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Lucchino calls Red Sox, "Scrappy underdogs"

Feb 15, 2013|

Mut, Kirk, and Merloni talk about Larry Lucchino's characterization of the Red Sox as scrappy underdogs.

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Butler not a 37 WEEI Kirk many hand -- -- studio all week bringing you the sounds of spring training boomer -- in Fort Myers and -- it would always say loop how does. I just spend your Valentine's Day sands Valentine in Fort Myers was the breakdown. Widow with the crew had Comcast all the boys we have little old boys club last night and and they -- dinner couple Beers and now that was about it. Soccer was on TV at three celebrated his yacht that's the great a great day there's candidates -- it's excellent I -- It I walked into a conversation last night -- back home after the show yesterday with city. -- hand and lucid you've got to change their diapers now somewhat thankful Buford. Very spectacular. -- -- now that wasn't like a little that was like a little bit -- that was -- -- we -- as to anything we do reality we'll make things up with -- on the shelf like -- on -- shall once -- -- very on a show today Joseph should always be honest yeah that was. I've not changed as many diapers is probably should have but apparently that's gonna change banks to. -- yesterday our commitment to limit on the number two the it's. -- That's -- I got last night happy Valentine's Day thank you guys forget involved there. Him or got a lot of stuff going on here today you'll be checking in throughout the course of the day from Fort Myers -- -- studio we had some Larry Lucchino sounds. Yesterday on the show but it was late initial Michael won 2130 probably sat down with the media. We did not have wind up being in my opinion. The jam up on the Larry -- press conference yesterday -- we have Larry talking about this this team in the theme for 2000 their -- -- And in the favorite I would put the target on my my friend -- beast and Toronto and let him see how he likes being that pre season favorite as I've reminded him recently and trophies for winning the offseason. And that. And -- Holy macro night -- -- a tongue in cheek but -- loves that role this team is the furthest thing possible boys. From a scrappy underdog and so Rosenthal tweeted today. That him calling it a scrappy underdogs and insult the scrappy underdogs everywhere. He's right about that you can label this team whatever you want team redemption. You know bridge year I don't care. But you know the bulldogs in college -- That's a scrappy underdog that's kind of sort of -- -- the the big powerhouses to recruit players this team issue with a payroll of well depend on where you look 150 679 dollars all that is done. Can't be scrappy underdog that is just Lucchino. Try to put the spin on this team and a lower expectations. About the Red Sox I -- thirteen I think the time was in the Chicago. I mean you know way to shoot under histrionics but I don't think you -- here's the do you -- you don't think that there is now at some level he would like that to be. The perception of the Boston Red Sox -- -- I -- -- I think he knows that are -- I think that knows it's never the -- the Boston Red Sox as currently constituted they were bad last year and now you wanna say underdogs and obviously their underdog. I think he -- scrappy and there's this kind of -- I mean that was my take -- It's it's it's what the role that he loved remember when they first came here is evil empires in New York Yankees will ever be able has been linked to New York Yankees we are the scrappy underdogs that was. That was that the in the Larry like that is the -- -- that -- angle -- World Series but the problem is that they've matched. The New York yankees' payroll they haven't been -- price by a lot of guys that is different. You know different tune this offseason the -- saw that but for the most part. Boston Red Sox won't buy and spend whatever they want it's up to them so. I don't know how you sit there with a hundred it's gonna call 2165. Million this year right maybe once every whatever is because he's a scrappy underdogs the reason is. There's expectations aren't there because his team failed last year. In the payroll what you went 65 that has some talent -- it brought into the overpaying you might say well. It would probably 130 million dollars for the talent on here because they're paid so much for some of these guys but the role he loves. It's the role he loves and for some teams that would work I just you know maybe it was on -- like Kirk says. I distinctive it is it's it's disingenuous to think that the fan base should think of this team has a scrappy underdog this team should always be because of the revenue they create. In the top 34567. -- that low fine. But somewhere and that group a payrolls in Major League Baseball and that by its nature you -- underdog. They spent a lot of money on this team it's not like they just made that trade and sat on the money given credit for that. But that's ruled you out of that category works for looking works for them because the theme as we got to fix it we're scrappy and what we struggle it's we're supposed to struggle issue look at it wasn't going to sentence for under eighty winds in 2000 they're -- it was pretty interesting beat. As some after the what -- kind of saw the whole interview live and video of the poll shows that thing was a little bit I thought it was funny and a lot of people that saw their start with thought it was kind of childish. It was but he was Larry Lucchino had his best but he then went on it talked about expectations of this club and any talked about how. You know -- few years back a lot of you people in the media -- labeled as the greatest team. Ever so the expectations aren't there will we will prove you wrong again in -- way cable was vague about forbid we don't you're great team you prove this wrong you to make the playoffs if field Friday. But it made it sound like. The only sign Crawford they signed guns don't everybody was called the best team every and it's only -- but they were proud of it either they weren't thinking that either they went off in their chest -- Look at us look we don't you're damn right we are the best team Pettitte threw it to meetings that it will prove -- wrong again so use. Eight again stuck -- sorry we thought you were a good team with 2011 and you fail we well just for the. Enemy when the keynote does here in these situations is need to last year when they were struggled Everett said. You know nobody likes Valentine teammates each other Keeneland on the it's your week it's -- the media is you know making this up to go to Colorado. And little old ladies talked to people tell me how much they modesty. In for Larry. Nobody likes that's a good move both the media because nobody likes them either you might as -- hit on the other group nobody likes. And there is nobody that nobody likes more than Dan Shaughnessy and that's a great enemy friendly cooperative you know what it worked out perfectly for -- no comment. And fart without any better -- column this morning how are the Latino thing. He was a -- you know he was out drinking and having dinner I'm -- by 630 so worked up perfectly for perfect. For them it's going to be a year of trying to keep those expert at the expectations every year like -- should be sky high they work the best team for four months couple years ago. And I see what he's trying to do there I think it's some level there it is disingenuous to try to paint them -- that based on. How much money they spend of such an advantage. Over teams like the royals and teams like Pittsburgh yes they're revenue sharing that they create. Sold much freak in revenue with -- right they they create so much revenue with that and it's. Not -- -- statewide but regional cable network and we saw what the Dodgers are going to be able to do with the billions not millions but billions there can agree there. That is such an advantage that you have. That you just cannot use the word scrappy tongue in cheek or not. You can't use it and hey you quite call this team a scrappy team if they win you know -- go 500 this year that's the expectation for a lot of people it is but. Still it is a towel on this team to the point where -- you said a couple days ago if things break right -- they're gonna win ninety games and -- they're gonna play up they're gonna play up that underdog role get ready for. That night the Celtics game was Rondo is our leader. If this thing goes to a good start it's going to be nobody believed in us with a scrappy underdog you know spending -- 170 million bucks. On this team this year look at what would do in the what barrels dollar with the team as you make every. -- the reality is is you know with the -- what they have here on this team no matter what they believe in. The -- how many wins I think that they can potentially win if they if Irving falls right they stay healthy. They are going to be picked me every pre season prediction is gonna have them fifth. In the American League east or fourth in the American League east I'd be shocked. If I saw anybody have them in the top three. That's just a reality so that embassy that and that play that up but it has more to do with the talent that they brought in. You know -- it's that that second -- kind of free agents you know it's -- to Reno bounced back Stephen Drew hill bounced back -- Dempster approve. That he can pitch in American League -- Jonny Gomes to show that he can actually play. So that they but they spent the money on them and it's 170 million dollar car salary here you know as far as -- -- goes so. Is more to do with the talent that they have and the expectations which we all know what they are. What happens is if if they have got a good start. And they're you know in contention in the trying to sell you this team is a scrappy underdog that's what's gonna nausea. That's -- say well this is different right -- that's common. If it if they are nine yields to 94. Eleven and six in that first couple weeks to get to the end of the first month and they are you know. Fifteen and nine maybe we'll get maybe I mean that the -- argued this team literally sold at that point you will be into them but. You know -- will see again I I think that Tom was firmly placed in -- There where to get your thoughts on this at 6177797983. -- the phone every Texas anytime AT&T text line. At 37937. So rain washed -- that the schedule yesterday Lou what's. What's the scheduled today can they get anything done their four month. Yet they gotta get up their looks like it's overcast but Dunn field I mean at this and do a good job here with all the drainage system here on the east feel so early and get out there the stars Rebecca on the mound. It'll balance Florida's listings in Google wants Lackey and Lester again today and I'll let you know how they looked even though it means. Doesn't mean they look good did it with -- winning games and was gonna let you know. It is a BP batting practice and then just the first formal work off for everybody to feel which is nice -- when the athletes come into play I'm sick of looking at pitchers all of them. Out we'll check in with you literally appreciated you got a boy Louis -- Fort Myers freshen -- a night out with the boys on Valentine's Day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Biden and in the favorite I would put the target on my my friend -- beast and Toronto and let him see how he likes being that pre season favorite as I've reminded him recently and trophies for winning the offseason. And that. And -- if you want suit going this season that feeling that he is the according to favorite that's great -- -- scrappy ended trying to trying to win for our for our friend -- and for our fans. -- -- -- 61777979837. That is the phone number Texas right now AT&T -- line at 3793792. Break your phone calls. And your thoughts on Adrian Gonzales is comments about the chemistry in the Red Sox team but chemistry in the Red Sox front office ninety seconds away.

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