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It Is What It Is Cast: Kissing Suzy Kolber's Mike Tunison talks about the origin of his site and poking fun at the Patriots

Feb 15, 2013|

In the latest edition of the It Is What It Is Cast, Chris Price and Mike Tunison of Kissing Suzy Kolber discuss the national perception of the Patriots, which teams (from the fans to the owners) are the most fun to mess with, and whether or not Peter King has ever yelled at him for his critique of MMQB. Mike also chats about the origin of the site and the history behind 'Tawmmy from Quinzee.'

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-- are you ready for some football football. Business software. He is what you need is -- Christopher price. All told WEEI and -- Welcome back everyone we are happy to be joined this week but one of your editors of -- musical over Mike Thomas and Mike thank you very much for taking some time. Think there are no words nor is it all we want to kind of get into this a little bit and I can't imagine that there's a whole lot of people out there who don't know. About -- -- six football fans in when you don't know that your site. The background to this report for people who aren't familiar with what you guys do tell me a little bit about the history decide how you guys kind of got together. -- our message rather. We were commoners on -- -- back. Not too long after that I started a late 2005 early next. And at the time they are able to conduct immediate there was lot smaller you know the each coach would have like 200 comment with the odd minutes because -- get a two of the same people would be around to keep it doesn't like to let and we all it was a speaker because that would like each -- so that you are. And the Blogosphere -- sort of like padded out. Now there wasn't really that many polls are able to do an adult gamers but the other as you know the thing to do. And it did really well and that it'll become -- that were still doing now almost seven years later and outs of -- and comes from that. Parliament today when chip and image will name a trash on the this is -- technical. We've got to treat him there was. There are those -- adjust interest him was like a Sunday and it reminded me Cameron. Right yeah they look like Sunday night late 2008. Three maybe. Yup armament and a camera dead for some reason number Willie McGinest and lick it off a couple of passes through Chad painting him anyway -- one of the things -- you guys do. On this site is you guys took a lot of sort of Petrie at the patriots in -- Tuesday and knowing -- you guys are cutting equal opportunity. You know across the board because like to make fun of everyone but how did the character Tommy from Quincy. Sure additionally. I think edited -- were one of our guys. Grew up. In Boston and it was sort of like I started to -- anecdote sort of prime -- eighty years. But he kind of at a Becker and dealing with all that and and it really kind of cola around like the image that we -- so there's a display certain lists patriot camera in the. 01 of the great picks having those from the snowball remember. Brad Bryant but yet I just sort of like to cap it all the ideas we had this like he -- patriot. We kind of ran with there in the display this character. There. Part like making little Balkans means parting on built it and. So much feedback do you get from -- its stance on the site I can't imagine merits. You -- a lot of it is possible say that. I mean why -- tired behave like you know we've done we've. Can you compatriot -- -- and certainly over the years I like it really surprised anyone anymore so I think I've. I've gotten thicker skin about a and a big maybe like per year to we did it especially during the perfect the agent one it and we get a lot of a lot of low back but now like it. Something we've done for a long time and energy it now I guess you don't do with as much done in the we did that and patriots like -- a global -- I'm always fascinated by the national opinion on the patriots because I still -- -- -- we're so focused on -- knowing and -- think you know that makes sense because it's snowing and steam -- kind of focused and work. But I I'm always fascinated by the national opinion on the is that true do you see that those kind of numbers reflected on her site. Out of -- we're doing it just because like we do it because -- -- -- it can get them like they -- actually you know they are definitely one of the more are. Like marquee teams are I mean in part because they're -- they're consistently good they have sort of name brand recognition yet Brady and Belichick. An -- ago I -- a couple of reasons why I think people give our time because Boston college and a baseball town and for a lot of people -- their wasn't really much recognition that the patriots fan base until after elected out one bad mayor they've -- -- locally that probably what true. I don't think there's something to -- because -- here and doing an added there was talk about the pink hats with the Red Sox I think there's a certain element when he when he talked to a patriots fans. It follows the same attitude that either you don't debt became -- after Parcells and blitzer showed up four or post 2001 would -- Belichick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least the local level often want. And it was more like the -- year is that like all -- -- on them I guess maybe our national level people literally see a critical habitat first grand global. Did they all -- also quite frankly they make it easy sometimes and I can see daddy -- from being from hearing kind of looking in from the outside. They make it easy to kind of at -- -- fund them or not like summer you know that they're they're really prime targets in a lot of ways. There -- couple things I mean they're not just sort of been like that and it doesn't matter it's sort of like. Yeah it's good scarecrow can get like kind of smug because of course sort of like especially with the way Belichick held a lot of cheap there. A lot of good example I don't like you definitely like reflection of their own intelligence to because cortina randomly happened. Like all your core like a -- like -- that the picture of what they were so Smart order. Whether it is just you know whatever quirks. Of you know that. And whatever it like he'd be just talk about like. That's supported don't like whatever stupid -- the other -- would make. -- the other -- -- and anything teams across the leaker or guilty of this as well that didn't feel like a guy. When he's not on their team but it's the kind of use this wiped out when you when it comes to his history. You don't look when the when the teachers acquire -- Randy Moss -- -- and Albert Haynesworth learn Ochocinco did -- he's one of our guys now -- know he's a good guy. -- not -- that that always correlate ritual laundry -- I -- -- great -- people more sort of like the assumption that leg. Belichick can work magic with any glare when it cannot allow org that would Dylan and sit and some other players but I'm always like we -- -- -- -- -- the -- or -- -- -- -- -- England. But I think I at the national media sort of treatment do. It's a lot because I mean the patriot while they are good and great you know they're they are capable of growing up here and -- like Belichick always bit -- problem extracting secondary. But it it just seems like when they're covered from -- -- -- -- the world particularly wrong so that added another thing that treatment. But it's clear the guy's got a soft -- art from product. -- and it's very and it's really it's hard not to you know -- there have been some experience with him. The you know that the kind of experience that I had with a minute it's clear that she's a tending to have a decent enough guy. But she's developed this larger than life persona I think especially given what's happened over the last couple weeks with you know what happened in Vegas and it it's hard not to like him no matter what to replace. And then you keep a guy who's very genuine is one they'll go out of declining dollar hurting anyone we'll do it. And it also helps -- like national media -- -- dare you to be out partying like in the first week of February or not. I think like but like you're really it's gonna look -- it -- -- month. What won that bid -- the great features that did I really look forward to every week is the the the weekly takedown computer today. I remember how did that told about it I -- true started -- How did that come about in have you heard from him as he commented on that at all. Yeah. -- sort of very long and complicated history with Peter King like right after our our restarted. And like a joke that we called a couple photos of the daughters just like countries but not like any coalitions like. Read a -- or her college or something and know that -- egg. Drew most of like like we're trying to Peter JX stop. Like talking and literature and in a column will post these photos never liked -- binoculars it was -- -- a -- we did at first we start on. It's not like a bit of attention -- the only people walkers are. Trying to blackmail. Mainstream media writer in -- Wednesday's of course and where well. The old the -- -- Al model X started -- another year that that. Obviously it it continue to this day it is. No wonder it didn't play sometimes they -- and commitment of time to consider opening -- columns go on and on like you to like 3040 -- words. Anything you want to draw on about whether about football obviously not the Red Sox like the or just -- whatever travel. And that he got -- -- You guys ever do you guys ever in a new because got to kind of straddle I think usually Britain to have you ever cope with a poster when he colleagues ever called the -- said. No we we can't use that you know it's funny yeah in no denying that it's funny in no denying that it's great news you know would you would you draw a lot of views but. Well we just can't go there. The and will. Woke -- only. Sort of quota yet to reach I don't know couldn't agree that there. Like -- and that we didn't -- -- -- sometimes called but don't work but I animated and funny or. You know to they just don't -- right but it. I mean we we've got lawyers and a -- series like a couple words were cut it to one or two down. I'm going to local media are all look we're not we're not really likes it's much. What kind of posts -- -- -- guys drew weekly stuff like -- you don't talk about -- Peter -- and and you know that that the content clearing house until Tokyo which is what my favorites by the way. -- have you guys don't quite post consistently your army be one singular poster one -- feature what what draws the most reaction from France. Wrong I think I indicator tinkering does pretty well. You know we don't like certain like fictionalized character -- but it pretty well like we had Rex Ryan for awhile -- like do like corporate planning like some of those are pretty popular it is it'll look like Aaron on it just really. All -- like if they proposals -- is well -- it's gonna get a good reaction I mean some might just because of an idea what it might be better than another bullet. In terms of like certain like one. What's your favorite scene and based suit or maybe your favorite team I shouldn't say it's had two groups on a tough road record. Mean there's there's no shortage I mean there's no shortage to -- characters other new mission the Rex Ryan -- because you know look definitely Jerry Jones and you know it again we talked with the patriots but is there is there at their character or. A fan base current team in general that did you guys just love -- attempt to -- They'll take down. I approach -- like you organic I'm I'm located at a DC the -- and personal favorite mind but there's definitely realize there's like endless amount material and area and it mean to your did you work on. On the just cause they were to like a complete culture. And and yet Mark Sanchez was like yeah I had a comfortable I mean there's there's related to. I mean that a couple teams that are obviously left on just because they're just not really exceptional you know late. On jaguar lists all the players the yet and it's it was just like in Q and where we're gonna like how to. A palace by the logo a little bit I think it'll look a little bit more here so that the -- even -- and he. I will say this that -- the bush fumbled and at the books almost Thanksgiving and I have never heard the press box lawful order. And in daddy I don't there was a collective sense of we did we just see what we thought we saw her it was one of the most amazing things but yeah I mean you're you're gonna get a lot of leverage -- with the idea of just did -- providing an endless amount of comedy. It in you figured that that's not with -- Rex staying there was interest in the work that that's not gonna go away anytime soon. Yeah I think they're good -- one more year that I mean like they're they're stuck into your contract through at least one more year paper between despite trying to. -- -- -- away like there was there's talk about trading rivas. And again and an even bring on like JaMarcus Russell sentencing don't wanna go like wanted to Venus here correct. The thing is I I could understand if farmer trying I could go to management say look I lost my best defense of -- lost one of the best offensive players. Well you know we still finished what six nights of -- 796 intent. You -- -- those two guys in I still feel good about our chances -- making the post season you know and as Rex as Rex is you know is over the top as crazy as the years. I think he might have an argument that hey you know what I deserve an -- to their militia that's. And I don't blame them for not firing in my bank like -- -- -- percent so that the competitive team is really like the anchor keeping them restaurant like under. Do you guys in inning no it I think it was a couple of years ago you guys were -- -- with Chris -- and -- do you guys hear from players on a regular basis I mean did you know players who read this site to interact with you guys who you -- you guys. Sporadic I mean we here from the air and air I mean obviously Cooley like. But -- players don't like we'll hear from them here in the air but there's not wanna give an -- he. That is a -- in the and is a writer. What do you think about the state Italy Greg -- -- you guys are really critical and I knew just kind of human and you Uga Uga -- to Richard do you guys are really critical -- a lot of times of Goodell and how he's handled things. What do you think about the state of the league and and how it looks at this point. They are good it's a very sort of an easy period for the NFL right now I mean he's got off. All maybe not they -- to dislike the idea like Whiting field. To prevent concussion I mean every year being like there's like some other likes what bothered to kick all star like Whiting field. They're gonna get to keep coming up but he like gimmick to try to curb concussion -- all these studies that are like well. It's not really -- concussion but caught these players like problems later you're you're out but just like a peacock bit rate applicable. I don't know why -- He had assaulted during the elect Parker currently what we're doing some open air but even if it's not really relate to. Exactly -- -- kind of despite looming problem that like I don't know like. Then it has its much national traction because obviously people -- -- -- shoot the players killing -- obviously the article still doing like record numbers -- ratings. And we just like the national audience decided look like they're willing to let that. What's the best part of -- offseason what's the worst part of offseason for you guys both as a thing in in and as a writer I know that. You know as a -- myself it's tough to kind of feel the offseason who did the NFL's frankly making a lot easier now with you know the -- release and -- -- come by and in the draft and free agency all kind of being you know event programming essentially but but what's the best part of the offseason funeral what's the worst for the Aussie. -- to draft a -- -- but he opted into the house like it did. Still a good -- -- quite trivial but we're while still others like element on -- has some players over -- -- to go Islamic first -- -- two. Put it like a lot of drama and it's sort of like are exploring. Not not content like -- sport today and I mean it was strictly -- some got there but if -- -- prolong off that would be brought out of Ehrlich a couple weeks. And usually like something that's a -- -- -- -- and it's chatter after. Mike what else you got coming up I know obviously you're you're you're doing a lot of writing for kissing Suzy Colbert as and I should say this you are Christmas -- You know you're right yeah you guys have -- you guys have the you know that the book the do you also known as you know that the opinions essentially in you know a credit to you guys -- will say this credits you guys. Because a couple -- it was a couple of years ago for you guys decided to kind of take off the names and say OK look I am this you know I'm Mike Thomas and you know this is drew desist and you just kind of decided to come forward. Read an out of court I would -- the logical partner at a caught in my job. Yeah like -- -- to light up and go -- or that we have been doing it on the Likud it was a sort of like a hobby or a and that we are like -- bought out by like a blog networks so we're like or make money and we're like trash and you know. Peter King bill. -- that are urged Europe though. You know went at it and that he'd like to offer is there -- it to these days that you don't block writer's block Komondor -- like anonymous coward. Internet a lot now and though we decided to come toward what do we are we do. -- -- or change your approach I mean in in net do you guys several wanna get closer to the game -- would you -- wanna set -- the press box would you -- when he if you players or is it just -- you guys are doing it seems to be working -- -- -- Doesn't look alike are under the sum game I want to all years ago and there I mean there's some bite of it good on the -- I don't know how much and we better be some players site but I like doesn't really benefit a great deal. Your body and what we're doing it and sort of like -- on like -- -- that we like entirely making up about people. So like it and in fact I mean players have been so conditionality that uplink -- by the button. That I just on the whole I don't know what more accurately and I mean you like -- duck out of but it I think it would just be like a lot of effort or not and. Does a great argument to be made out clear if that's. Reporters don't need to go walk from I will say this it does help to. Had a brief relationships and if you see a player sees a guy their you know day after day month after month. You don't you start to trust the guy and you build a relationship and that got a lead to bigger and better things it was as reporter but there's a big belief out there the reported don't need to be able. You know they did did you guys don't need to -- You don't just kind of be down there and kind of getting the same old quotes in the singles cliches game after -- India today. Right now in order relations saying it kind of double edged sword like -- it indicates that Peter King. There are players -- eat my talks up cop to -- because he likes personally. Like he like you like Peyton Manning and Russell -- a lot because organized. So easily you could always a lot more open it today -- negative thing about them that they would of got that you think Ellis despite that it did in the. Mike I appreciate your time and again the site is kissing Suzy -- look form on a daily basis see you guys you've just post five or six things even the offseason and because you guys -- or are regular posters and -- The area where where you're -- around. Our event again I appreciate your time take care. --

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