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Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan Discusses the Use of Toradol in the Red Sox Clubhouse

Feb 15, 2013|

Yahoo! Sports lead baseball writer Jeff Passan spoke with D&C about the use of Toradol in the Red Sox clubhouse by former athletic trainer Mike Reinold. Passan says Reinold never violated Major League Baseball rules, but may have violated state law by injecting players with the anti-inflammatory.

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Welcome back my -- it's our number three on day number three Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers, Florida much -- the theme this week -- as you know it's been now. Chemistry. In the clubhouse yeah that's what they're trying to improve upon his chemistry in the clubhouse ironically our. -- Yahoo! Sports register that kind of -- chemistry in the club house but not the kind about changing the personality. Talking about does the methods -- taking place in the past according Jeff Loria. We're doing very very well now is a big big deal in your mind an annual result I asked that question is I believe the first line of the second paragraph are the second line of the second paragraph is more adult is a legal substance and is not banned by Major League based. Well. You know absolutely true and that or mentioning -- -- stop -- to meet this story it was a big deal or cutlery. Our number one laws. My bridal. Former trainer. I was not expose the injecting players but that. Now granted he -- not only -- YouTube that other traders -- baseball. -- Bill. I don't wanna talk about the old one -- off bridge that makes it okay. Actually I think that what this story does it gives it greater and how prevalent. Oracle was in the Red Sox clubhouse that grew -- baseball and even though. It is illegal substance. When used extensively as we -- with quite buckle perhaps let these scene op with humorous that. All sports. And the injury and so. The regulation. The other thing I think that very thing that. It was out that it's such. Such a microcosm of the Red Sox that there -- in fighting on the medical. And that you know people despite being out there and that ultimately it yet now and it just seems like. Others upgrade well ultimately bought it and back at my old despite John Henry Larry L bed sharing and knowing that. Breaking -- did bring him back yours still considering African opening up. Do you think Jeff do you think he did it. In any way other than under orders from the team position. From what eye. Out there's they'd be. From what one side. Is particularly based on that Asian. Add some people say that. Absolutely not some people say. -- -- -- -- -- -- Documentation. That would -- now. He would not provide that. I I talked it. Traders from baseball football and cocky -- toward the outfield position and question and all of them all these back ever had your injection. They never saw an -- other -- and so you know it it's like mentally they re not my rival is as follows because. Turned -- would be he did it today in Beverly ward able to differentiate from who is telling the truth to what it. Happy. -- A position does have a lot. Like giving orders that he knows there's -- hotly granted. Triggered an awful lot game by doing anything illegal but this time it'll be like why here it. Considering that he practices at Mass. General and that'd -- -- the doctor over the patriot the performances well. It's difficult to see why is it his career in. That she's supposed. Carol. Hey Jeff why -- Curt Schilling have a dog in this fight and by that other in the fact the groceries he's admitted to using toward all and or vacations what's. What's in it for attempted to talk about this. -- just like talking about everything the like I I think you like is the himself as a true. Troops here and the truth speaker and in this case I think he actually I mean look I. -- it. About this sort all use. Months ago man. I called very chilling that we and we talked about it. Let anger that Curt Schilling was somebody who had used toward -- If he talked to people and peaceful circled. A lot of support all use these days straight back out there -- Curt Schilling job. And herculean performance they were gone and as you about one playoffs whatever. And BP to the World Series it just absolutely got it. That the year I believe right around that back Curt Schilling started using it was probably of the board -- but he started using her mentor at all. Look he Randy Johnson pitched well in their thirties and pitched well well there. He didn't get along with my. You'll admit that question about that you know hey he needed to be out either though I don't think this is one of those. Situations where. That apparently going out there suggested to -- Yet to those questions and it answers that -- with what other sources at -- Is that fair to say the people in baseball whether they be organizationally and independently within particular organization or in Major League Baseball. Don't look down their nose on players who used or at all it's not some sort of verbal thing. You don't depend on organization and our jobs and apple currently -- that the Phillies. That are there let that are numbered these that the story. That have sent out. All the entities in the early -- we will not keep your players or -- because. There is no liability is what you -- at night for us in from the national football by players who were injected with sore at all. That's an issue and it spirit litigation going on there right now it's something that Arab allies and obedience why. MLB sent out itself -- on March 8 2012. Saying raiders are not allowed to reject sort out that was. -- that Mo was that out. But MLB strike covered that reinforce that hey you'd better not leave yourself open to litigation. Jeff did you -- this stemmed from are you looking into the the assertion that Curt Schilling was offered a human growth hormone in his final year here and did you confirm it was Reinhold and is that going anywhere. Yes it was. Well it was Al. Let -- art is art strains credulity a little bit because he -- I'm not telling the truth what he says is that. Back in the middle of the 2008. Feet. When he was re happy children you wet apple. And he knew his arm. And that might rival that well on -- -- you might as well try. Now Schilling went immediately reported it Padilla -- be. Terry break. I don't know it was a crisis of conscience -- something like that what he added that he knows that Josh Beckett. Jon Lester other guys were big bands like which they work -- Distinct enemies in that clubhouse there's some players who by the end it there. Refused treatment -- him in the quarter of the C a quarter to a third of the by the end of the 2011 season was refusing treatment from the as. Mark that down your story give them before you back to shelling. Why was that why did these veterans that like them when he first got promoted turn on him and refused treatment. -- meaning all treatment meaning like to open an ankle they refused to. Date date date refused to work and there are few selective -- that had. I think that -- -- them. You know I think there -- people in the clubhouse is thought that he -- in my she thought he was in no at all thought that. You know it is bedside -- should not and let that may well -- It does that make of that trainer. Any people who. No -- all the training community really do respect. It guy credential wise. Has pretty epic credentialed doctors physical therapy. -- the American work but it but it it would. James actors in Birmingham and so you know this isn't some guy in their pick up off the street paid back the somebody with a great knowledge base which is. What you mean maybe it's so much more interest in -- he would -- A successful career something like this. You know in the end it really work your career over an and app brings. The most maybe I mean it's -- -- -- this which. The position back. Because of the way and now these medical structure works a lot of these -- Real -- 05530. May be sick. Invited and they get the pop art. If you -- start off on it needed at all ready to -- and so these trainers are let in absolute conundrum. They play these players who make millions of dollars -- used. To keep on the field and he's happy heard me say it is that is ethically and legally wrong. And raised the ire players or management saying why -- -- -- in the damn job. We're talking -- just pass and from Yahoo! sportsmanship but seems to me we've put together a list of -- respected or disliked. Occupations IRS agents of their attorneys were famously on that list. Based on recent and not -- recent history don't traders athletic trainers find themselves in in in that realm with. -- -- to Mary and Greg Anderson and would you consider Mike -- would be eight and rogue trader. You know I wouldn't go all in -- -- traitor because. There were so many other trainers in baseball dealing. That's -- Going into back. Room. To -- players with anything. Is not it does look. And it's something that leaves you open to speculation. And look very very investigation. In Iraq at all. The investigators after these subjects. Were there any performance enhancing drugs ever all -- did you do that now. The theory that were simple any time you talk about investigation that it involves. A -- -- narcotic. Eight. There are -- inflammatory. They're going -- that question but the chilling thing was there and so you know they're there was. Curiosity. Among. Investigators the -- -- they got. But he -- -- vote were now and so. I believe in that respect I finals is cleared but. Still. You're talking about Eagles baseball players and back room and back combination right there is back. Right Jeff back that Schilling what was the lie he told. He. All the investigators. That yet heard things out of caught and taken things that are back -- Michael players issues. -- -- For Major League Baseball or opera. And so. When he was saying that. All -- all the it's true authority that you remembered it because. He felt like it would be a distraction. He's come up championship. Beckett Lester other guys like -- -- didn't want to cause consternation. In the middle of the -- in. You know does that hold water. I guess I'd guess that makes sense what you think. Through one time what makes you believe in the second. And and yeah I think people are chilling weren't telling the truth that what you believe him now for. -- all accusations. The story people were the exact same thing that you others very credible source as well as well as well he. And that the investigation so I was I was comfortable don't have. -- last question Jeff any chance that MLB -- -- all or bands injected tour at all. In the near future. Out. MLB is all the news fairly clear -- I don't get the impression I believe. Changing and and because what these these issues are generally the same if it. Players weren't portal built for example. From a trainer that would be dispensing medication and that something that traders are allowed in leader in itself. Becomes sort all they legal drug was stronger but. Big fight now as far as just to -- numbing pain is numbing pain and that's all they're trying to do. You wonder how much pain as baseball player really can be compared to a football player hockey player players who are getting their bodies bash around us. The army as a fragile little thing and the arms in -- -- be -- -- you're gonna continue to rely. So long is in the. I just got a question for me off topic to be sure the story aside is there much national interest. In this a quiet little Red Sox -- it's just trying to go along get along and changed the culture of the clubhouse. Right I don't think people really Red Sox and be very good -- And as you know after. The last place finish from last year. That is I mean that that means. It was such -- It. Entirety of Allah hi there you the text message did everything in between eight and because of that. -- -- Only season last year I think the sort off the radar and you know creep -- under this year -- that -- It happened in the community -- and there's certain that in between here -- waiting for the right Jackie Bradley. The map of the world market -- there. Jeff passing Yahoo! Sports good stuff post docket no baseball would you respond to appreciate the time again the -- in my from a talkative on the road. -- it. Passable Dennis and Callahan let's talk to while stocks to regularly in the car here go to what's on your mind. Okay warning I'm warning I. Bet that that I did not read the article and I. And at -- and I'm not gonna I wanna play it on me or I'll you know. Or adult is. As you know -- non title and inflammatory you know it's an in line that you wrote an op and a relief well and elegant so. The big issue which court all of it at that it will cut your meat. And a lot of people don't like that. I paid -- and vineyard. There was eighty and -- you -- fired the company. Called black box warning. In there and tactic and are saying you know you can only you'd get after it had been. Unit I see in the hot at all. And that is required on the front of all prescription -- -- and then a year OLLC a three day. And executed the bleeding though I -- Gary -- gained extra BP is -- and -- and I think there and checking it kinda. -- I I heard the number one professional athlete claims as a result of torrid all he had a hearted -- apparently laughter. When asked about the heart attack situation -- that as well that was them. -- Stan the got the patriots signed yet at USC and he's going USC because for -- I assume the patriots. Administered. Except that believe that like most other teams. But their new guy to -- from the CF for help is -- his college because he had a part of a heart attack or heart part of that part of actual heart attack right and play -- had bleeding in the esophagus -- Some people believe you know that there's a connection between -- -- and that can --

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