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Carl Crawford talks of unhappiness with the Red Sox

Feb 14, 2013|

Crawford discussed his unhappiness during his short stint with the Red Sox and Mut, Kirk, and Lou react.

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For sure. I think I think a lot of guys do it here -- who did you know got a different mix of -- kids a fresh start and you know new coaching staff knew a lot of new things around. I guess collected snow won my first years in the big leagues get real excited -- you don't. John Lackey said about getting -- 2013. For the Red Sox -- united three point seven. WEEI your phone calls until two of the big show at 6177797937. Texas any time AT&T text line. At 379837. -- a couple of Red Sox players who have spoken out. Ex Red Sox players the last 24 hours to abide by nature I'll start Carl Crawford. Carl Crawford gonna go down as one of the worst signings and history the Boston Red Sox will be announced one of the worst signings in the history of Boston's sports because of the money invested. -- and -- virtual lack of production in the fact you had to give him away. -- in the middle of the year just to free up some salary on his time -- Boston wasn't very good and he admitted that yesterday the Dylan Hernandez of the LA times. Only a handful position players already arrived to camp. -- Crawford is slowly rebuilding his psyche starts the story which -- said it was -- Woody's god is a toxic environment. In Boston reflecting on his two miserable season with the Red Sox -- to quote. I knew what the struggles I was having it would never get better for me. I just didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel it kind of puts you -- a depression stage you don't see away out. He was asking he be that player he was in Tampa Bay I hope so I'd like to think that. -- -- time in Boston toughest two years in my career by far from the outside you watch guys playing over there you think you can go play. But you realize once you get there it's a little tougher than you expected. I was asked about what happened that was everything. Mean not playing well -- an unfamiliar area in an environment that with toxic. Just all those things combined you start to say is it ever going to end. And finally be regrets signing with the Red Sox Crawford said a lot of times they did you hear a lot of talk about how I just wanted money at some point you just wondered. If you made the right decision. He comes across in this story LA times has a donor and is writes it. As a guy that it's -- Like feeling the prisoner effects have been a Boston here for a couple years and he is like scarred for life boys about his couple years here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet now it's units is. It is amazing with this guy on me every time -- it would just say all the time before. That is what benefit is from toggle Everest you. Know what was the last time we've we've heard without heard -- to a news year. But honesty. Which -- That would agreed with Carl Crawford doctor -- a -- when I talked to him last year in spring training I was blown away from the things he said boat. It moved down in the order in in the honesty which he spoke about how he felt the same thing here. You know I just. It's it's dusting you know where he's talking about but it was really shocked by this story I thought that it was. It was obvious that but we city on attic and too light in the tunnel. You know I felt it was never ever gonna get better at something and lost -- poppy and talking about the toxic environment right and -- Rob what -- only we had money and in -- written apparently you know with came -- -- us and talked about the environment looks like he was pretty much right on all right. -- stand behind it is that there's an incredible. Unhappiness. In that clubhouse. With the issues of some communication and and how. Some situations had been handled. Bet absolutely at the end not 100% and it's you know to a degree that I have rarely seen in covering this sport for 25 years. What's interesting is Crawford use the word toxic -- -- -- get that from buster or it was people of the players talking to buster. Looking back on a -- -- toxic at the time that's one of the quotes the boxer youths fought remembers this player is that he said it -- buster said it with you guys. And then all the players jumped up and answer is ridiculous and wannabe writers in this town went to those guys had reported that it wasn't talks well. It was toxic in the derby coming knew all along the -- immediate the players the day after the gossiping you have dot. The accused these guys have insane things because they deny opt in down next day. They already know that their gloves up you know I mean in Bryan's up and -- -- go at that time anyways but you know when he did -- from the outside you watch guys played over anything can go play. -- -- times I've said this about guys that come here and you meet and I hear spring training and talk about. You know what -- you heard the environment and the pressure in this I've heard so much about it they keep people could come here and talk about all they want but when it's all said and done it's. It made it -- talk -- again October September is a different discussion -- and it really realized it was kind of like this is just pretty intense interest -- Stephen -- talked this morning. And they -- talking to the media and somebody asked about that -- -- these you know its. There's pressure everywhere you play in the big leagues every night he played his pressuring you -- appear before -- matter what city it is it's in the end it's just baseball. And I just noticed that there was like a okay it going to be Arizona Diamondbacks Oakley days yet there's pressure on the field people watching your TV or looked at performed. But then it goes away right that you go home. Racial the field in Europe pressure playing a baseball game an eagle and it goes away again. You know it's it's not overwhelming in Oakland -- Arizona does not as much coverage does not as many outlets. That's just the way it is the -- as much passion out there -- for their teams as there is here in Boston -- hear him. Say that the -- is based bought pressure everywhere a Psycho. Did you think -- you -- different from JD had a little chat but. It -- -- it ain't over yet people make this thing out that ball as much pressure on this team this year because nobody expects him to be good opinion doctors truth and I think -- from a fan. Perspective -- and what their overall rating as you said. Is when they turn around after it you know Stephen Drew makes a bad error strikes out three times in the game turnaround is not a beat writer from. You know the Phoenix paper made your random guy from another paper in town. There's forty beat writers in his five million cameras in the -- trying to turn this in news story I think that's for become something. That's that's the thing we're tequila I have I've always done this I've always played like this and I've done this in the past. And everybody call me out on that you know I've never really read a story on that you know that that's where it gets like while this is. People are just bored and it just look at for anything -- that's almost like the feeling. The center of the thinks that these guys have. He just comes across the social when this is February the next year -- know it's got and his one. Conversation about it it's the -- -- I think one every these quotes is Carl Crawford ever. Go to the same player that he wasn't -- they like is is the Boston experience that 24 month period. If you told me -- the -- ends up flaming out and just sort of date below average guy is never that Carl Crawford again I believe. And he's got what goes he's got to build up confidence back because we have not been to Boston they get a cake. I know boy am I mean he's an all the player he knows what he what he does what he does well what is weaknesses are is all stars gold glove player comes here and he gets completely broken down. Mean physically and mentally just broken. So you know how does he rebound from -- and I think a lot of it's -- building their confidence up and do -- okay you know. I'm still a pretty good player or used to be one of few years ago and try to change it that's going to be a difficult thing for crop. The other guy who spoke up here is it's not like I would Daisuke Matsuzaka. Who went who ends up back on the roster for Terry Francona and Cleveland officially sign -- minor league deal right if he makes the Major League roster innings pitching make bonuses. But he was asked the question about one of the reasons he picked the Indians could explain. He said through his interpreter. Jeff Cutler quote. There in the AL I wanna pitch against Boston. Legacy that Daisuke is that hurt with about what happened here -- what's that it was an interpreter name again Jeff Cutler look at. But the going to call the garden. Well you can Zeus web wrote about that PD last night to Dustin any thing called on music that had to be lost in translation. Of -- would never say that he thought the interpreter or any thought that -- did you say in English so. He's got a question but it is strange if you wanna face caustic on the Daily -- Graphic on the dailies -- faced volatile. Seventeen and 22 -- I thought we operate in -- in his 56 starts. It -- to be OK I don't I -- just them. Sure of this thirst for revenge exist short at least shoulder checks cleared write in and he missed I think masseuse. It was a crime is out -- private flights for take care I don't really understand. But read this this out the blue jays. The Yankees the -- your -- there'll -- I thought there was no shouting him and -- and up back in baseball well -- That'll actually your hand and be a star there and and finish -- your career. And he stays here doubled the price of this -- GO -- you should've seen -- -- -- came back and -- for the first time last week. He struck out a guy in the first inning and we were on the ball around the in field and I caught it and went over to Dyson said. He should pitch with a samurai sword man. To get that story. I think it's just to -- out of control Pedroia yeah. -- Joba just you know. And -- just don't get that story but he's gotten a prospect and a team right permeate you would think it is not a lock to make their rotation so now. It's a minor league deal for him so much are the exact mystic but it will be fun to follow that mean -- all of a sudden they what you want about the way it ended here and his -- They they gave Michael Bourn and he pesky they can -- scheme that -- central right. I can hit tunnel homelessness and a lot of money -- the old Adobe fast and it hasn't run a lot we don't Francona here did not Ronald Lawton but. That this talent on an Indians team that looked a little ways that's a little bored to every one is that you do with Ellsbury. So and I think that's a great sign for them and it will but it radars phone when I first heard that there's so much talk what that. The MLB was investigated is a lot of talk. Once the Indians signed Nick Swisher that you know Michael -- destination could very will come through Cleveland did as a chance that maybe they sign and trade. If we get a team that first round pick isn't protected and it would cost them. A draft pick a first round pick from Michael -- Maybe the Indians signed him that contract and then treat him today teams of the team doesn't end up losing their first round pick in Cleveland gets up and returns -- similar but maybe those costly. But for four years 48 -- -- -- a great deal. And -- instinct team it's it's all of that the arms. 61777979837. That is our number you can text us. On the eight TT text line 37937. Texas the same up thanks for the Vermont Teddy bear idea worked out great -- Think cam therapies Vermont Teddy bear it'll be our beloved there at then for an -- -- this huge or waist size bear. That's a pretty good deal for her books. Is that somebody. What you do for your wife your way down their forty better stepped up with pro flowers are called coral flowers initiative won't Wear black. I do hitting people type in whatever I -- my -- boxes and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter how much it cost my wife is worth it just. Luke is Luke not helping us on car no mart deal could help us. Don't know marks and that -- Yeah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter whatever she wants whatever she wants as I got a feeling though. That this trip might cost me. It might cost me wanna talk and flowers chocolates become beloved players were talking Louis declines with the talking big leagues jewelry you know -- -- -- big -- shoes whatever takes it's just going to be costly war don't aren't aren't listened. I talked to lessons first -- we predicted talked to at least Sonoma off the hook. That's -- for buyers many hand studio will continue with the UN ninety seconds they'll go anywhere.

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