In all of. Knowing preface this by saying I've ever seen more material. 12. Hours -- two hours of tape that I was not able yet to lose 00. I try to do it online efforts what what what did make here it was just 20 that's great way to prop. -- -- Stoke up. I don't want. Or lump it just goes on and on those -- -- yeah -- on my -- at -- it's great. What age but. -- And I was acting. And now. I. Don't know. -- -- -- -- -- Next I don't did wrong and show up little focus group and -- the crap out of me you know. I'm glad. I don't think off the -- So much. Because I -- but not quite as you know it has. In -- message. -- -- but people don't know about my and -- Special occasion. Thought brought someone in the -- and particularly good one million impact. Go. Most people want a parent you way that it went up until about. You know men and two oh. It. Like every and I had. Yeah. Paying. They're involved. That could put up. Curable thing game is. School. -- -- -- -- You know now. Oh now it's you know that could -- had an illness it's -- This. That's where it. There at all that's just through march. I don't know I -- -- -- arm of the ordinary and capital. Of the abnormal mental. I'm grown significantly in all it. Ways economically. You do. Well a little bit but it now you know why -- glad -- democratic. That we move bad about -- About. The web and and it. -- The state but it. Broke but. That women -- -- -- at the end of his it was a murder if it. -- -- Misuses go burger. And Albert is in men and never goes. It only works like 24/7. He never got -- -- work like around the -- -- tell you I guess you know that writer and you ought to -- earlier I got a text from my patio your producer patio just wonderful wonderful kid he's. He's helped out for somebody times when this one -- -- yeah when guys have been on vacation whatever he's the one that slips in and outside Russia so his mother. Has been a wonderful text today thanking me. For taking care or for some likened some guardian something you know three and I'm going to carry your son if you watch -- What happened at. All. Upset it's not a control. Sure -- -- I'll take meant meeting I can I don't know what she applied down with love. Yes quite secure world I displayed it is 3 o'clock in college -- -- -- daddy you know to become the by play -- it. Ordinarily I would to -- like he's crazy the last page. These and so you know expect here whatever you say that he would that would would like I mean you know they -- -- walk into that the war. You know and not walk into that sort of negativity in this room and not a common man -- you don't get that play. And reminds me of people who would call line over the years after cute crying. -- was wondering squeezing the kids so -- I know I always we we always said you know we deal with like you know some Chinese factory or something but these kids how to get the kids across I don't know. The only. They go on my wallet in my off my goodness. It's probably not a already about -- -- online at W. -- Don't pot bat on the jacket -- last time ago and they -- -- -- a couple -- -- that's important. -- -- to -- for the betterment and other should be a factor of little ways -- that. Went back for the Boston Garden probably bet that the that it only available about if you are -- Biden probably a lot of it was but it but it side. Our public. Like the -- or so ago but that is going to be had not only do -- quality. About -- bad order that there are probably a big blow. Providence are bigger they're at right now want to know what does this particular job of that double. So what do open it all of those football that did you ideas what. Possibility -- -- about double what it at a sports talk live at WEEI dot com. -- It takes a while to get out you know that is always. Well I think these words for what will be my last and final song. Full full. They. -- a friend. Come on Glenn you know. -- He should go on -- And inevitably you know what Mandy recently and he really offered the job. -- -- offered the job don't want the past for professional pain in the ass that's. As a big show why economic. What is there to run until I walk back up at bat I was more revenues. And want to know why that might -- I -- a lot. I've had bad ride. Did that last timeout was called the white lies the group was about time -- but. He did this is -- It's out of called up because that's the last days as a president says the goal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe it -- matter what lies ahead right side vocal problem lasted through a bad thing. Once they don't want me it would look at my -- and second on May that I did everything we hope we -- -- in every week. -- I was kind of feeling good about this. Celebration. Coronation -- or whatever it is over the three days until I actually heard what aegis there I apologize to all President Clinton. Yeah all of knowing that. Sorry I -- Thousands died to make the most of the acknowledgment of the day we don't see adults and pop company Suffolk downs commercial jets themselves. And we -- -- -- and it was on what channel 2.5 newsroom when I talk about the mafia you -- right and Providence or something for Mark O'Meara and ya Buddy Cianci credible but I -- answer like -- -- says he's a former -- Providence who did time in federal prison for it. He campaigned for CSC on federal hill. And it must -- again he'll win again. And I -- a character I play him again. Focused -- and research at 32%. Of our listeners spent time in federal prison 32%. And I believe -- Cadillac that governor. And then or wait but a lot. And message. Larry Bird. But he made some money myself. And that meant dead people for a while I was like yes I'm just article -- to -- to -- Larry. Loves. To not this week Larry things haven't thought well this -- Freeman went to talk to chop up. -- -- -- -- -- if they called -- Now I've got. Had been pretty -- like we do not picked -- the -- and that appears now that -- rebel -- got pretty good rock. And -- -- and I you. Thank you senator. Along the gulf product. They have been -- -- when they get a full time job you know working forty -- -- -- -- kind of country that. And -- message. -- -- And they go. We're gonna miss -- here and the oyster -- -- here. Not in the market in October -- -- -- way but but -- -- abroad and not a short period around somewhere. And this message. I got right now compare it after my body. I have and men Wahl. Locked. That's a lot that's a good on you. The number. Rocket in its 900 funny she's cute and all -- you -- you're playing your camera there ready. Radio is not real. I would put myself in your client let -- get off. Quite and I find that go elimination I admit there are -- at this -- -- about it now. And then. Also one of original wireline -- when it was a complete line. Why can't I get the ball these football game. On WA. The capital around with a. Another misnomer that's industry that we stole it from powered cars -- and we -- not always cars template was much different. The start one line. I became program director I was walking out one night receptionists at an even -- but the complete. Its -- and people really -- we have switched over. At the time from the sports format to this new format with multiple Holston. A younger sound a lot more production to it and people were asked as always change. So I said we talk and so she's the number and here's you get into the thing. And you know you got to clear him off because people calling me now in the entry forms one raft of people just like so. I'm going home and got myself it's this thing. And I'm listening and all which -- -- -- -- -- assault is killing a cat and a but they were funny. They were so they were funny and -- Steve Nelson is. It exactly so. Should you know we can do something we gotta get this on the year we find a way of putting and not chop block and I think that. Whoever wrote that to quote the great Steve yeah see that's line. What this its paints an ever reached the heights of the one just. Here's the thing at 101000 people filled the garden to watch a stupid message machine. Missed that you don't like it's repeated over and over and over again why. Nobody ever -- John to -- to his credit John Tomas is the one guy in this town innocent people and not crazy bottom of the tape and he's the one guy in that. Actually asked. A lot of excellent specific questions years ago -- he did about what we were doing and radio and it wasn't all positive his patience and negative stuff and and get the right obviously he has his opinions to. But at least he asked questions and at least she knew where -- what they. The the Genesis right exactly -- she spent I think three days on the station he Bashir for removing three days of research. He was here while we put this stuff together -- -- -- -- got stuff like that nobody else has ever done nobody else has ever done to pick up the phone maybe ask a couple of questions but even that now. They don't even do that anymore. So for those people that are making mistakes continuously. And talking about us. -- had to do was pick up the phone. Years ago and asked the question as opposed to standing from afar a thousand yards away. And sit there and just looking at us and coming to your own conclusions. So it started as a complaint line we started putting it on the air and as time went on. People said this is a great vehicle for me is people are are are that run. That's what people started to become very creative and in the actor comedians and everybody else and now. Music involved to stop dues that are I'm not bitter I'm not bitter and you know I'm not. -- -- -- It's honestly trying to correct directory and try to correct the record -- Well I don't it will picking up. Yeah I've -- I've mobile hot commodity because I -- an immediate credibility. I -- off. And message. The takeaway is that sort of a bit and let the big show they have -- says there. And that -- I don't like to take to this account. They glad musical mark upon the very best of luck in the future. It is rejected -- and then before you know it. We have been very. So though. -- -- -- And that's -- it was great but he almost lost that this is like for the when he wants Fred -- to come out -- -- right try to most of I swear to god I thought. My career was over I thought we had a major lawsuit and hands that you were great musical marked a widget that you were great and then he crashed his motorcycle to -- justice says that's true. Under water now that they don't believe -- does that mean. Michael did this article like this at this table would probably go. And I've got a shot. Very but Bob -- we are required. But. Greg finalized. Our -- I don't know but. Now sadly. -- -- -- -- Diana talk about the drop out I have come out. -- -- -- -- Maybe Gordon the other Rabinowitz I didn't want to build value in the devastation but -- better pay and it didn't go for the -- didn't have a bad. Benefit glass and data entered into. And I'll tell you this text is awesome which. Text bodily I did not say Clinton took care -- Effect enforce it by six uttered to him. How -- you like helicopter mom when I was just saying thanks for years of the big show and being recognized got a Patrick. It's just to be now. -- Well if it takes a low. It's all about it. Are you and -- Depends obviously COLT won one and all the -- dynamics is always -- ten minutes with stopped all. And -- really value urged to call you just joking at that time its rights just wanted to thank me for all. I -- not what advice that I -- you. -- All -- the record -- quite a -- but there. Wanted to say good -- and they expect you. One. -- -- Remember and I live to the about the debt debate. More -- Org got a -- I want it to form it's pretty chaotic. 249. Dollars. Please match your -- Telecom and happy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Truly glad also. And they don't. Your final whiner line powered by AT&T and we will have all of the stumble on line the entire show today plus all the plastic bits WEEI. Dot com slash classics and of course this one -- line as well. All presented by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins Whitney about four G coverage in all of knowing. And now. It's time for last call. -- last call. Fast car. -- -- Offers got to buy another one of our great sponsors who we want to thank them for their loyalty over the years. Our answer restoration specialists if your property if you're facilities manager about it insurance brawl. Not a bad job property manager -- manager insurance broke. It's your property minute through a tool belt on -- -- -- -- them myself call RS to ensure that you have a disaster. Restoration game plan in place call 877. 4611111. Or a terrorist serve dot com -- just say this Michael while on when this. Old big show trio was broken off I was not the habeas person in the world and -- canister a couple main set the end when you work -- this guy that guy and they were OK but I was really thrilled when they threw your name that me it was somebody that. I -- well. I trusted as a friend. And somebody that I had worked with before in the show and I certainly was excited to do it and for the last two years I've had a blast doing the show with you and as I said to you on Wednesday. We've created a bond a relationship that will last the forever I wish you the best of Malacca going forward. And you've been a joy to work with every single thoroughly enjoyed the -- him -- -- really appreciate this. Immigrants are sort of say that. Like a lot of people here in New England like a lot of fans in New England. Who have -- in and enjoyed. Some of the media personalities in this town. I'm the same way I mean. I've had opportunity to work we're at the globe with Bob -- first person -- -- -- into the -- Bob Bryan Jack in the moment and -- will McDonough. Our guy here working with dale true professional classy. Smoot. And the opportunity to to work with you was amazing -- really found myself as a fan of every situation because. You you wanna sit back him if you're working with about Ryan. They tell you what you have a deadline -- not think about that you think about publicly Barbara I hope listen that they don't wanna listen to. To grant award way and so is truly been an honor and a blessing. Not to work with you have learned a lot from you watched you -- -- you when you didn't even know I was paying paying attention taught me a lot. And even even away from the -- that's great conversation is that -- coming and we we can talk about anything we can now what was it about it -- -- late nights together early on you know the great thing about you on the year everybody's that it is true. You're the ultimate point guard the ultimate quarterback you know what everybody's strengths is. And you can bring the best out everybody and no matter what the converse it's -- matter how serious topic is. With the wider line at the end of the day you always knew you gonna have a laugh even some things that people were afraid to laugh about. It is made the conversation more accessible. And it really brought in the conversation. Because it brought a lot of perspectives into it but this is one thing -- I have no idea. What does with this new show was gonna become in what is gonna evolve into I can promise you. Can promise you that. I will. Protect. And advance. Your legacy your legacy is not only that slot. Your legacy is this station. And we do the best I can keep going and let him. -- -- It's tough he's your friend. America to break character but you brought me up from a young up and all the BS that you coming in late you're the most prepared most ever been around. Hard worker and he went on your feet I wish you well Linda we'll see them want. Now we'll say this the success of the one -- line is due mainly to an emotional -- he is a master. That not only being able to take in all of those are calls but to be able to. Actually edit them and make them make sense. In a little ten or fifteen minutes segment and and -- I will always cherish what you've done. For what has become kind of a benchmark. For me in my program. They go I've known you for one year two months intend is not an -- and or anything like prisons that is illegal and warned me about yourself. Bodily but we're orbits ago legacy I've worked this Madison don't hire now -- a -- away. But you're the reason I got into radio I used to go home after class play man. When my buddies and listen to the big show and that's when I got the idea that I wanted to -- radio and it was all for you it was a dream come true. To come in and producers show and I'm eternally thankful for everything you've done for me and -- see you again -- You receive some time congress created are going to be Alaska to talk a lot -- record will never be broken law says something about you never you've always been a a wonderful friend and I want to set the record straight. There was a time when used to this all of a soft because you were late on a regular basis and you tell the truth went over the last eight years with the exception of one night. -- one night. I don't know whether you're visiting your car wash your car filthy at the time traffic view as straighten out Iraq and I'm really proud and really dominant view and a wonderful spring talent there's nobody that -- -- -- -- Mike Adams I think Mario my time to Syria provide everybody in and I say the same team the oval that I said do you the other day last year. Which you've been able to do to help Michael Lionel. I'll never forget. It's been an unbelievable ride from now on the occupier Sean -- to write a a nice the script for me here but we'd be here to globally fifty. I could hire Jack Edwards put it probably would be really mean. Why when analog out so I figured I would just do get a higher Shaughnessy in the bigger -- management ever. There were people -- -- Just to put off the cuff because that's how I always. It's been an unbelievable right -- been here since 1986. For the Boston Celtics I'd love doing that job was as much fun as I think anybody. Who grew up in this town was abroad wanted to be a broadcaster. You couldn't ask for more I got the opportunity to work with the was two years. And work around Red Sox broadcaster as well but the last eighteen years. And being able to put together not only the shell. But the part of the start of something very very significant in this market across the country. I spoke with -- -- so for me there was no heavy lifting it was a blast akin to work everyday and I absolutely loved what I was doing. I wish I could have done for more hours and I do apologize for those vacations I took it. Did wanna spend some time with my family. I'll say this that I have the utmost respect for a lot of people of this radio station I know many of them now taking a beating out there. Everybody's time comes and goes and there -- a period in which you can excel at something. But it doesn't mean that you're done you're washed up where you -- over means that the marketplace. Is changing so you have to change the marketplace. And that's exactly what's going on here to John and Jerry. That show was. Short radio goal for the longest period of time and hopefully we'll continue to do selling of ultimate respectable to those guys. A wonderful broadcaster. I think Gail for everything he did as I said the other day from day -- the day one. Without deal I'm not sure we could have done a lot of the stuff. And Lou it been guys that we've got to work with more recently and we can see what great guys in and worked great talent they -- I also want to thank him completely. Always been a guy that. I tell you what it. Well he's the type again I want to give you one quick funny story to kind of break it up we -- a dinner with that Terry Francona one night. Michael my animals role. We have the food out and we have the wind going and Tito was only rule and Tito was telling a stuffed and I just. We could have written some good. Prologue to what we -- of rhetoric seriously it was a problem of us have to stuff are written the book I learned that night we could have written three books with Terry Francona got to put Francona and told him the most off color jokes at the time that was only are unbelievable. And players were calling him at the time that night while we were there but the best was when we asked I forget who asked a question about. Managing Michael Jordan he starts telling his -- -- and George's stories Phnom. And won't -- -- who we love you because there's nobody better in the business of getting us on the air and getting a -- here. Decided he was gonna interrupt -- went to was -- Michael Jordan story. Because Jordan at one time. Jumped over his equipment and almost killed himself. At the old Chicago stadium trying to save a ball from going up and we wanted to -- -- -- you're number wanted to corner and bunkers and the Michael Jordan stories stopped but I love them dearly and I love these guys the producers. The engineer and -- I want to thank all of them as well. And of course every single one of the co -- many of you and you heard here today. Are you guys made the -- I could not have done it by myself I keep reading that if it were just me. -- that showed trust me you wouldn't sit decent here today saying all these nice things you're saying about. Wouldn't how. I want to -- Jason wolf I don't think it's taken a beating out there. I do not believe that this is Jason -- decision. But Jason wolf. Was the one who came and told me the other night on Tuesday night that they were moving on and I was done and Jason -- did that. Because he got. Yeah understood me. He knew how I would react and he knew everything was going to be okay. I've not heard from a lot of other management people and to me that's extremely disappointed. Lot of -- awards have been -- at this place. Lot of money has been made for a lot of people. We have had an unbelievable ride with great success. For that I am slightly disappointed but once again I understand. It is a business and we're all going to move more. The other thing I want us as a thank all of the people out there who have a call and text. You would not believe you heard one of the owners here today one of the coaches. I've heard from a lot of coaches how to -- is a lot of owners in this town. This is what makes Boston so great. These guys yet again. These are guys that probably would never want me to tell you what they said to be on the phone because I beat the crap out of them at times over the last eighteen years together. They understand the emotional attachment to his sports fans out. -- our Boston sports teams and I'm telling you. Guys out here that's what makes this the greatest sportsmen and America I had an opportunity before us and this latest contract to do when national did. But turned it down. Because I loved -- him and I probably will end up staying in the stone because. I needed it's that juice that you get every day with the emotional attachment to these teams it's been one of the greatest strides. -- Boston sports history would've all been part of and finally to you out there I think every one of you I hope you understood. In the last few days I think many of you did some of you obviously thought it was crude rude. Arrogant. Now maybe I -- what it was part of what we were doing here as a shell I didn't mean to hurt anybody out there. And the one thing I will never forget -- when my family was in trouble. You were old they're from. And for that I would never ever forget. So thanks everybody Michael good luck to you know move it forward. You got all catch me around the corner someplace so I'll keep the Dutch thanks to burger I do have my Twitter account available at some free time they've been bitching about me now for the last year about how it into. But just what I got free time. I'm going to be my ass off our Glenn. Thanks for the right everybody. An unbelievable. -- -- blocked. Right here and. -- personal dislike well. -- better served me well. -- -- Without it they go pretty. They can't protect. The big ones because the atoms what do I tell you about. Talking more RED Hugh. Portland is bigger than it's because you. The last five years. Nobody asked any questions about the celtics' big boards -- -- question I have to use. Whoever comes with regard to speak where it looked like the -- on the way -- -- it finally ripe old lead every. We can usually very glad we're here. We're glad that wanted to publicly thank you what you did and my career and -- Part of something very special here -- portrait of physical talent here. Congratulations. I was what ten. -- -- Rated most successful show what radio history -- -- But at the front page -- -- -- -- formalized discuss the wars that truly is the quality. It might come off bagels. -- while -- final farewell my friends bodily or about 2003 it's definitely just hurtful that you want to bring it blends. -- -- -- Go tag could go and I'm I grew up listening to London I grew up slipping into the big show I was over the moon first you have to be a part. Are you show. You call football and Sports Radio. Golf or just a -- doing what I'm. Get the opportunity. To fight I don't think it's good man but many of you could say we were around on the plate opened the door. It was monkeys anymore. -- -- From that day I don't think that. There are reasons why you left the waters because there's there's a reason why the radio station and think. Well there's good all those. Could slip away and mistake landed poet Paul -- what did you think -- the other day but it won't be faithful confident we. -- in my career as the first one I was young guys covered high school board to battle -- you -- look at the guilt trip I was so excited about because my father. But that's going to put two and a list the first. But when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- join the big show glad it's cooling costs. But you know good job but hey you know what's been fired mortars -- Got a bit more failed pilots and Iraqis have four. But I guess we'll let you know a lot of people because you exemplify you get themselves. You have. -- Stop talking about cholesterol. Stroke problem. Your backup Scott welcome glad glad to -- back. No I have to. Standard message.

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