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Celtics' Head Coach Doc Rivers Talks About the State of the Team Heading into the All-Star Break

Feb 15, 2013|

Boston Celtics' head coach Doc Rivers talked with John and Gerry about the state of the team heading into All-Star weekend and the potential of bringing in another guard for the second half. Rivers also reminisced about the time he held Michael Jordan under twenty points.

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-- joining us on the AT&T hotline that -- the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers reporting doc Gloria. Mortars artillery -- we're doing fine it's little rainy down here -- Red Sox spring training but the rest of the forecast. From tomorrow on looks pretty good hey have you ever been associated with the basketball team that needed an all star break more than yours does right now. You know court. I really ever. Wouldn't you go oh what you can -- to definitely play well. You can make the case we don't need -- break but I would the body count we. I couldn't have probably better there you're better time memorable. Is it too simplistic to say you have to beat you must be -- certainly are problems basketball team. Based on what you've done on the last nine games in the face of all this adversity. Yeah -- -- you consider Adam and I haven't even -- of America are you know. You know when Robert went out and -- You know bin -- -- don't mean just kind of you just got to coach him there and and that kind of like Mattel regards. The group. Eric that is important here type group I don't know who were -- or. The injuries but we are there -- NFL coaches historically -- are or seem to be countless and hard when they lose somebody you know Bill Belichick will tell you or tell anybody. If he's if he's injured and out I don't even think about it and it sounds cold and it sounds cruel. -- basketball coaches have to feel that weight to it doesn't matter the Barbosa is gone we now have to deal with the living. Ordered commanders. Personally but right brought such great yeah but you have to -- -- you have to coach. They've got the report. Just have to. You have to get the guys that are planning to understand and you expect to win you'll. Here and that there are no changes and as far as you're expected. But -- -- ruled region or -- you reap what you -- generously are no there's no way in -- an immature socially. Anonymously remember most of what they don't come on the floor and Ambien and -- altered weapon are what brought him to release it to the well are brought me here and there and if you certain Geithner however mr. Oregon and they're on the floor. You just can't replace you'll find another -- Doc we've been saying for weeks -- most the season that your you know need some size you're just not that big wall now you need more than so you need no more than big guys need guards to. What is the priority I know you're I don't know what you're doing all star break I assume -- very busy. What would you like to see him good to see him do. -- all -- -- -- player and great yesterday. And then adorable work which restrict -- to preserve. I'll leave it you know they're in the we. Thought about it been resolved and figure about it since albeit reserve you know with the last what were also it's now -- We can look at one position anymore. And that's -- you know look at that all right it's. Orders and in regard now we're looking at warriors are we meet where we need to pick up. A couple of players -- as soon as we get them. There. -- -- great resort but we don't want -- to Beijing so where if somebody else can develop more than. We don't have room because where pepper soda and so we -- you dirtier -- what we do. So look what kind of player I know you need everything what kind of player would help much would most help right away. Well I -- it bought it ignore it and it will log report there are just ignore the Gartner. -- by admired -- Guard for this group right now it would be your car there in late multiple position. -- -- That and -- as there -- -- we need to be just. You know -- -- and -- it -- so up for. If Favre would be great but up but authorities -- floor. Or order to rebound you know disagree rebounding war. It has little you know also. It don't matter that the list here though where and there's something important but look you know the trying to league in in the week. To melt them the American workers that are. Playing over here. Won't bring back over to Auburn. You don't believe. You know and then obviously to retreat and we met a lot of -- -- we -- very careful there. Picked up whether it would be a ball handling guard or a big. I assume the best you can hope for would be somebody who can contribute and kind of filled in because there aren't any difference makers out there I would suspect. Otherwise they wouldn't be out there they were difference makers right. Lost. Who's this Stephon Marbury still dominating gently. I don't think the promise that -- robberies he's really happy there. He's like king. He's like you know that that Joseph jungle village we -- more Marlon Brando's worship yes talk -- -- -- Stephon Marbury in China. He's like Marlon Brando's colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now -- biologists feats Lehman -- come back and play for the Celtics again just. Comfortable over there. Sorry Douglas got cut off their -- but my question was is the best you can helpful our hope for whether it be a ball handling guard or a big is somebody that can just gotta fill in. And and contribute. And and not be called upon to get difference maker because if they were a difference maker they wouldn't be out there available right. Yeah that that there are good luck intermittent. It over there are totally -- -- -- that the China read about citizen. -- have a couple players that make a -- -- combat basing your -- Europe met my other recent dip -- -- was important for the best available player now. Obviously did great every shooter one more sugar for a and then we need to beat it to rebound in future. Is fab Melo perhaps what that the entry there. I don't really care at army and I don't think Brady -- injuries and -- worker or are distributed -- It Stephon Marbury still the man in China haven't checked lately. You know I don't know I'm sure years he worked last year. But they're -- the doctor -- now minimum though that Colbert who you are just. -- there was just that are so. Pretty slow roll over there. What about and Delonte West obviously brings some baggage but you know well one and you -- get the most -- Yeah that's something we're looking. You know I don't know Karl yeah we're we're gonna grow a -- And give it to be so careful. There and have more -- local buckle up there's this stuff with the other thing you don't like stupid does it into -- -- -- word about that it will. Caretaker but -- Kevin cryptically said the other night he's going to enjoy. This all star game since it's going to be his last and when pressed a while why he said it's going to be its last. Is that I don't expect to be going back there and they stumbled why you have two more years left under contract and he said you all don't know what I know what you're greeted the that doctor. Obviously that we go but we're broke a clip which seven. You don't. -- I think every year to have -- here. I really believed. A that he loved and much in this player who will walk away. But I think who in this -- and you're like you know. A lot of coaches at times you think about it. Suggesting -- -- -- Are recovered -- they were probably -- because it -- -- mention that Israel. But I would -- to -- particular. Did you watch Miami Oklahoma City last night -- have to play golf in the rain. I've watched the second public. Nobody any -- you're wondering also about their distributors. There there's an error seeing that. Pretty liberal open now mr. when a lot of days would be in this certain games in light area. Very average year that it -- some period of group B who applied elsewhere but -- Oklahoma didn't play well either. America buried and where what was that like it's ordered two nights before that as well. So they're just not playing well they broke two strings no real group drew little stretches. Of Oklahoma brought 21 right now we're interpret sore from him. But it also seem like the the thunder have no answers or LeBron right now we know he's in this zone scored thirty game. And they put everybody know what Scotty Brooks on him including Kendrick Perkins. For a stretch and they could do nothing about it when you look at a situation like that do you -- Erik Spoelstra is that an easy job he has right now. Well. It was one of the hardest shops and it was pretty. You know at some point last year and -- their back I'll park -- or LeBron took over -- -- They're preparing their records worker they're you are are not the same way. A ball and -- we've -- covered all the great. The beginning part no -- -- playing well wasn't that easy but there in their support of these would -- like they brought in. And now we couldn't wait ignited it but it become better. Pretty you know and wait for it well you probably a lot of weapons. -- -- who's the second best player in the NBA in your estimation. Who wore I would just a rare I think what brought it clearly -- -- warrant right all right we're at certain score. You know. You know -- up toward direct. Just keep certain ability to score. Probably -- -- can't -- fault what -- northern and it would be sure. Flushed Larry it. Elway is -- is going to be appears well. Have a watch in this ESP contribute you know month long tribute to Michael Jordan turning fifty and it occurs to me as a look at it Jordan and compare LeBron James. Obviously as great as LeBron James is he has a long way to go to pad his resolute may with four -- more championship before you say they're the same player or he's as good but do you think it's fair to say -- LeBron James. Win vs his peers there's a big -- there's the same a lot of gap between LeBron James and the rest of the league as there was between Michael Jordan and the rest of the league in his. Era. Yeah I think it's fair to Syria -- Jordan didn't have a lot of art music hear the word they. So -- -- A lot by. You know acting in particular guided when Jordan was way and guidance saying well. You know it is it -- short accurate I think toward god Drexler. What they -- in the -- it was a great player but you know. And we swim -- you you have -- who would steal full well. They're the better player in Europe and kind of the corners so. Let out a bit -- sure that it athletically there's such a big drop all know. There's great whichever league and it brought you know these are at a different level. Did you ever hold and Jordan under twenty. I -- I have a couple of great game to give him merit a particular -- historic reform were better. Their record their government 1614. And we played them back to back rights and ordered to wait through while the army stopped and looked in our locker room and graduate administered dark. Did a great game last -- -- to let -- see you tomorrow. And relative little -- -- -- was thwarted several -- them but was he hasn't determined to break the trigger more. What was it you or was he just he just hope that he was cold that night or maybe he had he -- -- and I had a long night the night before. And all I know we brought over married by Gartner group a little bit of both. Bill -- would micro which are now we're still a -- my god I don't care littler who LeBron at the best player in the league he just can't get a bit where it's like. And then that's brought to -- when you play. But I played Jordan and I think that charger defensive player or team you have to feel when you go to great and you know you have for stricter guards servers there and you're millionaire beat them every part of your part. Well two extra points at the Von -- one off for 51 in China I'm not sure if that's true. -- but that sounds like a guy who might fit your bill. -- -- I get irritated uploaded out there's no doubt about it. Eight -- talk about Michael yet again funnel funnel a comment on that Bobby Knight told a fairly interesting story of the day talk about the will to win his will to win in his ability as you said to go to another gear -- coaching and team USA in their playing a highly didn't hear your team. And Bobby Knight told Michael Jordan before the game I want this game over five minutes into the game and I want arrest people five minutes of the game I guess Michael went out and had you know. Four minutes worth of hell and fury in the -- like. 31 points after four minutes attic and a timeout was called in and Michael came back looked at Bobby -- and where one minute ahead of schedule. Well you know lifted about Michael Jordan store which ended Robinson certain -- And David talked. Michael gambling on the right. In the morning -- and what they've been a -- on the golf -- the habit sure mark where enormously. They play 36 adult. The car that Cuba without the day they are right and rappers to. It didn't they -- toward true coached Michael took that approach. He or didn't lock -- regular shuttle. And then right after the -- building there wouldn't. -- the room and all the guys and that should -- the forwards Mike would you. Go. Visit there meg. Indeed that that would. Boundless energy to be sure I'm now the -- -- question heavily brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers to implement it offers on select vehicles that your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. On the web at MB US -- dot com I think this is an appropriate question -- -- -- Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida hey doc would you ever a baseball guy. Could you hit could you feel orchid to throw hard. -- -- I did that probably broke his -- that's where about body with a baseball player dog George Mitchell little lesion. I gave the traditional. Written for America. We're dying jury -- how -- you later. There are government -- market -- -- the American. You know their biggest -- ever. And. So Kirby Puckett took -- deep in Little League to prevent you from one to Williamsport. Yeah about -- trajectory for. You go to -- -- about -- spoke rhetoric at a basketball. Right now outside the batter's box and I. All I get that our -- talk that you conducted on the road. Our Richard. AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT.

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