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Will Mut's 8 week no sex streak end? Mrs. Mut calls to weigh in

Feb 14, 2013|

Since the birth of his baby boy, Mut has gone two long months of no action in the bedroom. With Valentines Day here, the M&M crew ask Mrs. Mutnansky if there is a chance the streak will finally end.

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Valentine's Day edition among -- not three point seven WEEI Lou and Fort Myers and hand. It's studio we continue with your phone 6177797937. You'll be doing. Gary thank went for Valentine's Day what upstairs and -- -- and I -- but I would like to see Gary yeah I do have a real romantic my plan. Hot stove show 6 o'clock Comcast -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe -- in Canada -- -- that does have sort romantic angle to thank. But the real story is tomorrow night. I think what's the moral right where you expect your big B ports yes well that's -- your big date. The poll we asked the poll question got some responses to it is a big day. Now we got to go anyways -- place downtown Nashville thank. Either that or -- and it'll grind you romantic spot in the in his is -- -- Jim Chippendale in this scold you about all the debate of very good juveniles great in rotten core requirements the job -- great great why is election baseball aren't. New England style very nice about it we're gonna go to a place in downtown natural picket but the first time out. I think we -- that's always a little small pizza nine with talk about some really really good guy meals a -- I've never had oysters -- In a good. Let's get that it took me just we have a special guest here who's gonna you know maybe Phyllis and some stuff -- at an eighteen to outline. Here it's right now thought it absolutely is that all of their but no name -- -- the lovely -- -- Well just. Our policy and how we should be good it is yet. I'm doing -- why. Why why calling that showed today exit Carter at some some -- time right now like that. This thing you want it to an and that. A little. Suggest we gotta we -- big night planned tomorrow night -- what's going on us. Here but -- question. At first and I am a baby pink are very. Direct. We're excited. They have -- just start I would think now it just this is act curtain and hand power you. Good to see -- I don't think about a year ago thought she personally knows. Mike has been talk and much to talk a lot about tomorrow night and has been some talk here it's been white advocate congratulations we love Carter. But as it is tomorrow night going to be times in the magic time for Mike and ski. What are currently -- it accurately and big beat. Actually. -- you -- the carnival or -- you. -- A steady attack and that you know I got it. Had not aware. You look -- not in the -- on eight. That it would be you actually think they're that they. Earlier -- -- I can't wait a minute off he's not he's not he's not sleeping in the room. To help you -- -- gets a piece it together and -- be disturbed. And needs to rest. Of. I've been a little sick antibiotic. -- bright William Higgins didn't -- -- my eight try to get a little sleep and a couple of -- -- and -- my whole lot better today they'll feel a lot better. Jeff Jack and -- how Carter's -- holds two months three weeks eight weeks. So cute so what he gets up maybe once during the night twice. I. Like to get -- -- and you're right when I. I don't want. And so much as some bubble and not get up and you mostly through that you'll have to leave it there is they're not even like a rotation I was I just want every night saying you've got him. And -- are a disgrace this is not. Are awesome just awesome it's been way more than once suggests yes I just wanted though he's been coming in the mornings that what a long night -- Cardozo also with a long bomb. While this sounds like a woman who has no interest spending time and that's really. It's it's it's just lobby can't tell all she's very excited about the idea of me make my way back from the coach we're changing the average age eighteen were change in the public -- question do you think that my will be divorced. And for a ballot that yes or no the night. If that but we'll get up once in this calendar year with cutter and -- and I don't leave -- to do every single night I believe. Before before the segments aren't the fortune before just joined us it was about 5050 yes or no doubt it just has come on. This would be impacts of 478% of the people saying. Not gonna happen mark right now 20% say much this tape yourself I told you before you had to skip. The best spot is the beginning the first couple -- wake up and who might just some one on one time just you and yours on. In your sleeping through it has been a week -- sick -- it should what's the it's been more than once the whole pot just exaggerate -- -- it's like you've got one exaggerate that's what it's been more than want to look -- to us all week. I'm afraid you either break the record. -- -- are unbelievable. Just unique Owens really I. Is that true adjusters and what change diapers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God given the limits on the number two -- That's not to know all needed some help. Along the way yes I got a number you don't edit I gotta give Jess is Nomar number. You pick next year all family matters over the changed a diaper like home now my god no I mean you know it about what happened to the strategy when you sit -- babies being born and a practice and staying up at night -- -- not going to be much sleep less you sleep better now than ever -- it's seven. Seven weeks -- a certain thing. Well I was right there that bed was there would get up coupled -- which she still beating him. And I would get up so I thought this they shot like character it's an overreaction took all week I've been sickened sit on the -- you got to take advantage beat don't want to yell at you don't help -- with our. I'll be up there tonight now of course going to be up there tonight -- and a broken and Amare and usually allow us to make it right. -- -- It it does remind me all the panel has grandmother -- -- and have been -- AJ did I get. Where -- the flowers where the flowers from stuff for free. A wallflower. I think from just some air base hit that myself just -- on after the receipt. W yet -- -- let me let me ask -- -- -- -- are you concerned about your husband's -- at this point that they should -- does that mean it's getting ridiculous -- that does it's it's embarrassing at the -- Well. I have that part out a while. I'm believe a lot of this didn't agree inside this can advise that you largest an absolute jerk I think all the heat and it turns out you. You're basically deadbeat -- admiral won't let me ask but what is -- its stock -- -- somewhere in the snow. Carter's soiled. Just trying to get five minutes ago do something because there's. It generic big -- what I could -- doubled it. Up towards yes this is I'm sorry Jess really. I do not apologize Google will talk to him to mortgages it was so. Appreciate I -- I'd be hard Berry pink and I think it I think -- -- at the navy and consumer paper got up and I ain't. Maybe you thought about it. All of -- gone up a so it was like -- like devote them the poll question. A quick yes yes -- -- tomorrow night and let me just say this this is the best performance ever by -- -- -- ninety reports that I. I have to have that. Of that there's no dispute. -- The. Appreciate it's yes say yes. -- I'll be home at some point not going to be today every I want every every Thursday one point. I'm just imagining -- like OK I'm gonna go downstairs because -- a diva and I need my rest today of a big game radio. And just leave and everything upstairs you take care of the baby you'd get up but -- need to -- everything. Look let's have that it's the best part that that's what makes a good gonna -- in the hitting against the change that again April it's the ultimate three the last 34 days last week and -- came in a month. I thought it was -- he was sick as a dog and I got it and -- -- for could have been. For a week it has been brutal with the W and I don't wanna get first all the look at him -- number one I'm not that it's interacted with just said it will change -- number two. There's at least maybe 100 your reminder how you would remember if you've changed just one. It's been like marked. States should I have electric system or a no no I don't know this might help I know we are really habit she adults. I'm going no now. Easy now easy no no shot not a chance in hell good luck. Like to vote yes the seven. You -- what tonight to -- -- into government you know I got to once again denied threat felt. I'll take care of itself changed diapers he gets up three times -- Caro. Don't wary of the best for you on a fill up there today -- son feel good that that it's -- and its influence throats the better. It's good. Well thank you guys for a Purdue and that probably hurt my chances. Tomorrow night at six -- evident enough to hurt your 77 not -- united 37 Texas. Obviate DD -- live 379837. Big show covers or wait to hear on Sports Radio WEEI.

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