Feb 15, 2013|

4 minutes worth of some very memorable moments that have happened on The Big Show over the last 15+ years.

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We could send doing -- -- with a 12%. My bad blood Sugar Bowl -- god I Q did you you don't shoot me if I don't know extraordinary. About it and remember having an extra benefits. And the. Or we could just relives some of the best and worst moments of the big show and we're glad you pull away here's Dale Arnold ten minutes later they fire for -- that's there with a one -- -- score goals in the third period when they -- fired -- They had waited until Friday night -- lost their kid that's I would San Jose doing a fire advances. Hannity and she's got -- -- and then you are stuck up. Back to divulge certain vegetables and Jerry's that in San Diego California -- -- as well today yeah pretty patient update on. It's don't know where hey -- The -- every two weeks on the yeah it's not that it's -- better before. You got got rob I don't -- could -- -- -- -- and beautiful green and also fret about ritual that would become the. Would you go in Hamilton's that you would you pursue your fat guy -- this book just Burton with the usual assortment tees. Can take political Beckham which you shouldn't hurt and needed. It and everywhere in the money here I just heard it will be yeah. They're moderates and whose mom just called in Manila as opposed to you where those streaks and -- -- -- look nice and I tell you that I met -- is motherhood and maybe the greatest Olympian elderly woman of government mind set isn't. Seriously when this surface you know I don't have -- I don't I'm just explaining to you here you -- that it. -- her mother is running through her mother gorgeous that's old saying it. What's wrong with you. Why would you say something like that right -- this is -- they need to know what comes on the back Australia I can't believe it. The Broncos -- is becoming to doubt our body Latimer from Denver is on the phone line -- And implement -- I'm actually coming to do is we cannot suspend my campaign is what is it. You know the -- to protect employees. We're not going to be sorted out -- because ministers would be -- -- that didn't ask the branch of the Obama. Can't even and I am. -- -- hurt me in Atlanta. G de L army. You won't you were -- damaged Georgia. -- -- to became action and encouragement. -- look this sounds a lot like jewels incidence of sudden it's only jewels and there's actually a model that it I. I imagine it's you. I could understand you better with a southern accent did you call every -- -- was -- that -- -- that you value as a legitimate caller hello Jim. Let me ask you something rarely get some wrestling -- we can't beat buffalo high income. I don't know I'm doing. Pretty good at Jim avatar do -- -- -- motel rooms excellent content. Right. Watch the Green Zone post game and listened to the big show on WTI. And three identified -- play and you could win a big Stevie courtesy of tweed. We're back the top of the hour north to a Belichick got next on people -- -- that's -- o'clock -- I just have one thing this I've been waiting to say this whole year to see guys and Arizona. And.

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