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Red Sox Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia Talks About the Change in Culture in the Red Sox Clubhouse

Feb 15, 2013|

Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia joined John and Gerry in Fort Myers to talk about the difference between the clubhouse this season and last season. Saltalamacchia also discussed his approach at the plate and building trust with the newest members of the pitching staff

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Welcome back doesn't Callahan and -- jury -- Red Sox camp spring training at Fort Myers -- joining us here at the broadcasts like Red Sox pitcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia Borger our you -- season. Is busy yeah Loveland now. Was this the muted as pilots over the kids at that everybody's talking -- you get to new -- group new kids is less than we talked to her name it is that if you would -- -- Howls at the four hours ago. If you end up have a lot of kids what you look like bird man which you look like Josh Hamilton it's only fair to them about whether -- note if you miss it left one out of it traumatized me that dramatized. You know we talk a lot about the the the new acquisitions on this baseball team the Red Sox seemed to have a concerted effort to bring in good clubhouse guys and people get along and changed the culture in the clubhouse but he knows -- different does feel different and there this year after personal last. F has led the effort on their go to guys in there that are veteran guys but they're you know. Analysts say the overpaid or anything like that have been with a veteran guys that bring in the presence of those of on this go after this you know. -- goal was with Oakland and -- those are two teams that you know known -- expected anything from -- -- is set for a play the game. You know Dempster may have -- guy you know. You know we got victory you know we a lot of guys -- there -- know. You know how to play the game right angle after marked his sister and her victory ever slowed down and -- always and it just chill down the third -- that a fourth or fifth I don't think play with them before and no I don't I don't think he's a slowdown that's his nature you have one too many catchers and cantor and you'll look at yourself as major leaguers and is there room for three. On the day the roster probably not no but it. 23 years ago we had to retrieve pictures down you know and if we want to compete we wanna win. You know in his much -- -- fossil every position. Do you guys. -- all get along is that tension because you get three catches battling for sexually one job. Men on this room for two pitches but you'll wanna be the guy at the start in the opening -- starter. Do you look at yourself is that guy. You know I think I think we do you know on you know I think -- you know -- and David you know he kind of knows Israel is -- -- -- we've we've been down that path before. So lots over the Ryan talked to a woman and just cut down and this can be your time you know -- at some point you're gonna go for the same thing. He -- to help the next -- notices this is the way. It dose that mean you can't rush yourself to the big things when you're ready you're ready going to be their long time digital wanna keep common from on -- going down and up for a month and down. So you know is that a -- time especially his age that means he's no kid anymore. You feel like -- covenant you're only coming your prime right now this or your career -- reflect on getting better and better for sure I mean more time I've had of done better with everything so. -- feel good feel healthy and that's you know. Would you like about your performance -- would -- like the effects. You know I try not to let you know the ways that you know we all performed together overshadow everything but you know obviously the power numbers were there. You know the most important thing is a touch and the pitchers but the same time stuck with a plan a -- Which is something I've never done you know always you know -- into a village and a whole world now mature and become this kind of that are much right. You know and just play -- different things you know unless register with the same approach in the same plan. Do you think that you buy into the philosophy of working the count and going deep Yugoslav people say maybe it's something you need to work on be a little more discipline not quite as aggressive at the plate is that fair to say it. Isn't though I mean you want you want us there at -- -- you wanna be aggressive at the plate. You know and as the big thing in Texas with the whole team and they kept saying that -- we don't you know walking up we don't -- -- pitches we. You know we swing at the first pitcher time it's like you know what. As a hitter you're looking for a certain pitch if you get these swing even the first pitch in his first fist fest in last year and -- of having a sort of 11 pitch from the whole season. You know a lot of those fall behind the count because the -- that so. You know an elected chains don't the government glancing at first it's a return to elect to see pitches but. Just so haven't they threw the ball over the plate -- cooperative player you know swing through soaring through a few. Is Fenway. A bad part for you. Now all of them -- you feel did you hit I don't know that -- as a statistic for that year bill james' book but. It'll all along ones right right center and think that's -- chance in the industry again I can't -- And that's out of at the ballpark in the majors. You know there's a there's a couple of times but if there's more thousand you know -- -- -- left -- awful so. Level is loaded if fairway I think that's the other part for me because amounted to pull hitter. You know it's nice to be able to play their you know obviously Baltimore and are those reports the cities hit the ball in the January -- ago. But you know definitely a -- the -- do you keep up in the offseason I mean did you. Look at Toronto it and -- well man -- That's a different team that's and that's going to be much tougher team and and obviously with the Tampa. Make that big deal -- -- shields and will Myers do you look at followed the division and doesn't look as tough as ever to you know. You know. He can't help -- not notices but. You know I think -- of the other day about fools saying -- on paper we could do it by. He -- they're gonna put it together and you know there's no team other than as a better than us we we've we've put some some guys together payroll everything in. You know we just didn't do it you know so. A mature Bolivia illustrated so is great to have that type of caliber play but it you know others a lot of young guys now coming up that are you know -- to prove something there frighten him. You know he get the right chemistry in the clubhouse and ownership and managers that you know we can win a lot. Of new faces on this team seven free agents and trade how does that dynamic work shared with with a catcher. Are integrating and and what's the process in terms of getting to know what handler and likes to do in dumpster like to -- how does that process uninsured started on here already moved to the conversation first how to go from there. Yes that's a conversation you get to know the guys with the person is. You know last year when you -- was ago likes to attack I mean you can't keep and still on the manages one to go after you. You know -- is kind of the same way you know we've talked and decisions. He likes to go after guys you know it doesn't wanna go more than three pitches to a better which is great you want. But he and it takes time to get a get a feel form you gotta get in the game situations sometimes spring training you know isn't isn't that right guys are working on stuff but it. You know guys like them that they got the stuff do you figured out and is it fair to say it's the pitcher who dictates that to the catcher or do you have have -- -- -- yet and that's good for you but may be able to do more of this from little bit less of that. We don't mean it's always in the pitcher's hands -- -- his game you want them to go out there feel confident. On the that's part of the trust this year you got to trust each other and what you do get that trust in the sale of tea if you feel like that's -- that says we're gonna go with. And luckily you know I mean I've got to work with a lot of good guys that annualized pitchers do trust -- more more now and that's a good thing that we were together as we both got to talk and feel we were inducted not feels terrible that David that uses best fit right. And you got to know that if you know what a certain situation that this is the pitch you want but you know the your pitchers and convince the FB convinces the right to the time would you rather throw have him throw the wrong pitch that he believes in. Or the right pitch but he doesn't. I mean I'd rather have him throw whatever -- he's got most conviction with that's the -- -- don't think's gonna be you know the right -- that but that's and that's -- -- -- excellent. I'd rather -- that then throwing curve -- that you know 80% to say on here is whatever -- get tattooed -- so we. It's probably better question for John Farrell but is there a sense that there will be any personal -- going on anybody having the favorite pitcher will beat you go as a pitcher everybody. Yeah I don't think there's going to be. Yes -- -- for anybody I think jones' -- made that matches here and there. They just impact of Catholics suck up to a pitcher in hopes that he would be. Like Greg Maddux -- as a catcher. And say col or or or Beckett for that -- Oklahoma like guys that we get more playing time adamant about it and castor oil that -- tells the statement pick up you know given everybody but it didn't work got done on anybody's catcher -- Austin is a great guy. You know it. You know -- about it was here for certain reasons he knew it right you know I think you know as you get older you start and knowing your role in helps the team you know more -- -- the more you can help that's that's better serve that hurt your feelings to witness another. Pitchers -- only want him it's not you. What about me as long as he goes out there and deals that -- is their chance it's a straight platoon when you're playing this writings. Hum and they haven't said that you know it's on the regular and about which you know. More about that get the better idea that they had for 950 about straight masters so. You know when -- that it's -- easily belong in the in the seventh inning lefty throwing 94. You know you. Now you have the best in the world on blazes excuse but it. And he delegates are about what would you ideally a catcher. Who as a starter it was a full timer. How many games one point 5130. In your dream scenario injury scenario on kitchen you know 56 days a week immunity game off. You know that's a dream scenario. Obviously it's a long season and mean Boston at least a lot tougher so you know I'd be completely happy with him once when he won four teams and their. 25 home runs. Last year are you one of those -- rights numbers in your cap just let it flow organically. No my office and overs and never looked -- never tried you know. Says. A great hitter. Told him coaches who do you work -- which -- plants and honestly you know got to focus on one thing right in the cages or do whatever the situation calls for. Specifically technically how do you work on getting better -- runners up what they captured. Miss starts with a pitch and got a hold runners -- got to do a better job -- You know that's where all starts obviously they've got the ball. And then you know -- -- team is every single day where playing catch for work or footwork you know receiving mean. Talks does so many things that I've done in the past two years that's you know it's almost like a machine now everything's. You know file that we've just got to get the ball in the quicker -- it's of their quicker Ameritech's role as a special assistant has remained sort of undefined to be talks about what he wants to do what he's gonna do it is still going to be involved when you talk to you about things catching things. We talk all the time his thing you know crucial I mean I talked to him probably every week last year. With you know anything and everything. But you know I think he he's happy where -- you know he's got a new borrow some what's the a lot of time with them and you know this game takes a lot of time away from their families so. That's his role right now is gonna come in and help -- Sydney's phone lines always open. What would be a specific conversation with a catch would have with a catcher talk that something was bothering yourself you wanted to know about something you wanted to pick his brain about it is specifics -- -- those conversations go. You know to me what I always Trent talked about -- you know. When he had you know Jon Lester and Beckett when he and Lackey would you know would -- he'd do with those guys to make -- clicked you know what did he see when they were getting. You know fall off the mound in the balls or open away on everything I don't like get him back. You know that's main thing I talk about because as far as the technique of catching and receiving and all that stuff. You know that's that the and his work on doing that sure. But getting him -- his his mental game was so -- -- so -- with other people -- that's -- -- in those selecting you know -- it pretty apparent that the pitching -- is the guy who -- -- -- got physically and -- -- -- -- at least -- and all those kinds of things but it -- to -- the -- instantly rolled -- as well -- -- you're watching -- guys specifically terms of that looks a little different than the the last inning of the inning before that. I mean when the guys there's leaders there's a reason for it. You know just for example of order and now you know he's he's really let the ball ago. On the at times he can congregate you know -- -- twisted and the ball stays flat. So you can see that you know in the meantime you can you know speed the game up without having you know -- come -- every five short pitches is better. On the same time if you got to do that you gotta do it because we need to we need to get this game going to win in general would you like dusty pitchers work more quickly -- -- -- -- -- -- the fans sure where it's things like some guys are out there and just taken them sweet old time. Yeah I mean if you look at the teams of a sudden Pedro about the Saturday. You look at the teams that had success in Tampa and and Saint Louis at those 'cause they were -- Mark Earley gets the ball it's a moment ago. You know those are guys that you know no they don't throw 95 and stuff so they you know they can do that they -- they need to get your timing off. In me and they are talking rather -- -- -- -- the grade drill for guys just to catch both of Beckett throwing this. Get that routine of doing that thumb. But you got to do it in time communicated Jessica who's never done it. In this league Jon Lester things he is trying new right and effective solution to start with collected clay go faster. You know like play it at the same thing in this those guys -- you know I guess they were around back and a lot of together looked up to ruin. You know that's that's their way of a -- and now we need and it spewed up a little bit about the same time you know. -- keep them off the bases and if they go and be -- that they have that right. What's Libyans for thirteen likened to all things to -- is your strength. Hey congratulations on the co captaincy the Jimmy Fund -- -- big thing it is due to go to them they can view that you end will be middle -- co captain to the Jimmy Fund relationship dangerous what does that entail. How to come about you know Lester they asked me to do it and you know is more than happy and well and to get involved. And then you know thankfully this year and asked if ordered again innocent. But you know it's it's just get out you know trying to raise money obviously were trying to put a smiling kids faces on you know anybody's face who's going through these tough times. You'll were out there just playing game. They're in their you know just battling and battling and you put a smile on their face that day and that's that's -- -- Jerry has been a little bit of time with Jimmy Fund clinic and every time we go see the same thing on the radio I'm sure you'll agree when you walk out of that place you have little bit different perspective after you see -- is going with me you know you'll flip anybody off who got too often traffic just. Sixteen. Things for a while seem a little bit different when you walk around without a doubt and haven't three girls alone I mean it's. It's that I can imagine with the and you see the parents -- -- in the corner who haven't showered and anything days because they're just sitting there were other kid it's a Sosa and -- I was I can just you know ups in the room all day and as chairman jurists also marketplace for the time thank you good luck this year -- -- doesn't Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training will be right back.

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