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Glenn Ordway's final Big Show (Hour 2): The dynamics of sports radio in Boston

Feb 15, 2013|

Big O gets serenaded by Sauceman, joined by his original co-host Janet Prensky, and one of the first Big Show co-hosts - Steve Lyons - finally shares the infamous Las Vegas story. Glenn also gets into the behind-the-scenes aspect of putting together a sports radio show.

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BC stump speech you know with holly and a big go on Sports Radio WEEI. To see on this Friday big show. No there's only one month actually could fill the feet before it left bipolar or why. But I apparently does have a heart attack and I doubt his area of expertise could be discussed on the -- Joining us today is we hold the Irish week for the bingo you're not get enough that easy -- we're gonna rose duress they're bigger. Today we got the video himself already with one foot out the door and got his partner in crime and good friend Michael Holley at his side. That they don't believe that I got to patent. They did everybody else that would. Got -- their jobs. Plus we got our man that's exactly twice Glenn's -- John sauce CA on the sports latch -- is standing up. Now. -- Well. I don't -- And we closed the day off with only their whiner line. Give us a call like 6177793535. And -- board we know he's finally on his way. -- -- -- Lot. -- are you vocal. Let's be friends. Come on Glenn. Started -- -- All joining the mighty big go one more time for the ages -- Sports Radio WEP guys per. -- -- -- I -- the fat bastards elimination party and we're opening up the phone lines -- 61777. 7937. We haven't had a chance to work for an awful long time but he did it has been a blast and. Very very talented guy misguided misdirected and he's got some issues but does -- man is the guy that. I'm sure you're gonna hear an awful lot from in the in the days in the months in the years to it to come. There's a chance he might get they picked up for a -- that they've -- that's the thing up in -- you're not part of that are -- -- It felt like it might -- -- think that looks like my next big thing too that's your thing I'm worried about you suspect that were much like -- because you're talented guy but you know. You can go off the rails like any enemy knows they say the same thing to Don Imus. He went off the rails and threaten our brother Evan. This also saw thread you said you'll you'll probably -- him to win. I'm hoping to make it to the mid thirties you know so the back not all Powell -- you know so or utilities at city over his 31. Action. Well listen I really appreciate what you would you Bryan too. Bad -- it's only in the last few months here but you've been a nice addition nor shall we really appreciate. While I appreciate the opportunity -- just echoing the sentiments of everyone else and -- -- -- today on the big show of course you know I had to make you a song and I hit it yesterday the artist. A because americanize it. Here it is this is the -- to work way over all those stage. Thank you would -- -- role. Arguments would be our seed. Overall good joy you brought to love. Lives for all say sweep deprived or why. It took me via dreams that you may come true. All so why hitters calculate use. It will be over bird raised full or way you'll go blonde who. Created. He. Your mustache beat and -- hello want to win here prepared and as Sean Grande the you wouldn't be we have this seat that is scary and you know. Rest or run cult threatens fees but it -- game yeah hey you choose wouldn't be. Nobody -- -- erupting Michael -- leave. Build sand beds just wouldn't have put me Mike -- Earl Woods -- This vote came Wii game. Where. Every thing -- alone but it shows you'll blow away. There it is story line it was a field or touching somebody just a text in on eighteen -- a great quote assessment sounds like -- less attractive Phil Hartman but didn't go well with him if you remember the thing was the ending was not it. -- -- It. The straighten this thing when your readers and you get a little a little concerned aren't you afraid if you read something maybe you won't be here on Monday and I'll be going out the dough and I like -- less attractive for -- and by the -- funny and by the way we're happy to have a correspondent out in Los Angeles and at 515 today. Two B 215 Los Angeles on. We are going to have our -- on -- life with microphone. Two bills Simmons parties at a party -- governor party I don't know what occasion has presented a huge party out there. Lot of little Boston bodies all of this afternoon Campbell France's. So arrogant to. Fifteen today -- will. Heady guy he's the most successful people sporty Israel holds on the I mean speaker seat that's what bill has to understand he's a great writer. Mom he's built something in you know what he did it. On -- -- there's no question bodies starters site despite huge empire is always on network TV whatever. And some mistakes like I haven't everybody else -- But. Just go to sit back and enjoy your success. Now. -- that likes to sit back and enjoy it but that's -- 550. This -- the guy that goes way way back to the regional base. The only man in Major League Baseball to drop his pants not once not twice three times in a Major League game is all TV cameras around -- lines. -- -- -- It you don't you don't -- and aren't we were re talking about your few weeks ago because of Jeremy Roenick was an in studio. And an -- an old buddy of yours. And no well all -- And we were talking about some horror stories in Vegas but you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Yeah yeah private jet thing you know -- and if he now also I doubt that Monday. Obviously those -- my -- But we saw some things that night that I'd never seen before my life and I haven't seen sets like that. So. It out the current pretty considerate and used it in -- study with little -- -- right. Well you know. That's the really the bigotry -- all outside the guiding all of the luck went to high school my father. -- Hudson moral and being my first start on -- WS RO laid back land. I mean that is a -- -- calling thank you are really get an opportunity. The U start a career in both radio and the Vietnam. Is also gone on your mind thank you -- the doctors this season. And I continue to look what I'm gonna -- really appreciate you. -- can't add an out of nowhere and today yeah go ahead commodity and you can you can work about the that was really my big start. You're fun guy and we do the same thing we did with all of the of the the big show -- to try them out we took them out to a bar. I had to drink heavily and and we found out whether there was any chemistry and -- some guys may hit some guys didn't Steve. Obviously he had perfected that drinking party at the Dow was unbelievable. And. And you know and then. And in the and you threw me out of five hours yeah but myself on Thanksgiving night. Who played football game that night. Don't know not all good at the I had to get -- men and I've always said that anybody but I. Don't think acted as if -- it did five hours. Because you have five hours. Lot of the purse or first read about or. I was reading newspapers magazines -- couldn't. I can figure out what to do it without you know. Really -- experience is trying to dampen your feet not -- remember it and don't wanna do it. I tell you what -- you learn broadcasting. The hard way when you do those -- I I've done those before I've done them before. -- with two uncles. In five hours but that's -- to business that's what you learned of the talked -- -- to try to -- go from one thing to the next but before we let you got. The Dodgers took all of the money away from the Red Sox is it going to improve the Dodgers. You know it will. That's what I thought -- -- like -- crazy move -- these guys need help everybody didn't want. Com. Beckett threw the ball really well for us we score many runs. I think Carl Crawford is still a good player I'm worried that he contemplated here. I think he may be the glue that hold this team together and you guys -- -- the that really pure and -- -- average we brought him outrage. But we also think that he's an outstanding player were certainly paying top dollar little guys. But we got a bunch of them now and we think overall. It could be a pretty good team it's still some holes with a 240 million dollar payroll. But I think that there's. There's not a lot of really -- baseball team out there right now. Yeah up to consider the Dodgers in the top. Good luck with a thank you very much for calling and I'm just happy I didn't screw up -- career. Thank you gotta thank Steve alliance giving us a little local. You know what what do you think go. Do you think Adrian Gonzales continues to do what it does mean an excellent -- similar to -- that -- can't have begun to you know. From afar now. Even when we've talked to him and interviewed and he seemed like that again though he was kind of he was just. The cellphone when asked if that's I was that was a sight gag -- whatever it just to go over too well. You retry this. That's it absolutely full well -- -- radio. Sets so it. These things okay this is safe we're talking kids if it okay they won't bring up pretty baseball's. Probably should regret that they were going to be yes baseball questions and -- just come on and have you say. Some nice things when I talk baseball too so he said hey this is meeting in New York. You wanna borrow my cellphone. -- you that's that's that's here I don't look on his grades. Are back I thought. See this was before Bobby V threatened on our study was gonna -- to our targeted to -- that I did to. You can about that throw you out of the park because you know not that I'm attracted to men but he has those soft eyes and it suddenly they became. It was like he -- the stared down. That you know while -- -- to be -- news cabinets are no I think I heard -- -- -- jumped out of your body just say that I understand what he's trying to say bodily and after today you can use any. That. Isn't as soon -- -- I guarantee I will come after you would lawyers I will sue your -- as I've got that. All -- out on the -- today Monday. I'll bet legal issues. To be -- Say what you are probably important Sports Radio won't happen again. To the my third most importantly gave me the opportunity to probably slapped around guys like to cold. And he's from Fall River. And the hot dog guy out of Africa cup through my bread you want to -- partners group in the. -- you've got to teach. Board way and colleagues here on the WUPI Sports Radio network news. In the -- you know we don't really go. Bob why isn't the the only place to be here is what took you Rhode Island to. They -- rice and Bob -- These people I know I never ever understand why people go to with the means. Thanks for the year. Have been point five -- it was 75 why we're here cluster if they're idiots I wouldn't do it it's a principle that. I won't do I won't do it all right Bob rise on the subject when you go to these -- everybody calls up well you know you gotta pay for the market. You by the deal and of course the kids have to have a souvenir. Here we go again not a -- Don't have to have a stupid because nobody here is a wild man -- I went at a reasonable price somewhere else. -- -- -- the -- for the bobbing head doll club static control -- large potential. Don't need to -- you can. Elsewhere another fine example that kids don't have to have the -- -- you don't get earnings dignity he battled all you young -- -- to start out takes it won't make that. That's cool under yours is ready to go to a game and she's whining -- teller. I'm not I'm not no you're not I'm not playing that stupid bobbing head golf all right settle down battle back. All those sort of Robert Ryan on your children Bob Ryan. Bob used to be like that on a regular basis if you right through it he's absolutely correct. That particular or to certain kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apartment souvenir. Talking about -- and it -- they know what to do minorities ball parks and -- because they sell everything -- can't walk around the concourse. At two TD garden without seeing a million different things. It's just wanna buy everything if you party dropped a much for the tickets are much for the park and yes I got to Kamal what that all but paraffin. But Bob used to do that regular pace on filters to mark the date their -- it appears four or 75 what does it now 758. Or where viewers that that he -- 98. And a misnomer and it was brought up again today in the injunctions between never. Disputed the fact that the popularity of the teams in this town work and heed to what we would not affect the biggest. No brainer in the history of radio. Line of people throw out all the time. Which is simply not accurate is you guys like all the nag activity and so making gives you ratings. -- does. When a team sucks. And we may see it with teams you're on the road in the next few years with silver teams when that happens. You get two weeks of really solid. Radio gold where people calling up and pitching and cleaning and what this guy out and then two weeks later. -- crickets. Because most people -- parents had not emotionally attaching myself from ornamental listen music. On I'm I'm I'm not you know indoor Watsco. Because you don't want that. When your teams are winning and -- phenomenal runs. What ends up happening is you become emotionally in aged -- and even. If there is some negative applied to what to do one let's say the unity you're worried about him winning the AFC championship game whatever. There's a lot more hawk about him again you're emotionally. Attached. So that is that that the -- dumbest thing you can bring up what people do this all the time. It's like when they say to you guys. Just right to sell newspapers to ties to -- doesn't actually put the stores together they're not working on the other side of the building. They're not certain you're trying to sell the paper -- you're trying to be creative. Putting together a great column a great sport Torre press storyline is -- it's not selling the papers. It doesn't make sense of the same thing applies in radio teams or winning. The the numbers and talk show the interest and -- and stricker but that's just my drink. Or possibly three because -- that's not a death on outrageous. The reason you can do that's because the market itself as very passionate. Love sports really gets into it year round. No matter what the sport is you have a passionate spirited fan base that wants talk about it and engagement that's part of it and the other part is. You have to do a good job. Of presenting that information to people like and just turn lights on -- -- on and while because you're in Boston. People are gonna listen you actually have to put something into it and so I think with the success. The WEEI's. Head. You can't just say well only reason for the success is because it's in Boston Boston is huge part of New England. Is a huge part of it but -- it also takes. Some work it takes talent and hard work in the right place for all to come together and to be a success be a success no question. None none whatsoever I got a phone calls we -- to yourself -- is Joey in the north that -- I go -- well you know -- all jointly -- sensing. There are flowers in the box can't. We are going I don't is a special baker that we don't hold but nobody. But I -- and today. That's Obama. That's because Larry Craig called you when you don't call them on Saturday. Without annoying -- I get the call. -- well there'll. Lakeland -- I figured. No I don't -- always gonna -- would have been charged in but sure it's a candidate that some fiscal talk radio special treatment. So. I want all of a public apology sounds good at doing that I would say yeah. -- let Iraq. Little transparency and honesty here I start pretty transparent and luckily I can't tell if we go. -- -- I would say it was a. -- to jump start the show by saying he always comes in here wearing Hendrix tee shirts. And then you went to an awful on the Don Cornelius on let's you know it. The duo this orders deliberated by the Michael but anyways here's the commercials and Steve my eyes still well all right lend it to you deserve. A lot of vehicles. We'll read today -- well people common goal. You know you don't like -- was -- he was too big goal it was always coolant. Second city you'll run but now it's kind of pulled out there in shock like. This and Dick. The last night. And man doesn't this really stricken by a simple. Please. Please get to use this this. Is. Gospel. Truth. Just awful -- era. But it your Saturday morning. It in -- And it right the very -- very Atlanta or you stop -- direct support. A bulletin that the out late 90s series behind this morning lauer and Al and eighteen. Big chill out you put our might be a lot sports. I'm all right Michael -- at you. Didn't like the format changed I -- I enjoyed a rotating co host a little bit more but it. And again I think you'll likely want to repeal it all -- are here yet deal Ali put on. Yeah I don't think about it than you and and I don't want to ride I think the guys that -- by. Local people it would happen. But I -- that it. I appreciate it I did somebody who treated me today. So the world's upside down Bobby -- has a radio show when you don't is that official he's got a radio -- They got hired by NBC its official of the body Rachel -- is about review shall start. It starts to start the baseball season but the -- dug -- by himself. What that he's gonna have you know what they'll do they'll they'll bring the typical. Person comes in just facilitates the show but party but it -- star. Goes in and out of breaks and says a couple things and in. Bobby Bobby outcome violence idea I but I tell her show is gonna rip a lot of David Ortiz -- -- right now. You'll want to read I have some free time that may make a few calls -- Now Bob he will probably wanted to show with. -- -- -- -- You never know what's gonna have all -- today only on satellite or Internet really nice inning will. 'cause that's where the real stuff -- -- -- That's the -- all like outlook is. -- prince into the program back in the early -- going to Jerricho and I wanna apologize tour I think I have about fifty times. Over the years because the show failed miserably and it really was my fault and people blamed her and it and it wasn't it wasn't fair so. For the 51 time please accept my apologies and you finally you finally got me back -- toss in my fat chance of the order. And the reason I'm calling my friend that they -- like being fired from WEE I don't mind outlets she didn't want it and by the way. I want to also let you know we have a receptionist position open at act Gretzky marketing group I think you'd be like -- in -- I think you'd be an excellent candidate. You you have a website doing. Why aren't our brand what's your what's gonna what's what's what's exports that -- what is called. I have what we want to go abroad. He's very very deeply. -- -- yeah are laying here or what happened was myself lately you know. I and Rick and I won't let everybody how content you -- yeah I need to own dignity. And everybody wrong idea about what happened between that -- but look at you were always an excellent read to me. And that when they re not calling it clear that they are let people know that. Well you always been a great friend and again I apologize a thousand times and how you're doing the Bloomberg you know. Well you're in a lot and went on track I think actually through Q what the issue would have delivered. Yet my and I like EG you -- that -- -- really call that we issued death at a lot written and it. Haven't -- of unemployed and Janet you very much are really appreciate. My aren't there. What was what was the we run we're on a morning shall we are on now. Before dale grafted on NAFTA dale dale super -- by himself. Now the Celtics at the time. So they asked me to do this program because they'd done so much talk before that. This is back in 91 of the Boston Celtics on the radio station and we were basically half -- -- talked. And I -- Don't vote as well wherever you were in the -- as -- carry equipment works and they -- on the road but the problem is the problem and -- your question I did that they'll -- you don't want became the board of I didn't carry the when -- became. A get them later. But. No I was doing the show and doing in the games. -- like players to commit to. In my room the c'mon in and gone joke but he was the problem was all basketball let's talk about doing again like what you're doing negate the right. You know and when you're covering a specific sport like these beat writers are whatever they Bonser on all on all the shows. You know a lot of bottle. When you're -- auction. You know little about law. But I did because I was clearly do when the Celtics at the time so that was my little you know at least that's what I was doing and I talked about all -- -- establishment that that -- start fade away early ninety's and it was fate. People were -- needed because they were winning championships anymore he boarded. Like -- which some of the Red Sox. And it it it killed off and I look at that time. That you even -- we're being accused. Four or five years six years ago not talking about Burlington were periods we didn't talk about the Celtics I learned my lesson -- -- a joke that the public up. And research shows that people don't necessarily care about those shows it's on those teams -- -- -- it's different than a newspaper for our website. All website or go to -- newspaper and I can read a little bit of a number it was a re a little bit about the salvaged a little bit about the rest when -- listen to radio station. You can only talk about one topic one time. End of the number one topic at the time is only the Red Sox and only the patriots you better stay -- it because if you get away from it. It was at -- I don't care about that -- and at that time. The Bruins and Celtics really we're not anywhere close to level. What we have with the patriots and it's and that's why did you fail it was a talk basketball played -- a little CD collection. Little -- -- cut out. Knock it off -- that was his. I 6177797937. Last big show last won a line. That's coming up in the 5 o'clock. Hey guys go back -- -- and I'm working -- Duncan had. There was no better Sports Radio then this is credited studio would you -- -- that -- fit -- fat guy's got good sports on the airwaves. I really think -- what it felt about it at all serious this but I. I grew up listening minority I grew up with into the big I was over the boom -- that you have to just be a part of -- -- It's become it'd be a part of the club and it was a deranged thinking everything going on behind the scenes. And actually I think this hot -- with you wanna yes thank you for being so nice to thank you for opening the door to me. Thank you practiced hitting all of us over the years because you're the guy you'll. Where it was as far as sports such as consent. Bigger better -- my current active. And now it's. Ratio. Bingo. League yet for a doodle welcome the tower of terror where you dropped thirteen stories on the Disney World man receives at least drafted too critical -- the this thick red -- to check it -- Yeah. Have a -- I -- it's capable. Without. But those values. Disney World used to invited down now we just take the showdown there once a year and what they would do is they they took us all over the country -- Top radio stations and it would bring you down there and beautiful studios like. Studios were like something just -- up. They were talking gorges who was he talking to talking to the producer Rick. Stick to it and I don't judge so what -- Happened what they wanted us to do is it was all about the new attractions they were opening and they wanted us to want all the new attractions and they took -- the season we -- wait once. So they wanted to -- attractions in the talk about it on the radio. So -- for a as it fell like the greatest notes tackles. Like. In the national football 310. Pound -- fearless social full field -- the football steered. Sleepless to go on any ride that goes above three miles and now. He's one of those guys its its boats go slow around it and Gumbel said let's fast okay. So they opening up the power. So they get us all to go on the dollar to one astute. And we could -- for it -- for it was resisting it for you gotta do this because that's part of the deal we didn't start talking about what we're experiencing. That was. They put one until you. On he's all of who's white. Is normally all was totally white and speechless for an hour he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't. By the way -- you know -- did apply. Disney World this morning all on line -- you replied well I didn't realize you're surprised -- can be -- actually I I never thought I had anything in common XP in its place. -- -- Correct and what can still have a conversation with -- editor sportsman in the -- and no question he's -- the -- musketeers. This morning he was doing Donald campers. I have nothing in common whatsoever Alex peerless except I can do Donald. Like Alex before 6 o'clock that's gotta have. It. -- -- I. Used to sign I'm desperate -- right up back -- him before six. If I beat Alex and I bet if -- -- I work it was a bad though that. You're into your other Donald compression to walk around and -- shirt no pants your last. Start to crack. I don't -- applaud them for one thing because he did something special -- groomed mustache. The -- went out on modern art that's what I mean but he let you know what it's the it's the effort that really counts -- the result is probably not. If -- your -- I tried I tried. It's. Came out like a total Mexico has where's that thing got -- and -- ban on your keep going. No typical for. To -- -- what happens. I tell you what three weeks from the other vehicle. This could jump the wrestling gold -- Jim. Current -- than Obama and I didn't go in the my body -- try to it. Are those who -- you all my real player Michael Ali. Alpha mom pick you name my domain all of these and look at the management that they don't people I'd double order met him -- on a million years. I bet -- I had I -- so -- any awards are winded I'm looking at queen's. I got. Is why I think -- right. Those weren't kings and queens but I've got. Like the output so why do you look. I had I had whether -- well let me do that she'd be personality all of that may all but 'cause that would take all. An adult web site is something brought up. You know -- I mean let's be real about France. Elect a right right right also looked at obituaries. And -- Moratorium put -- the big debate and that they go to and and my friend the -- culture and stopped right there. Man. That's. You know it. Remember that if I ran out of you remember. Bill they'll go back and yet the man that -- write about but -- -- But while Biden should open it. -- is totally -- character in the middle of the local shelter of the real post article -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Goldberg was in -- to the whole way and that's what these wrestler guys are supposed to do it and jello wrestling it's eight and Jim and -- the wrestling -- got him to totally great character to get this the generously gonna basically told it was. -- -- I've got to give it to you you you broke him down and I didn't think it was possible ever break one of these wrestling dudes down the only get any one time was a -- that Michael. And now. And Jim thank you very much for calling. Europe Europe very strange and interesting man but I do like you I really do like. I interrupted you don't know what he's not cut down trees. Oh wait that's yes all behind will make a brand new book because I think logos. Whatever the big although I go whether you get rug brought up. But they don't go to the woods was the company. At 6 o'clock that your -- and that if the words are part of it don't do you know how notre -- up Steve Michael was in America was called. On here I was out of the market. So badly and Jennifer are you scared of he's in the studio with fresh -- and Freddie was afraid again and end with -- clinical. So is doing his ship and alleged that kids. On you know restore some of the stuff back -- Michael about -- whole works meant Michael was so out of it. You could see it in his eyes you know it that over the it was you know Anthony Hopkins was like scary eyes to the point where. He took off and went at what. -- Whistle like but still it -- and Freddie had jumped Freddie had to jump in and and safe one because Lenny I can tell you. Many were scared running at the time was probably. 400 pounds on -- 370 or whatever. He was gonna have a heart attack in studio -- -- -- scrutinized in tremendous shape at that time not so much he was going to crush him like cents. It was going to be really -- -- Michael is -- where was this instant. Of the year on -- sixteen -- to them what was going well what I was having Michael here. He was in the WWF. At the time are in town promoting wrestle WCW. One of those 28 pence right actually and and events and he was for preparedness aren't thing was that we and it means that. She didn't -- -- -- -- -- Obituaries and platitudes much. I'm always like which is a little you notice is language is a little different and Alex you're a little their little different Oberto but he but he means well. Hey let's talk start with a -- -- to it's -- I've wondered but -- still haven't Larry Johnson. As much. Contribute Home -- I don't think anybody you know you have your own. But do a lot of hands but what cars and -- -- -- on television and print it that go on wondered could not -- very. And if you think that he's getting normal people he could do it could. Can recommend anyone -- think about it. You can be pretty good stuff like that. Look at that in view here but in -- -- fit quote you know looked into that. Adequate state in the opposite perspective that. What. But that tablet they had such another hey look I get back to. Over the years the -- been featured in many. Bids on the big show and not just because he's the host but because he provides great material like big time -- truly gone Bill Cosby did hate him. I know that mister Wakefield. Who's going to show me at least two or three variations. All of Michael. Excuse me. So I thought I was done or start a ball club did you hit in minutes -- You will -- they've made fast friends with -- early in his career by calling him short like a thousand times you're not the stereotypical. You know small craft and its other crap that's in short means -- -- the -- -- sports did you -- when -- growing -- as a -- Obama played basketball and and football and and as senator. And that's what I get it that's because senators are normally tall and Dustin is not by the way to -- Neither you. Larry Bird -- always loved -- though it's always. It's our team. I'm very happy -- him well thank you very much all these years in what was Larry thinking to. Happening Glenn if we call every week goes to do with one's denying might have said died and those who were hit very clean and -- -- -- just so -- -- -- it's amazing Larry three squares a day because way back when it was OK like are somewhere your kid but now fortunately. Thanks for a very happy where you don't loyal. Good job blending. -- relationship was just slightly different then -- and Bobby east in the beginning and the relationship between Bob Levy in the -- -- was great credit. Senator it's a pleasure to be with Gary right right I hear them. My way to -- of that only lasted about two seconds you're gonna do a weekly radio segments on the local ESPN's station in New York I can't imagine that yeah actually asked me -- first question about something like that I am. Yeah Seattle yesterday yes Bobby -- tolerance for England's questions -- no -- -- you know I was or a jury in them out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark Kotsay will always remember Glenn fans -- Whoever said that the video conduct softball interviews. Overheard him tell Mark Kotsay to his face that he probably wasn't good enough to make the post season roster that seems like a tough decision to -- go to Philadelphia. Try to put together this playoff roster you can serve maybe you'll feel it. Well it appears. Don't know why -- -- is not concerned about that enormous. At this point. -- Sheppard felt the wrath of Glen and a few occasions themselves. Once upon a time McAuliffe started to get under you skin but before he got to go on a -- Glenn interrupted fudge -- gonna -- soldiers and Brian. A little shocked -- tried to confront the color but -- wouldn't allow it. All right how can you can you let somebody finish this sentence if I shut this -- -- -- OK it's like the calls now he wants to continue to talk nonstop van -- bingo wouldn't allow people ran. Shut this might not even the colors weren't immune to the rest of Glen grand. Quick question breaking it can give me out -- -- makes it -- sure. Okay what -- fresh -- -- and Matt Matt Matt we are all sitting here doing a free can sports talk show that's what it's all about here. It won't want anybody -- his job market united. -- give me your point what would disagree -- -- does that all it all comes down to. Like you know I'm just very glad we talked today and I mean how many people wouldn't. They decided to keep this is not to. Thank fortunately all of this is prepared -- before his next career he'd still be able. We -- -- -- -- get ready for sexy confident after eighteen years of talking sports in the end do. Who's the bigger ozone hole -- -- -- ninety console -- I haven't used my vibrator and weeks you never know who. We'll stun -- for -- go after dark oh my gosh this hot and leading computer guy just fix my iPhone. -- repayment ways I can. Even imagine teens and early 1960. And we do bingo as Q&A. For everyone calling me a slot for a war. -- who think she's stupid and chickens -- people who die after when he might. Do apologize for the outburst over the years to callers. Might have been. Little loud and compete obviously he's my body and apologized to him. That day because that was just. In my medication worn out I think it was just a bad apology when you when you restrain. Tara the slot saying in what was that about how wasn't -- in my view -- I. I'm. You actually set in the year I was I was reading if you were and you're here for them. I was. That was when I was reading the god of your read Charlie Sheen in it was a Edwards -- -- -- Conference regional conference on. Topping your read during the show. Some -- -- didn't read any over the of those we're not my words. If you argues if you use the starting Monday -- a couple of things -- -- -- -- Also -- nostra are you all we all heard it. But I was. It was it was somebody else's warts. One of Charlie's. She examples. Goddesses and goddesses and gods were pretty Olson is amazing stuff. He's he's you know soccer -- born it's at least he knows you know. -- former partner priorities in its diplomacy was. Star directories and that was great that we love. We -- -- I was happy to hear from. But. A lot of old woman. Really couldn't look in which slightly its diplomacy. Which together with like plastic surgery right zero. Source -- out. He met her in an idea in a bar used to do trivia games and better and bars something. And a satin dry track to remind I don't know what happened after -- were slightly chilly 82 hours Atlanta advice and we had done great -- guys over the years we talked to saucepan earlier but Judd Gregg was hurt was our first children he was a report. The creation of the show he has spent some time this. In the little rooms and as we are trying to all of this stuff together and -- -- yep forever be thankful. For what he contributed to this program and obviously as the saint Pete is -- -- more time on the show he was just you know. That guy got this morning. At a parties really like that's what it's like right and you'll get pissed at you and it'll be about something stupid. And you know you just know that's that's who we years and he was great for the show. -- -- -- That's something happened with -- handle -- and -- again nothing to do what they simply financial thing. Recession yet that's what Pete was was like oh man we've -- he -- He was terrific all of those people have been great in. All of this together -- -- Street quoted Pete -- Pete has got that this was this is Pete. You know -- you Teddy bear -- also like you did the little ones asking. So some kid comes up to the window and start screaming at them don't do this all the time you don't broadcast and I -- problems you know. You know it was one of those right and it's just ignore indicated and -- It was 21 young guy. -- On the fly -- Whips off the headphones red cent jump out the window -- -- -- -- -- is this guy down the street simply because the guys that we should to a -- get bad. Like what the reason that he finally snapped was the guy rate this year during its last week you suck. That went over the -- keeps you. Beat Camilo cores but that's who we were gonna do that's the -- of doing things and again. I caught up to. But I don't think it was like what -- out of it one -- of the died he died that was -- -- -- there's a jewel in Rhode Island a -- -- can't do -- you -- about but he. I was fortunate when the one of the U2 years ago. And that I -- at the at the show on national would have Pachulia. They're on the ticket would sit on you looked at me had to get out my whip on fortunately to the affect. -- was great he was the -- and YouTube -- This is the Eddie from Winfield an oil. But did you realize I don't gasoline and it got an action -- -- yesterday -- that guy and yes. I have to say though the wind like go past my income goes by Louis. Living in the -- with a wood pellet stove from Grossman's right now. You know it's it's funny I heard from a couple of other wonders today they said. If the wanted to line goes do you still will Michael still give up those American Express gift cards as I don't know what my. Well you know what. If if you do Oakland again good luck really should have locked. You know should thank you very much and you'll find me somewhere down the road here you alone you'll find -- and who knows may be below -- resurrect some of some of the stuff that didn't bury you never know in this world. Sick all -- shepherd one last final farewell my friends thank -- all accurate dug up from my broadcast career. I'll never forget it. Always been it's great it's really didn't have much better broadcaster. Other network -- no question about it. Our own virtue my friends and even though -- -- -- or town you were going to kick out of -- spirit. But you know you -- college sports. The last eighteen years I've forgiven for that I'd do. By the way -- -- -- -- of three of double -- -- purple but what. I thought about but not distance Bubba. -- --

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