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Glenn Ordway's final Big Show (Hour 1): Looking back at the early days at WEEI

Feb 15, 2013|

Glenn Ordway kicks off his final Big Show, along with his co-host Michael Holley. Big O starts to talk about the genesis of WEEI and the creation of the characters at the station.

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Easy -- big show with the holly and not a big go on Sports Radio WEEI. Today on this Friday big show. No there's only one mustache that could fill the seat before it left by -- nor why but what I'm Jeremy just have a hard. And I doubt his area of expertise could be to -- probably airway. Joining us today is we hold the Irish week for the bingo you not get enough that easy now we're you know roast your -- face bigger. Or eight. Earlier today we got the video himself already with one foot out the door. And we've got his partner in crime and good friend Michael Holley at his side. They don't believe that he's -- glad -- -- -- are okay. They did everybody else -- by picking up that their jobs. Plus we got our man that's exactly twice -- hi John sauce CA on the sports latch -- is standing up. Now. The golf bag. -- I don't -- -- And it's only. And we closed the day off with only their whiner line. Give us a call at 6177793535. And -- board we know he's finally find his way. -- Please go well wise thing. What -- be behind the -- that final song the focal. My lesbian friends. Come on -- they're no longer sorry that I. All joining the mighty big go one more time for the ages Clark Sports Radio WEEI days per. -- -- Big joke. So -- watching heroes today and before the security -- guards grabbed me took away my. -- -- -- -- Anybody -- a bar you -- for the next four hours to get around the building them really appreciated. Five run against video into the studio look at that that that that Michael Holland who usually shows up here -- life. Jimi Hendrix worn out troops could go -- you know rags in the whole -- -- it. Is is is wearing like. Shirt and a tie it -- -- I said Michael. I I'm really tough because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. March -- I think the whole cycle was turned I don't know right. The white guys didn't screwed Mars that's ever so did you could you keep they're -- down for just took about a little white guy for our chorus I'm not a problem I really appreciate. It's all gonna do today we agree you know and and it it won't work -- tele com we can sit here we can try new world. Talk about it. Ports we could talk about selfish retired but the Bruins are convertible threats such experiment Larry Lucchino. We talk about all of that stuff but I don't think people wanna do that and I set it on Wednesday that I would be as honest as I possibly could. And the honesty continues on to a lot till 6 o'clock in there and give you some glimpses behind the scenes of stuff that. That happened over the years some of the very good some of the bad some of the tragic and some of the -- it's gonna master -- here tonight. Bomb but we'll do it and that it will be over. This will be the last big show this will be the last whiner line. Our Michael -- move on with with new partnership and hopefully have tremendous success in the senate time slot. And enjoy some of the great laughs and and -- and that you and I have had over the last a couple of years that set and we go to the phone calls and -- election listened. To a lot of history while sports talk history from this down stuff that that we did. Over the years and I won't address some of the misnomer there are a bunch of them out there like what worked for for example for those sure are writing that. We won a Marconi award in 2008. Which ones you to believe that in 20091011. And twelve and thirteen we sucked. On this radio station Monday Marconi in 2012. As well as 2008. Just addressing that. That part that's up so there's a lot of -- you know there's a lot of this information just in terms of and I am not saying that it's gonna stir or malicious or people are trying to it yes it is well maybe some evidence. Some of it -- the right I'm not done that that naive where where I think. Some mistakes are out there on purpose some little things. Are just wrong and you do as you pointed to one up. Thank -- -- it's happened last year we just want you crashed your original. Okay. You know maybe it's just you know they listen we've been accused the lazy at times -- not digging out stuff and and -- -- something at times we were guilty as charged. You know and then you're probably the people that are doing this now probably make the same mistakes. I tried to read this rule. Bomb a lot of stories and I appreciate -- many of them and I'm glad that stressing the guys who really hated me over the years. I did accept the package I sent smoked it and then wrote because I gotta tell you that this stuff was. I thought they were talking about a different person who he really put up by it but that's okay like you now. You read this is today you know it's not -- must not get carried imagine if I would -- today can you imagine the stuff that they were got a -- look at this I'm just fired. And I'm getting some really nice dress up there which I again I thank you very much war. Imagine if I would dead. You're dead yet I behind bars right now you are good enough. And dump all you know RB I saw a short time ago if anybody's gonna kill anybody in this boys who will be John -- thought about it I didn't -- But little won't try to set the record straight with some of the stuff but I know we'll get to -- -- you know and I at least on this station more imminent. A chance due to robotic because people will probably rebut some of things that. I sit here tonight but I I I these guys were Bible I am giving you. Honest straight. I'm not gonna be a -- -- I would lay it out -- in the course of the next four hours of different stuff that happened on the show you can believe me you can elect not to believe me. -- you know that's that's your choice but I will do that over the next thanks for us and the boys are digging out. All of the the all -- from the get a bunch of guys that are gonna bounce and pop in here. We're not doing this radio history crypto I mean come I was gonna say well they got to help on. Glen -- they got stuff prepared that you're not know why I -- I don't oversell it now Dutch Shell -- literate and not sure he did that Tony NH I don't oversell it. They worked really really hard at this and they got some stuff coming that -- not even know where I'm just pull -- the funny stuff does include -- moments people don't want him because we've had every athlete in the world station last twelve years so we -- media that we know what it's over and I think the surprising things have discovered an all of this stuff you clearly do know. And find out who your friends are when it was stuff like this up right. Palm about a lawyer Gloria and I know you would you wanna give props to people but. Now we're in texas'. Is restoring gonna become another through a thing in particular has -- It had -- -- -- still photo of the dugout didn't. You lost control the clubhouse is that government. I'm trying to hold that one not back are you are you and John hold your control that story and I'd like to controller stores aren't stock Tom Warner is gonna come out and Bobby of course Bobby's gonna come out without much out for his radio show. Up Bobby was an experience of that for you for both toss it was. Unreal I I wonder how the audience reacted to -- of that because at least get mixed reaction as the things started to progress on some people just thought it was radio gold. Because you never knew what he was going to do miss of people that we were picking on and those people so we were picking -- Are you serious and they -- started it yet the question that the Pentagon has that. I gotta tell you I enjoyed it I don't know what you hi joy that I did. And the best was the level we hear about Kirk Gibson -- and look how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. And who's looked so would you really and pitching moves are. Get the feeling after awhile that there were two people who was Bobby Valentine and the that was. Symbol Valentine was pushed out because if you can have a -- on the phone let's say he's out there on the road. What you wanted to do them on the phone and then he would be really nasty and you know kind of grumpy and -- And the next week would be at home at Fenway in our studio blocking guys how are you ready to give us a hug and -- sometimes -- but the guy that we talked all week ago won't let you go. They have to change it up OMB Bobby Valentine in -- -- albeit good. Alternate name you've. Got to be done about it. Robert Toomey was it isn't there is something that's different sites sometimes they he's they'll Bobby V and sometimes he beat. Robert Valentine. Very serious. You know when you know not taking jokes or any thing and then -- -- Hobby these old Bobby Reid joke around the glamour and great question -- he was always one of those guys that you. Always tried to figure amount never could well good question and Glenn I don't -- you have the feeling that I didn't. It at times she would answer question. And sit there and say he's put me on the holes and -- are you do that for Ben. It would ban on big event. Event he'll -- -- -- -- -- used to -- called Bob or myself column on the phone to trying get him on right before the scheduled interview about it. Can sometimes answer. The hold on a second. And it would be Bobby -- and everybody -- and I know I -- you some weird weird voice. So I'd be waiting there -- be waiting there had been talk and Andy. -- be talking crap we've put houses and I was doing the whole time you were five minutes like the end of Clemens played I -- time -- they're listening to me. Music had been near the whole -- we talking about. Story complete ass. -- -- So large sometimes -- -- speaking fluent Japanese in the background right I did use giving someone directions in Japanese. That's like violent you really impressive I'm impressed coaches that club no it's nothing to worry about it just a different duke wasn't just totally impressive -- It's pretty impressed and -- -- a fluent in Japanese -- But contrast that with Tito who could not have been more of a professional every time we told them and always wanna talk always just nice see you just -- Good well now sometimes on the air. The other deal homework now or he would -- he took off -- the few times to revenue to -- dale -- right probably deals done and over again he would. But he why do you have done you like Lisa was right on the air. Jeffrey Williams in an astute and -- it's thought that Jimmy oh my god. Armed Jimmy was really strange in I remember that apparently -- pissed off. I Jimmie with something I set off on the Arabs -- Lilja and there's a problem and the problem Boston somewhere. Somehow it's gonna come up the worst enemy is so you try it some of these occasions we get the chance and unfortunately when you do -- shows like this it's difficult to have. Really get over the ball park at that hours when you're you're able to. Get a hold of those guys. And I'll get into the -- but later on about being at the ball Parker being at these places and actually doing these these talk shows -- there. That that's an interesting subject. -- With Jimmy he was pissed and the PR department kept on tell me how pesky was so I remember right it by -- to -- -- and -- got to try to smooth. No I can't do one of these similar things before cause then Zimmer and I were ready to come blows or -- -- it can't do that again the best for everybody. Such smooth it over with Jimmy and as I should though Jimmy it's like he had no idea what I was talking about. Right. Who were you associate manager and it's one thing as a nations and I'm not sure that and know exactly you're talking about and then finally came around he was put in the wrong. For ten or fifteen minutes the -- oh yeah. Julie let me just work it. True like you don't -- the apologies and I'm sorry in -- -- and what what whatever you want to do you know I don't know. -- -- talking about I don't -- write -- -- the thing is finally over. Should -- what he came over you when you're able to clear it all up. We went on revenue was trying to that we got exchanged gifts at Christmas is that. -- -- We're gonna get telephone calls and below will -- a lobster every religion I -- -- and after that I got to tell your -- after like after that I really had great respect for -- the -- ignite a new year there's no joy Elijah and supported -- -- -- of course he published this fifteen minutes so -- from where I didn't ignored is the PR department put me up to this are they set me up for you don't -- -- I think it has local business manager trading. I just want so it's just 797937. That's our phone number right here on the eviction you can Texas a 37937. We take gay -- This is a 92 break is what these people don't know exactly how long the commercials where you -- you -- -- -- that's a good point by -- Way. It's a great show us Sports Radio. Guy. Let alone can learn from and -- -- and happened happened happened and I'm content content content and and and. No I'm not going to be the big shows how. Been trying to get -- do we. This Black Friday when I kind of -- and try to beat number of the telephone book and relatives of sports guy and you know in the first place and it. Has pushed that number one not two but wherever I put him a lot of schools. Get these -- if we have other sports. -- -- I don't know why you know this for the. Old people. Just don't get the big show I can't get anybody because we don't realize that the north -- proposed plan. Once again I have to -- program read it again and again the big show. Not real big with a geriatric crowd and calling who are. Complains. We've had a feeling pretty cool you program your. You can at least through them and treat people like you or I can not typically -- available -- that was -- price support program. Photo lineup -- that would validate why things pretty cool. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seven because I'd like to think -- much about the we weren't getting W he. I classified. You give me any -- parallel I think. It didn't knowing what has happened this WEP guys pretty much anyone who was around the last time the Sox won the series. I have failed again -- life in the -- -- -- Luke warm as I have been going up and. Now look -- just can't relate to the big show -- we'll look. Try to build it for -- and recruit there every day because of the new here we've had great -- -- we don't want something else on. Not very big -- Hit for all of their all of these shows were known one time every single. -- six point 777 died 7937. Police for I can't remember a vote number like that is the street please. Let's get to the to the phone calls here here or should it end over first up on the last big show I did. Hey Glenn I think it never called you at all -- -- -- doing your last day but this year. Former intern from 35 years ago. And I know exactly who your -- ran for you you were selectmen. After that right. That's very critical and I just finished up that twelve years here him over but I went. That's pretty good see you moved on to politics most of our interns usually end up in prison. That may react and how you hit an eight. They yeah it's obviously -- just -- really I'm done I'm done with politics at its you can have -- -- That's when you gave me opportunity when I was in high school to experience the radio industry. And I very much appreciate that and -- was pleasure that you Millicent few over the next 35 years and I hope you can continue to do so. But that I had a great time doing it and that's -- thank you for all -- -- you've done in the in the industry. Thank you Kevin just did disappointed that I train somebody. Who went off to screw up the world and politics cassettes that's what's this is the outcome -- -- plant wasn't as the plane was not. Capital people you fired over the years and getting it from them it's four corridor or more we pray about it. It's okay part of a Sunday morning I did not fire IndyCar I did not you've brought this up for many years did not play -- A nice kid it did not front Jason drove for Paul Serena when John Walcott I got underway got a very Christmas triples in the fine enter. Oh I probably was. Higher while. I -- -- or did you yeah yeah while supporters of mission for sure appeared at times in his wallet to what he does best right now. Let's put that he's terrific read what he did before. And it's a world go to something's in -- where it would. -- Florida thyroid. Are you experience I've been on -- and yet here today. Right. On surprise -- yet it didn't -- last night her Garnett. Now our eye on apple -- that I hung up because I wanted to do it Kate -- mind. I love you on the radio I'm down here -- I don't get the ball and off and. Other brother in law that the policy Britain and it shows do. Yet it dated. Hopefully Mikey you don't immediately thought hey now maybe you know it's not going to -- now are people out everything golf. I noticed in -- a little bit confused as to grab the family get together and you know so it was another social tactical. I appreciate. It thank you -- right. -- like that surrounds. Sounds kids around. Energetic. Playing happy. It's going to be like the next couple let's talk about it at school vacation now all. Acer and around. To school no school. Tomorrow known mostly tomorrow either yours Tony in Maine I Tony. They are you don't want to you I I feel very good -- -- your -- -- album and -- -- -- fifteen minutes until we get a but this one mistake thanks to our problem and I've been a long time listener channel called him. A few times and really enjoyed the show and you know this last year that a little bit of rough feel myself getting laid off from it divorce and -- since. Really enjoy -- it's a New -- shows because -- Just reminds me you know like the craziest thing can happen but that someone like itself can. -- let -- and I shouldn't feel bad myself feel like gold and I think he just looked fantastic job. Well I I really appreciated Tony and clearly don't feel bad enough for me there are a lot of people right now obviously that are having far more difficulties up there with the yeah the employment situation and recession and whatever. I -- I'll be just -- And I'm sure you'll hear and see me again real soon itself like yeah thank you. I appreciate it yesterday talking about. The whole business now. Take a show when you try to mold show. Into something to create a personality for art and other people that are involved in the show was become characters okay. Pan down. And the -- mean Steven Smith in skip Bayless. Believe that they're playing characters embracing debate but the rhetoric. They're going exaggerate exaggerate their eggs injury much in the -- not a true views. Those those are skip Bayless has trouble but they exaggerate them to presents. So that's -- we tried to do with all of this is we try to take sports is the whole. And then create characters were all of the different people working. At answer at this was as well. On nuts and bolts sports talk show guy as you could fine. But the research kept on showing up as we used to do focus groups back in those days as well. The focus groups with tallest people wanna be entertained and they also want knowledgeable sports that we were trying to transition to head into being a little bit more. But that was his personality so right. It was hard to make him into something that he wasn't so you try to build the production around your cup is the best in the business peak gust and by the way who did after it and study for many years and other. Extremely talented guy. -- to be pissed in Mexico but first broke -- -- well first I did it Antarctica or first. Hold on it a lot apologizing a good -- can opt out apologizing for that can't think today. If I should happen five forget the -- you know half OK -- So we're so we had to build production. We moved here. They do that Steve and when we go to break. Is spectacular right now in order -- air column so we had to build a production around. So we wanted to make Teddy kind of have an -- to and so we started created -- created as I thought this was terrific and this was off of very successful TV show at the time it was the shell on on television and that he stole this bit. And never he did not want us to play it and every time we put it back in the system he would steal it again so that we couldn't play. -- steam up with an all new season. You don't read the pulpit I was away for a couple of days Mike is that okay we feel it's OK -- KT CD bloom. This nightly sports drama contains adult language I'd like you to mail me. That core I don't hit every paper when I -- I didn't see every every note section you'll find I don't know -- did you -- I don't -- our ability to Atlanta and the last Atlantis to comment on the thing and I won't let it kind of -- in tennis but evidently what you wanna get this. -- -- This program over an all new season -- team. Nice to talk to you might parental discretion advised you jerk. Contains adult language -- horses behind. Your horses via. So we we've tried to play all of that stuff around him but he he would not have any of the nuts and bolts he was as good as anybody that that has been on here in the city. We just couldn't get that person for it to this and it's just it's just that part of it didn't work for. But he steal all the best. So he'd -- -- -- with a -- show and -- talk to him the next day and say you know what happen Ted -- -- that was mostly because all I wouldn't or couldn't find it is all missing. -- here's the crazy thing is. The caller is accusing. Head of not reading -- used to read five papers nor -- -- -- absent so it if he had a slip that he's slipped up it was just. I was an anomaly I was always prepared. Our Ted -- watched everything in and read every. This -- don't. And -- we know you'll admit hey wait we did Tony. -- We. Agreed but never great with the Tony in all of -- you can never agree except I know you. -- I admit the mistake. On YouTube and you know we -- we -- need to talk eye ear and out there and. -- -- -- you know we don't pop out and why you. Q. Now does that make up we need. That's the only reason he says the -- used to call -- and rip me all the time and disagree with real time is. That I was watching. What are stupid and therapy fee you don't have to go get therapy could simply call million in and get it all off his chest. He's become human you'll need to meet on peninsula ever -- it. You know that night. No we -- not on you you bet you you've -- yourself from the shelters set of the jets have lost believed you were everywhere -- -- earlier that you took another to another level slaughtered and -- Tony don't don't pretend you didn't call my voicemail and leave -- obscene messages for about three days after right Tokyo theater and by the way we will let you back on this year you're just an accomplice. I mean it's got ready -- It's -- radio. Not a voice -- and our radio group two that's that's retarded there's a difference that this is radio. When you do the voicemails that's like real life. Well. You could say that I -- I enjoy. You -- you know I hate to elicit the it would you being here I'm like all right just -- I don't think. Yeah Michael don't worry about Michael -- does. Not not now you know what we. And you're set him up you hold public so you've got departing here now okay used to called beat me up York's Michael option next week you get. -- -- -- OK if you aren't so white paper apparently got the call talk radio that. Who regards Tony will be all right. Let's get the blow she. Armed -- to make about himself. Typical jets -- 677797. 937 Ottawa had to change my Twitter and passed that it is an -- -- -- -- before -- -- your -- -- double to. I change it because it was big OWB -- but it's now go land. -- -- in donkey. That's my meddling no I'd wanna put the name I just don't know as -- -- -- A keg grin or two n.'s Glenn -- to what company by the way it shows. For mr. store. And you'll agree. Here for. This company for 27. Years. Here's my -- that's my picture says ever come on right landing. Spell my name on Michael gene L eat and Leann does that seem odd way Hank always says -- or -- but they misspelled my -- The top name should realize -- eighteen years ago I wasn't enough last year at the station -- -- spell your name on the past so it's what. -- And I've got a lot of the tweets and acumen and I am going to direct response to a new ideas -- even the people. Who have called me all sorts of and that you could names they have these are people who haven't called -- going on your way that's all right you know what sometimes in print it's a little bit deceiving. They mean may mean something totally different when you actually spirits -- wanna be able to respond. Back to phone calls. Show. On WEEI. We could send Glenn orbit over the functions that leg -- -- probably shouldn't go god bless you that your your your show and we -- look -- look at the bottom of the burden them of the don't. There. Or we could just relive some of the best and worst moments of the big show wins Glenn Ford preparedness. -- -- -- -- -- A big show with the big. Also known as. -- there any plans to. There's plenty and plays anywhere in the latest -- -- -- and. Hey guys -- we're -- WEEI Macs are really -- really done. -- sincerely I've really. Grip well we get by without you but I do really really mention I'd say yeah and why did you. Showed him about that moment. You know we've been on the always sitting around doing mother's -- but you miss me guy and that's what's up mosaic. -- I think you're home. So thank you -- thought wow really really appreciate. Just like I would -- Part of that -- it's Pedro Martinez thanks for coming down to our our studio yet we have for you appearances. -- quiet comfort acoustic news noise canceling your assessment is the greatest form of a consensus. In new -- technology it reduces the unwanted noise around how I'll I'll put this on when -- CNN. And then -- show up. And unless they come up -- thought let me ask friends and started -- about -- picking up our -- -- out there. Yeah how many cookies and two weeks and Juliet. And college -- Europe can't clean colony in due any minute now. -- -- -- Thank them softball visual and then -- look. There's marry next up -- the big show WEEI hello Mary. Yeah primary America. I think I would like Kevin. Actually this question can I don't tell me because it didn't happen. I need any -- -- and what happens is going to I don't like the added to a cardiac talent and -- -- He cried candidate can make -- part of -- don't look like at a Patriots offense I don't have to like to -- You have a -- I give one example. I hope they do. I am definitely do now -- and we do the rest of the -- I'm gonna hit -- leading IK don't neighbor I can't really. And shuffle board in the in the work there thank god and I. We'll now I've just -- government. Humble way to go that's really why would you -- them. To help celebrate the life of coach -- back please welcome my hopes for the big show one WEEI. Ladies and gentlemen. And the only way. Good evening everybody. And who's been wrong more than Charley casserly since he's the last instance. I don't know if I want more than me wherever wherever he's been whatever -- done. Mean his personal juices because sort of meteorologist stadium and watch yourself look like you know. There will. Moving her clear and cooler little. All of wind and it clearly Buckley is right regardless of what happened likelihood I want you to be consistent to say you are inconsistent likely get a or he didn't so you're saying that if you popped out you wouldn't -- your. That's my pick -- -- what I think that we don't rule out trying to I think we would have been critical ones that would be a tough decision that we thought the big enough and you don't take those you don't do that. Just to come on Michael because if -- and that the only what he's raising the bar he got off on break this not the right mode it's. Can't sit here. And who then you can. -- -- Ideology is open at the big note inviting back his roam the world for a couple of cocktails after. He's the big guy down in town represented the patriots. Finally the woman put in -- -- agree when Alex and she was part of the show for awhile and she got a aria which is good as any co -- we -- -- and to see her every day. Audience began doing. A superlative job as no surprise to any of us -- work. Here is American and -- you got part. To see her secret. Stuff. She's she's our game now she's not a game -- you always always -- Colorado and Nevada are gonna. Let's just be your time but it surrenders and x.s and -- in knowledge. Always at X-Files and now. -- -- Continental up out this week. Rather this is this is there aren't -- enough to battle during your excel at the -- when you apart this program like for five years she appeared at the awards and where is -- Any woman is ever. Real well. But Bruntlett was -- -- four weeks. But Michael I do admit. -- if you -- Michael and I to look over our shoulders at the TV monitors the afternoon. And compliment to her there every every single -- dear friend she's great for. She's your friend and mine. That yet but you know what when it comes to sports. This is always the argument he people on here and now women are. Gonna bring in here. And and maybe the women's restroom movies dirty use interest and -- talking about the the one. When the best way to describe Wendy's when it comes to the sports and she's like ago when you're going out at night and together with friends Recco into the bar -- -- around him when he's part of the group she's just another guy. Exception I got it -- or not. But when you're talking sports she is just like a -- witches I'm. That a person like that Kara Henderson. Absolutely love that a film stick an arrest which you stick with some time offer right now she got married now works but I'd love kerosene was started in -- and now terrific big things to reflect and I always been decliners were -- film work and it's an -- days. A phenomenal -- shortly at holly this is the final pitch and -- Michael. Well start something new here coming on a Monday. I feel like I'm living Howie -- dream here. Is there a possible possibility here. The got screwed this up -- of and -- -- -- series on the cruise ship -- what was. Trying to get into the harbor I got a call from Larry today Larry Johnson and he was comic hurts you know he was on -- on that Kreutz. They ran out of food. Tuesday morning. He was eating passengers. To get by self. Important factors like I can't talk to Larry about this Padilla is a possibility. God decides that you're gonna get the dream and you're gonna get that you could I didn't want. I would love to be so I think he screwed up our dreams and now. Go back and you know you went saint Peter. Goes to gods as -- way to gosh I've been going on here at all. And accounting they got this wrong we just gotta gotta fix. That possibly wedeman. I guess the cardinals cardinals on the phone cardinal. Orient -- aren't. -- -- yeah my beer. -- Not to red -- And I'm just. Call it does say thank Gil and Good Friday. And when I first called the whiner line have to listen do you call those many years. It's when I was first gold high because they call and they -- -- have to be creative and gave my wife of dust kicked it out how. An advocate an important message to the whiner line adopted you'll and you'll play and so lovely to have -- -- -- despite the fact did it. That's not out yet but at the thought about -- We did we did it -- the current -- -- thank you very much of that appreciated. Currently regardless. Of -- -- and -- and you gave them we gave them mum. -- So why -- a prize at the one. Amazon is it was a screw it we've reached. A happy ending was it was that prize was for Greg Murphy your buddy Greg Murphy -- the promotions department at the time. Messed up category gave thousands of golf tree to line. So he doesn't tell us forget. Its chairman of the treated too great for -- it's getting I was a Mike it's don't -- Mike. I don't like. Michael how you'll launch time well loyalists are of course you don't like you had it -- all the time it's really all bought entertainment you know like right all and our pollen count on the commute up. All I want to be -- entertaining than not they would help looked at a there -- you would take on repeat against Lattimore. And I'll tell you something I used to laugh so hard and I keep people driving by me look at -- like -- it's great yeah at the law sometimes. On his radio I've ever heard. Will play that will play America's that was -- believable Latimer was a young -- delays we urban this year Denver Broncos Denver Broncos. And I would -- slightly overweight not. Now that the big east but slightly overweight but -- -- -- -- -- church whose size is too small. Nineteen got a night's game for the -- our tour it was these days we called us media critique of the only thing. I would think that we'll -- that while he got here though I mean I have no idea Broncos aren't financing for crawling all over it and it. Like I don't wanna call it what they want they want to sleep on you know we had quite short Rondo get hurt and everyone's been saying you know that there are better team without Rondo of course not I'll take it. -- Like Rajon Rondo away from the team and organization and become yet. Say they were the landlord where you don't take that the talent out of an organization our lineup and he gonna beat data so -- understood the state. It's been a pleasure loose let Jack got to look what you want it's not you know after the -- and now and fox borrow a lot of laps. And I mean listen the next guy coming at bats and big shoot or not Michael. We'll do a great job by job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Michael -- a great job and everybody has said is replaceable and my next chapter probably will be. On more interest to get more fascinating than this one trust me the last eighteen years has been opened the blast. The being committed here every single mention beating it's obvious that 1 eastern members read. Over the expense account for the people on the show all listeners put their streaks -- that was the most richest ever had how I was. -- it was 4000. There -- many people. I've got the strand -- outrageous to have I was thinking. 161000. Dollars before we get out -- don't put that out. The old are those in the early days when he had you know Steve Lyons and LB around. Those cats now those were series five figure tips those big to what was the when the Bruins won. The broad and cover what you would normally -- -- What was to have -- while they went to shrine at fox. It's chocolate and what was it that we report that that was over the course was the crystal right -- by autistic out to stick out a couple -- your member of always I have one -- directors it's actually is a real great. You could tell the difference yet as you. No sir I don't -- Can tell a difference it you can -- great stuff you can tell by the way Michael brought wonderful. -- line then he says a ticket price tag them okay. So it's. They run the shot without them well -- I told you about talking more ought. What happened. On of these more -- Oakland. -- graduation. You're on a trip could go on target here but it is but I'm currently under -- -- fine for the -- -- and no one. You're gonna you know. Unemployment. And health care. How long way to go to become a liberal democratic. And -- message. -- -- -- -- The big -- We're going to vomit every bit of a compliment the -- -- we probably don't talk about from what happened she. Hi this is it. We are liposuction in the house fat out of this they show The Last Picture -- and then now we're all gonna move on here. Notes satellite radio you can swear on the satellite. It's -- -- -- bombs and stuff like that. I think so so I wouldn't have to like because just over soda. Mad -- to a -- get a check and a lot restore once you can do it I've heard. Maybe not with him but I've got different penal from Dino wanna -- it does -- -- I'm so there -- guys yeah. As I can't really be guarded. You never you never. You never -- on the well and probably use it protected if you doubled him. -- particular credibly. Who wants wants on now that was just that one's. He went went went out of many years and -- was one of my of the with the purchaser department that the bricks were critical. You know you should have a nor should -- of the people how to remain out is that very nice room now but it was even called me that you're saying somebody scared and other recruiters -- probably put. -- -- -- -- -- If -- -- -- satellite radio it didn't panic at all because Andy was back here in the care. A couple times. There was that time that we put the unedited version of one with 45 F bombs than we thought were leaping up but Providence was convenient and at feet province -- Peter ten curse words quite quite handy statue limitations mature and if -- -- -- -- the entire show today is going to the on our website after 6 o'clock -- that to deal with Don we -- 6 o'clock and on top of that all of the classic it's stuff that you and stuff and not be up there as well so you'll be -- Listen to all of this crap that was produced Euro last eighteen years here's -- in Arizona hi Terry. What's going on there. But isn't that great shocker I I have no idea that happening -- Final and from critics and they always say look we don't know we don't know I -- -- go out. Tito like what was going on you're not you're an Arizona -- Hewitt the Indians now Lou how spring training going after. It's going well the goal of these brutally beaten and again I'm not happy about politically what else will be a pretender before. In relative not a bit apart. This book is going to be great -- -- -- out -- how's the -- up the good. I write a book. If I could create a lot -- -- confirming. This is this is Greg Murphy who does a lot of the -- one of the unbelievable. Voices. That and you. It's it's funny great starting with us and then eventually started to weigh in here he -- in so many time it was out there doing comedy. You know nights and account because we couldn't get him to do anything and suddenly get some work so. Or at all having a good ball control. It's -- just just just make sure somebody drives you -- look at -- -- return or do you go Greg thank you for everything you've done we really appreciate you were. Huge contributed to it to the success of the show we really really appreciate it not just to you but it all the wanna like callers. You know it it it's fun because that was another piece I read today as we all thought it was all about us and we didn't self we projected it that way. Then we didn't translated properly. The -- -- it was all about -- all the callers it was about the whiners in the people little contributed they were all the big part of what made this thing so successful it's. Keep it a great form for a remote caller of the great opposes the war. Albeit I would I would -- it will -- by the tonight. I'll add one more -- It was all a joke when we used to claim that you guys live in your mother's basement. As we did we did a focus group and only 72% of you guys lived in your mom's place or. Or are -- are ordered by living in my -- -- now so you you're you're part of the 28%. -- Greg great -- -- -- you. Appreciate our Greg I six point 77796. And 93 -- I don't think -- barrier or Mars looked up who were. Words escalated into the body ruled it might drop box. What bank you're voting differently if you can't. It's part of one of the great which is -- -- and it's pretty involved. Ballpark that. Politics. Being put the government don't get that things -- gonna. No doubt you'll I don't think again and we want to talk to try to ride the coattails would get all the best movie best for the jets that they.

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