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Bonus Online Only Goodbye Glenn Ordway Whiner Line Whines - 02/15/13

Feb 15, 2013|

Apologies to anyone who called in a whine on the whiner line today and didn't make the cut. If I could have played them all, I would have... but we ended up with over 118 minutes of messages and we had to do what we had to do. So we stuck around tonight and put together an online only bonus collection of whines wishing Glenn the best and reminiscing. Take a listen to 30 bonus minutes of whines if you've got the chance.

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I've been listening to -- Julie -- that big goal. And now. And I wanted to tell you about can talk about being -- if you want a card and the background I'm buying my good friend that good. WEEI one senior lying. -- -- matter of fact I think our amber -- dial 7793535. Good. Back whoever patent and that created a program. Can't really clean up their act. And now -- understand. WEEI. Lying your line. Glad I wanted to call and they've been waiting here they have very sentimental about the time. The behavior but. -- I -- -- -- submit if I have been ill 1 morning it would -- upgrade not a steroid OK I could blame it on the radio that. I am going to migrate yeah. Hey glad I didn't want either way you look very happy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good to watch -- line is no longer. On the part of the yeah programming I'm proud that. There -- happy. You have the veto it Peter. Can bite you widen the war and would I have an incredible. -- don't avoid. Communicate again. It's. I want to thank you plan. I don't wonderful I think Ben Ali. And engaged. Grant and -- everything that I've been better than. I know it happens that -- bad thing. I'm glad that -- like you. You know out there. Thank you have a big -- but. I had that down -- these people already arriving at school. All big birds so my goal all that buried by a tale of how Michael Wood eight dividend my. -- UK. I call you know I don't. I Gloria Value Line called the pay -- won't be buying good -- everywhere pretty. You would be yeah it would damage in my home I'd -- You -- idea I'm home I'm good big -- -- today. On the bat and I want to get rid of him yeah. There aren't aren't very aren't. Boehner. During what -- not good Firefox you know good heart could. Dark. What I would argue that they -- don't know about it. And managed to. -- -- -- -- -- And let's go back and happy. And and me. Don't have -- -- -- and you know the big old. You wouldn't -- -- I can't remember. My neck back. But -- didn't -- today. To make you know. Baton. One. Didn't. That. I've been -- Yeah you think that you do it. -- Didn't. And ordered back every year. How much can it not been. Otherwise -- anyway but. Harden and not a corner on number and -- -- glad Obama built. A lot of eyes and while. That's why I have my life. I don't realize -- that I had said. There's been that bad about what all the -- allies but we're -- But. Into this is built on that day I did out of the ball up. The last day and as a president they'd better call. The wind you'll maybe do. You don't let -- well I'd let him -- eyeball and problems I've -- Talk. That they don't want me what might exactly your name I've never -- would. Break BMW they would. Best video. Ever. I meant to provide live. Atlanta look at it I don't I have been training you're getting hit bottom. I'd have kept -- Right side and then. Why did during a good thing we want him. Yeah and I -- I don't vote total the end the good. -- Act and then. Go. Ahead -- got tired. -- Hendrick guys I know I -- then brought credible and aren't can get them back heavily. And at one of Hawaii award. Given that have acknowledged that everybody thought. -- in the final line and I want. A lot of the -- here I don't want -- government -- -- -- what everybody did it hurt that. The last show on Broadway. They. All the bad. Are there -- where they were apparently. But had to have a good and then. And that we -- as always we invited the but the -- but it. And I bet bet -- ability. Good -- all the fun it's definitely and can anybody would definitely you know inherently good showdown. -- gonna make -- good luck in the future. Dad yeah yeah today. Did you. And -- happy Harvick did a good not fighting. You go gridlock the end but I'm -- Bob Hope -- break -- Did -- Barbara. The ball got up and but. And the and part of that. -- It. I have half and then. And go. Back. -- -- Grip on. It wouldn't -- marriage divorce when quite a bit. I will pay you. I am 100. And it didn't pool. Boy what great it will have on my I can't have paid our blog at. They don't think -- like home. Home but. Very different. I could have been. A -- -- yeah. Have -- -- bad and -- but I can't read it had been a big pain but it could threaten trade bank with any. What -- did. And then. -- -- Mario and I think. But it it company. And if I don't think -- not a crime -- put it. -- that you know I don't. Know. -- Not that important in the bank I don't know that it kind. -- -- Latin heart beat everybody in the dark. And. Gonna call me. Twenty. He had. So then why do. A decade that. Show. -- Big big you know I wish you all the best time I've. -- -- that when that bank and maybe with a career. And -- importantly we had. And I'd probably. Have politely but I had -- dog pound -- -- -- I was -- -- -- Yeah today I don't we figured might go what are the broad -- but why -- aren't. -- -- -- -- -- But. That -- iPod and I'm not going to be and it might not want the baby. Yeah well -- know. People and yeah. Tomorrow I'll have my body and you know and I am and I. What. I'm about McNamee. -- -- -- -- I have my own not have liked. It. I want our. Work. Done and I'm not quite what equipment I would like aren't. What. We want. -- We. -- -- -- -- -- Probably why did not all what -- Like all of -- I want to -- I don't. Know. I don't ask don't look -- Edward Norton. Would help them. -- one would. Argue. But -- and -- and it sure. -- -- -- -- It. All -- and I mean while. I'm Bob -- -- in. Order to get back on a more normal don't become. Great. Great help. And -- and come out. Created that problem I would put -- quick quick. And wondered what I would. Try. I. -- -- -- -- Now. -- And work it. -- part of what kept him. Out. -- I am. I apparently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now that not one company that kind of look. -- public park and walk on that. -- -- I want to -- and my own. -- -- -- good people on corruption and -- -- When the power. Book -- -- A bit. I'm a bit. And bring that we're. -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. -- yeah. But yeah apparently -- Good. And -- -- and -- Could pick -- well. -- -- -- And -- -- -- -- Could -- -- bright side. If you wanted to do you have any -- and accurate yeah. -- don't could have happened and that they don't go. Quite that's what I can't bat and. Very. I have. I've been -- -- how bad -- developed. It was a great great. I have not backed up power you've had a fabulous guy yeah you've taken. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah bad. Bad. And I'm glad I've seen -- do that every single bit I think any candidate that they don't look I think it's a good rating. But the one or opt out of the -- deliberately and no fat actor. And -- and why don't people don't -- And wherever it landed I bought an outgoing and -- and I can't. Like Abu. Ali good luck. Not added. I don't want to they don't expect. -- -- -- bad. About it and then. There have been no big government could connect -- can't be any direct aid but I would -- my and it. I'll tell you pay out well while I did not go ahead you've got got. Maybe. You know what I go to black and. I gave the video up next Glenn Beck every I think Bob -- -- I can't help it. How nobody I can't believe the WB -- -- and let you go. Hope they Blankfein and a few days what I'm home. I like -- window I want and I can't wait -- I -- The only way I would this bond that what I am bad at -- But look at our last week I found -- I'm going to be the Bill Burton but Matt McGill number easy. Wow all right back. It's -- -- and I wanted to be the point about a great feeling and what -- -- don't I don't pay a good job and I don't know hit the -- not about me. High -- I think he had them and that would be like that -- and related blog about it. -- about it quite a bit of Buchanan. And uptight about midnight something very easily could pick up yeah. They landed her former intern I'm not offended if you don't remember I don't think we've been in my hand. I just want to wish you good luck in the bank and government. Didn't work the big show gave me great -- -- my life I got to watch a football game home alone with -- -- It was amazing. Broke down but they're raping me and during the commercial he performed an unfathomable character assassination of John F. Kennedy. I've got to answer the question a thousand times what -- people -- play on the air and I always that the bank bank. Exactly what you do on the -- engine that ship and bought a whole lot more. And finally one day before Thanksgiving. At any real talent and the buildings have been -- on vacation I've gotten that into the production studio and record a little bound by that built this day. And -- visual voice of Italy on the big show that great video shows ago. Unbelievable adequate network where I wish you good luck. On your future endeavors like -- And all the hype about -- Talk like act but help the economy the pig Latin bring -- well -- pac bell helicopter about bad. -- always try to keep America man and then. A BitTorrent bread. About golf back at all -- bag you can bet that every technical. And Africa and Latin not a minute and a back. A bag and what about that good captain. I think I'm happy about -- -- -- but -- -- valued -- about them. -- -- somewhere in this favored -- Kind of shining right then and find somewhere and somewhere I know -- and -- more right now laughing and somewhere children show. But there is no billion billion pounds Baidu anyway -- -- And Gordon the other bedridden and they didn't want to build -- really didn't -- they have 800. No but about it. -- yeah. And it -- it blends animation and they go -- I don't wanna go back once you know I feel really bad. Can't come on the children. -- -- I don't want my commitment and all the but now verbally. No -- -- -- in -- -- beat an anecdote about a black man. And go yeah probably. Today I haven't had and figure out chaotic today. Don't let the dark. In the cap on the way out. I got a lot of my vet today but how about. No cigarette break the -- on the way out good luck that we. Not your next move will be. And then. And I. Don't want to. Let that disguise and 3:11. PM. Landed on ball. And that -- It all depends. The tragedy of biblical. Authority. You watch him. You watch that. Guy -- -- a -- help. I would think. Big -- way. Apart. Bit and put it probably did not comprehend him I didn't. This is not gambit but always does not get the big -- to remember that and. Go to guys ready one vote -- Growing up you know I want -- all right but what bill Arnold can't. About my colleague. Our. You know what I'm. Even now on the radio voice of god Arnold. You know -- -- watched meg gonna be coming back. But I'm a hundred no I'm very proud of it and then. And I don't under. Thank you mean when I do not view. The deal but could they can find a bit of an Obama got elected yeah I'd have to do it brought brought the big what great noted here and a and rhetoric but ended in critical but -- that have been incredible -- big pivotal and hey Big Brother I don't know we have had independent. And I Gloria. And it anyway got bought out and hey -- -- That is paranoia. Could you can't get back to Cali and I don't want him good night Obama and then. Yeah. It then it. Bet they'd go out there and -- -- bought there. At all when -- would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. We. And that means you. I -- my commitment in the public. Our. Let me bring. You really happening and that ball in the air. I want to. Could end -- yeah I thought why aren't. Back -- ultimately but. And I. Bought the game -- -- what you. But the commitment. That could very well and -- what happened. And I have. Mind and here. If you could help my normal you -- not I'm not my call -- feet. I don't mind one bit depressed. Give it back let me I have been here. Their excitement. Do -- -- And that. But it happened and happening here don't -- -- my -- -- -- -- not -- at the clock and sending. Oh -- And it. My only regret that I boldly gone on collateralized. By god and -- But. Don't go way. Back. I haven't quite been happening. Barack Obama and glad -- -- And let you know that big -- on. Yeah I would probably have a favorite -- broad. -- glad our way did I won't tell. -- big code didn't really active in I wish you well. And how to get better and not not good at half and it and it. It could be but that was not -- and I regret but there's god -- better come up with current. It quietly and let us get our dog lead him my. -- and I didn't want to get caught. But did nothing bad baton. I have not gotten it got to pick up. Anyway I -- have now been -- and not need to happen. -- you know. I'll let it hang out bill okay what I don't know. Apparently not in the world and about now a lot of it and I've -- -- gotten back and bottle clap on. Last week. I -- black and I could collect -- laid out an acrobat and when I'm on human parrot everything good and they find. And back and view and on the deal and I'm Ali I don't want to be an. Opponent and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- if you -- that that our way forward you know you really nailed it. Yeah. Goat got an idea that gate and thought what better time and -- And I hope that important vodka and don't ever have the ability to adapt it to my seven years -- that we. Hey dad hey good guy bad guy and having this thing that they go and debate how bad days back -- -- You in the future probably that would end here. Radio talk. You know I think that nobody thought -- grown up an -- -- I yeah I got it bad but good -- I can't. Let gridlock and -- according to -- -- -- -- About immediate goal and -- yeah. Opening up another golden banana who want to. You know bigger the last bit of an opinion about it great yeah I gotta be about an -- now but I got that -- when you -- that. You know what you won't watch -- Hawaii bogged. You -- this entire week. All the -- here they have -- respect -- at Buick. -- -- that no crime problem here thank you reverend Everett on my father had WEEI out of my car and our dogs that aren't. I guess that Britain could have a big -- for they played right now -- They hit everything but what you and did that work our way and I. And panic. We had. But a lot of that good but by then it got a little bit. And glad. You could be directed -- -- beat it down with that body they don't waste your walk on water bodies. Good -- but then by the department. -- they get pounded by the -- leaving him. But why I don't know it'll look like I don't know I do but I can't envision that cartoon version of Abu. And yeah. Good. And at. The big and it it and it man. -- didn't panic -- baton at Atlantic you know. Great company and -- what's -- like having beaten. Entertainment and Clinton Campaign. At it happened I. Actually I think -- and pat pat yeah. -- -- -- --

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