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Over 18 years, Glenn gave us a TON of mmaterial to make bits about. Here are some of the highlights.

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Over the years the video's been featured in many bids on the big show they're not just because he's the host but because he provides. Great material like this time he had truly -- Bill Cosby did hate him. I know mister Wakefield. Who's going to show me at least two or three variations. All the -- excuse me. So I thought I was done or start -- -- that you hit -- -- -- you'll read they've -- fast friends with Pedroia early in his career. By calling him short like a thousand times you're not the stereotypical. You know small and its other crap that in the short means to seize the -- what sports did you play we -- growing up as a kid. Obama played basketball and and football and and as senator. Investor I get it that's because senators are normally talk and Dustin is not by the way to go. Neither you. Larry Bird is always loved -- though it's always it's our team. Basically a very happy for you -- world. Thank you very much all these years and what was Larry thinking didn't happen that Glenn if we call every week goes to do with one's denying might have said -- who were hit very clean and when -- Larry's -- is so crowded -- -- it's amazing Larry three squares a day because way back -- it was -- like there are some more your kid but now fortunately. Basically I'm very happy where you don't loyal. Good job blending. -- Larry's relationship was just slightly different than -- and Bobby the news. In the beginning and the relationship between Bob Levy and the big -- was -- Credits and it's a pleasure to be with hearing right right I hear them. My way to work but the only lasted about two seconds you're gonna -- a weekly radio segment on the local ESPN's station in New York I can't imagine that. Yeah actually asked me for your first question about something like that I am. Yeah -- injury yes Bobby loves tolerance for England's questions in no time flat so I was or jury in them out. -- -- -- -- Mark Kotsay will always remember Glenn as it. Whoever says that the big -- conduct softball interviews never heard him tell Mark Kotsay to his face that he probably wasn't good enough to make the post season roster that seems like a tough decision -- first go to Philadelphia. We try to put together this playoff roster you can serve maybe you'll build it. Well that's good no I really not certain about that enormous -- at this point. These -- -- the -- -- -- and a few occasions himself once upon a time McAuliffe started to get under. All right OK okay let somebody finishes sentencing her to shut this Michael OK it's like the -- is now -- to continue to talk nonstop and day bingo wouldn't allow. Quick question -- can you hear about football resonates -- sure. Okay what the British pound lineman Matt Matt Matt we are all sitting here doing a free can sports talk show that's what it's all about here. I don't want anybody not sure why you're not to do. -- give me your. Point what what do. Disagree -- -- well it all comes down to like you know I'm just very happy. And I mean how many people wouldn't stay inside and continue. This is -- Saying fortunately all of this is prepared Glen before his next career he's the lead global. -- -- -- -- As student I can get ready for sixty confident after eighteen years of talking sports in the end dunes. The bigger ozone hole 190. -- -- I haven't used my vibrator -- weeks you never know who. We'll stop -- before -- go after and oh my gosh this hot and leading computer guy just fix my iPhone. Under repayment ways I can't even imagine teens and early 1960 -- And we -- bingo askew got fired for everyone calling me a slut whore -- To who think she's stupid and chickens -- -- knob. After -- might.

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