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Glenn Ordway's final Big Show (Hour 3): Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick wish Big O well

Feb 15, 2013|

Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick call the show to share their thoughts about Glenn and both wish him well. Also, longtime friend of the Big Show Lenny Clarke checks in to crack up Ordway one last time on WEEI.

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And use our -- -- And I get a sheet on this and then I didn't wanna give you guys the questions in advance -- all -- it all well all of that by the gag about -- it's it's really not it's not that bad yet but I wanna if -- if this is the arms program and we have to -- This segment has been fixed because in gives us the questions well in advance we have an idea to be formed later. Even though -- -- is well in advance is still couldn't figure out. On so today we -- your questions no questions I didn't get me. It's official it's the worst sports weekend of the year. One of the highlights of MBA all star -- has been a dunk contest who is the best performer in dunk contest history. That's a great one. Thanks Michael -- ago. -- still -- this guy I was robbed them go Dominique Wilkens just concede Dominic Dominic was in L when he lost that he was sect came in second place because that the the contest was in. Oh I don't know Chicago's stadium. Although Michael Jordan let I think he beat two week he Gary it gets screwed that's the same reason that that I believe he gets split with. Yes but -- an -- I was pretty impressive to its -- its cards on the -- and Carter was there and I. I mean well above well above the rim and -- got so crazy stuff deeper problems. And -- it was pretty good start though I'm not not like those -- he only wanted. Like -- when you're at the Gerald Green -- at select doctor Jennifer being originators. Silence. Around -- here's here's the here's the difference all of these guys have developed all of these new. You know dunks with the goal scorers and you know objects and stuff like this so it's all kind of it's kind of changed. -- important you -- -- I wanted to I want to keep going because I think everybody was bored with that for awhile. Then and believe it or not Gerald green was pretty creative with his. Dwight Howard was creative. Blake Griffin jumping over the car and of course he had an endorsement that -- It is there there have been some moments and there is what I was just when you think is dead and somebody comes up with something seem. She hears you replied if you noticed that American Idol show the best shows of the first few weeks when you have people on that can't sing and make fun of them have them what I would. Is I would yet guys who can't necessarily them. And have them as part of the competition so that is -- it balances. Its it adds some entertainment it's funny really make it. It's it's eliminate the -- is that at that part of the contest adult entertainment to the we've -- that we both agree it's down. Right Ed Reed is a free agent and now reports are stating that the Packers have released Charles Woodson he may retire. Should the patriots sign either of these players now know that -- out why not. Time has passed for four both of those guys. You are you are Michael Michaels and moving on now now now now. Does it with with with Ed -- to Derek Fisher yesterday. I hadn't shot 40% from the field for years. You'd be better off as a consultant coach and he would as a player for I think. Specially Woodson Woodson is probably more in that position. And Ed Reed is -- thing with -- -- -- some problem probably higher. And Ed Reed for what the patriots need not exactly. In the upper upper back here. The second. -- it is. All right Glenn we wanna know who is your favorite guest on the big show of all time not a low post but against the even if -- -- Bill Cosby. -- I hit the top five. Attack I don't you know people ask. People all the time. When you have a a career that experience for for for a few years they -- what you -- down to one individual person and actually you can do that it. -- thank you don't want Larry very very but. -- -- -- guys that you interview how do you -- it down to one person only memorable. I am I I've got twenty that are memorable thirty that a memorable but I can't sit here and tell you that there's one. That it -- you know. It exceeds everybody hopes -- can -- just gotta say Jose Canseco as they can only because he's bizarre. Any -- you -- the interview for awhile and then he suddenly set she want to hang on but yeah. About ever Ingraham. Immigrant was quite interest Evan grant was the writer. Who did not vote for Dustin Pedroia. In the top ten. For MVP. Yeah captain in the year that you want unity wanna MVP not in the top ten. And we got irritated with them because he had Dustin Pedroia as one of the top candidates a month before in a -- And got a great -- so Bjorn at what's on the month of August. Where he was according to Evan grant one of his two leading candidates for MVP right to. Of the top ten I'd like fifth sixth of September. When -- absolutely zero -- and I get frustrated you get frustrated frustrated that I -- anybody wouldn't leave us. If I where am I would've signed off I would say -- aside I'm out of here you know six Uga. It's a great non sports -- the Jimmy Fund -- Affleck. Affleck was good. Now flexing you know -- looks at -- -- real more genuine guy and -- sports fan and I'm happy his careers turn America's if you remember. When we were doing at that time was the movie he did with. Critics who just hounding them whatever but I I've been around him a few different times. And I got to tell you he's genuine. He's a good guy Damon the same way girl's brother and Affleck brother and athletic on the case she's got that -- good guys and real France not some of the frauds that we have. Now Hollywood -- -- -- and an original -- and went right we have this big huge championship game. Right in honor of or -- mustache -- brilliance we asked the question who was the greatest mustache inspects. On sports. OK you can expand it period. Over the years I would say. Ed werder ESPN has a pretty damn good must that's pretty good pretty damn about a cost a lot of guys on grow a mustache is these days. Writes from -- Ruddy fingers is one mean that was his signature. In our anchor the guy in the Pringles cans you'll collect. -- yet to go to -- Celek. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jerry West he was the guy they used for the logo for the India rentals can use. A month. Sorry I'm. Out to get back to you don't like this eloquent on the that's a good -- -- is good yes Alex developers Carlos. You don't want their animals living in that interview. Didn't call good -- on crumbs error lies animals working that. Yes hopefully she'll -- Yeah. -- You can kind -- been only ten months away when -- got -- here. That we could not see what time for old times sake I hope. Fully appreciate everything. -- -- We'll hear about around the country and our ability. Well. People. Who let me. -- -- -- -- But that apple. They've gone back. -- -- -- Always always favorite -- Right the brakes off to drive home from from the show and now. Puts on little for the Christmas stocking it is evidence that. You've probably heard this earlier this. Of talked over the years about the commercials. That we run in the show and has been a lot written about him over the years. That we had these extensive long commercial X and went on we get. They were really done on purpose. Because years ago the way they set up the business they would of the clock in the going to be on time you know. You know do you know three minutes here in the talk for three minutes you have three minutes here in the talk for three minutes three minutes here. And that's the -- the clock was set up but Howard -- broke the -- wide open he would want for 4550 minutes. And then take commercial break and be gone for twenty minutes right and his ratings went through the ropes and started change in the business so we started kind of adopt. The starring -- more like what he was -- point and clearly it it it it it worked for us but the reason I bring that up. Is that. Things have changed now where you're everybody wants to -- and I just heard the commercial. Promoting our sister station -- AF with with -- and -- whole group right where they -- commercial free. Now. While we don't commercial for. Your idea right. We -- I -- and by the way I have heard and I want to flank product placement I would -- I want to thank her clients. Jim and Michael eastern terrorist now with them. What -- promised you guys write I promised you guys this morning says it will not take. You'd like Greta I don't know if you promise -- where exactly is that when that. It's Friday -- are gonna -- Michael I promise you won't I won't take you down and by the way if you get comfortable it's just lead the world. And just wave it'll be -- well I'll figure -- all last. No -- I I talked to a lot of the points of and so nice placed with industry. The all time greats with giant glass is so happy here from from him and I've heard from so many of the -- and 99 rest -- But missed a start talking about it's many of them have been loyal and with us at the beginning. When nobody believed the station chains and they were here from the beginning and it stayed -- for all those years and it really means it -- -- was we don't. If we don't have commercial. Campaigns were were out of business you make -- meet people from O les. Us. I. And there's a dark black out there that Dropbox. And no we rector are. Plus 730 -- but at this conversation with human -- and the business is changing. Two of the point where people to click sometimes from the commercials c'mon and each time everything's so that they can -- nonstop and. I really believe that were getting into the age right now where you have to make changes to that and I truly believe that you at somebody's bulletins. That you integrate the commercials like product placement TV within the framework of the show the show literally stage would you for the whole hour. And -- you sit there and you and your -- Dunkin' Donuts coffee and -- you know you crack your giant glass in the background you. You go to you know you your W -- food which WS was great the committee here once again and and serve everybody the entire crew. Which is unbelievable. On only to -- down in in -- for. So you you. You just a product placement within the show itself. And that's the way it works I'll tell and that's the way you deal. Maybe he'll name -- -- -- some good business people out there who may. Security you asked this guest has a pretty bright business can this is Robert Kraft what do you think of the idea Robert. If you do a radio show when you go for an entire hour instead of breaking for commercial breaks. You sit there and you actually have product placement you can connections with CBS -- it works -- money where you sit and talk about the products. And during the course of the hour of the program accents. Apparently not that it's your -- Don't like that idea. -- Apparently not. -- at play he's he's given. He's given you -- given your commentary of which are ideas or cannot go out there now go to somebody okay. Who has actually done commercials and I'll ask him whether this makes any sense does is take money out of his pocket here's what. Go and ride to -- Guys that I -- is another great I go to waste. -- -- -- to bring about that he would take that would act like now I Tagalog that you brought an LPGA may. I imagine it would opted to play like it and it got intimate. Look at a couple of what we just we. You know -- got fired public that -- -- together viable route now. And by what the issue is -- not only just like that it -- -- me topic. Lenny I gotta tell you this is so so heartwarming to have you call. On the day my show was canceled -- guy who has had sixteen shows canceled in his lifetime. It means it means an awful lot of. Hill like you know what -- -- out hope that something -- well you know. It goes up -- should be it should change in this thing is that I'm -- but -- -- but outside of that as children move a brilliant at what. The. -- life. Yeah I tell you like your -- has been kind of strange man. This is what we were just -- We're just talking about the Steve -- Michael showed you remember when he was any of the wrestler Eddie was almost choked up. -- drive away probably want to -- may. Let's get up at the -- and I -- got a brother to get back out to bishop responsible back into a sound -- -- Still don't -- may have signed up behind. -- that was one -- the funny shows. Yeah. He did he did -- days later he was that he was put an -- We're great friends and we'll see each other on shore with some of those advantages you were just talking about I really I really appreciate the call. Talk about sincerity that can be argued that a lot but certainly people moment enemy he really helped me out hi I'm sure that -- -- -- oh my gosh that would require -- watch a ballgame. You've got it thanks left right -- get the greatly Clark -- Robert -- we have we have Robert Robert. Robert did you nearly. I have no idea what I'm here but there are you really distant to you don't you. York I hope it's not. The back pages of the New York Post the -- those antlers thing and you. You -- course -- Julie Brady says she's still a blossomed it's. So. That's I just along the well -- just -- No I think you were so great for this industry and there's so much in view you've created the competition you brought others and then. Because of all over sports team. I don't always agree with the opinions on the show put. We appreciate you let us be part of the discussion just to hear from me personally. Doing -- Friday's. The super oval every year would you guys. Was -- felt -- look forward to so. Thanks for everything -- And live in the sports in the in the. I really appreciate you. Given us -- here today at the -- a lot to me thank you. Well you deserve it than. Thanks what you've done for the industry. On Garko regulate because I get that I deer in the commercial free hour -- -- cultural past thank you Robert thank you for cause you do well -- of thank you of but this guy and the other line right now. Bill Belichick. Patriots coach gonna miss me on Monday. I sure am glad -- heard him a great run together in the -- -- there was only a few Monday that it really into like government at all game at the year but. -- that thought it was you know all right good and I appreciate the in you're there on -- day and you know -- -- -- -- -- yet and -- enjoy it and yet. Appreciate your professionalism. Image other questions and never noticed that. Ever leave the impression that those questions bothered -- your role in your -- because the context restart something. -- It was a blast is it really laws and we've talked about you many times on on this program is as Michael as well. Because he spent some time with you when he was riding the the book and I don't think people have never got to know the other side of -- as a reason and that is that you go and coaches mode. And it clearly works for you with a great success that you've -- What you do clearly works for you I think people wanna get a little bit more on the view when. We tried down most of those most of those Monday's but I will say this island lawful lot. About the game not only talking with you on -- year talking with you. Off the game and I hope we still have that opportunity. To do some of that once had the opportunity to sit down as she worked. Running tape and break it down a game and I must tell -- I was blown away for three hours it was so it was great -- relentless. Well we have the opportunity -- it last night you know I'd also. On how much -- -- really you know I'm not much you do. You know for the community and you know charity -- appearances and stuff like that let you know you get very generously of their time and and I got a lot of great causes. -- I know we got an opportunity you know -- -- all those together. And you know. I don't know how much everybody knows or can appreciate the time that you give to other. Great causes but -- I know you're out there and and you know we all appreciate it. -- bill well guess what you gonna have to you have to talk to me who might they -- I don't know but obvious. Says as much broader stock Glenn but I -- you know what Michael I think you had a better shot for you wrote the book. -- Yeah well like look whatever it is you know again -- I know that you know the this space and then this great connection to our fans and you know. It's always great you know the fans out there Sunday in the support that we get and Nigel -- stadium and -- I know our fans are there -- they you know they love -- in the -- -- and and and that's -- among many others that they you do it and you know you got -- about the patriot that the connection we have. You know torque band and that's important to us so. You know how it looked forward to that you know it's kinda. You know that'll help meet those demands are fans have and now I can't answer every question quite the way it. You where they would want it but you know I know it's important to connect with Simon and you know there and I are like one week or shooters or every week -- Our bill thank you very much for Colin and -- it means a lot to me and now we'll connect. We'll connect on the -- Argued that -- Background thanks Michael we'll get -- -- on a road. -- -- Israel Bill Belichick coach of the New England Patriots. What don't. Spirited support groups with what we're definitely you guys superstars. Bryant got back here stick -- -- -- if so lieutenant. We've wherever they're holding their feet they're very protect. Honestly glad that want to publicly thank you what you did in my career. Did get but it where he can provide significant part of something very special for your buck -- Good luck going forward I'm sure we'll hear to stick fat boy network and and what is it you have to request one I'd like to admit publicly that Antoine Walker shot out that really what does that tell us. To anywhere else. Grab this paper -- kind of -- and then we did just that ability to step on it destroy it. I expected to congratulate. Which. And that's massive. Listen in as the big show takes -- once respectable sportswriter from Texas and turns them into him. Dakota from Braintree Gavin Grant the writer for the Dallas morning. And news joining us live on the on the phone lines right there right now there's no wait it's somebody who watches the game of baseball could look at this list. And say Dustin Pedroia is not one of the top ten candidates for everything I. It's possible that I got QQQ now I try to analyze the car and a couple spots on the ballot. How do you feel worthless when the winner of the MVPs to one that your colleagues across the country realize that the best player in American League with Dustin suggesting it's not like -- Does that make you feel when you didn't even put him there. It makes me feel like my opinion -- problem quickly our men have been admits that he was Bruce Brooks wrong. But that's not enough for the guys on the big show we layoff and not just wrong like way off its favorite idea -- -- Am I really wrong -- -- As long as somebody gave -- the Dakota lake beat down continued for the next fifteen minutes while. I can't. What our value is getting on base and producing more. DC going a 118 with -- -- -- -- he led the league and so we didn't categories how did need to look at. -- -- should be heard it may come on if she should come up with I. How far. Out of left field -- -- Buckley tried US some serious questions but that didn't work when you submitting your ballot we -- and. And haven't tried to defend themselves. But that didn't work either I've been voting for you BP for ten for about ten years I know how to ballot hours. Probably feel apparently not so eventually -- digital living to do. Guys. All I can do is tell you. Here right here -- right -- wrong I'm stupid you're Smart. You're the best and the worst. Either. Very good looking. Not attractive Evan. You've got -- -- you don't understand his game it just. Doesn't make any sense what the believe the ability but saying thanks for calling the big GO -- Very much yeah yeah. Who knows him. I was pretty amazing because as I said he wrote -- Some months before them. As one -- who do command in the race and a month later after a phenomenal September. He's off the top -- you know what he probably wanted to hang up he could. Want to have a phone and what we're going -- -- I just -- rat dog rag doll on the and it stayed on by the way did you notice the Bill Burton. Congratulated me to see it -- tell -- that -- -- congratulation. Guess is that it's built up. Okay did developers like the mayor. If I commit -- violent outbursts like the always says something that it's. Comical auditor don't build it one of the most comical things of reverence -- once again urged an intentional or not I don't territorial. He gave what is he was weakened shift by himself. He gave his home phone. Instead of giving that call in number he gave us -- phone. So he's -- wanted to OSHA would know for locals as myself -- Dakota from Braintree home. That's what -- Dakota from Braintree. A longtime listener last time caller. So you did so well the other day -- you just don't wanna leave -- May be as as Michael all -- great it was call you governor acknowledge that it was a it was a brilliant phone call the other day that's a tough fact of files double jeopardy you know it really you take a chance here. It it's okay place all the chances he -- I know all the Botha and lack shows so you know we have had an incident with. Speculate about a former Red Sox manager that all became true eventually when he was out of town at the Red Sox wanted to admit so but let's get to that some of the root of our arguments over the years went for a second. One would Daisuke you have got to give it to me it is all along with. I already said. You're on -- clear the air out the door. Okay hold on hold on I'm not I'm not gonna do I'm not a spank you like get -- in on the play that little game with what you. You were right to go I Daisuke Daisuke was. It was a 106 million dollars in this. Quickly I took like five years or -- being 023 times a week you'll want to -- all along. Right no no we know Garnett. I said the -- the Celtics could trade for Garnett and you said that -- on the show it'll never happen it's impossible if you know what they went out and got Garnett. Did he. Picture on August. To -- so far to know all I am to about showing portable and I would like you you're right about it. You know what Dakota it is like -- -- its mileage and that is what I wanted to wanna apologize to right before. And then when I'm Molly I I don't know and then I get all of the stuff and and you -- And I just want to go out on the last call. Yeah knowing that you were right now they're finally hold. On -- after eighteen years have been able to say intelligence. If we're gonna do this Ross it's Dakotas best prediction ever which was of course the 2004 patriots second -- don't doron is actually four -- twelve. Feet and -- here is that these artists that don't like to think -- team that was fourteen -- -- -- for our goal is to. For twelve. You know you can be wrong every now -- don't. Go to the go to go. -- extra cool I really and -- I give you one final prediction. Here. All ordinaries left prediction that he's gonna be anyway -- differences of when liberals favor culture's most from the District of Columbia. So man. Glad I'm just called to wish you the very best practices and into thank you for three things. One. Fred the Christmas donkey. Was one of the funniest things if you guys ever did. It got me in close to being into deep trouble with it judge. Which it is. -- wanna hear this story yeah I noticed. Well there was that day I I had gotten a call. But lately afternoons from -- judge's clerk and -- a bunch of other folks were on this call and it was ostensibly about. Things that were kind of run of the mill things instrument and concern my client and so I had you on in the background. And I think it was that gave it that phrase gut pistol. And left the studio. When the song was played well. -- and I can I can I just that brokers -- this is the honest final few days of idea the idea here. True story -- got this. That was not -- -- got pissed and stormed right -- and I don't want any awards at the one you wards the guy that was doing the the song. He wanted to hear this guy apart was. So we're we're no liability issues on the liberty it's a start but Oscar. It's on in the background. Fully believed that Fred left the studio. Started out laughing and then the met next thing that judge says there's there's something funny about this he -- Obviously he couldn't hear what what I was hearing -- I had to quickly -- away from matter would have been in real trouble. Obstacle to take you to that I want to thank you for a law. Providing a home away from home from people like me. I left Boston in 1978 to go to school I've never move back. So you've created -- part I mean. You know and our love for these teams is genetically encoded or how old I will never ceased to be a fan of these teams. So you've provided a home away from -- our chance for people like me and we're all over the country you know to participate in this and -- Deeply appreciate that. Armed. Finally. -- you only can say is well done I mean apart from. The commercial and artistic success. What you guys do. Is very important and can he can be very valuable and that's because you guys Serb. You're basically right trees and -- religion Communist country. It's so diverse and in certain ways. So polarized about so many things a show like this gives a chance. And either bring people together around something they love forty divide them further England -- Consistently you've had your front he's consistently taken the high road. You look for opportunities to bring people together you haven't resorted to cheap polarizing things. -- invite people to get ratings and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you very much percent really approaches -- Somewhere down the road I know we will alone we will Rican 6177797937. Tech's 37937. I want to thank Michael Berger who. Was terrific last night in making sure that we switched over might handle on Twitter and whatever -- on the phone call like experts and he's just. -- everything's smooth transition. So if you wanna fall made you wanna keep up with me and I'd love do enough as a -- try to reach out to as many -- you. As it possibly can it will be a way if you finding out what I'm doing and where I'm going. It's Glenn. The man now we gonna take you out that you totally drug mine fund woman I want -- -- -- -- eleven point. That's something that's something you can. Get time writes not that -- -- -- time now for burger. Now I don't and I tell you what I Taylor I -- Iowa one weekend with -- us embargo will be a whole different man. Holed it from thing that I -- him. Questions -- out. They go it's pretty. Well. But can't believe the news. That's bad but -- -- -- here here now has that you know I think it delegates callers. All sleep on the air. Got real effort now. They're the case began with Disco and -- put together related business plan to hire. -- copper -- all we court that it is you know really talented people. All the work. Been getting my first full time job in this as well forget that there are hundreds of people will be here that it -- that they did that contribute. Well I don't think ever contributed but a lot of people that make that. And they let me know what you -- got back here the team is better but aren't as good. -- message. He. -- -- They're going to some sort of a formal notice her -- on the -- I would like what is it called. It didn't get a grip where we're gonna let him go to the -- hope everything goes well the ball up all the -- But of course the distorted -- better if we. That. Big old power and and congratulations. I don't know what was what and well with. Highest rated most successful -- -- what was your history and you find. The front if you finally get the -- The product sales. One of many. Are -- -- -- -- the show and parents who are bigger and better things. I was the pathetic act I don't feel a lot and I appreciate it I know. And not done and you get quite a democratic primary to give up and could interpret it. I haven't. But no time. What Greg. Consider. -- request was in the -- picnic because of that as a but. And get back itself back. All artists at -- are. Going to be like I think it's good to have. You want to call a lot. -- -- -- -- -- Hey save that number I take a lot of Levin -- Jerry Kelly yet. And Ron Borges and Kelly is right there at the front page of The Herald must tell you I'm not -- picked up -- shut -- -- here. I am not a good look at -- okay I'm willing to admit I've been stashed there the chubby -- but the Harold. You couldn't go in Photoshop. A human being and make him look worse than I look in the front page would you agree because you sort you started laughing. I -- what you everyday. Media and we sit and look at each other and. I know that faced by the way it faces you're listening to someone asked you questions and you're certainly intense and listening and they took that lead to -- Look at me every day you never laughed -- you laughed at some of the things have said that it will laughed at my appearance. And and and I laughed you laughed and we -- and in this event -- Not a bad. -- Andy Reid -- like any read it he read. The battered its introductory press conferences in Kansas City -- had -- a better picture because that's how you look better in the -- we -- To order -- daughter and. The other detail I wanna. I'm also. A one Iowa. Thanked the sales weasels 'cause we we at the moment we joke about the moment. And we do it because it's in a part of the part of mistaken I know some of them got it and understand it. And some of them don't I can tell by the looks like hall -- and that's why -- I don't know what to -- is that. Look at the other way. So I apologize for anything we've ever said about sales weasels over the years. We do respect have great respect what you do and to be honest with. None of us would have been able to make money that we've made over the years off of this venture without you guys going out hitting the pavement. And making no sales -- -- which and I apologize for not saluting you over the eighteen years but. Better late than never Kate Krauss is somebody who handles all of the commercials down here. I've worked with Katie for I don't know it's -- years and she's the best in the business about it. She's like the picture mom chi -- is the picture -- she's just a wonderful person but more importantly. As you know Michael I'm not real good sometimes at the placement of these commercials if I think that we're riding with something that's good content is good. -- caller -- something is happening in the interview was good I don't want to lay the commercial delayed commercial. And that means it puts a burden on working to cross was got to move the clock round of the commercials around. Because on the east stubborn idiot who felt that we had to have more content but I was content that's how. I'll think of it and the person want to -- his endorsement. Who is in the hallway -- right across from the hallway from where we are and don't records all of these commercials now that Michael -- And -- the pain in the -- is the biggest -- in the building. But we love them for it because he finds ways of having -- do like extensive production. During a commercial recollect a commercial break a -- -- Michael. Here and he did it in and screw all. And then he says that's OK I don't know I don't know what's not okay I just -- stop it he yeah I like that every hole -- -- -- of that inhaler and he always. And for that idea I thank him dearly and he's been a great friend and all the time we've been here and one thing I want to do because. Adjustable tip for you -- be really careful. When you read these these commercials sometimes what you -- commercial and UB you'll probably more live commercials now some of the stuff like that will be yours. Was that electronic white boy is that was that the line. Electronic white boys are singles this before. You've never seen before I. Electronic white boy was that -- the term. Term it gives you don't like Vanilla Ice -- Electronic -- -- electronic white -- -- -- -- -- electronic. Like all or more -- -- like -- that aren't all aren't so that might explain him that my tip for you right now. Nancy skeptic at delusional dinner okay white bull or you know where people are very sensitive to its politically correct words. And then he. Tried. Electronic white boy yeah. That's what he called a couple of. I'm not I'm not somebody elect somebody who's excited electric. Rate. Where is that Obama returns which are based electric stuff we get another -- another hour to go 11 more phone calls it a lot more stuff for him surprises as well. So -- and you can reaches its excellent 7779793737937. It's the final big show. And it's the until you know steered you know -- -- -- to -- -- smaller price be about sixty -- -- will be done and the show will be done and will move onto the next chapter for everybody. On it's been a blast and we we Mordecai. -- was bigger than what they expect. Got to go to -- The last five years nobody asked any questions about the celtics' -- sport there is no question I have -- you haven't clicked with regards yes. Really pleased with my dogs are far away at it over concept. -- -- public debate in terms of what that's. Our viewers that this is about.

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