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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Feb 14, 2013|

We talk to Danny about a big win over the Bulls, and his take on where the team is going now that we've reached the All-Star Break.

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I backed charity or why holly Cedric Max allowed third man in today up until 6 o'clock time for our weekly get together with the president of basketball operations. Of the Boston Celtics Danny -- mr. injury -- Or can hear it in there and grin on every I can hear you fine. Always get. I'd be here this cheer lead in this show I. Have really enjoyed didn't think you'd do -- an amazing job not just did a good job and keep Diana. Incredible job had -- incredible run and good -- miss seeing you on the show every day. -- really appreciate any scouting openings. On the game a little. You've been around the game. Now. I was pitcher that's gonna help me out -- -- got some work for me so I think it would be okay. On the banking. I can do. It in a game you're damn right -- A look at the numbers you have right now you'll find you need them. To do it out keep in date on. Danielle was cobbled load may get ready okay and let me put a little weight you know to a show Danny. Glenn and -- has -- Danny doing a little. Do a little analysis last night -- color commentary. Did you enjoy that. That's it's the easiest work at the bit in the world. To -- on you don't have to push Hillary Clinton -- easy. Think we're yelling at officials that target with the at the bottom part did you yell out at what you're doing it last night did you. And it did nine and no note no I'm no controversy going on at the pistons now. Does -- get any backlash for Tommy screaming at these officials that anybody in the league record you while. -- -- Pretty good -- I asked you what you do and whether. The the options you have right now. Are different than they were let's say two weeks ago before you had three of your players to down with -- injury. Well obviously there -- options that much last. You know I was really anxious to see the team play. When Rondo went down it's obviously devastating blow and I think that that hurts me -- did a terrific playoff player for. And but I was anxious is that these because stock from the beginning of the year wanted to see you can try to do some things different we're gonna try. And they're running a similar opted for -- those off the court we're gonna do some different pains. And we still haven't seen much of that because from the place opening minutes but. You know the team was really jealous and really played well in -- Jarrett who. Obviously when he plays as it is to better rebounding team -- have an extra body in there to give Kevin rested. That was a big blow in that would be returned to figure out how we can replace Jerry in and then when we in. -- went down that was even that was crushing because you know -- every day of practice. Is one of our best players. In whatever look watching practice from my office and looked down there he just live in the paint. Just blows by guys in mixed finish two shots and make passes and and he's been really good all year long and he just hasn't had. A lot of opportunities but it. That's you know this is -- -- there's not people out there that are that are as good as those players and as it's going to be tough you know would we tough weekend. Denny is optimistic as you are and have been around a long time and no -- -- time and seeing how optimistic you walk. Even you could not have. Since what was about the happen to this team when Rondo went down and it just seemed like everything right now coming just got together. And they've they stopped play and other defense they've really jail there records indicate they're playing that. No I mean listen I think -- you can always survive. The blow. When he your better players for a period of time we had never had to do it -- Remember a couple of years ago back in a few years ago when we can now start at like eleven games per KG. He has he was one of the best plus minus guys -- you know in the -- But out in muted for a short period time I think we went nine into. In order numbers were actually just as good. At that moment but there's a big differences -- of the star players can do it over sustained period of time in -- sometimes short. Samples indeed he. -- this is Selig is done to become a longer sample. I mean because you talking about I think when you say 123. We Lisa Thomas seven or eight games this team is released him like I say one guy who is I've really been impressed with probably just tell them. And their bias said this is going to be the second half -- used to be gather is big Jeff Green he is really. Jeff green is the one guy right now I think has that who -- factor in who cause like anytime we get the ball revised count wouldn't on when he gets. You don't think that I think the -- you know he had a really good exhibitions -- you in good training camp. I think that does come back and help is he knows is he's getting more confidence but also. It like last night is a perfect example of of what happens with and with Jeff and and you can understand this is this you've seen mrs. We we -- we exploited match in -- -- comes in deployed to read before. We have a matchup advantage we go to Jeff he scores a couple of baskets and spectacular fashion yeah. He makes a beautiful pass to Jason Terry for a wide open three when they when they come to double team game. And then they've made the adjustment -- -- -- right they're gonna brought him in the post they're not gonna let him catch the ball in the post and take advantage of matchup. And then we did do a good job of exploiting that and so he's taken out of the game -- someone had to do was brought Jeff. Go help from the weak side -- was jamming up the pain. And the rest of our team we didn't we didn't they were able to exploit that matchup anymore and so -- sort of think about it. And that's been sort of the pattern -- -- when Jeff does have a matchup advantage. Throughout the year our spacing is are. We're not reacting well to how the team is defending him. And so we're not even as a team let alone jet take advantage of the match apple would not -- you've been paid. For playing gimmick defense against and that's something that we need to do a better job. Yeah you refer to this earlier when I wanna go back to a for second and talk about. The guys at the street free agents. Not being better than the guys that you lost is wondering if you can put in terms of percentages. How rare is it how difficult is -- to get a guy who could be out. Top eight contributor for you up the street right now as you're like a 10% chance of that happening you know what I mean like to get somebody who's equivalent of a Barbosa or -- obviously not gonna get a Rondo replacement it's America. Well I mean do people forget -- both. Just a few years ago was averaging nineteen point game off the bench and Phoenix Andy's only 29 years old and he was the leading scorer for the Brazilian. Team in the in the Olympics this summer and -- in this price. This week that we were our backs were to the wall with the apron this year and we would that there was still available he wanted to come play for us for minimum -- it didn't matter if we had to get him. He's too good of a player he proved -- every day of practice whenever you get an opportunity to play. If anything you know he had earned the opportunity to play more even before that we have so many guards. Both guys are not out there. You know both players are under contracts and many of them for multi million dollar contract could multiyear contracts that are in the Barbosa class so. The answer is definitely not there is no Barbosa. It's the soldier your soldier is the only player we've had -- Leon -- Where we have heat plays. There is a statistical you -- with your own side but there is a major impact. On -- be on our rebound. Our our people overall team rebound you know there's guys that -- -- suffers -- -- you know to get rebounds. But they don't change the dynamic of your overall team rebounding. Here at soldier and single handedly. Changed the art are rebounding. And so it as the season went on and I've seen him that his career was evolving needs is getting more minutes trust. And so like you have those guys you can find guys like that -- you know sit at home. And so what will happen but. You we still have QKG and Paul are still played at a very high level of basketball. We we need Brandon and the Avery. And Courtney and -- you know Jason has been stepped it up a lot lately he's really -- made huge shots last night. And tough shots and -- like that -- but I you know we you know this is that but we will get some help eventually -- And -- you know replacing. Soldier Barbosa Rondo is but that's nearly impossible. That's amazing to doing -- -- balls there's no question about that is KG likes to refer to -- you can see it out there but if that's the case standing if you can't afford. To give up anybody that you have right now in let's say the way of trade and do you instant Michael's question it's impossible or nearly impossible to go find a guy. It's going to be a topic contributor on your roster is there anybody out there. Who you can find who could tell helped the state and I bring up the name Delonte West as you brought him into your twice we know. -- there are some issues that go along with them but you guys seem to have got a real bond with Delonte is that a possibility here. You know Delonte as the players we certainly know it probably better than anybody in the EPA. And he's on a list of guys that we're looking at we're gonna take this entire week what during the all star break and export trade. And free agent signings and we have a long list of players he's gone on that list. You know it's it's it's hard it's a difficult thing for players that did not play basketball all year that haven't played since. Last April. To and expect him to Communist. And be able to contribute. The development job did all the bit now about 1516 years but you've been around. -- -- -- you're in good shape you are all these students make -- -- out pretty good apple won one game. You need a laser surgery that's about it Danny and Danny thank you very much is great Tuscany once again and you talk -- talk. All right Greta look forward to the doctor did you hear from me in -- Stay in touch wheels of and that -- you'll -- on your feet here somewhere. Shortly. We'll find something like standing. All right -- -- any city into the Celtics -- another hour to go you want a commitment. -- you know I got.

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