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Daniel Bard, Sox Pitcher, one on one with Lou Merloni

Feb 15, 2013|

Bard joins Lou Merloni from Fort Myers to discuss his difficult season last year and what he expects from 2013.

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-- enhance your studio. -- in Fort Myers Butler and 93 point seven WEEI earlier -- had a chance to talk with. -- important piece question mark this team Red Sox reliever Daniel Bard Red Sox spring training. You brits actually Virginia barn big difference coming in the spring training for you you're you're back to their comfortable rules relievers that a big help yeah. Mean it's that stood for a cup more comfortable. Kind of mindset coming in I mean not trying to. Adjust myself to -- to a new role new position. You know not trying to impress too many new people know Johnson me. You know I have my best and nine -- -- capable of them just a matter of didn't back and you become and I -- him. Did you go last spring -- -- you become the starter but do it in front of people that. Haven't had eyes on you don't know what you've accomplished and know what to expect. Him I think we just we just had changed him anything the gate. Transformed. Myself into into stewardesses. He was that was a more mental or physical. -- more physical. Or make that mechanical changes deterrent. Answer energy and hide the ball make everything simpler -- actually overcome form itself. I think you're going on back to leading in the second half the season it's confine. Well at before I think you just took two or three months not accountable to hit the -- So good right now it is just getting back to me thrown ball away from the body it's supposed to do. And how many people pitchers realize you really care about the gun you know what the -- might say you mentioned in the secondly can compete and spring training -- to get that velocity back comfortably yeah it's. Them to come out. The it's just a matter. -- -- Feel. Like last year but arm angle. -- -- -- -- Drop to beat inaudible the top over the top -- better control my velocity is in there is that what it's all about losing to that last year. It makes sense at. Treat but the thing. That the reporters. Our -- at. The ball and some. Of the month. And then. There's -- How -- was therefore in hindsight looking back can see your best relievers in baseball for a couple of years and it turns into. Oh yeah -- don't AAA and I knocked it -- feel back I mean to be down there thinking that I should be in the big leagues I should be all star caliber reliever and I'm down here. Still trying to find. You know it's there's little more fractured -- been through the same time. Try to learn something or you're gone through it in distress signal light in the tunnel for me it was not to lose you know India through the whole season. -- -- and it's just like us that feels good now than. A -- you don't get a hitter in the box. Meant to break last week last year coming redundant you could just get away from the game there's like -- -- -- -- -- tradition -- just hasn't backed down huge from minors to get away from. You know it. It's hard to say but looking back you know maybe it would have been -- good thing you know they go to let them do it the season hasn't practiced art is about woods won the grind through. You know it's it's behind us now own room for you that right now the first -- opens -- felt that it may have thrown to. Three different catchers in the same feedback from all through it's it's been pretty positive. Just that he'd done what the Bulls do in this guy's turn things. Butler coming sequences. It's so different feelings and guys that could hear it from the guys we've seen -- do so. You couldn't raise your -- I didn't appreciate good look to this year -- voice backed him. Thanks Daniel Bard Red Sox reliever with -- in Fort Myers and there is no one. Who quite symbolizes the all or nothing Red Sox team the seventy to ninety win range people were talking about. The Daniel Bard we -- Daniel -- comes back and he is the guy was in 20114. Months -- -- Francona may be almost constant. Reliever before Papelbon used to multiple spots. I would be shocked if he told me Flames out and is at triple A half the year and Rick Ankiel again in 2013. I also would believe I mean that is that that is how. All over the place in a good market be this year what his role is going to be guys but. He could be anything and it's Red Sox team -- symbolize that they could be anything between that seven in ninety when deal. I wonder because you know in spring training it's it's always been my -- you know first timeout how'd it feel not bad coaches -- don't fastball a hundred Tony breaking balls it's tough to judge early on but. I actually think you can judge Daniel Bard early I mean if he's the first time he steps -- amount. -- you look up there in 1997. And he's actually throwing his fastball somewhere near the zone. He's in on the record -- Nick Taylor okay it was patient hitter. The velocity is back and he's around the zone. If he goes out there up for some reason you still -- 92 when you're. Four pitch walks again the -- then you could be in some serious trouble because there was no injury here with the annual -- So yeah he's actually got the first couple times you beat you watch him pitch in spring training here -- the even at the first outing for him. It's super important compared to everybody else 'cause there was such a difference from one guy to the next I think you -- to tell early on here at camp. You know think about -- when you talk to him is you know -- you have now my you have to he's a Smart guy. He's a thinking guy in it concerns me that. With him he intellectual lies just thinks so much and things get in his head I wonder if that's a fact and he got up on you know he just goes out and throws. A guy like Bart I wonder in the first couple times the first few once it gets in his head. Does it stay there you know and maybe guys like not blocking guys like Ankiel or more like -- with -- you know I wonder sometimes does he think too much. Well the one positive was he mentioned Billy Butler caught and I talked to a bottom NC caught him before. He go to the tuck it. And you've got to gear just a bullpen you know largest one bullpen and -- difference needs to get. It shows a day it was a different guy in a balls come out of him differently in last years ago is tentative things like that so. He could see the confusion lack of confidence just standing out there and -- mound so it is. It's it's hit it. It -- but the importance of that guy and what he can bring that they have a lot of guys even without Daniel Bard -- -- pitched that seventh eighth ninth inning. And a lot of successful guys to pitch those innings yeah he told him in the mix tonight Tug boats he. Strength but like -- said it's true there's no guy maybe baseball the good pitchers you could say. Don't be surprised at Dade -- pitching in the all star game. You know -- president of Bard were the worst pitcher in the internationally. In the middle of the year I mean it's it's he was apparently hadn't thought he had -- -- like -- -- you talk about his thinking about it here's how conserve their own her Ferrell the other they would the NC. He said that -- abortive public and start pitching in real real low impact innings he said is always -- fifth the sixth inning he was so concerned about -- competence. That they it's not going to be anything high impact -- -- high leverage its gonna be so early and that to me as a manager that. That's and he recognized me that acknowledgment that we are so. He he's on that Hillsdale as big picture. That we don't wanna shake his confidence because we saw what happened last years cup and it's got shaken starter closer reliever whatever you wanna call it. He was never the same guy and it this year -- too early in games just sort get him going to me is a sign of just how. Aware they are a palace confidence can be affected how -- them. Leading conference innings in -- I mean. Yeah you get have a lot of guys down in Japan and if a couple of come out of the gate struggle. Somebody else would take that leading job seventh eighth inning whatever it is and the guy that struggles just the way it is. A major goal appeared blow -- you know were up 821 in the June 7 inning and had to go pick in pitching meaningless innings not meaningless but you -- not the pressure ones. And you know don't take it as a demotion because these innings here. Are gonna get that job back that you want you know -- so we've seen it before guys struggled to come on the in the bullpen which are with Malays and tickets and low pressure ratings -- still getting hit hard and you're like -- You c'mon these things is no -- -- perform while the snow wind held to put you back in -- in the eighth or put -- was -- -- So that's what you have to start Daniel Bard is -- -- too much potential there depending give him the eighth. Banking on what you saw a couple years ago the -- -- conference innings and in more not just himself. But in the pitching staff in the managers can see that old Daniel Bard for the even think about putting in close games. 6177797937. That's the phone number Lewis in Fort Myers Kircus here this last hour's commute every one. Dodge dealer's choice between one and to a clock out Nixon a bunch of different things when everyone talk about. L start this our base with a giveaway about that we'd be beating night caller. At 6177790937. When a -- tickets for the Boston wine expo on February 17. At the seaport World Trade Center info wine expo boston.com. So you wanna win these tickets great event even ninth caller right now. On the contest line at 617779093. Sent a contest -- only. At 6177790937. Whatever you want this last hour wanted to clock -- illuminate -- Sports Radio WE.

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