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Mut, Merloni, and Minihane react to Glenn Ordway's firing

Feb 15, 2013|

Mut, Merloni, and Minihane give their initial reactions to the news that WEEI Icon Glenn Ordway will no longer be hosting the Big Show.

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Please if there's a gone firemen baloney he sucks donkey balls. Extras are weighing outboard station choices they like to see made here at 937 WE yeah. You know it's great Joseph -- -- miles away by public rate year you know the -- because it was just quoting an exit exit next to the gentleman here. And I just quoted at all -- -- hand I thought the spelling of that was unfair -- -- that included. Not a lot that's -- at a Florida Kirk many hand in studio and we -- we're there yet you are right in Florida we were here and saw -- command and we know what the reaction was going to be when -- came that we are we -- read the news. Yesterday about was 1230 yourself when I started at the break in the yes he came in here and he promised four hours of of honest radio and my -- it was honest it was professional. We should have expected anything differently but that was that was compelling yesterday I don't know how you guys thought about it but I'm not sure. I'd be able handle myself like that that situation that's like -- as April nets who Liam. Well elicited. Everybody was great to everybody call -- in yesterday talking to him even even Dakota from Braintree but that was great which sale offered to go to but at the -- Everybody knows woodland or wade did for this industry indeed for this company you know he put sports talk radio and mapping all the people that he helped out. It for me personally one when my career was over not known where to go I'd always seen him. There was Taylor an electorate the patriot games you know and in the -- the -- -- watch -- when you don't want to know when you're done. When a delegate McCall and the -- work -- The same time you know most -- talk until it nests and thinking hey you know any chance only -- decent stuff on TV -- we don't have the don't have any room for you can't find any room for you. The -- no big deal justice radio at around for awhile and if -- like it you know -- After about three weeks and get a call from the -- like hey you know what -- like 3040 games for if you want pre and post you know and I was like yeah because -- the radio. Is because equivalent it and we -- wary of today's. Because equivalent way in it -- nothing to do with him bring Meehan as a lot to do that but. More of just the the context the communication did the phone calls back and forth I had no idea what I wanted to do or. What this industry was about what I should expect. All of that you know he was like that father figures -- hours of getting into this business. And I'll always always thank you for that always he's a great friend and on -- never forget what he did for. You come from the side of having worked wit that rotation that that big show rotation having grown up in this area. And -- listen to Sports Radio for a long time have a different approach I was the guy who was listening I was the guy I was working. In high school college and Donald supermarkets. And timing is lunch break for 2 o'clock everyday yeah to go outside and listen because. This was before the Internet really before the Internet took off opposite before Twitter because that's -- news is. Disseminated now and so you what you want to get the news when -- get the opinions every single day of the big stop in sports. And that was it for -- 2 o'clock every day then and that was okay it was sort -- orbit is on today you know they got Pete with a two co -- and that was how I got. A lot of my sports is that's how it formed a lot of my sports opinions is -- it was Libya to. This show that changed the way a lot of ways. That I looked at sports and certainly changes Lewis said the way that Sports Radio is done across. Country yet you know being -- -- not dead you know the -- -- not -- into an announcer we still around. I would say this at its best. You -- doing and you can get sucked he'd never heard before Glenn orbit with. Gerry Callahan and Bob line for hours I mean you're not gonna do better than Ryan regain its writing games for years and years and Jacqui -- -- all the names -- on for years and years and years. That's how they did it and everything that goes on Sports Radio in this town today -- is an enormous part because it -- 2 guys in the morning here because it. It -- Lou here because it won the two guys on right now because -- afternoon and obviously holly because of -- Michael in -- a righty because of the sport he did note this a sports tonight is not a big -- I mean this is all because of -- or honest to goodness some bad -- we don't we all know that commitments and you know plenty of a pulp fiction was a great film that spawned a million -- -- -- -- rip offs that you get that part of it too but -- -- is the most influential. Figure in the history of Boston sports talk radio. There is no runner up. He is number one -- -- down a dusty book in great jobs went through and -- just talking about you know. How we went about it the professionalism we have all the contacts and now every team that GM's the owners he would call they would call him back -- viewers. If he had all the ties he was a true professional. You know a lot of times a lot of people would sit there and say well he's talking matters but while usually. You know he had some information it wasn't too often you know -- -- -- we don't know we did is no question about it a little bit ago and it's his job right but for the most part it was -- mind it you know because he was so -- and and well respected. You know in in net in the world in ethic that says a lot of bottom as well. You think about the the format itself and the like couple stations doing it at the time when they went full time here Glenn put that showed together. And I think because of that you can put the big show when when he was in its heyday pre Internet and when their rotating cohosts and you put I put on par. With this the shows we talk about. Across the country with Mike and Chris Mike and mad dog and WFAN and it's a different show the counterpart is complete departure of the -- liking groceries gonna go one on one and you gonna get. You know just those two guys every day -- changed the way did we had different voices in there every single in a combinations. Of those voices their work tension at some of those pairings you would hear some of those pairings and know that day right there we're gonna fight about some. -- and you want -- that's this and that's the thing that part you know was smiling it's part of the problem with Sports Radio today is an advocates encourage now maybe not to battles much not to fight so much and you hear that from people now they want you to be -- and watching get -- Well you know. Maybe not when it's two or three Smart people disagree with each other. In a way you know they all like each other we go to break. That's okay I think that's the end of the world I -- some people. You know even around here may disagree but at its best and it wasn't just the preakness -- at at its best and still had good guests on. I thought it was always a great listening Glenda the good job. You guys have -- posted a -- shows. They have two people on every day on May not know each other that well may not like each march 1 guy may be good on one sport when -- -- battle once sport. To make that work every single thing to repeat the mixes well. That's a really count that the item and really tell. That was great week just sort of describe sports talk radio in right just walk away because that's when does the big show yells at separate units. Competing for a truth I've seen this guy. Social setting market everybody but in discussing you know which is characters you know I mean it's information media. But it's more in the entertainment side even. A bit that we read -- statement for him again you know listen I haven't talked about -- Thursday. Sunday at last fall for the first week but I -- the follow ING power back everything is good. Tweets that export while portage your QB. People really think it's it's real life is an outstanding job actually put one of the art. Right the people think it's it's real life we just in here and you haven't fund that's what it's all about entertaining and trying to get a few left set of people I think that he did a great job that it is tough to take. Every personality came to that or some people BO how we're big personalities anyway right there are some people sat alongside gland. For four hours today where he had a sort of pull out of my he'd turn most people. Into characters and he may he made them people in some cases he did more than that the other hosted. It making UA character in someone as a listener. You had to listen to want to listen into it and some of the things obviously do just said they were fake they were real they were persona is on the year they were themes that such that. If it had to have you associate with something and by doing that he made it must listen every single day. And guide specific show still stand out to me you know -- -- -- stepped down as head coach of the jets. The over the patriots they -- aware it was an an -- who was on the show and how they reacted to. Bill Belichick the coach of the jets and -- longer wanna be the head coach eight C the NYJ. Mean there are a hundred shows like that. We can equal that that doesn't happen all the time it's portrayed emotional which in Yemen Valentine here in the past year and listen Glenn -- knows how to host the sports doctor he got. You know some guys get at some guys don't get it. He got it every goes next -- continued again yeah I think there's any question about that. That's what expression I'm looking forward to because some. You guys know Glenn you know professionally as you know all hard working is obviously anybody that could come up with the idea. Of the big shall make it work come up with the idea of the 11 have such success with it this and creativity there's so. That next step for -- or -- I think is going to be one don't think we've heard the last of him I hope we haven't heard the last of them because they still wanna hear him somewhere. Whether he turns to you know TV or will whatever it is you know he's got -- curious here's -- -- of a tease of is next endeavors of the where he feels that the market is going to have. Now he's always been that kind of guy you know and in some years to see what the next step of our industry is because of that he's a pretty good grasp. It's taken back you know glad that in turn on that show and thought I saw every day. The work that he and Andy at that point Brett put it to the shield the creativity it bought the winning two and saw that that up close at some point you do at this level. You can really do good radio an -- to get the opportunity here. First guy that called me think back and the first actual people call I got was from. And he was excited and he was talking about his show and he's talking about our show and on that and have a guy like -- said that that who years and going forward there's no doubt in my mind is Callahan said. The live on its -- feet somewhere you know -- that a lot of opportunity -- justices this perception idea I think people got about guys -- on this. Station or other stations all the time their bad guys England -- a great boats into account people says -- -- great that you're not you're not a photograph in the aliens reduced but. Or will have here is -- orbit pops up -- my whole movement in this slimmed down guide maybe loses the mustache maybe actually gets here at the John Lackey there. I mean that's a different. Republican forward to you back. And then yesterday just go to their re capital and amidst the -- the handle like that for four hours yesterday -- did you guys have done. Allegheny was good on the job Oakland and that is -- more hours of a dozen. Or so -- -- -- -- -- will say yes I guess and I don't know you know. I don't listen I think we if you Google configured who's who's gonna replace him which are seen yet yeah you know I don't know but. Big shoes to feel I mean you know tiny shoes why choose -- -- -- radio perspective five email radios for prospective big. In this city you'll never feel bigger issues ever so you know. Good luck to him or her whoever it is he changed the medium locally changed the medium nationally and that is -- on the forty hearing gamble but today and tomorrow like -- wherever he ends up. Obviously means a lot to the station -- all of us what's wants free -- they hear a lot of rain yeah they're Fort Myers, Florida. Let them get a lot more meat in a radio because right now it is raining hard and we'll see the breaks up listen it's Florida if you do this for ten minutes that it could be sunny and back to whatever was after awhile so good down there and -- a huge -- with the schedule is and see if these guys are actually to take the field and not the guys the relievers supposed to pitch again today select group of a bar -- -- ended Bailey to be throwing -- we -- is going to be throwing and this hour a couple of the guys have been watching your dues so the position players when they get out Saturn auto. Try to maybe get other physical done early because it is -- take advantage of the time will will see but them. When -- get down and now it's ready to talk to some guys targets of people up here and it's you the date looks like really. Known at this point you go into the rain will enjoy the it's not that around here and -- check with you -- 12 o'clock now thanks you -- boys -- Lewis as the Jesus they fire alumnae. She's -- that it would. Lou is live in Florida for -- all week -- many in studio all your phone call 617. 77979837. Before a Greek text that's on the AT&T text -- at 37937. I think that today GO. Some of that big the big Tex. Aren't too active of voice activated Texas there's. That's forced him to dissect ticket texting your thoughts on the -- ago -- good bad. Whatever they are we you'll get your text messages at 37937. Voice activate some of those. On the big deal in ninety seconds some thoughts on an ugly filthy dirty win. The Celtics last.

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