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February 14th Hot Stove Show

Feb 14, 2013|

It's the finale of the Hot Stove Show, Kirk and Alex and briefly Rob are talking about the Red Sox pitching, clubhouse personalities and close it out with some predictions for the season.

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All right season finale of a hot stove show. WEEI. Injury to -- people care about or right I understand but the real mystery is. What happens nine this season finale -- show who dies. Returns bad. The palace intrigue. As we see it rob Bradford is on his way I believe out -- opens down in Florida hello Alex. I'm I'm hoping that got it to death does not fall and hit it quite daunting look at a teaser at the would be like in the newcomer of the -- early Bobby -- -- to. Well great that's the idea that it's not not approach I guess only appropriate for you thank goodness were not on us and we could guess what's gone so what -- we have what happened today he outscored the two threes sort of a bullet points from. The day down there. Well I think you know there're there're fewer in terms of fueled activities and it was pouring here but I -- It wasn't trusting that certainly Lucchino acknowledged that there's a very great likelihood of the sellout streak comes to an end. In April. He was interest in talking about the other philosophical shift in the organization I'm acknowledging that it existed saying that they drifted away from things like. Emphasizing on base percentage why did that happen he said it's kind of a point where an organization gets too satisfied with the success in the essentially. You know stops pushing his heart is when stated. And I also thought that -- it was it was interesting to hear him talk about how much he wanted Cody Ross back. They've done that baseball ops kind of accused him of of needing a a Cody Ross jurors in some of some of the meetings that they had. An and in terms of budget's kind of nuts and bolts that John Ferrell alluding to the fact that Dustin Pedroia. Might hit third against against left handed starters. With David Ortiz occupying that slot of course against. And straight and loses interest as well yeah out Lucchino stuff I guess you know. When you look at it when he was saying today. You know legacies sort of non baseball stuff he talked about the -- oh streak is going to and he sings something April I mean I am sure you were there that Shaughnessy stuff the beaches and it came from. Immediate perspective. No comment and dog -- that nervously looking around immediately after was a little bit more flair for the dramatic and seemed appropriate. I am I get it but at the same time. You know this is someone with whom live with him Larry Lucchino has a professional relationship that spans decades literally almost four decades and yeah -- Short and so it is it was kind of you know it was unnecessarily I thought it was unnecessarily theatrically and if you understand the motivation is having some of these you know and wrote his book -- two shots -- chance the Mets -- the sure probably and Ellsbury showed up today. He showed up in the clubhouse and he'd already been in Fort Myers evidently for a little while after all his plane was struck by lightning that's right that's right I forgot about -- I wouldn't show -- to the park if -- been struck by lightning guess they interpret Porsche. Media yes and it. During college yeah. But anyway he's -- he's here he he talked Lucchino talked. About whether or not there was interest in retaining him in both of them off for the kind of latitude this of course you know there's interest. In staying -- beyond when he thirteen that the priority that you wrote -- is -- the sort of the construct of the next great Red Sox team that's kind of what they talk -- I think we -- circle Ellsbury he's obviously you know the key guy and you talk about. The potential free agent after this year. The consensus is I think am reading you guys via Twitter and talk in the fans and all this stuff is it's very hard to believe still. Ellsbury of Red Sox uniform a year from today when they're back now for -- I think that that's that default is probably true although they won't rule it out categorically obviously. What what happens if let's say Jackie Bradley junior suffers a setback. You know what if he has. What he gets injured at some point this coming season what if he underperformed and ends up spending the whole year and don't play in his his track starts to look a little bit like Jose -- passes. Then all of a sudden you have a different set of variables that are. That kind of enter into the equation depending on what kind of season Ellsbury hasn't what if Ellsbury has another a modest. Season that looks something like let's say his 2009 season. With fewer steals because I don't think he's going to be a seventies steel dye ever again right but someone who gets on base and let's say 35% of the time. Not that much power some power not that much then you know what he's looking at. Something between the Michael Bourn contract in the BJ Upton contract. With the possibility that his ceiling could be out of the 2011 Jacoby Els. Fair -- here's the thing Alex I mean it's ironic -- the better this season Ellsbury as the less chance he has to be back in Boston extra -- like he had two years ago. I feel like you almost kissing -- Right because then you start to push him up into the you know someone might offer him 567 year contracts and Larry Lucchino said both on the Dennis and Callahan Show I I think yesterday as well as in in his session with the media today. Those are precisely -- operations that they are trying to avoid day. While they will make exceptions and I think that Dustin Pedroia and a little while could be an interest in case of whether where. The rubber meets the road right -- they've by and large are trying to avoid commitments of that rationed by overpaying for shorter term. Now he talked about the news in your piece yesterday. I'll make up in the clubhouse cultures in the play a factor here and play a factor always. And with some of the guys -- we've seen today and it -- there's been for the first time I think with you know. A lot of fans listening to -- street bus before and Gomes. These -- also been on those LOR scores well that's quite a show is awesome Kirk. That's there and it was a reason that's no reason we found if I took all year I think about it. These are guys who people are going to like now again if the Red Sox -- 21 and 36 and Ryan Dempster doing Matt following impressions. And you know Johnny Johnny Gomes -- wacky people are going to be annoyed by but right now the beginning of the year when you're selling your product. -- -- Yeah and you know it's a better combination of talent and ability. Then into my mind at least that existed. Rather talent and character that may be existed last year you remember you know the quote unquote you know. The what seemed like absurd all star break letter that everyone made fun out. You know -- -- and his great enthusiasm and -- enough yet other notable story that didn't seem absurd that I was right well you know so -- -- you know if it was it was -- radio and it was clear that they were putting these guys out in front is the face of the franchise but the problem was you know. My stimulus was Mike -- was a great story but he was a great story who became essentially an average a league average shortstop bill the other in the other things are out is that it was already in the middle of the season it's smelled wrong I mean it was too late. Right in -- right it was a false note it was like well there's there's a lot of discipline in our our starters have been disappointing but don't look over -- look over here yeah. Exactly right the bait and switch so. In this case I think that it -- do you think that you know it creates a little bit of intrigue at the outset that all of a sudden it's like oh that's different than. Well we've become accustomed to with the Red Sox of last year it's too. -- in terms of just likable personalities but many cases it's you know like ability along with. Along with potentially considerable on field talent now that's no guarantee. As we know you know some of these guys are coming off by their career best year or career worst years and so that makes it a little bit difficult to predict what they are going forward but. If you can match talent -- Interesting characters then then you have a marketable team again August or mature causes iron to 617779. 793 -- -- hot stove show Dierker -- hand outs -- rob Bradford expected to join mr. at some point out is down. In Fort Myers Mike is McCarty want to talk about personalities on the team that's going on my. Alex thanks yeah I mean you know -- -- -- as a fan of the team. Personally -- when you know there's a different things that personally I didn't want that at the winning team. Right I don't necessarily care whether there. You know good with the media you're you know certainly with the media or are jokes -- or pranksters or. Boring or any of that per again as he may. I just let let them know when I mean heck I've ever hear that Adrian Gonzalez loses you know apparently didn't like -- immediately. To me I think a lot and. They can't we want a winning team right right I mean. I think that's the bottom line and I don't necessarily. You know of course everyone wants that nice guys to root for but what do you really know about -- -- -- anyway I you know I mean just from a couple of interviews that they do our hitters. Now Mike you're like Mike you're exactly right now here's the thing you know I said earlier today. August 30 2011 nobody is complaining about personality this team nobody out I disagree I disagree I think. I do yeah it did what one quick thing if you are probably -- ball like beer and chicken thing. Right nobody cared that they were drinking alcohol in doing shots when they won the World Series in. You know -- forget -- it was -- other. Well that was 04 it was it was yeah it was a little different but out of context was -- him for -- that was like in the spirit of this fun loving wild and it was a resembles a Rose to you know guys are putting out on the way to -- -- I would say -- -- I mean from a fan perspective out here when you're thirty over 500 the best record American League. With mark a call saying we don't like this team it wasn't happy. I know I felt -- casual conversation you'd kind of encounter people saying. Yeah you know they're they're good but -- boring you know and I think that I do think that you know quite frankly. Some of them some of the ratings indicated as much with regards to. I took the -- studies and all of that stuff there. There there was a reason why. Like they wanted by -- concluded that it would be great to put a more exciting product on the field you know when they were when they were steam rolling through the rest of baseball but. Up to your point I I agree entirely. But -- the crux of it. This year may well be a kind of a kind of set up your right this may be the launching pad. In two. Very would you consider this piece that I did. Earlier in the week we think they were going to have a good competitive team in 2013. With a chance to have some outstanding teams and when he in 2014 and when he fifteen right. So if that's the case then if you're able to re engaged. The fan base over the course of you know of this season that you know kind of show promise showed that the organization moving in the right direction and also have the kind of bonus of a like ability factor. Then it accomplishes a few things one. You know the Red Sox are certainly happy to drawn more people who are able to identify with the players rather than loading them which is what it seemed like they did. For much of last year secondly it makes it more appealing environment potentially when they do kind of dip their toe into the free agent waters. After the 2013 seasons so in other that there is. There's a modest import on a couple of levels the Red Sox recognize that. What faces -- is is really difficult and so from their standpoint they care less about the perception outside the clubhouse. That they wanna create a really good atmosphere inside of it. Because these are a lot of guys were going to be under some pretty heavy scrutiny Chris from Newton has a question person now is humorous statement I guess Chris what's going on. I had -- -- replied -- what that last caller sat -- and I'd like to do so like comparing ill for championship in the last seven championship. I I think. Then Neal fourteen as much more likeable I think that they had an unbelievable club out and I also think it does matter. Two wins and losses because she'd been out on. On and get all the hurdles and beat other teams that -- might be more talented in that gate you know it gives them the drive to worrying. Yeah more yeah Chris -- I know I don't know I think outs and that's always tough for me it's it's easy to say in retrospect but there are teams I'm almost certain. -- seventy in 92 you know mid market teams small market teams get along famously bunch of nice guys and whatever talks about because it was 792. Sure although the question is whether or not their under performing at seventeen in 92 if they like their workplace environment I knowledge -- -- too. You know just think about you're like people's day to day lives you know I used to work in. You know in an office. In in a couple different capacities and I always found that you know I have my work productivity. Was much better when I was enjoying my job as opposed to when I hated it. And I would like to think that I would I would think if that's true of of most people you know and when you're in a good frame of mind. In approaching your job you tend to execute it well. And so I I think that it's a means of maximizing the talent of a roster in order create a good by creating a good workplace environment. 61777979837. Is the phone number you can -- 37937. -- hand out -- expect rob Bradford. They join -- in a while quick break we're -- to Pete the rest the calls and -- ask this question we finished with the 20122013. Offseason was -- next offseason attention look like this Red Sox seems to continue to rebuild that we get back. Every year you become. With a chip on your shoulder. -- form the highest level on field didn't change my work ethic. You don't often -- you are trained as hard. -- always do so for me it's you know the phils sent. That's Jacoby Ellsbury. As he faces his final year here. We faced Alex our final. Couple segments on the hot stove -- Parting is such sweet sorrow is and it though I mean really really is never felt so. Suite -- in sorrow -- the same time. Very good breaking the Carolina told you know we're not. Okay rob Bradford is stuck in gridlock so he would join us hopefully for the last segment which seems about right out it is. Well you promised mystery and -- on the uncertainty surrounding -- arrival -- going to deliberate that's true I guess so. L.'s regular guys and -- of talk about next season it's now that we're here in. Next offseason is not something that you can sort of -- usually say Ethier who cares all the way this team is built right now Alex I mean it's something it. Is worth looking at even you know twelve months in advance. I think so because certain. Only the team was built with an -- towards the fact that. The seasons beyond when he thirteen are very important to the Red Sox that's not to say that they're you know that their punting on when he thirteen day. Obviously invested a ton of money into trying to build. Into building a a -- and competitive team that you know some things break right maybe it would have a chance to be pretty good you know into to make a run at things. The OJ did -- the Blue Jays and yankees for instance have terrible -- if they have a couple of injuries there -- pretty bad shape the Red Sox could LeapFrog my note they looked worse on paper but. Beyond that 25 and on the Major League roster I'm not sure that's if that's the case but you know all that as a preface. To say that the Red Sox built what they did for 2013. Without without being very mindful of not sacrificing any assets up for 2014 and beyond they might have if they have seen. An opportunity to get a guy like Mike Stanton in the trade market this off he's a guy don't yet he's a guy whose body is -- -- is right now he's another guy that you look at the 20151617. They were done for the not for exactly an offer exactly because he was a long term guy I am totally for that reason I'm a little surprised that. There they weren't as a more aggressive on a guy like Justin Upton although I don't think the Diamondbacks were -- interest it and some of the guys. Whom the Red Sox might have moved. But but yeah so I I think it is relevant to think about. You know what have -- put themselves in position to do beyond when he thirteen right in addition to what they position themselves to do. And when he territory look at this team let's just let's just play this game and say they're good this year -- there in the mix up Buchholz is good Lester is good. You know the guys on offense they relatively healthy and come trade deadline they are right there you know if they're not one of the two teams that are within reasonable legitimate contention. There is no way right that they're going to trade one of these guys one of these prospects even if there's a guy at the deadline you know who can help them for a year or two that you can see. Disagree and think that you know they they would if if if they -- in contention if they find that you know that things are are kind of jelling NA in fashion it's meaningful. Then you know then they would be if it's the right -- who would be available for the long term. It would just be at a kind of win now let's say that I don't brag -- David and perhaps at right my my guess my my thing was a guy who's in LP for years to Bennett -- Right they're not going to they're not gonna give up a top prospect now they might have actually have a pretty good a pretty good while the prospects. Especially pitching prospects to give them some. Flexibility to make various deals it would be kind of short term oriented. I don't know I think they might preserve kind of the top level that talent. Guys like. Guys like an Alan -- -- and die in a Matt Barnes and -- -- simple when you think about it. Those three meaningful chip's not all of those guys are going to end up -- impact big league players in all likelihood. And -- it's up to them to figure out which ones will and which ones won't betrayed once. Who won't while their value is higher than what they're going to be for the big league team and -- that's why I don't know why next offseason you know for giving me Ellsbury thing. It's 2 -- different these guys just signed for three years these prospects are still you know -- -- you're not going anywhere. So I don't know I mean what's going to be the big movement stuff. They're gonna know a lot more about these prospects one more year from some of these guys are relatively -- the system remember Jackie Bradley junior has played one pro season now on Webster has pitched two games for the Red Sox at this point. Matt Barnes played one pro season they're gonna know a lot more about. To help which guys are expendable which guys aren't. They're going to know much more precisely which guys are close to the big leagues in which guys aren't. And you know as they continue to have guys move up the latter. You have guys in doubt we're going to start -- like Brandon Workman -- I think going to become a pretty interesting prospect by the time by this time you know in let's say four months from now. Anyway you're -- -- there there's a chance they'll have a deeper while the prospects they're gonna be closer to being the team they wannabe. In terms of being. You know a force rather -- a team that you know I was hoping for some things to break right. In order to contend again so next I I think that if if everything goes according to their blueprint. Next off season they're going to be in position to be. More aggressive because they're gonna have a bigger prospect pool. In the value of quote unquote going toward the likelihood that there one guy away rather than like four guys away. Would give them greater motivation to make a trade. -- -- from Bedford junior is a question for he went up. Because turned down -- -- Tomorrow -- -- last. 6177797937. Is your phone number 37937. -- -- -- actual on Texas what he was gonna ask he's wondering. Who's going to be the leader of this baseball team again like is sit there with chemistry I think sometimes. He's a grown man. I feel pretty 32 year old is considered listen to a 29 year old. Tell what to do -- together a good team they're good team leadership. Professional sports to -- sometimes is overrated over at -- the very least argued the fine. Yeah well I think that I honestly think that there's something to be said for not having captains and sports I've always thought that it's. An odd thing to -- identified publicly. One person. To leave because I do think that it you know it and creates odd dynamics. When other people are also capable leadership and you know why aren't they captains too and all that sort of thing. As so just as a working model it's it's a weird thing that. I think that. The the thing that is becoming apparent about you know about so many of the players they're wiring is they all have you know have reputations as being. High energy guys with far reaching passion for the game. I do think that Dustin Pedroia is always going to be looked at as a quote unquote a leader by virtue of the fact that he will. Invariably. Invest everything in his capacity to win on any given night he and then you know I think they wanted to find other guys. Who have that similar all out kind of balls to the wall approach you know guys like the victory -- of the world who you know who cares so much and -- and a even a quote on quote fly in Hawaiian who crashes and waltzing. You know a guy like -- Jonny Gomes in in Mike Napoli who treat their at bats is life and death experiences kind of in the Youkilis fashion -- you are buying into and you John Lackey -- just physically but with the media the whole thing. I think that there's a lot of opportunity to reflect what you have a year like the when he did recovering from injuries so. I would -- right I think I am pro the idea that people -- the -- it changed. So yeah I'll buy into it because I'm an optimist by nature. Here's the thing guys that visiting a key point about right now it's well it's February 14. What happens when John Lackey starts at Fenway and you know me. Is up seven runs in two in the third it's booed off the mound comes back is thirty you guys who won the -- question isn't like. Yeah it's it's a fair question whether or not you know whether or not you can learn patience and learned the ability to. React differently and in this kind of tense moments that demand immediate reaction. I don't know the answer that question you know I do you think that -- people are Carrick are capable of growth. In changing -- you know until until it proves otherwise you know by virtue of the fact that he's committed to doing so. I think that it's it's fair to give the benefit of the doubt it is into at least wait and see how he reacts. Rather than assuming that regressed speaking Lackey Mike in the cars a question about Red Sox pitching would it mean before the break Mike I don't. I don't guys during Alex someone that you a couple of names -- I've been here for a few years the ball like -- -- But that Matt bonds and Renato and I thought both guys are up and coming on what's distort what -- story it would be our pitching prospects that. We also have a plethora pitching in the Al low minors are they on the way -- off. Yeah well I think did with remodeled a special exception he had a very good full professionals debut in 2011 but he last year was oh with a loss for him. By virtue of injuries barely got to pitch so. So that was that was not good. But Matt Barnes last year his first full pro was his first professional season. He was drafted in 2011 and he showed that you know he showed a really good fastball as a starter and fastball command the potential for a curveball and changeup that can be. In the case of the changeup at least league average curve ball that could be potentially. Above average if that if that -- and he's a number three starter. I think the Red Sox humans as likely that but he's still probably a full year away. The guys were interesting and -- more advanced than him. Include Brandon Workman like alluded to earlier he was a 2010 draft. He might he might be a guy who you'll see up at the end of the season. Drake Britton has really good stuff. I've been hearing great things about Allen Webster one of the guys -- the Red Sox acquired in the trade with the Dodgers. As a guy with just unbelievable stuff I mean just jaw dropping stuff. Command of the question mark if he can command and he suddenly kind of creates these these ideas of -- Kevin Brown takes ceiling. For those who don't view Kevin Brown as a punchline you'll understand that you know incredibly high praise sure nasty nasty sinker great secondary stuff. And ruby dollar us as a guy who else -- about his trade I'm really high octane fastball really good changeup when he's healthy and on. How he's -- be brought along slowly this year because he's coming back from Tommy John and hasn't thrown a lot of innings in any given season by. I'm the Red Sox have you know have handful of guys were kind of high ceiling I'd say. At least baseline as kind of a number four projection for them number four starter. And the potential to be you know kind of in the 32 in in Webster if everything goes right he could be a number one's -- mr. Della Rosa. But that would require some nice things happen for them from player development stand there. Break we get back last cup -- to the hot stove showed us some predictions here this upcoming Red Sox season hopefully rob -- will be joining us we'll find out we get back. Final couple minutes of the hot stove show before we give way to Mikey Adams and John Ryder. Award winning award winning an -- well. All like him harsher -- every two years you've ever been around long and if what rookie of the year Avian awards went to. And I don't mortal so I guess I got the mommy awards. From every year. Firm from my whole career I've got one of the mommy were -- -- my mom likes of sports and Nike Nike Adams here -- Alex Alex Beers here. -- story on TV body at 8 o'clock this morning and you looked. You were better percent of the usually -- when you walk in here for the the hot stove show. Yeah the day is just a downhill slope but he typically just felt a bit yes I mean you're getting me -- my my finest which today was amidst the humidity in the running down incisions sweating because a lot of people. Didn't he may be a lot of people -- now did you hear you're Dennis Kelly Asia today 8:8 o'clock in the morning could you just give Kirk made him a quick -- dark forest. Why don't you tune in to the Dennis and Callahan Show tomorrow morning America that again big mystery out he treated during the break -- will rob Bradford being studio TC Robert no he's gone he's not accurate sugar. Don't get rob Bradford on the phone is not pos. -- Where you where are you. I don't know I don't know one assignment that. They didn't know I'm honest I'm very. Yeah -- pretty bodily out -- -- sugar crisp. I a couple of minutes guys we're gonna do predictions -- all four round table real quick Mikey -- -- -- -- -- 86 Alex. While ago 87 price is right style the area in a one up -- me rob. In the war and I say 76. 76 of the basics earlier under will the Red Sox -- big in season move Ellsbury it would you know you know and you see those -- -- -- big season for this year big big. Help help it qualify yeah it's gonna depend if he sucks yes the book on each Ian UBS you know it's yeah it's a yes they would Alex. -- -- I'd say. It's not an -- Barre but they will make some sort of move. All four of these short term guys. If they drew Rudy pretty Julio Lugo well figure tackle because some of the contract. So yeah dog so -- got -- very healthy now. And I guess they grow big you have won the big ones are no -- I know that a couple of our fine I want to make the playoffs then it's. But 86 to do what you -- a couple of cars. I'm one that believes that their every single team in the American League east this year when exactly 86 games out the welcome to have an extra week between the playoff just to settle back crap. At what they survived after that would be the play out. Yes athletes who know all AL west things to the presence of the doormat no they asked. I was gonna open it up for everybody -- a hundred rob. RB I don't think they'd make the playoffs I think Toronto Blue Jays. And not contractually obligated to make eye yet they are going to win the division. I say the -- case. I say no as well as the biggest surprise in the team this year nobody stuck them on right now has a good year last year was probably Ross who's gonna be this year. Shane Victorino. You know why he's gonna win a gold glove out of right field Fenway Roman and expansive right field in holiday and he's gonna hit he's gonna hit 326. Alex. Napoli. Was it with big big. I think Napoli has I think Napoli put Phillips among some big power numbers and like -- here comes closer 2000. 2011 and 2012 rob. I'll go -- my good -- Alfredo service. -- -- -- There are you know I -- it out we did that if you he beat it into a good team in baseball but not. He could be a very very important job because you brought worries me a little bit. Okay now. Does listen there's no there's no about it approximately lack of wealth for the duties here I'll start with you might as you mentioned a couple during last spring was your favorite moment it's a show that's coming to -- I think it was the night that with a rob Bradford didn't show up in the studio could because he gets stuck in traffic that was just -- and such funny stuff. I didn't get I didn't get stuck in traffic ever radar don't admire him a little bit the door. Got a lot of excitement peaks and apparently has said -- thrown up around 88 irony this -- the exact what do you think Alex. Clearly when Boras so -- wind blows kind of those introduced himself you -- had a Adam. People like you Boris Yeltsin. He's always. -- left -- a question he responded to Alex and rob that's never rob. All of a little abuse the bit the first word uttered I mean I -- Think what every emotion. I would say we pretended to do with Thanksgiving show that we actually do it before you've done that more than what you do during the during the the blizzard Nemo no doubt that top forty show -- -- which one Nemo one of them was. I mean I don't know Thanksgiving in Croatia was -- stand however I was only listening that's why it was top how many Geronimo and its going out and is you can't even drive to the governor says stay off the roads and -- -- guys can't committed -- and how -- you -- -- -- -- a week -- you know my boat are 10 LeBron it might complain about. -- Well aren't guys. Well Alex rob spent fun. Hope we will see each other again someday down the line model today season -- hot stove show the highest rated hot stove show in New England is over. We give way and have a leg -- on time like. I have writer's writer in me but remember that we're the number one show a vote of its kind in the whole country -- I went. So it doesn't matter what we say what's on the table sniffles. In reflection garden opposed there really aren't near the front of us from the -- candy store thank you Valentine which can talk about everything is always talk about. We don't ever put a -- constriction of people. We know a flight he's -- teaser and specific records. I don't I don't remember the power play for the Bruins -- -- -- out for holy baseball or an hour every night subtle no you don't want baseball guy had to be not publicly talk with the Bruins power play. Iowa around here I am like you next Alex rob.

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