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Thursday, February 14th Whiner Line

Feb 14, 2013|

Sending the Big O off with a bang.

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View is excusing views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying ET TE Chris -- that. This discretion advised. Morris and now you want your line. We played -- the whole year. We'll be positive every day. You have people being negative and now Larry -- not walking through that door fans. Get on the details about what went through that door rather -- not 100 and dog and it's expected to -- -- to northern going to be great old but WEEI. Whiny you're lying as soon as they realize that those three guys and I'm coming to -- -- -- the better this town will be for all of us. Because this young guys that room. Playing their asses off. I wish we had ninety million under the salary cap which we go by the world we can't. Analysts negativity that's in this town sons dial 7793535. And then when you're right. Booted it around which sort of reboot and it -- makes the greatest ten greatest city in the world who wasn't the only thing that in turn this around as being upbeat and positive like we are -- locker room so if you think that when I come and play your -- why -- -- line anyway not a little place the burden of a McHale parish. We'll cousy Russell would come with the young guys wanna get better wanna play the game to win the -- I. Through and now that if you think -- -- they succumb to negativity you're wrong you got the wrong guy. Lead this basketball team that WEEI. Whiner line. Carlos Watson was directed right at -- factionalism and from. Absolutely was not talk in America meanwhile housing pitino -- ask a question 101 of those lines I made a fatal fatal flaw of all talking about a game the Celtics played. And it said that it will on. And Paul -- got their numbers. But before -- finish the -- Dahmer at the -- has said I don't give I don't know about numbers come as the for there loser is the data. -- last question I was ever going to ask you know any coaching Ian did you get along what to do you know. Lee is okay I'm gonna give -- the numbers. Oh this totally irrelevant that was that was a -- And that is what I would just hope I don't outsold the microphone just like all costs there. Are there like he's announced -- It was the that was hostile and it's so I don't miss that they show -- I don't know yeah there's probably have been a prickly -- somewhere -- -- can't just bring you some called editors local. I hear you guys on my when you're going where the Bartolo -- -- -- -- -- I was like absolutely gasps. That's a good smells like it's like GAAP ED's from month to. Some foreign country and matchup zone is that the intentional walk was in the -- -- -- and he was in the building -- you look. Round. It's shy I would -- now does that mean in the ground ground. They don't know about another words -- He looked and looked -- -- he looked he looked to be a little it looked like he was maybe and I just saw. Problems that looked like -- by the bid when he pounds to receiving. Similar Jumbotron it's definitely a jumbled and charm excellent sixty pounds. Huffington. -- regular TV only -- Jumbotron. Now there's a wireless you know sometimes a Jumbotron that distorted camp. That makes a lot of pictures and Annabel and I went -- -- there that wasn't that -- pressure bracelet now around him know what that that's on the eve of Mikey gap next immigrant when he answers. If you -- -- TW I live it's available in -- -- your android device. Do you -- AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins with the most four G coverage in winning an. And. Okay. And you know -- and our summer and it's Ozzie was jumping off the bridge in -- of them. Atlanta. The hope -- I a lot of goblet -- But it means big powerball winner yeah I don't expect it like good luck on. And apply for a wage job getting a major -- I got one of those form letters and returns that that I'm not qualified to deal -- if I want you apply for an armory have all -- apply for a -- and maybe again and let this was nice of you to bring him Mikey brought in a little easier the earliest and I don't like cheap points and brings so it's our home. -- on it was January jump this year that is -- really nice to let you know actually I don't forget your -- ghost of top out at the story thank you. -- I know you had to be perfect but we. You're going to be back. And your vacation time. I would get so you have to ask that question if a clipboard had a vacation. I did you. -- Our commitment glad that apparently. -- come out when he tried to -- got management. Problem at the table product like I have. And -- -- -- and wife is I'll she was greatly here on the here and his wife when they're deleted many and put his wife on the make fun of Nancy put much different. Much wiped out his own -- much like forget. It was it was our turn to mention towards that. Even today points and I hear much worse going to be -- And for the big show yesterday. Many memories of when. That was real bad then I went to my mailbox. -- -- Cover of my Sports Illustrated. What -- talk about. And that that cures all it -- an issue where I was at Antarctica of them like that -- like that no restaurant which. This notion that it targeted with detectives who can supposed to accidental you do swimsuit edition somebody says let's go to a real cold environment we actually had to -- more low some may have died of -- -- a photographer on the weather brits have a. They better go -- you're you know at all. Up to people noted that they have no where they have about five. Yeah. Early WW read every state -- stage. Of all of the big. -- -- And -- thank you. Appreciate them. Oakland did admit that video I -- exactly. Who might have to grind it does not the one that you're telling me. The whole thing is crucial race but you can play that has not -- Probably accurate hitters after all our weak as opposed the only like the perfect guy. -- -- They're at that -- -- he's going to be jokes -- out error. Are when he's playing where next year annuity that is a really good. Sure that's punitive. Dale made I don't know maybe. -- People have shadow walls today -- way at all. Replied I held it in what way maybe done which made a ton of money. That. I was watching. The outlet. Don't know -- -- -- -- right at the heart strings and that -- that you the next thing you know you with a baby Jesus that walk off. A it's funny as usual G does that mean a lot of good. Last I got up on the year -- she sells greatly. Not by. So what the last day and a half but a lot of us have been reported all reported annual global approval. -- important -- -- normal -- Let's tell the truth everybody goes Chris -- period the world because he had a very fortunate that it. But I. Six -- Monday through Friday when cracked left that about fifty. But I don't the only person in the world looked toward the deadly Connecticut -- back again. Take credit. And that shots. 01 that is forestry. And army. And it was a great you know none of us to -- us. -- -- I Eddie was big -- it -- it was a big elephant but -- -- -- -- there were others as well -- I'm animal was around your -- of the Internet at work again Clinton did you invent the Internet now that was -- goal posts and. -- I took the initiative in creating the Internet. There's big this go about. I don't want this. -- You pull -- and then. And here are these OK. Is it saw. -- To failure. Do Milan are okay. News. The pipelines. And let's look at -- -- that. Thanks -- untouched really -- -- some musical accompaniment. That Andy. About a block. Away from abroad. But I thought he would not let it is that -- came back today and I literally -- my wife beside it and when I. They're good guy -- -- Portland. -- the best of luck. And then -- A Flint yes. You know in -- and -- -- -- by minority middle and putt but you've from Jerusalem. -- I. Could have at Delaware and -- it it that you work with him -- -- -- And he's the second coming. Yeah and lab bet about bad about -- well -- busy. Unemployment. -- -- -- did not demand in our pathetic part Barack. I expected but it's got to put that -- how important -- our debate and yeah at bat but I don't mind. I have no idea what they get into orbit deputy. Yeah management haven't -- -- -- -- It's obvious that -- and guess what pop radio. -- bad boy this particular. About a bad. Thought -- -- only dogs can hear them. Can't get itself back left and -- that the Pope there on those -- itself by the company quick bat and -- -- Right the media. Outlets. -- have a what was what was the jokes there at the news and yeah it's my god haven't impersonate it was thought and that might argue that. Out Jack. How was what what what this Saturday night I think so it's the TV show radio show for years but it -- -- -- -- television show -- -- I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- going to -- -- It makes the -- for a if you throw a major injury it's. It's my girlfriend on bolster its service. And a -- -- a user has to address that. They all have an agenda that. And bad guys based digital Darden good didn't they will be as bad that I won't ever forget. Arguably the last time -- will be caught but while I'm alive because they're probably will be normal while I'm -- not the big golden. All the third -- and Obama have one time. They tied they tied -- realize how good Google wants sort of content guys work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- better get an ABBA record and out of debt capital gold. And a practiced very nice to be the -- is actually lose weight and not back yet figured it it is at all and ever and it's nice of you to call beach camp like -- like every decade and it's made the last out all quiet which -- it's all about perspective about the size bigger. If you sat next to Damien Woody and -- -- -- his -- again you can't slam this thing about -- was you know I'm not you know I go to -- but I'm not you know a real fashion. He seems to Wear stuff that makes them look bigger. -- light shoots is very I. Credible these very fashionable but Max factor is don't Wear like a really -- not dark suit throughout. Dark dark dark stripes are it -- slimmer questionable check oxygen down right now. Interrogator. Little man with a bit -- Look don't feel bad period could you where you could have brought -- convey to. And that message. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah man. Ford and bill when you do it. Are brining their return of -- game. -- -- -- -- I think the ten K in your mind and while more I just don't speak more negative annual -- -- -- they're all -- Well. The -- put your hand man. Walked away gave -- we've got called for a PGA did. And I know it's been held because bitter about rob. And that -- I recovered grade point. We got to march 12 two McCarty. Thank you -- are strong technical. Is that that's that's -- -- figure out if the Celtics are actually better without -- we will know on March 12 it's a large enough sample. And it's a lot more road games between now. There -- the -- balances out I mean that Danny Danny said it looked earlier and he said you know that the sampling right now but. -- what you talk. You know that you're not talk about one game. I'll tell you tough -- -- 778. Teams now and Christine has played really well but at least it is make a point. That this team has not only played well on the road so we'll see how that trance and if you plan their ass off but I think there's only so much that. Well you going down the road you on the -- -- march 12. Bingo bank excite you. The other day when I wanna try and bet my record of the sport but will be able wireline side. I get it back to the white when he grow up. One aspect -- with and -- ads -- models. And -- -- US admissions at home front for both believe a deal. They've -- no. Real Gottlieb. But you'd expect to have a couple of in my -- it did in -- I don't know how to accommodate all you want to. -- Gone from bad. Keep up with went -- way they called the New Bedford cable show red -- -- And that -- Others are you know things are run for office with I would say -- -- mr. Bedford or anybody else I'm taking all calls it. I'll tell John -- -- for another position and it was eroding his rivals like City Council so it's not at various times house fringe you know he wants that. He feels there injustice is out there he wants to change the system good for huge. And he kept it extracted. Regularly and it has -- expected that it had -- its antenna and let that guide him. Well I really like it at that he can't fix it now I don't want anybody. -- -- Massachusetts dog one. -- -- Massachusetts the equipment. Manager it's a huge huge local story. And Michael. It was -- -- talked about I was in danger. -- Should it. I'm I'm that -- that -- obviously. I'll let come publish you am glad that all the body. A Bill White flag that they are quite quiet. Didn't want -- -- -- -- -- for every guys who have great. And -- that's a fact yesterday literally was in tears that's suspect that it. -- didn't call me I don't passenger recognized his voice I did of Iowa I wanted one more fed policy recognizing because he's always screaming how could you because it was. It was his voice below normal down -- said he eligible. Good block it back and -- -- now you regret. Might get that. Got a good -- good bad and it. And now the good news about doing that you know I -- again that Serbia is that I've got half an hour. -- that a good idea that he had meant that I had everybody. I don't back and combat that could go forward about things that happened while he was playing -- -- What -- area because common. Thank you and that. -- would listen to stories with -- doors today three brightness or any ammonia big orders Alia breaking up is great keep attachments. Definitely I that's what are right I got some some ideas via ready up and -- -- the -- 2 o'clock in the morning Tom Henderson knocked on your door -- even answer to. You're shocked when you hear is this NBA player out there you'd think you'd that you might have to help him. Like -- it -- yeah -- -- could help I help could help them with. And that's probably the glory -- next -- poll -- article why. Guys felt comfortable going or how to cook the -- wouldn't about yeah you that these guys app. Oh latter part of his -- the back. And that and that it was February it was Black History Month so we were of just -- and that was it. The neighborhood thing now. What is up big note -- your -- Jim Rome chicken and from socal kid wanted to give you probably you're doing in the being with the radio career. And although I figured that kind of program yesterday -- hit on me. I got up no love for -- even if you look like Craig Stadler and butter being had a love -- Oh area. And just like Brett Favre and the bad -- He just won't go away. Phenomenal. Racquet so that the most you it's just you know just like the -- the superdome I'm out. And -- that that's a great very noted how would actually believe that their analysts Hogan you know. So long I. Pete is saying goodbye -- It would all -- field still punch you in the all time. -- alone there well. For -- it didn't speak to goons like most of us you'll start drinking at -- Long well we'll gladly pump your tires like kids you've set -- Johnny most caught fire. Yeah. All of the. -- -- You know we had a but I have and I. Felt I am extend -- and ultimately. I think you provide the kind of -- to connect career. I've got. And -- -- you. This week and we will have Lance Broadway whoever they act. But we will vibrant completely packed and a black -- -- what I don't -- like Clinton and good luck to him. And if magically. It was my business. I'll eat it. He'd hit it solid and I -- do admire. Oh how lucky you -- -- -- And I know we all look at what went to jail. You really wanna go vigil in July date but -- you. Actually attribute these. -- -- -- -- wow wireless provider it -- the growth of the most. Children knowing all the.

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